Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 28

Brushing off the excess snow, I pulled out several cans of spray paint and immediately got to work on painting the lifelike figures: making them look even more alive than they already were. Narrowing my eyes in concentration, I quickly and accurately painted, shaded and added as much depth as humanly possible into each of my creations, even going so far as to add gloss to their eyes so they shined in the sunlight. Mysterion and Professor Chaos were easy, myself however: was an incredible pain in the ass because of the amount of detail in the biomass claws as well as the glowing of the body suit.

The black-cherry and red of the biomass blended and changed depending on the viewer's perspective, also including the fact that the talons themselves weren't only massive, but were made of the strongest metal. (I dare anyone who lives in a snowy place to attempt this) Once the most difficult parts were out of the way, I used the last of the gloss to shine around the lips and the talons: completing the extremely difficult but entertaining project. Backing up, I pulled out my phone and captured a picture of the finished battle scene to add to my collection of sculptures I had done.

Putting the empty cans back in my backpack, I turned around just in time to watch the double doors open as all conversation ceased between the boys. Swelling with pride, I took in the astonished looks and frozen stances as the boys took in the scene before them. Crossing my arms over my chest, I laughed as Eric staggered backwards and pointed a shaking hand at the sculpture of me. "There! That's the Assassin I told you guys about!" he yelled, snapping the others out of their frozen daze. "Holy shit! Saphira…YOU made these?" Kyle asked as he stepped forward and took a closer look at the painted snowmen.

"I was bored." I said nonchalantly with a shrug, causing Kyle to stare at me in disbelief while Kenny stared intently at Mysterion's features. "Dude, these are amazing! I thought I was actually staring at Mysterion and Chaos! And that one standing next to Mysterion is terrifying, who the hell is that?!" Stan exclaimed, making me flinch at his words. 'If this is how they react to a snow-version…how will they react to the real thing?' I couldn't help but think as Eric got over his shock and almost-timidly approached the sculpture of me.

"So Eric, is this what you saw?" I asked smugly as he stared at the bladed claws and glowing suit with wide, nervous eyes: as if the statue would spring to life and tear him apart. "You fucking scare me MacManus: you brought the Assassin to life based on just what I told you, how the fuck did you do that, in ten fucking minutes no less?" he demanded as Kenny moved from the statue of Mysterion and over to the one of me. "I'm glad I scare the 'Mighty Grand Wizard' for creating snowmen. As for the question, you will be getting no answers from me." I teased, sticking my tongue out at him as his eye twitched.

"Ey! That's not fucking fair you fucking bitch, tell me how you made these right now god damnit!" he yelled angrily, making me adjust my beanie and raise an eyebrow at him. "Now I'm DEFFINATELY not telling you, be grateful that I took time out of MY day to actually prove to everyone that you weren't going mentally insane! If anything you should be thanking me, saying shit like 'I saw an Assassin' will get your ass arrested Cartman! So I saved you your pride and your freedom: congratulations!" I spat, fighting the urge to punch him as I picked up my stuff and stormed past him and back inside the school just as the final bell rang, signaling the end of the day.

Quietly hissing in anger, I paced outside the front of the school as I waited on the stupid bus to take me home already. Kicking the snow in frustration, I let out a very low guttural growl as my peace was interrupted by Clyde. "Whoa, what's got you so pissed off?" he asked as I clenched my fists to keep them from shaking, it didn't help my urge to punch something however. "Let's just say Cartman is a fucking dick: trying to order me around and force me to tell him how I made a snow sculpture of something he apparently saw in the span of ten minutes. Can't he be happy that I kept his fatass from getting arrested or put in a mental hospital?!" I ranted, watching the boy next to me frown through my slightly-orange-tinted vision.

"That's Cartman for you: one minute he's decent, and the next he's as evil as the devil. We actually tried to tell you this when he was apparently 'nice' to you, it's normal for him to bide his time until he finds something to use against the person unlucky enough to meet him." he said as Alex walked outside and joined me on the curb while I listened to Eric getting chewed out by Kyle. Sighing heavily in aggravation, I picked up Alex's stuff along with mine and got on the bus, ready to get home, do my homework and probably get back to playing with the guys. 'I wonder…how long will it be before the napalm falls? Knowing Gentek and Blackwatch, they should already be on their way over to this side of the country…if they aren't here already.' I thought morbidly as I waved goodbye to Kenny as we reached his stop, letting my orange-clad friend get off the bus and head home.

Leaning against the window, I listened to Alex quietly work on his homework while the rest of the bus thrummed loudly with typical chatter and paper ball fights. Ignoring Alex as he tried to find out what was wrong with me, I squeezed past him and got off the bus as soon as it reached our stop. "Saphira? Hey!" Kyle called, trying to get me to talk to them: only to have me halt when Eric roughly grabbed hold of the back of my hoodie.

Temporarily forgetting where I was, I snatched the offending wrist and flipped its owner over my shoulder: slamming the one who had grabbed me flat on his back in the snow. "OW! MacManus what the FUCK is wrong with you?! That fucking hurt you fucking bitch!" Eric screamed in rage as he rolled himself over, snapping me back to the present and finally made me realize what I had done. "Oh shit! Shit shit shit! Eric, I'm sorry!" I said quickly while trying to help him up, only to get roughly shoved backwards and away from him. "BULLSHIT! You probably just WAITED for that! You were just buying your time until the perfect moment, is that it?!" he yelled in my face, making me pale as blank as the snow and back away as I tried to ignore the wide-eyed petrified faces of my friends and brother.

"N-No! That's not it! You scared me, it was an ACCIDENT!" I pleaded as he glared viciously at me, not buying my excuses at all. "It may have been an 'accident' now, but how long before you get the urge to do it again?! You fucking picked me up like it was nothing to you: that's not normal! And those 'tricks' you can do just proves it MacManus! YOU'RE A FUCKING MONSTER!" he screamed, making everything around me stop as I stared at him with a bewildered shell-shocked expression, only to have it melt away into a look of indifference. "I see. So that's how you see me, after all this time? Why should I be surprised at that when the same shit has been going on since I was fucking five years old? And you-" I paused to look at Stan and Kyle.

"You feel the same don't you: New Kid comes to South Park and can do shit no other kid can: jump from a two story treehouse and land on her feet without getting hurt. Or how about being able to clear a backyard of snow just by punching the ground? No I'm not normal: big FUCKING deal! It isn't like I had a fucking choice so you all can either accept that for what it is, or you can join the rest of the world and fuck off. I don't give two shits if you end up betraying me: that same song and dance has played too, just don't fucking lie to me!" I seethed as my face reddened and tears streamed down my face, not that I cared as the two boys looked at each other in sympathy before trying to reason with me that they 'didn't care about that and I was still a friend to them' while Cartman looked…guilty? No, not guilty…something else that I didn't care to know as I whirled around and stormed off down the sidewalk in the direction of the woods Kenny had introduced me to on our way to Token's house.

"Nice job douchebag, you made my sister cry. Saphira! COME BACK!" Alex cried as he ran after me, only to have me snarl in anger and jump over someone's fence: easily losing my pursuing brother as I ran into the woods. By this point I wanted absolutely nobody near me as my body suit writhed and thrashed under my hoodie as it responded to my rage and left me with only one choice: because if anyone approached me now, it would end in a very painful, slow, and bloody mess that I had no interest in being responsible for.

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