Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 27

Instead of going to the councilor's office like I had wanted to, I found it much better to hide inside my locker. Squeezing my soaked form inside the tiny compartment, I closed the door and curled as close to the wall as possible as I fought to calm myself down. However, a sudden noise caused me to nearly jump out of my skin as I banged my head against the shelf where I placed my books. As I rubbed the forming goose-egg, I noticed that a folded piece of paper had landed in my lap from the shelf.

'Great, as if that cunt couldn't harass me enough today.' I seethed as I opened the note: only to find it wasn't from Wendy at all, and that relieved my already shot-to-shit nerves. 'I have plotted long and hard, and I found the best possible karma to use. Here is a list of torment methods: use them well and enjoy the show.' I read as I noticed there was a 'PC' initial at the end of the sentence, making my curiosity as well as my thirst for revenge grow. 'Let's see what you came up with, shall we?' I thought as I read the list, my eyes glinting evilly as well as a shit-eating grin splitting across my face as I soon found that each tactic was worse than the last.

'Your timing couldn't be more perfect Chaos, and I know JUST who to go to for some of these.' I thought as I climbed out of my locker and shook myself dry like a dog: it didn't get all of it, but at least I wasn't leaving puddles wherever I went anymore. Walking down the hallway, a devilish toothy grin made its way across my face as I spotted the boys drying themselves off near the front of the gym. "Saphira! Holy shit dude, are you okay?!" Stan shouted as I approached, drawing the attention of the others to me as I nodded before turning my gaze to Eric.

"I need to talk to you for a minute." I said seriously to him, making Kyle raise an eyebrow as Eric rolled his eyes and eventually followed me to a different part of the gym: out of earshot of the other three. "What do you want MacManus, you're holding up my schedule." he snapped, making me scoff before narrowing my eyes at him. "I hear you can be an evil little bastard when you want to be." I said as he glared at me while he put his red jacket back on.

"Yes well, I don't regret a damn thing and if you're gonna be a little goody-two-shoes about it, then you can just fuck off." he said as I pulled out the list of things I needed him to help me get. "Actually, I need your help: and it just so happens to be in your area of expertise." I said, handing him the list, smirking as his brow furrowed in confusion. "The fuck do you want with these-you know what: I don't want to know, that's more Kenny's thing." he said in disgust as he turned to walk away. "I'm going to use them against Wendy." I called in a sing-song voice, making him halt mid-step and glance back at me. "It's time that bitch paid, I was hoping you could help me." I continued as he turned around to face me with an unsure look on his face as he glanced at the list again.

"You're going to do this during class?" he questioned as he settled his gaze on me. "I wouldn't have it any other way: I want to watch her squirm, I want her to suffer, I want her to BEG my forgiveness, I want to break her!" I snarled as his eyes lit up with glee as the gears in his head began turning. "Now that…is something I can do. I like you MacManus, consider it done: I'll have what you need when school's over." he said as we shared a Grinch-like sneer as the unsuspecting victim strutted past us like a peacock. "Do be sure to record it on film, because I'm going to post the SHIT out of it all over Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. And also, one more thing: see if you can find out what her worst fear is, I want to hear her scream like the bitch she is." I said as we shook hands before parting ways, letting him finish doing what he was doing while I retrieved my stuff from the girl's locker room.

Picking up my backpack, I walked back over to the boys and sat on the bench, waiting for the bell to signal the end of this class and start lunch. Staring into space, I felt my body suit twitch as I felt something being draped over my shoulders: only to look down and find a fluffy white towel. "Here, you don't want to get sick just sitting there." Kyle said awkwardly as I used his towel to finish drying myself off. "Thanks Kyle, I appreciate it." I said as he frowned in sympathy as I wordlessly stood up and walked out the door without another word as the bell rang, signaling the start of lunch.

Upon entering the almost-quiet cafeteria, I spotted Craig, Token and Tweek sitting at one of the long tables. Getting closer as Token beckoned me over, I nodded a greeting to Craig as he flipped me off: his way of saying 'hello' while Tweek twitched violently before settling down again. "Hey Saphira." Token greeted as he offered me a spot at their table. "Hey guys." I said as I pulled my lunchbox out of my backpack and sat on the empty bench across from them. "What happened to you?" Craig questioned as he looked over my still-damp form, causing Token and Tweek to take notice as well.

"Let's just say Wendy wants me dead." I said as Tweek began frantically pulling his hair, only to stop when Craig handed him a thermal cup filled with coffee. "You mean she tried to kill you?!" Token asked in shock as I nodded before taking a bite out of my grilled-cheese sandwich. "WHAT DID SHE DO?!" Tweek yelled, drawing the attention of Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny as they entered the cafeteria. "She made me fall in the pool during gym class." I answered as Craig rolled his eyes, unimpressed. "So?" he said as everyone but Kenny stepped into the lunch-line.

