Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 38

Crawling through the cramped and dusty vent, it wasn't long before I began hearing voices nearby, making me halt before I was suddenly bumped into by Stan. "What's the hold up?" he asked as I looked down both ends of the 'fork in the road'. "Shh!" I hissed at him before turning right and quietly opened the flaps of a closed vent: exposing a meeting I was positive nobody was supposed to know about.

"…but so far we've been unable to stop the UFO from leaking the toxic waste. We've contained all we can, but there are no guarantees an outbreak will not occur." a man with dark-blonde hair said to the rest of the people at the meeting, causing a number of arguments until one man in particular spoke up. This one was tall with white hair and an eye patch over his right eye, and it wasn't until he turned his head to look at the man who spoke first, did I know who he was. 'Christ no! What the FUCK is HE doing here?!' I panicked as Stan took this opportunity to peek through the vent to see what was going on.

"And does the alien liquid appear to have the same effect as…the virus?" he questioned before the blonde nodded with a gulp. "I'm afraid so, when the alien waste comes into contact with organic matter…it turns those living things into…Nazi Zombies. I'd hate to think what would happen if it came into contact with the Blacklight virus." one of the other government agents said as the white-haired one stood up and walked over to a holding cell at the side of the room. At the mention of the virus, I chomped down on my lip as Stan looked over at me in concern before looking back through the vent.

Inside the holding cell was a man in a blue Hawaiian shirt and khakis. On his left arm was a red band with a black Swastika on it as he paced back and forth in front of the glass window. His skin was ashen and his eyes were sunken in his skull: making him look as if he had been dead for at least a week. It wasn't until he suddenly raised his left arm and said something: that dark-red blood dribbled out from between his teeth. 'Great, as if Blackwatch and Gentek weren't bad enough.' I thought as Stan stared at the Nazi in the cell with a fearful expression on his face.

"God damnit, I am SO tired of Nazi Zombies. It's so overused it's sickening: what of the PROTOTYPE?" my enemy questioned as he stared at the zombie in the cell, unaware I was glaring at them with bared teeth: making me look like a rabid dog. "What's he talking about? Saphira?" Stan whispered, on the verge of freaking out as he saw the snarl on my face that was accompanied by my glowing orange eyes. "We have been unable to locate her sir. Saphira MacManus is a slippery snake, but I assure you that Blackwatch and Gentek will be here to collect their problem within the week." a female agent said, making it extremely hard for me not to rip apart this vent and turn every single one of them into applesauce.

If Stan wasn't right next to me and holding me back: this room would have a brand-new paintjob. "If the wrong person gets ahold of either of those substances: it would spread and then we'd have a big problem." the first agent said from his seat: oblivious to the glowing eyes peering at all of them from the dark vent. "The PROTOTYPE isn't a SHE: it is an IT and here's how we're going to clean up this mess: we're going to blow up EVERYTHING within a three block radius: killing all the Nazi Zombies and hopefully Gentek's freak monster too." the head agent said as he drew a circle around a drawing of the town: showing how much of the town should be destroyed.

"Find locations for the bombs, bury it all, plant bait for the PROTOTYPE and detonate the explosives. Once that's done, make up a fake story about an earthquake, we can contain the outbreak if we act quickly enough. LET'S MOVE PEOPLE! The longer we wait, the stronger the creature gets." he ordered as all the people stood from their seats and rushed out of the room until only one agent remained in the room. "Everything we just talked about has been recorded on this tape. I'm going to leave it alone for a few minutes then have it encrypted and hidden away so nobody knows what was said in this meeting." he said as he too left the room: leaving Stan and I to sit in the vent in shock.

Ignoring the shell-shocked look on his face, I called a single tendril from my hidden body suit: much to Stan's horror as he stared at the black-cherry and glowing red tendril as the serrated Xeno tail thrashed about the cramped space. Focusing on the tape, I mentally ordered the tendril to slip between the slats in the vent, creep over to the table and grab the tape before returning to me and disappearing. "We got what we need, let's go." I said shortly as I put the tape in my pocket before squeezing past him and headed back the way we came, not really caring if he followed or not.

