Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 20

Following after Eric, I stared curiously at a pair of makeshift training dummies sitting in the middle of the ring. Feeling my phone buzz, I checked it to find a text from Eric saying he felt as if our friendship has risen to the ultimate level. "Aw, thanks Eric." I said as he kicked the snow with a scowl on his face. "Yeah yeah whatever, now get your ass over here." he griped as he rolled his eyes in annoyance while I took my time walking over to him, just to piss him off. Once I took my place, Eric stood as straight as he could before addressing me.

"You fight well MacManus, but in order to truly succeed in combat you must learn to harness the full power…of your farts." he said as my eyebrows shot up to my hairline. "Tell me you're joking." I said, laughing at the mere thought of such a thing. When he didn't laugh along, I saw that he was actually serious. 'Why would I EVER do such a thing, when I could do so much better?' I wondered as Eric continued to explain the so-called 'Dragonshout' to me. "Farting on your opponent at the right time is key to victory in battle. I shall show you how it's done, but you must FIRST take the Gentlemen's Oath. Farting on an opponent is necessary, but you must promise to NEVER, EVER fart on a man's balls: farting on someone's balls is NOT COOL." he said, making me laugh so hard I cried, even after he hit me in the head with his stick.

"Hey bitch! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!" he yelled as I rubbed the bump forming in the middle of my head. "Yeah I heard ya, it's just the thought of this is funny to me." I replied as he pinched the bridge of his nose before walking over to the dummies. "To conjure Dragonshout, you must first clear your mind and take a deep breath through your asshole…like so." he explained as he suddenly bent over and produced a large enough and loud enough fart to actually move the dummies. 'I may be a tomboy, but there's no way in hell I'm doing that.' I thought as he stood up and gestured to me. "Now you try." he instructed, narrowing his eyes as I shook my head at him.

"No thanks, I've got something better." I said, crossing my arms as Eric slammed the end of his stick down on the ground in anger. "Oh yeah?! Prove it then: show me something BETTER than Dragonshout." he ordered, causing me to smirk before cracking my knuckles. "Alright, you asked for it Eric. You MIGHT want to back up a little more." I warned as he took my advice and backed up a few more steps. Once he was out of the way, I clenched my right hand into a fist as I glared at the training dummies in front of me. In a sudden burst of strength, I punched the ground: sending a shockwave strong enough to clear Eric's backyard of snow and knock the dummies off their posts.

Pulling my hand out of the small hole in the icy ground, I turned around to find everyone had stopped what they were doing and were staring at me in a mix of shock, awe, confusion and fear. Glancing at Eric, I saw that his jaw was hanging loosely with his eyes the size of dinner plates; I don't even think he noticed that he had dropped his stick on the ground. "My god that was…incredible. A man could go for a thousand years and never once witness a technique so…moving. Could it be that the Savior has come at last, in our hour of need?" he said, more to himself than me.

"I sure as hell HOPE so, you still FORGOT to mention that to me when Alex and I first showed up you asshole." I said as I turned around and followed the Grand Wizard back towards the tent, consciously aware of how the rest of the boys gave me a wide berth. Motioning for Butters, the timid paladin nervously approached while hiding behind his hammer. "Paladin Butters will assist you on your quest to free Craig from detention. Now go get him while I rest and relax upon my throne." Eric commanded, making me roll my eyes as Butters and I walked out of the backyard and down the sidewalk that led to the school.

I couldn't for the life of me find it in me to pay attention as Butters tried multiple times to engage me in some conversation or another. Instead, I was too busy berating myself over the fact that I had once again went against my parents' demands and used my power in public. To me, and everyone else who would know anything about what was going on with me would think I was ASKING Blackwatch to come and get me: by my own will or otherwise. 'What's wrong with me?! Showing off my power like that, how could I be so stupid?!' I thought, kicking my ass mentally into next week as poor Butters kept trying to get me to talk by spewing nonsense about something he saw on the way to school that had nothing to do with anything.