"I can't swim." I replied as I saw Kenny sit next to me and pull out half of a poptart from his pocket and started munching on it as slowly as he could. "Oh." Craig said as the three boys shared a look only they understood while I nudged Kenny with my elbow to get his attention. "Hm?" he asked after he finished his bite: I have no idea how he managed to eat anything through that parka hood of his, but I wasn't going to ask. "I've got something for you." I said, rolling my eyes with a grin as the visible part of his face became suggestive.

"Close your eyes and don't peek." I told him, holding my glove over his face to be sure he wasn't cheating while I slipped his lunchbox out of my backpack and silently set it down in front of him."Can I look now?" he asked as I motioned for the rest of the guys to be quiet before removing my hand from his eyes. "You can look now." I said as he opened his eyes before looking at me in dumb-struck confusion. "But…this is for-" he started, only to stop mid-sentence as he didn't know what to say as he opened the lunchbox and took in the meal my mom made for him.

"I take care of my friends Kenny, consider it thanks for saving me from a rather humiliating death." I said as the rest of the guys' mouths practically dropped to the floor at the sight of Kenny's lunch. Glaring at Eric and slapping his wrist as he made to snatch some of Kenny's food, I turned my attention back to my own lunch so I wouldn't seem rude, cueing the others to do the same. "H-Hey Saphira…about Wendy, I'm-" Stan started, not making eye contact with me out of shame, poor kid. "Don't worry about it Stan, you had nothing to do with it: however, as I said before…if she starts something, I won't be responsible for what happens. Just a fair warning to you." I said, glaring at the bitch in question as she and her pack of whores pranced about the cafeteria like they owned it.

As the guys continued with their lunch, I almost choked on my water as I felt Kenny nudge my knee under the table. Glancing at him, I watched him take my hand under the table and grip it tight in his shaking grip: giving his thanks without the rest of the boys seeing him. Smiling at him, I finished my lunch and told the guys I'll be in the playground if they wanted to hang out after they were done eating. Stepping out into the snow, I spotted Alex and a group of second graders pushing as much snow as they could into the middle of the playground.

"What're you doing little brother?" I asked him as he jogged over to me with a hopeful look on the visible part of his face. "We're trying to build a snowman, I've never made one before." he replied as he tried to push a pile of slushy snow that wasn't going anywhere. "Here, let me help you." I said as I nudged him out of the way, dug my hands in the moderately-deep snow, and effortlessly started pushing it like a snowplow. Picking up the pace, I gathered almost all of the snow on the playground before herding it towards the middle before dumping it there: leaving the perfect mountain for King of the Hill.

"Wow! You're REALLY strong!" one of the smaller kids exclaimed as she jumped up and down. Smiling at the little girl, I winked at my brother before furiously tapping, scraping, carving, and molding the large pile of snow into a snowman unlike anything the little kids had ever seen before. If it weren't for the fact it was made of snow, it could pass for a living thing: and it wasn't until I had finished, that I'd realized I had made a snowman-version of Mysterion. Being around him for as long as I had, I was able to memorize exactly how his face and eyes looked, how his stance was, and the matured and serious aura he gave off.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the little kids' eyes fill with innocent wonder before I started walking a few feet away from my creation and got to work on building his adversary. Smirking to myself, I almost sneezed as bits of slush landed on my face from my rapid carving, thankfully I didn't as I put the finishing touches on my second snowman: a legitimately evil-looking and insane Professor Chaos. I had created Mysterion in a fighting stance with his cape billowing in imaginary wind as he prepared to defend the playground from the mighty and intelligent enemy, while I made Professor Chaos' stance laid-back with his arms crossed and laughing like a maniac as his cloak dragged the ground around his feet.

Rubbing my chin, I noticed that the scene seemed to be missing something: or someone to be more accurate. Snapping my fingers in realization, I motioned for Alex and his little friends to wait while I ran around the playground and gathered more snow to bring back to the middle. 'Let's see how Eric reacts to seeing his 'Assassin'.' I thought as I quickly got to work on sculpting myself in my body suit: I made sure to keep the beaked hood up in order to hide the mysterious newcomer's identity from everyone but Alex, as he already knew it was supposed to be me. Instead of positioning 'snow me' like Mysterion, I made the body lean forward like a stalking predator as its lower face split into an angry snarl while the arms were transformed into the biomass claws: extended and ready to rip the enemy apart in perfect detail as the same imaginary wind played with the shredded wings and fabric tails attached to the belt.

Looking at the finished battle scene, I swelled up with pride at how the sculptures were mirror images of our true selves, and I would have thought I was looking at the vigilantes and villain themselves if it weren't for the fact that they were pure white and unmoving. Bowing at the applause and cheers from the little kids and teachers alike, I looked at Alex who frowned at 'snow me' before approving of my work, leaving me to patiently wait for the guys to show up: and hopefully get some interesting reactions from them at the same time.

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