Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 30

"This doesn't make the least bit of sense to me: how can these people do such things without getting caught?" Mysterion asked as he shook his head, his question mark swaying with the movement. "Same way the ones behind the Cult of Cthulhu get away with what they do." I answered, feeling a little bad when he flinched at the mention of the Cult. "I can see you are still lost and confused with all of this, and I'm sorry I couldn't explain it better. But I know a better way to help you understand, just…don't be afraid of me…please?" I said, feeling a sigh of relief escape me as he nodded after a slight hesitation.

Smiling slightly at him, I stood up from the rock, jumped down and walked a few steps away from where he was sitting. "What are you doing?" he asked as he tilted his head to the side, curious of the concentrated look on my face. Letting the virus take control, my nine year old body became cloaked in the writhing biomass: shifting and changing until I had taken the form I desired. No longer was I a nine-year-old girl with burgundy hair, I had instead become the very thing that I despised with every ounce of my being: a Blackwatch Commander.

The armor I now wore was just as spiteful as I had remembered it to be: it had the bulk and utility of S.W.A.T gear with a hood over the gasmask that covered my face. The lenses over my eyes glowed a threatening bright-blue as I looked down at Mysterion as he took in my 6'5 muscular frame, black and yellow armor, the flat metal blade attached to my left arm and radio attached to the left collar of my uniform, as well as the heavily-padded leggings and heavy boots. "Jesus Christ…" Mysterion gasped in a mixture of shock and horror: his rough, false voice slipping slightly as I shifted in my steel-toed boots and stood at attention.

"Blackwatch Commander Sean Walker, reporting in." I said, my voice deepening and becoming male: the very voice of the bastard I had consumed and taken the form of. "This is Blackwatch?!" the vigilante exclaimed in both fear and rage as I slammed my heels together and nodded curtly. "When we hunt, we kill! No one is safe! Nothing is sacred! We are Blackwatch! We are the last line of defense! We will burn our own to hold the red line: the last line to ever hold!" I recited the creed the vile faction lived and died by, watching as Mysterion's features and body became taught with anger as he looked up at me while I stared back at him through the cobalt lenses, letting him take a good, long look at the ones who slaughtered with no remorse or compassion.

Before Mysterion could even open his mouth, the radio on my shoulder glowed bright-blue as static echoed throughout the cave, startling the songbirds into taking off and flying through the crack in the ceiling. "Diamondback one-one, please be advised that bio-organic activity has been reported in grid three-eight-two. All Commanders report with your squads to Captain Cross for immediate briefing." a monotonous male voice sounded from the radio, making my heart freeze and drop to my feet as I fought to control my frantic fear. "Negative Command! Negative! The situation is a false alarm, I repeat: false alarm! Tell all units to hold position and stand down!" I ordered into the radio, praying that they bought it as Mysterion paled as he took in how terrified I was at the moment.

"Rodger that Diamondback, hold position until situation is confirmed, do not engage until authorization has been cleared." the monotonous Colonel ordered before the radio went silent, signaling that the connection had been severed. As my adult body became assaulted by fear and adrenaline, I lost my will to keep this disgusting form as the virus changed me back into my original self, leaving me to curl up in the dirt and sob uncontrollably without restraint. Trembling, I fought to keep myself from hyperventilating at how close South Park had just come to being the newest warzone and or test site.

Flinching as Mysterion's boots scraped against the loose stones, pine needles and dirt, I almost jumped out of my skin as I discovered him to be crouched directly next to my head as he looked down at me with understanding pity: as if he knew what it felt like to be in contact with the ones responsible for your living nightmare. Hiding my tear-stained face in my hood, I tensed as tightly as my body would allow as the vigilante picked me up and engulfed me in a hug. He didn't need to say anything as I quite literally vibrated in terror, the only thing he did was tighten his grip as I fought to get ahold of myself and stop acting like a scared child: even though I had every right to act this way.

