Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 36

As soon as the blonde elf that had led the first attack on Kupa Keep and brought me here the first time noticed me, he let out a strangled cry: drawing the attention of everyone else to me. "Welcome back Savior! I hope those filthy humans have treated you well." he said as he and the rest of the elves knelt at my feet like I was some kind of royalty. Glancing behind me, I saw Stan and Kyle slowly starting to get over what they have just witnessed and get back into their characters. "I have a question to ask." I said as I turned my attention back to the lead elf at my feet. "Anything my lady! Just say the word!" he said as he stood up and bowed his head at me.

"You guys haven't taken The Stick have you?" I asked as he became confused with my question. "The Stick? No, I thought the humans had it. Are you saying…you LOST The Stick of Truth?!" he suddenly yelled as all the elves became enraged and started shouting at me. "The humans had it, but this morning it was gone: someone had taken it. Eric thinks it was you guys that did it." I explained as Kyle came up behind me with Stan on my other side.

"We don't have it, we were just planning on how to take it back from the humans when you showed up. Wizard fatass is lying! He hid The Stick and is acting all sad and betrayed so you and your brother can recruit more people for him. He told you to recruit the Goths right? Go recruit them, but bring them to us: so we can raid his stupid kingdom and end this once and for all!" Kyle said as he got back into his character, I could still see they were both still in shock though: not that I honestly blamed them.

"He doesn't have it either, believe me: I can tell when someone is lying, and he was truthful the entire time. I think there is something bigger going on here, see what you guys can find while I go make sure Alex didn't get himself beat up again." I said as the elf king hesitated, but nodded skeptically as I walked past the kneeling elves and over to the back gate. "Savior wait! Before you go: take this." an elf wearing red armor called, making me stop and turn to face him. In his hands was a staff like Eric's: it was about the same size, only this one had a Taser attached to the end, making it glow bright-blue and spit sparks with every swing I made. "Holy shit! This is cool." I said with a large grin as I tested out my new weapon: loving the sparks and electric humming coming from it.

"It's called The Staff of Smiting, consider it a gift from the Elf King." the elf said as I looked over at Kyle, only to see him nod with a smirk on his face. "Thanks Kyle, see you guys soon." I said as I held my new weapon out in front of me and headed out of the backyard. 'I can't believe I actually almost left and abandoned my family and new friends to their fate! What would Mysterion say?!' I thought as I punched myself in the helmet before dashing across the street and up the tree in my backyard. Peeking in the window, I saw that Mysterion hadn't moved and was still asleep: making me nervous but at least he wasn't howling like a banshee anymore. Jumping down in the snow, I made my way down the sidewalk and in the direction of the school, only to run into Butters along the way.

"Oh h-hey Saphira! Wh-What's happenin'?" the paladin asked, making me grin at his happy-go-lucky attitude: a welcome change from all the misery that was floating around this morning. "Looking for Alex Butters, Eric sent him to the school to recruit the Goth kids. Hey…have you seen Kenny? I haven't seen him all day." I said as Butters played nervously with his hands before meeting my gaze. "H-He said he had to go m-meet family in Denver, he wouldn't say when he'll be back." Butters said as I frowned for a minute before grinning at the timid boy again.

"Oh well, I hope he has fun and hope he texts me later, see you around Butters." I said as we parted ways: him heading into the kingdom while I headed closer to the school that had just barely entered my sight. 'He could've at least texted me and let me know he was leaving, but then again: his phone probably either died or it was a last-minute thing.' I thought as I looked for cars before crossing the street and over to the school, where Alex stood nervously next to the front doors. "Hey little brother." I said as he jumped about three feet in the air before realizing it was just me.

"O-Oh! H-Hey sis." he muttered as he kicked a small trench in the snow. "Something wrong?" I asked as he glanced up at me with a troubled expression in his eyes. "The Goth kids won't join us unless I look and act like them." he said as he looked at his snow-covered boots in shame. "Okay?" I said, confused as to why he would be ashamed of that before it dawned on me: Alex had never done things on his own before. He was always told how to feel, act and be by my father and the scientists that held him prisoner, he didn't know HOW to be his own person. "T-They said the only way for them to join is if I dress like them, drink coffee and smoke with them." he said, making my theory fly out the window as my vision turned orange for a split-second at the thought of those kids forcing my baby brother to smoke.

"They what?!" I snapped, making him flinch away from me and duck behind the flagpole as I huffed and stormed through the gate and over to the three dark-clothed kids sitting next to one of the side-exits of the school. Walking up to the three kids, I saw one of them had red and black hair that flopped over the right side of his face, dark-gray clothes and purple shoes. Peeking around him, I saw a kid no older than five or so fiddling with a radio while a large girl in a black dress sat smoking. On the stairs near her was a tall boy dressed in black and white: also smoking.

