Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 35

Stepping out into the cold, I glanced for cars before crossing the street and headed over to Kyle's house. Getting close to the fence, I heard Stan and Kyle arguing while mentioning my name more than once, making me frown as I peeked through a knothole in the fence. Spotting the two, I glanced around to see if any of the elves were looking this way before jumping on top of the fence before quietly climbing the tree and perched on the roof of the two story treehouse.

From up here, I could clearly hear the heated argument between the elf king and his enforcer quite clearly: and I did not like what was being said. "I really don't like this Stan, there's something not right going on here. I think Saphira might have something to do with it." Kyle said as I crouched on the roof of the treehouse: paying no mind to the oblivious elves down below. "I noticed the weird things happening too, but what makes you think she caused it, I mean she put Cartman in his place sure: but that doesn't mean she's dangerous." Stan replied as Kyle paced in front of him.

"It's not IF she's dangerous, it's what she said: she isn't normal like the rest of us, and apparently she has been locked up for a long time. What does that tell you Stan?" the Elf King said sarcastically as Stan sighed before pinching the bridge of his nose. "Look, I know what she did to Cartman was scary: as well as how fast she made those snowmen at school, but the New Kid has a power we've yet to understand." Stan said, trying to reason with his friend as Kyle whirled around and glared at him.

"Then how can we trust her?! I don't know about you, but until she can be trusted: I'm staying away from her." Kyle said, making me flinch before a glare of my own appeared on my face. "You can start by asking me." I snarled, making everyone in the backyard jump at the sudden hostile voice that seemingly came out of nowhere. As Stan and Kyle looked around for me, I leapt from the roof of the treehouse and landed on the ground next to them with a solid 'thump'. "S-Saphira! Holy shit dude, you scared us." Stan stuttered as both of them recovered from their mini heart attacks. "Yeah, I have that effect on people: I just never expected to see it come from YOU, Kyle." I said, venom leaking from every word as the boy's face in question became regretful.

"Saphira look…it's nothing personal, it's just: what you did to Cartman…" he couldn't even finish, making me sigh in irritation before staring him in the eye with a steely gaze. "How strong is your faith Kyle?" I questioned as his face became confused. "What?" he asked, glancing at Stan to make sure he heard what I had said correctly. "I said, how strong is your faith?" I asked again, making Stan gulp as Kyle finally understood what was being asked of him. "W-Well, I am Jewish so…pretty strong I guess." he said as I stared at him: making absolutely sure he spoke nothing but the truth. "Good. Now, is there a place the three of us could speak privately? I need to show you something." I said as the two boys glanced at each other before staring at me again.

"Why not right here? Everybody else is doing what they're supposed to do." Stan said as I shook my head at that idea. "I need a computer." I said as Kyle sighed before gesturing for me and Stan to follow him into his house. Following him up to his room, I reached into my pocket and felt the object I had managed to snag from one of the Commanders before my parents snuck me out of Miami. "Well, this is it: now what is it you needed to talk to us about?" Kyle said as I gulped nervously before gathering my courage and griped the object in my pocket tightly.

"First, know that I'm not here to hurt anyone. Second, what I'm about to explain to you guys is SUPER Top Secret: like beyond the pentagon and FBI type shit. And third: I'm only telling you this because I trust you, I have only told ONE other person and that's Mysterion. DON'T make me regret doing this, do you both understand? Not even Mysterion has seen this." I explained as they both gulped before reluctantly nodding as I pulled out the USB drive out of my pocket.

"A USB?" Stan asked as I nodded seriously before turning to Kyle. "What is on this chip, is something many people will kill for. It explains everything: what happened to me, why the people behind it did it, and how it came to be. I'm only showing this to you because you're the smartest kid in class and has actually treated me like a friend regardless of how the other kids have. But I warn you: once you see what is on this chip: you will NEVER look at the military or science class the same way again." I said as his eyes widened at my words before taking the USB from me with a shaking hand.

"Please tell us this is all one big joke, part of the game…right?" Stan questioned fearfully, gripping the back of Kyle's chair like a vice when I shook my head at his question. As Kyle put the USB in the computer, I griped my arms in a tight self-hug before turning to look out the window: VERY aware of what was on that little device. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Blackwatch emblem as well as an 'initializing' status as the program loaded. "Is this some kind of computer game?" Kyle asked as the emblem spun around on the screen. "Just watch." I said as the program began its created purpose.