If I was surprised that Mysterion was hugging me, I couldn't tell you how shocked I was when Mysterion draped his cape over me, hiding me from view while he glared at the entrance to this secret place with his icy-blue eyes: as if he were expecting a squad of those devils to storm in at any second. Once my sobs ceased and became nothing more than sniffles, Mysterion removed his cape from me and nudged me to look up at him: which I was reluctant to do considering I just soaked his suit in tears. "I need you to listen to me very carefully, okay?" he said in that rough and raspy voice of his, continuing when I nodded.

"You're gonna be fine, you are in a town that has seen plenty of weird shit. To us: you're normal, which means you will be safe here and they will never find you." he told me, and even though I didn't believe him because I KNEW how Gentek and Blackwatch were, it made me feel better anyway. "I see your point." I muttered, making him sigh in irritation at my emotionless tone but let it go, until he glanced at me with what I guessed to be worry. "You're burning up, c'mon: I'm taking you home before you get sick." he said as he made me stand up before dragging me towards the entrance, only to stop as I let out a small laugh. "You think this is funny? This is serious!" he growled, making me laugh a bit harder at the irony.

"Mysterion, I'm a virus: we're supposed to have high body temperatures. And getting sick is rather redundant don't you think?" I said with a smirk, making him huff as he understood that he had overreacted for no reason. "Still, you have been out here a while, which means people will start to worry." he said as he led me out of the cave and back in the direction of my house: his steps sure and determined. 'I sure hope you're right Mysterion, I don't know what I would do if those bastards came here.' I thought as he led me wordlessly out of the forest before going down side streets and back alleys until the familiar pale-red house came into view.

Looking behind me, I finally caught a glimpse of him actually leaving after he vanished so many times before. "Mysterion!" I called quietly so I didn't attract the attention of anyone else but him as he glanced over his shoulder to see what I wanted. "Thanks…for everything." I said as he nodded once before turning around and walking off: practically disappearing like a ghost in the maze of buildings and houses. 'Was that a smirk I just saw?' I thought in confusion as I turned around, glanced for cars, and ran up my driveway before walking inside the nice toasty house.

"You have a package upstairs." Alex said from his spot on the couch as he watched the new Terrance and Phillip episode that was on. Nodding at him, I took off my snow-covered boots before placing them and my soaked socks next to the lit fireplace, rolling my eyes at the ridiculous fart jokes emanating from the T.V. before heading upstairs. 'I'm glad he didn't ask where I went. How would I tell him that I basically beat the shit out of a mountain before losing my shit because Blackwatch was talking to me?' I questioned myself as I dropped my backpack next to my bed, taking notice of the large paper bag sitting on the blankets.

Walking over to it, I saw that there was a very sloppily-scrawled 'Sorry' written on a sticky-note: as if it pained the person to write it. Dumping the contents of the bag on my bed, the Grinch-like grin returned to my face at the bag's contents. What had spilled from the bag was a small bottle of Liquid Ass, a container of live bait worms, some super glue, a pouch of itching powder, bleach, and a large dildo. Among the contents was a letter that only had at the most, two sentences written on it.

'Turns out Testaburger is terrified of snakes and bugs…seriously? How lame can that bitch be? Oh well, there will be cameras set in the classroom, cafeteria, and the locker hallway: don't chicken out.' I read, making my suspicions confirm that this package was from Eric, making me scoff in annoyance before putting the contents inside my backpack in a plastic bag: specifically the Liquid Ass. Feeling my phone vibrate as soon as I finished hiding the items away, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw I had a text from Kenny, telling me he had heard about what Eric said from Kyle and was asking if I was still interested in playing with them.

Glancing at the clock, I saw that it was getting close to 5:30, not giving me very much time to play, but hopefully enough to help me get my restless mind off of my 'conversation' with Blackwatch earlier. Quickly replying that I was on my way, I put my 'armor' and sword back on before heading downstairs: surprising myself to see that Alex had finished his homework and was also putting on his Thief gear. Smirking mischievously at my brother, we both headed out the front door: preparing to rejoin the fight for The Stick of Truth, where hopefully: things will still be the same as we crossed the yard and entered the human stronghold better known as Kupa Keep.

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