Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 26

Landing on the pavement, I watched as Mysterion walked over to a crosswalk that led to the playground. Before he could even get there, I ran up behind him and engulfed him in an almost suffocating hug, startling the vigilante into almost tripping over himself. "Thank you." I whispered to him before letting him go, taking pride in how his face darkened a few shades. "I-It's getting late, I'm going to do a quick sweep of the town before heading home." he said with a cough, making me smirk at him as he tried to hide his slightly-red face.

"Do you need any help?" I offered, nodding in understanding as he shook his head. "Alright, I guess I'll see you when I see you Mysterion." I said, only to find that he had disappeared: with only a pair of footprints proving that he had been there at all. "Goodnight." I said to the wind as I turned around and took off in a full-blown sprint for home: only appearing as a black and red glowing blur as I bounced like a pinball off buildings and swung off telephone poles. Slowing down as my street came into view, I silently climbed up the tree in my backyard and slipped inside the room I shared with my brother.

Making sure he was asleep, I closed the window and checked the time to find it was three in the morning as I crawled into bed. 'Thank you Mysterion, for everything.' I thought before I fell asleep, only to wake up to the sound of the alarm clock what felt like only five minutes later. Sitting up, I viciously rubbed my eyes with a tired groan before getting to work on taming my out-of-control burgundy mop of hair. 'Seriously, how the hell does he stay up all night protecting the town before going to school the next day?!' I thought as I changed my body suit back into my trademark hoodie before heading downstairs to join Alex for breakfast.

"Morning Saphy, thanks for bringing my homework home." Alex said as I sat at the table and poured myself some cereal. "No problem, hey mom: can I ask you something?" I asked her as dad grabbed himself a cup of coffee, kissed my mom and ruffled my brother's hair before walking out the front door and off to work. "Sure sweetie." she replied as I finished my breakfast and put my bowl in the sink to wash. "There's this friend of mine at school, his name's Kenny." I started, watching as her face became one of secret knowing.

"Oh? Is he your little boyfriend Saphira?" she teased as I shook my head at her. "I was wondering if you could pack him a lunch too, his family is poor and he doesn't get to eat much." I explained as she frowned and stopped cleaning the dishes. "Oh dear, that poor boy: of course I can make him a lunch for however long he needs one." she said as she got to work on Kenny's lunch, basically filling up our spare lunchbox with a four course meal: so whatever he couldn't eat, he could take home. "Here you go, and be sure to tell him if he ever needs something to eat: don't be afraid to ask." she said as Alex and I grabbed our bags and headed out the door, after I hid Kenny's lunch safely in my backpack first.

Upon arriving at the bus stop, I saw Eric bouncing excitedly on his feet and chatting loudly with (more like talking the ears off) the rest of the boys. "What's going on?" I asked Stan as I took my place between him and Kenny. "Apparently Cartman saw something cool last night." he said as I looked over at the fat kid in question. "It was FUCKING awesome! They just started jumping from building to building like some hardcore free-runner! And then they jumped from the roof, hit the ground and took off running like it was nothing! When I first saw them standing on the roof I was like 'Holy Shit! It's an Assassin from Assassin's Creed!' with the way the costume looked, I don't know how the fuck they made it glow like that: but that had to be the most badass thing I've ever seen!" he ranted excitedly as Alex and I shared a look.

"You sure you weren't dreaming, Cartman?" Kyle questioned skeptically as the bus pulled up. "I'm serious you guys! I SAW an Assassin!" he yelled as Kenny shrugged before he, Stan, and Kyle climbed on the bus. "You need to be fucking careful! If word of this gets out-" Alex hissed in my ear before I elbowed him in the ribs and gave him a look that said 'later' before allowing him to get on the bus. "MacManus, you believe me, right?" Eric questioned as he twisted his hat in his gloved hands, making me raise my eyebrow at him. 'Okay, who are you and what have you done with Eric Cartman?' I thought as I smirked mysteriously at him.

"I guess we'll find out." I said as we got on the bus and took our seats and waited for the bus to take us to school. The day was passing pretty much like the rest of them: got to school, said hi to Clyde and Butters, put my things in my locker, sat with Kenny and the boys as everyone else was too afraid to come near me, and listened to Mr. Garrison rant about things that had absolutely nothing to do with math. However, everything changed when we were told to head to the back of the gym, where a large portable swimming pool sat.

"Welcome to gym class: today we will be practicing our diving and strokes." the coach said as everyone but me changed into swimming suits and lined up behind the diving board. "MacManus! Get your ass in line, you're holding up the class!" the coach yelled, snapping me out of my frozen state as I was literally shoved in line by the angry adult. 'No, no please! Anything but this, please god no!' I prayed as I stared at the deep, clear water and trembled in fear as one-by-one the students jumped in the pool. "Hey Saphira, you okay?" Kyle asked from next to me as the second student in front of me took her turn. "No…" I whimpered with tears in my eyes as the kid in front of me jumped in, leaving me next in line.

"What's the matter? You look a little green." Kenny asked concerned as I once again froze up as the coach called my name. "Let's GO MacManus, we don't have all day!" the coach snapped as a couple kids came up behind me and shoved me onto the diving board, causing me to yelp and hyperventilate in fear of the deep water below me. "Dude, I don't think she can swim." Stan said, shocking the faces of both Kyle and Kenny as an obnoxious laugh mocked from somewhere behind me. "Of course she can swim! She's from Florida, not Arizona! But…I think it's true: monsters can't swim…which is why the skank is going to learn now." the bitch in purple stated before she and Bebe came storming up behind me and started stomping on the diving board, trying to get me to fall in.

"WENDY! What the hell are you doing?!" Stan exclaimed at her as they continued stomping while laughing their asses off as I staggered and tipped over: holding onto the underside of the board for dear life, catching the immediate attention of everyone in the room. "Oh nothing Stan: just putting the bitch in her place for trying to move in on you." she said in a sickly-sweet voice from above as I struggled to hold onto the thrashing board. "She wasn't moving in on me! She's our friend and if you don't stop treating her this way, then you and I are DONE." he threatened as Kyle tried to hold the board still long enough for me to climb up.

"But Stan…" she whined before glaring savagely at me and jumped on the diving board with both feet, making me finally lose my grip and slip off the end with a terrified shriek. Hitting the water with a sickening slap, I furiously thrashed and kicked, trying to keep myself afloat as the virus hardened and gained weight: dragging me down to the bottom of the pool. "Saphira! Here!" Kenny shouted in a muffled voice as he tossed me a boogie board, causing me to kick off the bottom of the pool and grab the piece of Styrofoam with all my strength.

Once I had my grip, I quickly climbed onto it and used it to jump over the side of the pool and hit the floor of the gym running, but slowly enough to hear Eric to call the ink-haired she-devil a 'Fucking Bitch'. Sliding across the hardwood floor, I burst through the double doors sobbing hysterically as I made a mad dash through the hallways for Mr. Mackey's office: I don't know why I chose to go there of all places, and I didn't have the right state of mind to question why at the moment either, all I knew at that moment was: Wendy Testaburger has crossed the line, and it was time for some stone-cold vengeance.

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