Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 21

Sneering at me, the hall monitor threatenly approached me with his rather intimidating weapon at the ready. "You have advanced far enough intruder! Where's your hall pass?" he demanded as he glared at my fearless and slightly-bored form. 'Really? Does he honestly think that I'm going to be afraid of HIM? He doesn't even know what fear is.' I thought as I narrowed my eyes at him. "I don't need a hall pass, schools over." I replied as I drew my sword, smirking as he grit his teeth in anger. "No hall pass? Then it's time to write you…a referral!" he growled with an evil smirk as he slammed the ball down on the floor, creating the classic noise in the process.

"Oh yeah! That's the Boss, good luck fighting the Boss M'kay. You still think this is a game young lady?" Mr. Mackey angrily yelled through the door, temporarily drawing my attention to him as the hall monitor charged me while my back was turned. Whirling around, I grabbed the chain of his weapon, halting him mid-attack. As I glared into his shocked eyes, I smirked wickedly at him. "Something you should know about me…never attack me while my back is turned." I snarled, pulling him and his weapon towards me, delivering a swift kick to his gut before using the momentum of my pull to fling him into the wall.

Making contact, he let out a shout of pain before jumping back up and tried to charge me again, only to have me side-step him and slash him in the back with my sword, knocking him to the floor as well as force him to drop his prized weapon. "God damnit! Don't you know there's no fighting in school?!" he yelped as I swung the dodgeball around, making a 'swoop' sound as I waited for him to stand back up. "Funny thing is…YOU attacked ME and you're the one crying about it, if you were told that you were going to get your ass handed to you by a GIRL, you'd probably laugh anyway: so what would be the point of warning you in the first place?" I asked as I slowly circled his hunched over form, chuckling darkly as his freckled face took on a nervous appearance.

"Holy shit…I know who you are: you're that kid that put Trent Boyett in the hospital! Please! Please don't hurt me! I didn't know it was you, promise! Just-Just let me go: let me go and then-and then we c-can just forget about this whole thing huh?" he pleaded: making me laugh as he frantically scurried backwards until his back was against the wall. 'Hmm, to free or not to free: that is the question.' I thought as I glared at the cowering sixth grader at my feet. "You go back and you tell all the other hallway monitors that I'm breaking my friend out of detention early, and I expect ZERO interference from any of them. If I find that you double-cross me: I'm going to teach you the REAL meaning of dodgeball." I warned as he rapidly scrambled to his feet and took off running, leaving his 'hallway monitor' sash behind.

"Well, that was thrilling." I said to myself as I approached the cafeteria doors, finding them typically firmly locked. Sighing, I reached under my beanie and removed my hairpins and got to work picking the locks. After about three minutes, I finally got it: allowing the doors to swing open, allowing me to see the dozen or so students inside. As soon as they saw the door was open, I quickly dashed to the side to avoid the stampede of students as they charged out to freedom. Among the students, was a boy dressed in a blue hat with a yellow poofball on top, a tan long-sleeved shirt with a black belt, chocolate-brown gloves and gray pants. On his back was a brown cape with a gold clasp in the front, and across his chest was a brown belt with pouches that probably held his weapon away from view.

'So this must be Craig, he seems pretty cool.' I thought as we sized each other up before he nodded in what I guessed to be approval. "DAMN YOU CRAIG!" Mr. Mackey yelled as we made our escape through the hallways, to my pleasant surprise: the hall monitor Boss had actually listened to me as the other hall monitors let us pass without much of a glance. As we charged out the doors, Butters turned around and sent a large toothy grin our way as he made his way over to us. "Thanks for busting me out kid. Who are you?" Craig said in a nasally voice that reminded me of Clyde as he stepped up next to me.