A few seconds later, I heard the quiet 'thumping' of Stan following me through the vent as I turned a corner and came to a stop in front of a hatch I opened in order to get out of the uncomfortable space. Poking my head out of the open hatch, I spotted a couple soldiers dressed in S.W.A.T gear standing guard outside the door to the meeting room. The longer I stared at the two unsuspecting soldiers, the more I longed to show them what fear really was, but was I going to do that: no. Motioning for Stan to stay put, I jumped silently out of the vent and prepared to take them out, only to jump back away from the door as the zombie that had been contained ripped through the doors.

At the sound of the metal doors being ripped apart, both soldiers turned around with their assault rifles raised. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" one of them yelled as the zombie staggered forward with a hungry snarl. "IT'S BROKEN FREE!" the other yelled as the zombie raised its right arm and screeched a war-cry in German: basically saying 'I'm going to rip open your skull and eat your brains like noodles' before it effortlessly picked up one of the soldiers and tore him in half: sending everything in his body to spill onto the floor with a disgusting 'plop'.

As the other tried to escape, he was yanked backwards as the zombie thrust its fist through the soldier's back and exiting through his chest: showing him his still-beating heart before he dropped dead. 'Damn, talk about a Fatality: must be a zombie-version of Kano.' I mused, mentally scolding myself for thinking of Mortal Kombat at a time like this as the zombie turned around and noticed me. "Well shit." I said as Stan jumped out of the vent and drew his sword as I readied my staff. 'What the hell is it with men and not listening?' I wondered with a shake of my head before smirking evilly at the zombie as it prepared to lunge.

"Let's go, dude." Stan said as the Nazi repeated the same phrase as earlier: making me suspect that whatever changed this man had limited speech, which was perfectly fine by me. "Ready when you are." I replied as I carefully analyzed the undead in front of me: trying to find its strengths and weaknesses as I waited for an opportunity to attack. Charging the Taser on my staff, I ran forward and jabbed it right into the zombie's stomach: loving the electric sound and the screech of pain.

Backing up, I watched as Stan took his turn, but instead of stabbing the zombie like I had: he jumped up and slashed it down the middle, doing more damage to it than I did. "Show off." I grumbled as he laughed before the zombie snarled and charged at me. Raising its foot, it sent a simple half-assed kick my way, making a mocking laugh escape my mouth as I shook my head at it in disappointment. "Really? Really, that's ALL you got Mr. Zombie? Alright then." I said before I ran forward, jumped in the air, and swung my staff down on the zombie's head, making it stagger backwards and fall on the floor.

"Holy shit, nice!" Stan said as the zombie crawled back to its feet. "I try." I said as I let him take his turn. Instead of doing a flashy attack like last time, Stan settled for a simple stab: rendering the zombie to split into pieces on the floor. "That coulda sucked a lot worse." he said as he spun his sword around before letting rest over his shoulder. Navigating around the messy and rotting pieces of the zombie and the corpses of the soldiers, Stan and I headed down the hallway and slipped out the door that led outside.

"This secret government building sure is boring." Stan said as I nodded in agreement as I placed the tape safely under my helmet after deciding my pocket wasn't safe enough. "Try living in one for four years." I said dryly before leading Stan back outside: only to stop short as I saw that all the soldiers and hazmat guys from earlier had become Nazi Zombies too. "Shit. We can't fight all of them, let's go around and sneak past them." I suggested quietly as I led him back the way we came: out of the sight of the zombies munching on corpses of both soldiers and civilians.

Once we were safely past them, I crouched down in front of Stan, who looked at me in confusion. "Get on." I said, answering his unasked question as I prepared to give him a piggyback ride. "You sure you can carry me?" he asked skeptically, only to shrug and do as I asked as I narrowed my eyes at him. "Hold on." I said as he got situated to where he wouldn't fall off before taking my advice and held on to my shoulder plates tightly as well as his sword equally as tightly. Standing up, I sighed before taking off full-sprint for the Community Center: smiling at Stan's whoops and surprised hollers as I ran faster than a speeding car.

Taking a sharp right, I jumped clear over a parked truck and landed soundly on the steps of our destination. "Holy fuck dude! That was awesome, you should totally try out for our Track Team!" Stan said as he fixed his hair before putting his helmet back on. "No thanks, I'm good." I said as Stan bid me farewell with a grin and headed back to the elven kingdom, leaving me to enter the Community Center and show Randy what I found, while trying to come up with a plan on how to take care of not only Gentek and Blackwatch: but this new zombie plague at the same time.

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