"Gentlemen: Welcome to Blackwatch: the most elite military unit in the world. You are now privileged to the following classified information." the monotonous female voice of the Blackwatch command unit known as Red Crown began. "Holy shit dude! This is some high-tech government stuff, how did you even-" Kyle started as he whirled around to look at me, only to have me turn my gaze out the window as I tried to block out her poisonous voice. "Keep watching." I said without emotion as Red Crown continued. "Blackwatch was first created to protect America from biological attack. In 1963, our new weaponized virus known as Blacklight, infected and destroyed the town of Hope, Idaho." Red Crown said from the speakers as both the sounds of military gunfire and the screams of the infected accompanied the monotone voice.

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck are those?!" Stan shouted as I tightened my grip on my arms to keep myself from reliving the memories I was cursed with. "We found and detained only one survivor: Elizabeth Greene, or 'Mother' as we would come to call her. She was an incubator and producer of the virus. Blackwatch, along with Gentek: the creators of Blacklight, were assigned to contain the virus: peacefully if possible." the voice continued as I fought to hold back the virus from destroying that infernal USB. "What a load of fucking bullshit." I snarled quietly as I glanced behind me, to find both of the boys engrossed in what was happening on the screen as Blackwatch soldiers slayed groups of infected humans: their screeching loud and painful in my ears.

"Operations continued until 2010, where a child by the name of Saphira MacManus was given to Gentek for Blacklight testing. After showing resistance to the Blacklight virus, we injected it into her system directly: sending her into a state of catatonic anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. We thought the virus had killed her: we were wrong, it transformed MacManus: giving her superhuman abilities." Red Crown explained as images and video clips of some of my abilities appeared on the screen, while the boys witnessing the data began shaking and stuttering as they tried to comprehend what exactly was going on, turning from the computer to me every so often: as if to make sure I was the same kid they saw on the screen.

"MacManus fought her way into Gentek and freed another test subject by the name of Alex MacManus. We don't know if they're related, or not: but since the attack on Gentek headquarters, both subjects have vanished: only to be discovered soon after. Nothing we did could contain MacManus, we resorted to a nuclear solution but MacManus interfered with our objective. She hijacked the nuke and destroyed it over the ocean: we assumed she was dead. Once again, we were wrong: and once again both of the test subjects have vanished. We don't know if she had infected him, or not: regardless, they both need to be captured or destroyed. Only the most highly-trained among you will be sent in to eliminate the threat. Remember, you are Blackwatch: You. WILL. Not. Fail. Dismissed!" Red Crown ordered before the connection was severed: signaling the end of the recording.

For several minutes, there was absolute silence as Stan and Kyle stared at each other as I bit down on my lip while I stared out the window. 'No going back now, I'm as good as dead anyway: may as well warn people of the oncoming destruction.' I thought as I glanced at them from the corner of my eye. Stan was frozen on the spot: the back of the chair locked in his white-knuckled grip as he trembled in pure fear. Kyle looked like a leaf in a hurricane as a large stain appeared on his lap: proving he pissed himself, making me feel sorry for both of them, I didn't regret showing them anything however.

"I think that's all the proof you need. I know I'm a monster so don't bother playing the same tune by letting me know that. Despite what that bitch just said: I have never killed kids, only the soldiers and scientists that were a threat to me and my brother. Now if you'll excuse me: I need to pack my stuff and get my brother before those fuckers show up again." I said, snapping both of them out of it as Stan's face paled to an unhealthy shade of gray.

"A-Again?" he stuttered as I looked him in the eye before nodding once. "Have you two seen the news? That was no 'Taco Bell' the military is covering up." I said as I walked out of Kyle's room and began walking down the stairs, stopping at the bottom step as Kyle tossed the USB back to me like it was covered in diseases.

"T-Then what is it?" Kyle squeaked as they both followed me on shaky legs. "You're a smart kid Kyle: figure it out." I said as I went back outside and into Kyle's backyard. Looking around the elven kingdom, the sudden realization hit me so hard that I physically almost tripped: I couldn't leave! Not when they already showed up and started the first of their many sick 'tests' that will result in every last person dying or worse: becoming like me.

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