"I'm Saphira MacManus: fighter and Savior of Zaron." I introduced, not bothering with the rest of my talents because they weren't part of the game. "Savior huh? Showoff." he stated with a scoff, making me narrow my eyes in confusion. "I didn't choose the role: it was given to me by Kyle and Eric. By the way, this is for you." I replied, handing him the letter addressed to him as I watched the other kids dash off in different directions while he read the letter. "I see, very well: I shall head off to Kupa Keep. By the way, I heard you picking those locks and I guess I should say I'm impressed that a Fighter managed that one. See you at Kupa Keep." he said before strolling off in the direction of Eric's house, leaving Butters and I standing in front of the school.

Making our way back, Butters wouldn't stop bouncing around and making a fuss over how the hell I managed to free Craig all by myself. I simply told him that the hall monitors were stupid and couldn't find me if they tried. "Wow Wee Saphira! You're gonna level up for sure!" he cried, drawing several people's attention to us, to my embarrassment. "Alright alright Butters, I get it: you can calm down now." I said as we walked up the icy driveway, only to stop as a couple elves shouted at us from across the street. "Hey New Kid! Suck my balls!" the leader yelled, making my eye twitch before turning to them with a smirk.

"Beware, I bite!" I yelled back with a toothy grin, laughing as their faces paled as white as the snow before they dashed off, covering their 'valuables' while doing so. "Oh h-hamburgers!" Butters yelped as he crouched in the snow with his cape wrapped around his front. 'Oops.' I thought with an awkward chuckle as I understood what he was doing. "I was joking Butters." I told him as he breathed a sigh of relief before brushing himself off. "Oh a-alright then." he said as we once again reentered Eric's backyard: where everyone was standing as they waited on us. Spotting me, Kenny sent a flirty wave and a wink, giggling like a girl at the look on my face as Butters left my side to return to the Grand Wizard.

Taking my place, I saw Tweek give me a small nervous smile as Eric stepped out of the tent. "Gentlemen, thanks to one of the New Kids, our entire army is assembled. Her brother is away on a distant mission and will not return until the taverns open. It is my belief that she is worthy of ranking up in level, therefore, to honor her loyalty and efforts: she will no longer be called 'MacManus' I hereby dub thee…'Lady MacManus' congratulations!" Eric announced, causing everyone to erupt in applause before he raised his hand, rendering them silent as he continued.

"But now it is time that we reclaim what is rightfully ours, Lady MacManus's brother sent a carrier raven with news that The Stick of Truth hasn't yet reached the Elven Forest. It is now in possession of…The Bard." he said solemnly, causing everyone around me to share nervous looks and Tweek to panic and tug harshly on his hair. "OH GOD! NOT THE BARD!" the paranoid boy screamed as everyone but myself, Eric, and Craig started freaking out. "The Bard is a level ten Drow Elf who can use music to enchant and destroy his enemies." Butters explained while shaking like a leaf. Sharing a look with Eric, he nodded once before leading me over to the training ground again.

"Before you start, this isn't another one of those farts, is it?" I asked, face-palming as he nodded. "I understand that using those 'is key to victory', but why can't I just use my martial arts skills?" I asked as he reached over and whacked me in the head with his stick. "Because I'm the King and the King demands obedience, however since you saved The Lands of Zaron from Trent Boyett the Destroyer, I shall grant you free reign to use whatever tactic you see fit." he granted, speaking lowly so no one else could hear and get jealous and rebel against him.

"Thanks I guess." I replied as he summoned a group meeting in the spot where we had just been a minute ago. Watching as Eric's angry face split along the lines of pissed off: he slammed the end of his stick down on the ground: how it didn't break, I have no clue. "If the Carrier Ravens are correct, The Bard is taking refuge in the inn of The Giggling Donkey. We must find and defeat him before he can deliver The Stick to the Elven Forest!" he informed us with a glare as Butters drew his hammer and raised it high above his head.

"We must find The Bard and bring him to justice!" he shouted as everyone else prepared for what was to come, the tension so thick it made the hairs along my arms stand up as well as caused my body suit to quiver in anticipation. "Make haste to The Giggling Donkey!" Eric yelled as he pointed ahead with his stick, directing the charge toward the object that controls the entire universe, and the one who holds it hostage.

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