Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 33

Keeping myself hidden, I watched as the chopper lowered itself and detached the box: sending it crashing loudly to the street below. Watching the chopper, I saw it take off again and begin patrolling the city with its searchlight on. Pulling my hood up, I waited until the chopper was far away from me before I leapt down and cautiously approached the faded-red box that sat ominously in the middle of the dimly-lit street.

In the stillness of the night, I was able to clearly hear the hungry growls and snorts of the creature that was trapped inside the box: making me want to scream in anger at my misfortune. 'Out of all things, WHY must they bring one of those?!' I thought as I quickly jumped back into a heavily-shadowed alley as the chopper circled back to where I was. Once it was gone, I made my way back over to the box and tried to think of a way to get rid of both the creature AND the chopper when my focus was stolen by another aggravation I didn't need.

At the gasp of fear and shock, I turned around to find none-other than Wendy exiting a building that just-so-happened to be right behind me. The shock on her face quickly turned into smugness: confirming that she had recognized me, even from under my hood and glowing body suit. "Well well, look who we have here: South Park's very own monster, I hoped I would find you ya know: so I could expose you for what you really are." she said snidely as she walked closer, making a cold sweat break out on the back of my neck as I heard the beast become more active as her scent wafted inside the holes in the box.

"You can harass me like the bitch you are all you want at school: but this is NOT the place for you right now." I growled from under my hood, making an ugly, scrunched-up look appear on her face. "Don't you dare tell me where I can and can't be you whore! First you move in on MY man, now you want to control the streets?! I don't fucking think so!" she yelled as she pulled out a gun from her purse, making me roll my eyes at her very foolish decision. Pointing the weapon at me, she cackled in victory as she firmly believed she had me trapped.

"Looks like I win, and no one will ever know that it was a single bullet that killed the monster. Once I put you down: the people of this town will look up to me to protect them now that Mysterion quit, see you in hell Monster." she snarled as she made to pull the trigger: only to freeze as the 'whoosh' of fabric and boots making contact with the pavement distracted her as a large, dark shape landed between the psychotic bitch and me. In the pale-yellow glow of the streetlights, I was able to barely see the furious glare in Mysterion's eyes as he crouched in front of me and stared at Wendy. Slowly backing up against the cold metal box, I watched as Wendy's face lost all of its color as she took in the vigilante that was NOT happy.

"M-M-Mysterion! I-I…What are you doing here?!" she stuttered as she struggled to hold her grip on the shaking gun that was still pointed in my direction. "How about you find another little girl to pick on, let alone threaten with a gun." he growled, his voice coming out much more dangerous than I had ever heard him, and even that was enough to force a tremble through my body suit. "Mind your business Mysterion, I'm protecting the town by getting rid of that monster behind you." she said, getting over her initial shock and steadied her hand as she glared over the top of his head at me.

Unfortunately for her, he didn't appreciate that very much as he stood up from his kneeling position, dashed forward, and nailed a vicious punch to her gut: making her drop the gun and bend over as she fought to catch her breath. Jumping off the ground, I watched as Mysterion whacked her in the side of the head with a solid roundhouse kick that sent her flat on her back on the snow-covered pavement. Glancing up at the sky, I let out a temporary sigh of relief when the chopper didn't come back this way and spot us: however, the activity going on between the vigilante and Wendy was quickly riling up the beast in the box, and only got worse when Wendy stood up with a bloody nose and made to defend herself, only to trip over her purse and fall flat on her face.

Yanking her up by her messy hair, Mysterion held the wounded girl close to his face so she was eye-level with him. "Saphira MacManus is off limits, DO you understand?! Make sure everyone in your posse knows, or else you will be receiving much more than a broken nose." he threatened, oblivious to the breeze that blew the scent of her blood inside the box, causing the growls and snarls to become more frequent and desperate. 'As much as I want to, you will not be eating anything today.' I thought to the bloodthirsty creature as I backed up and prepared to hold the massive door of the container shut.

"As satisfying as this all is Mysterion, you and that wench need to leave…NOW." I said urgently as he glanced back at the sound of his name before turning his attention back to Wendy as he roughly shoved her away from him, allowing the bitch in purple to stagger to her feet and run off. Kicking the loaded gun into a storm drain, the vigilante moved to approach the box cautiously as I rapidly shook my head and halted his advances as both he and I took whatever cover we could find as the chopper made another pass before it disappeared again.

"Mysterion I'm serious! This is NOT the place for you!" I said quickly as the beast furiously paced the length of the box as the scent of prey ventured closer. "Are you alright?" he asked, completely ignoring my efforts to keep him away as he walked up to the box I was desperately trying to hold closed. "Fine! Now get out of here before-" I started, only to panic as I heard the beast back up: which only meant one thing. Whirling around, I engulfed the locking mechanism of the doors shut as tightly as I could and twisted the thick metal like a twist tie, only to be thrown backwards as the beast charged into the doors with a very loud 'BANG'.

Jumping back to my feet, I shoved Mysterion back as another 'BANG' echoed from the box, causing the seemingly-fearless vigilante to gulp nervously. "Mysterion, what is in that box is beyond what you can handle, now be the smart kid I know you are and RUN!" I yelled at him as a final 'BANG' sounded, releasing the monster that Blackwatch had sent as their twisted version of a 'care package' to the town. It was huge: about the size of a short bus with gigantic claws: the very claws that my own came from. It walked on all fours, with four of those huge deadly claws dominating each of its muscular feet as it paced in front of us like a lion. Its skin looked horribly burnt as the hardened, glowing biomass made it look as if the monster had been skinned alive: exposing unnatural muscle and tendons that would normally be hidden from view.