Glancing sadly at the sweet little boy next to me, I couldn't help but feel my heart clench as I realized that Blackwatch will NEVER let any of the people of South Park live while they searched the streets and homes for me. Since I can shapeshift, what better way to get rid of the 'problem' then to eradicate every last one of the residents of this town? It was then I decided that after I had helped Tweek, it would be best if I just left town all together in a probably futile attempt to keep Blackwatch focused on me and leave the rest of the town alone. It killed me inside to know that I had to leave without telling or saying goodbye to anyone but it had to be done for their safety. Despite this, I knew deep inside that I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Mysterion: he was practically the same as me after all.

As I thought about this whole mess I was in, I failed to notice the small rivers of tears running down my face: this detail didn't go unnoticed by Butters unfortunately. "H-Hey Saphira, you okay?" he said as he looked over to me with a concerned look on his face. "It's just the wind messing with my eyes Butters, don't worry about me." I told him as I kept walking towards the school that had just come into my sights. "B-But Saphira: there isn't any wind." Butters pointed out, running until he stood in front of me: preventing me from moving forward. "I said I'm fine Butters, now let's get Craig and go home already." I snapped as I walked around him, bluntly telling him I wasn't going to give him the reason why I had been crying: it was better to keep him clueless after all.

Grasping the handle of the double doors, I turned to Butters as he looked at me as if I had kicked him. "Butters look, I'm sorry: it's just that I have a lot of things going on right now, I didn't mean to snap at you. There are just some things about me that you guys can't know and it would be better for all of you if it stayed that way." I said, giving him a hug as he started sniffling. "Aw gee whiz, y-you should've j-just said so." he replied with a small grin as he bowed to me, keeping himself in character as he played his role by keeping watch outside. Nodding, I quietly slipped inside the school, glad that there wasn't anyone around at the moment as I checked the ceiling for any security cameras: only to find one at the end of the hall. Staying out of its sight, I flexed my spine: allowing my current clothing to once again change into my body suit.

Adjusting the flaps of my deep-black and glowing red jacket, I glanced around in search of anything that could help me in rescuing Craig. Looking near the water fountains, I spotted a mouse cleaning itself in the corner, completely oblivious to my presence. Snapping my finger in a sudden idea, I ran over and snatched the mouse by its tail and hurried out of sight of anyone or any camera that may be nearby. "I'm sorry little mouse." I apologized as I set it down on the floor before quickly raising my foot and stomped down on it. As soon as my foot came into contact with the little creature, making a temporary mess as I focused on using the virus to quickly consume it as it gave a startled squeak before becoming nothing more than another part of the hundreds of others I have consumed.

Focusing on the mouse I had just consumed, I became cloaked in biomass before the world became ten times bigger to me as the colors shifted, blending into a strange mix of reds and tans: as if I were watching an old movie. Looking down, I saw that my body had taken the form of the mouse perfectly as I checked to make sure I had every detail before sniffing the air for any threats. 'Hey if I look like a mouse, might as well act like one too.' I thought as I searched the mouse's memories to see if it knew where Craig might be held. After a few minutes of seeing hidden tunnels, food, other mice, and other useless things, I had finally found where they were keeping Craig.

Apparently, detention was held in the cafeteria and was being overseen by the school's counselor, Mr. Mackey. 'Good work little mouse, your death wasn't in vain after all.' I silently praised the rodent as I confidently strode past the hallway monitors as cockily as my short furry legs could move. Looking at the oblivious monitors, I saw that all of them were Ginger and couldn't help but wonder if they were Irish or not: not that it mattered as I approached the doors to the cafeteria. Once again thanking the little mouse, I dashed over to a place that was out of sight before shifting back to my original form and clothing. Unfortunately in doing so, I had attracted the attention of a large sixth grader that was holding a dodgeball attached to a stick with a thick chain. Looking closer, I had also noticed he was dressed in leather armor. 'Well fuck me.' I mentally groaned as I prepared to fight him, and hopefully break out Craig before I landed myself in detention too.

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