Staring harshly at them, I waited until one of them noticed I was there: which wasn't long considering I was standing right next to the one with red and black hair. As he glanced at me, I could almost FEEL the disgust wafting off him as he looked me up and down before the girl also took notice of me. "Who's that?" he asked as the girl looked me over before taking a drag off her cigarette. "I think it's that New Kid people are taking about." she said in an I-don't-give-a-shit voice as the first Goth kid looked at me again. "This is a different one, so: there are two New Kids?" he questioned, making me upset that they spoke as if I wasn't standing right next to them. "I'm his sister, and I hear you won't join in our game unless he SMOKES with you." I growled, making all four of them glance at me.

"If he wants us to hang out with him, he needs to look EXACTLY like we do in order to prove he isn't a conformist." the tallest of the kids said from his spot on the stairs, making me suddenly have an idea. "If I dressed like you, would you join us?" I asked, making the one with red and black hair raise an eyebrow at me. "Tell you what New Kid, prove your individuality and that you aren't a conformist, then MAYBE we'll consider hanging out with you." he said, making a devious smirk appear under my helmet before I shrugged and walked past the one on the stairs and into the school. 'Now, time for some payback.' I thought with a sneer as I took the bottle of Liquid Ass out of my pocket and held it tight as I searched for Wendy's locker: keeping out of sight of the cameras as I did so.

Coming across the locker in question, I used the bobby pins in my hair to pick the lock and get the small metal door open. Inside was a typical girly-girl's locker: mirror, make-up, perfume and small posters of boys. With a Cheshire grin, I took the bottle of perfume used most often before dumping half of it down the drain of the nearby water fountain. Once that was done, I held my breath and unscrewed the lid of the Liquid Ass before spilling the contents inside the perfume bottle. Once the two liquids were thoroughly mixed together, I put the perfume bottle back where I found it before I took a dozen or so valentine envelopes from my pocket and placed them in different boys' lockers.

'He-He…once the boys find those 'Love Letters' her life will be hell.' I thought evilly before I shut the locker and replaced the lock: making it look as if nothing had happened. Stepping into the girl's bathroom, I used the biomass to let my body suit show itself as I took in my appearance in the mirror. 'Not bad, but wait…what's that?' I thought as I spotted an air vent in the ceiling. Feeling a light bulb go off in my brain, I carefully measured myself and found I could easily fit inside the hidden space. Changing my right arm into the Whipfist, I carefully unscrewed the screws holding the vent in place: leaving it to appear as if it was still attached to its frame. Satisfied for now, I changed my arm back before heading out of the bathroom and back in the direction of the Goth kids.

"Is this acceptable?" I questioned, catching their attention as they stared at me with approval. "Oh joy, its Butthole the Barbarian from the Dungeons of Dumbass." the one on the stairs said, making me puff up in anger at the insult. "You got to admit she looks better, nice glow effect on those clothes: I'll give you that much." the one with red and black hair said as he flicked his bangs from his face.

"Yeah, she's ALMOST a Goth." the girl said as she took another drag off her cigarette while the tallest one sighed in annoyance: as if my very presence was a bother to him, not like it wasn't anything new to me. "Being Goth isn't just how you dress: it's a frame of MIND. Its time you prove you go against societies' rules." he said as he stared at my glowing body suit before standing from his spot: making me realize he was a whole head taller than me.

"Trust me, society has nothing on me: they CAN'T control me. You want proof, fine." I said as I closed my eyes in concentration and commanded the virus to ripple up my torso in a visible wave of writhing black-cherry and red vines before becoming still again. "Whoa! New Kid, h-how did you just do that?" the tallest one asked as they all looked at me with great interest: completely throwing me off because I had thought they would be afraid of what I just did. "Let's just say it's a talent of mine. Like I said: society has NOTHING on me." I said as the four of them quickly huddled up: whispering quickly, discussing what they had just seen amongst themselves.

After a few minutes they separated, leaving the boy with red and black hair to walk up to me and poke at my body suit, as well as tug on the fabric wings and tails. "These are some pretty Goth clothes New Kid, where did you get them?" he asked, making me raise an eyebrow at the girlish question. "I made them." I said, which wasn't entirely untrue: but they didn't need to know that. "You made those? Damn, and I thought I was pretty Goth: alright New Kid, we'll join your game. Just tell us where to go and we'll meet you there." the girl said as I handed her the directions to Eric's house before nodding goodbye to them as I went back out the gate: quickly changing myself back into my KKK armor before anyone else could see me.

"Well? What did they say?" Alex said as he jogged up to me, adjusting his slightly-too-big Thief hood as it drooped in front of his face. "They'll join us, now let's get back to the kingdom." I said as we both made our way back to Eric's house so I could tell him about the Goth kids and what I found out about The Stick. During the silent walk back, my thoughts suddenly made me question something: if Eric doesn't have The Stick, and the elves don't have it…who does?

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