Each of its forty crooked and mismatched teeth were as long as I was tall and were stained with tartar and the blood of old meals as it snapped its thick, bear trap-like jaws at us. The creature had no nose: only a hole in its short snout where one should've been while a long, pale tongue licked its chops: sending dark drool splashing across the pavement. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mysterion shaking in his boots as the Hunter glared hungrily at him: staring into his soul with midnight-black eyes. Snarling at us, it focused its glowing red pupils on the vigilante before clawing at the ground with its four-foot long claws. 'God damnit!' I snarled to myself as the beast charged in a gallop, sending crumbling pavement behind it like dust, only to be sent tumbling off balance as I leapt forward and rammed my shoulder into it: knocking it into a nearby fire escape.

"Do you NOT listen?! RUN Mysterion!" I ordered, snapping him out of it as the Hunter shook its massive head and roared at me while my arms changed into my own claws. When he dashed off, I was able to finally focus on the Hunter as it bounded full-speed at me with a gaping maw, only to miss as I ducked under it and ran my claws down its belly: leaving five gaping wounds that gushed blood by the pints. Snorting angrily at me, it reared up on its hind legs and tried to swat me like an insect, which I dodged by jumping over its powerful limbs and punched it in the face with my Hammerfist: shattering its teeth and flipped it over onto its back.

Quickly summoning my Whipfist, I grabbed a nearby car and threw it at the Hunter's head as it leapt at me again. Taking the car full force, it managed to somehow twist its muscular body and backhand me into the same building Wendy had been in just a few minutes ago. Shaking away the dizziness and pain, I jumped out of the pile of concrete just in time to avoid the creature's well-timed pounce. Getting a mouthful of stone and rebar, the Hunter snarled before charging at me again, only to shriek in pain when it came face-to-face with the large blade that had taken the place of my right arm. The only downside of this ability: was how slow it made me in terms of dodging, which I learned the hard way as I suddenly found myself pinned between the broken pavement and the massive creature's paw.

Lowering its bloodied snout, the Hunter sniffed my body suit before opening its jaws and drooled on me: covering my nine year old form in thick, hot, nasty saliva. Baring my teeth at it with a glare, I silently challenged it into taking a bite as my blue eyes made contact with its black and red ones. Narrowing its beady eyes into slits, it pounded its other paw into a fist directly next to my head as it roared in my face, allowing me the 'pleasure' of seeing the rotting meat stuck between its teeth and rancid breath that called that glowing cave of a mouth home.

Rearing its head back, the Hunter dug its claws into the ground around me with the grip of a vice as it licked its broken teeth with a snarl. Just as the beast was about to lunge, it was suddenly shot in the side of the head with a large firework, startling it into releasing me as I back-flipped away from it. Glancing for the cause of the firework, I ground my teeth as I spotted Mysterion aiming another lit mortar at the angry Hunter. "Do you HONESTLY have a death wish?!" I snapped at him as the triple-breaker exploded from the tube and onto the Hunter's body in a blend of gold, red, and blue.

"Can't die." he said as he prepared to load another one, completely letting his guard down as the Hunter shrieked and lunged through the smoke with both front paws extended: looking no more bloodthirsty than it was pissed off. "Oh no you don't!" I snarled as I transformed my right arm into the Whipfist and used it to snatch and constrict around Mysterion's body as I yanked him out of the Hunter's path. It was then two things happened: I startled Mysterion into dropping the mortar that ended up exploding directly in front of the helicopter pilot's vision. The other, more serious action was the Hunter missed its target: but not enough to leave the vigilante unscathed.

As I pulled him out of the monster's path, the Hunter turned on a dime, causing its massive metal claws to graze diagonally across his chest: leaving long, deep wounds that allowed me to see the bones of his ribcage underneath the large amounts of blood he was losing. Feeling the color drain from my face at the sight of his wounds, I quickly hid him behind a car: giving me time to change both my arms into the blades and jump at the Hunter the same time it turned on me: enraged that I had denied it its meal.

Lunging at me, I twisted my body in mid-air to avoid its claws and slashed both my bladed-arms across each other: cleaving the beast in two, leaving the parts to separate as soon as I hit the ground in a crouch. Watching the split Hunter's halves twitch and jerk around, I dashed over to the top of the car to see Mysterion choking on his own blood as he tried to hold himself together. Poor kid was in so much pain he didn't even recognize who I was as I knelt next to him and picked him up bridal-style: wincing and mumbling apologies at the cries of agony that came from him.

After I got him situated to where I could carry him and run if I had to, I glanced up at the staggering chopper as the pilot fought to regain both their vision and control of the machine: just as a fucking UFO crashed downward in a nosedive and slammed right into the Blackwatch chopper: sending both of them falling in the direction of the mall in a sea of flames and screaming metal. Glancing down at Mysterion's painful expression from under the beak of my hood, I turned in the direction of my house and took off running, using multiple tendrils to cover his wound and hold it closed to keep him from bleeding to death as I did so.

Sprinting through the playground, I kept begging whatever supernatural force was out there to help Mysterion: at least until I got him to where I needed to be. Even if some god or other powerful being chose to help him, I knew deep inside that the real decision on whether or not he would survive was up to him, and for some reason…that scared me.

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