Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 2

As soon as I heard the front door slam, I turned to look at Alex, who tossed me my burnt-orange beanie that I had forgotten on my bed. "Thanks." I said as he nodded before adjusting his own hat. 'Great, thanks dad, I had just gotten him talking too.' I thought sarcastically as I took in the sight of the multicolored houses and snow of our new neighborhood.

The effect of my past had affected Alex more than my own parents, leaving him reserved and quiet until he was comfortable around the people he was with: which only consisted of me so far. Giving him a hug, I led him down the sidewalk to the left, where the faint sounds of kids playing could be heard. As we got closer, we saw a pair of boys fighting with what looked like a wooden sword and a hammer. Watching the boys, I saw one was dressed in green with plastic elf ears attached to the side of his head. The other was dressed in blue and gold with a dark-blue cape and was fighting with a hammer. Sharing a look of confusion with Alex, I walked closer to the boys and took in their conversation.

"You shall die by my Warhammer, Drow Elf!" the one with the hammer shouted as he swung at the other boy, who blocked with his wooden sword. "Nuh uh!" the 'elf' said as he countered the attack. "I banish thee to the Forest Realm!" the other boy shouted as he attacked with his hammer again. "What do you think they're doing?" I asked Alex, who shrugged with a confused look in his eyes: the only part of his face you could see.

"Well, whatever they're doing, it looks like fun to me." I said as we continued watching the boys fight each other. "No way! I banished you first!" the elf yelled as he hit the other boy harder than he probably should have before he backed up and pointed at him. "Ha-ha, you can't hold out much longer." he laughed as the boy dressed in blue flinched and dropped his hammer. "Help! Somebody! I can't hold out much longer!" he yelled as the elf hit him again, knocking the poor kid down in the snow. 'Okay, enough's enough.' I thought as I walked forward, ignoring Alex's attempts to keep me back, and grabbed hold of the collar of the elf's costume.

As the boy turned around in shock, I shoved him back away from the one dressed in blue, allowing him to stand up and brush himself off. "Hey! No fair, that's cheating. I'm gonna tell my mom!" the elf said as he glared at me before storming off somewhere. Hearing the crunching of snow, I turned my attention to the boy in blue, who was smiling widely at me as he put his hammer in a holster on his belt.

"Thanks kid, I didn't realize he had a health potion. My-My name is Butters the Merciful. I'm a Paladin. I live right next door to you, we should be friends." he said with a grin as he stuck his hand out for me to shake. "It's nice to meet you Butters, I'm Saphira MacManus and the abominable snowman over there is my brother Alex." I greeted, yelping as said brother dumped a fistful of snow down my shirt, causing Butters to laugh. "Saphira? That's a strange name, as well as the color of your hair." said Butters as I shrugged as I shook the snow out of my hoodie.

"Oh well, now that we're friends, you two should speak with the Wizard King! He's been talking about your arrival. The wizard lives this way, in the green house over there!" Butters said as he began leading us to a green house a little further away from where we were standing. "Wizard King?" I questioned Alex, who was watching Butters cautiously. "Must be part of their game, I'm not sure I trust these kids Saphy. Don't tell them anything about…you know." he muttered through his scarf.

"And I wasn't planning on it, I'm not stupid Alex!" I snapped as he rolled his eyes before coughing into his sleeve. "You're my big sister, I'm allowed to be defensive." he defended, making me ignore him as Butters started talking again. "Hey, where are you from?" he asked as I quickened my pace so I was walking next to him and away from Alex, to show my brother just how pissed off I was with him.

"Well, we're originally from Florida. I have no idea why my parents wanted us to move, but I guess that's okay: always fun to see new places." I said, as Butter's eyes filled with wonder before speaking again. "Do you like Colorado?" he asked as I glanced at Alex as he started coughing again. "It's a change from the ocean and sand we're used to, but I like the cold. Alex and my mom hate it though." I replied as we walked up the snow-covered driveway and onto the porch of the green house Butters was talking about.

"He doesn't talk much does he? That's alright, you can do the talking for both of you." he said as he knocked on the door. After a few seconds the door opened, revealing a rather fat boy dressed in a wizard costume. His robe was a magenta color with a dark-teal cape on his back as well as a light-blue belt with a pouch on the side, on his head was a blue pointed hat with a yellow star stitched on the front. Gripped in one of his yellow-gloved hands was a large stick that was as long as he was tall. As he took in our appearances, I couldn't help but feel as if he were sizing us up: and that was a feeling I was well-accustomed to.

"All hail the Grand Wizard!" Butters shouted as he knelt before the fat kid. 'This is the Wizard King? Well then…' I thought as he started to speak. "So you are the New Kids. Your coming was foretold by Coldwell Banker. I am the Wizard King. But the time for talk is not nigh, let me show you my kingdom." he said as he turned around and led us inside, closing the door as soon as Alex stepped through, making me wonder what sort of trouble we have somehow gotten ourselves into.

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