Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 23

Baring my teeth slightly in defiance, I glared at each of the elves in turn as they made threatening gestures with their weapons. Scoffing as one of the elves drew his blade across his neck, I drew my own sword before glaring harshly at The Bard in front of me. "You should never have come here h-humans, I am a level ten Drow elf. And with the power of my lute, I shall power up my elven guards with magical songs of ench-with magical songs of encha-with magical songs of enchame-me-me-with magical songs of encha-cha-with magical songs of ench-chantment." he finally was able to say as the elves impatiently waited for him to get the word out.

However, once he did: all hell broke loose as the elves surrounding us slowly stalked forward, snapping Butters out of his shaken state and brandished his hammer. Keeping my eyes on The Bard, I watched as he staggered over to a short wooden box and climbed on top of it. "You're gonna wish you were never born." the elf with the sword growled as the two that backed him up readied their bows with suction cup arrows. 'I already do.' I thought as The Bard began playing a few notes on his lute. "There once was a maiden from Stonebury Hollow. She didn't talk much, but boy did she swallow." he sang in a voice that made you forget he had such a bad stutter.

Once the last note was played, the elves in front of us grinned wickedly and acted like the song had somehow made them stronger. Snickering at The Bard's choice of song, I sprinted forward and whacked the sword elf in the head with my sword, following up with a palm to the chest, rendering him defeated with a weakened cry. "Yeah! Th-That's how it's done!" Butters cheered as I returned to my spot with a triumphant smirk and waited for Butters to take his turn. Glaring at the elf in the middle, Butters charged him with a sneer on his face before stopping where the sword elf had fallen.

"By The Hammer of Butters." he said as he squinted his eyes shut before spinning around and threw his hammer into the first archer's face, causing him to fall to the floor. 'Damn Butters.' I thought impressed, rubbing my jaw in phantom pains as the kid stood back up and glared at us with a large red mark where the hammer hit. "Oh, I'm sorry." Butters said as he quickly ran back over to his spot. "Take this!" the elf shouted as he readied two arrows and shot them at Butters: who blocked them with his hammer, cringing as the elf shot two more at him, giving him a small bruise on his cheek.

Once the first archer's turn was over, the second one readied arrows with paper clips attached to them: giving them the appearance of being barbed. "Watch it Butters." I warned as the elf released the arrows at the timid boy next to me. Unfortunately, I had distracted him, allowing both arrows to hit him and scratch him well enough to make him bleed. Growling at the elf as Butters winced, I turned my heated gaze to The Bard as he began playing his lute again. "I have a nice lance that she sat upon. The maiden from Stonebury who was also your mom." he sang, causing my vision to lightly turn red-orange at the crippled boy's insult. "Watch what you say about my mom, before I feel obligated to forget the rules to this and kick your ass." I snarled as the archers gulped nervously as they prepared themselves for an attack.

Running forward, I jumped over the fallen elf and brought my heel down on the first archer's head: making him drop to his knees and cry. Seeing his friend go down the way he did, the second archer cast a scared glance at The Bard before raising his shaking weapon at me. "He's all yours Butters." I said as I returned to my spot and waited patiently to see what Butters would do. "Oh, a-alright then." he replied as he ran over to the kid and slammed his hammer down hard on the archer's toes. 'Ow Butters, that looks like it hurt.' I thought with a wince as the archer hobbled on one foot for a second before snarling at us in anger. "You'll pay for that!" he yelled as The Bard began playing his lute again.

"There once was a maiden from Stonebury Hollow. She didn't talk much, but boy did she swallow." he sang as the archer raised his bow and shot two arrows at me. Grabbing the first arrow mid-air, I used it to deflect the second one before either had a chance to touch me. Taking my turn, I ran forward and whacked the kid in the shoulder with my sword, ensuring this battle's victory. "We usually win." Butters said as he did a small dance of victory as I walked over and helped the fallen kids to their feet with a grin. "W-Wow what a butt-kicking." The Bard said as he hopped up the basement stairs and let three more elves inside. "Get down there and f-finish them off. I will protect The S-Stick of Truth." he ordered as his minions quickly bounded down the stairs after us.

"Shit man, can't we EVER catch a break?" I asked Butters, who shrugged before readying his hammer as we walked around the boxes of stuff toward the exit of the basement. "End of the line fucker." an elf in red armor said as the trio advanced us, only to stop directly in a small puddle that wasn't there before. As I tried to come up with a plan on how to defeat these elves quickly, I caught sight of Craig motioning to me from the basement window. "Hey Lady MacManus, up here." he called with a muffled voice, drawing the elves' attention up to him. 'Thanks Craig.' I thought with a small grin as I picked up one of the fallen archer's bows and carefully aimed at the window. Letting the string go, Butters and I watched as the little arrow hit the latch on the window, allowing Craig inside. "I'll handle this." he said in his nasally voice as he walked along the shelf and over to the electrical box attached to the wall.

"S-STOP HIM!" an elf in a green helmet shouted as Craig began playing with the wires: causing electricity to surge through the water and zap all three elves before they had a chance to get away from the puddle. After making sure none of them had been electrocuted, I looked up to thank Craig for his help, when his foot caught the edge of the shelf as he tried to jump down from his perch. "Ow!" he yelped as he sat on the floor and clutched his foot. "You alright Craig?" I asked as Butters and I hurried over to the fallen thief. "Ow my ankle, I think it might be broken." he said with a straight face, and that's how I figured out he was fine. '

Because if you really did break your ankle, you wouldn't be so calm about it.' I thought as Butters walked closer to him. "M-Maybe I should take a look at it." Butters said as he glanced at me: silently asking for permission as he knelt at my feet. "Go for it Butters." I said, frowning as I spotted a medium-sized crack in my sword. "Yes ma'am." he said before crouching next to Craig and patted him on the back. "Thank you, noble paladin, my wound has been healed." Craig said as he led the way up the basement steps. "C-Can you get us upstairs? I think they locked us out." Butters said as I glanced outside to find that the sun was going down. 'Better wrap this up soon; I still have dinner to eat before I sneak out to meet Mysterion.' I thought as Craig began picking the lock on the door.

"Nothing a level twelve Thief can't handle, you guys go on ahead." he replied as the sound of a clicking lock could be heard, allowing us to enter the living room upstairs. "Thanks Craig." I said as Butters and I quickly stormed through the door, concerned about what was being done to our friends that had been taken hostage by the rouge Drow Elves Eric had warned about.

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