Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 40

Catching up with the boys, I took my place next to Eric as we came to a stop at the front entrance to the school. Glancing up, I noticed the sky had turned a burgundy color the same shade as my hair as the sun set over the mountains behind the school: making me realize we didn't have very much time left to get this mission done. Walking several steps ahead of us, Eric suddenly turned around and stared at us with a determined look on his face.

"Defenders of Freedom: I thank you for your courage and your audacities in joining our fight! Tonight we are no longer the humans or the Goths: tonight we UNITE AS ONE!" he yelled at his 'army' as the tallest Goth kid messed with his horned helmet before mumbling to the red and black haired one. "I feel like such a homo sapien right now." he mumbled before our attention was snapped back to Eric as he stomped on the sidewalk, only to halt in his speech as one of the second floor windows of the school opened and an elf stuck his head out.

"THE HUMANS ARE HERE!" he yelled, causing a second window to open as another elf leaned out and blew a war-horn, making Eric nervously glance at Butters next to him. "Ooh, they blew their horn! Blow ours Butters!" he said as the paladin took out a smaller horn and blew into it: making a rather pathetic sound. "Guys! Flank left: Goth kids, attack from behind!" he said as both respective groups charged with Eric at the front, leaving me to stay behind and cast a sorrowful and apologetic look to one of the open windows: where Kyle stood with a hurt and betrayed look on his face.

'I'm sorry Kyle, but this is the only way.' I thought before I ran forward and through one of the side doors of the school: where mayhem and chaos were already taking place. Adjusting my new weapon: a two-handed broadsword with jagged edges along the blade, I glanced over at Butters as he ran to catch up and join me. Smiling at him, I looked forward and my jaw dropped: the entire hallway had looked as if it had been hit by a hurricane! The walls were cracked and broken, lights were barely holding on to their wires and the doors to some of the lockers had been ripped off to be used as shields by some of the defeated elves.

My state of awe was shattered by the PA system crackling to life as Kyle's voice echoed throughout the hallways. "Saphira, if you're in the building…you're fighting for a Tyrant! But I know there's good in you: stop fighting for your evil Lord! Free yourself of his control!" he pleaded as Butters and I navigated the absolute mess the school had become, that is until we came across somebody I didn't expect to see. "Don't go in there man! We came in through the back but they just mowed us down! LIKE DOGS MAN! All my friends are dead! OH JESUS!" Tweek spazzed with tears in his eyes, making me feel bad for the poor kid.

"Don't worry Tweek, I'll make sure they didn't 'die' in vain." I said as I gave his shoulder a pat before drawing my broadsword and walked over to the doors, passing a couple kids patching each other up before heading into the next room: only to get sprayed in the face by a water hose. Wiping the water from my face, I glared at a group of three elves as they shared a high-five. "You're not getting past us 'Savior'! Drow Elf barricades are invincible and invisible." the elf holding the hose said, saying my given title like it was poison.

Looking around, I spotted a valve that controlled the amount of water the elves used. Catching a basketball that Tweek threw at me, I tossed it into the valve: cutting off the water to the hose as a puddle appeared at their feet. "Shit! We lost pressure on the hose!" one of them hissed as the basketball bounced off the wall and back to me. Picking it back up, I took aim at a light on the ceiling before throwing it upwards: breaking the light and shocking the elves when the live wires made contact with the water.

"Yeah! You fried that motherfucker!" Butters cheered, making me look at him with a shocked expression on my face. "What?" he snapped, making me snap out of my daze with a gulp, realizing it wasn't Butters I had been staring at. "Nothing, just didn't expect to hear from you: especially without your costume." I said, making him scoff before hitting me harshly in the head with his hammer, making me flinch in pain. "You shouldn't underestimate me Saphira MacManus: especially when I hold your darkest secret." Chaos said, making me grit my teeth so tightly it hurt: the little shit was blackmailing me! Especially because he knew how it affected me, that son of a bitch.

"Whatever, let's get this done and over with so I can go home." I snapped as I walked past the 'fallen' elves, only to stop as Chaos grabbed hold of a water bottle and threw it at me: making me stumble as it hit me in the back. "So you can return to your 'Lover Boy' Mysterion?" he spat, making me whirl around with a pissed off look on my face. "Oh? Did I touch a nerve?" he questioned with a laugh, making it extremely difficult for me to NOT wring his scrawny little neck.

"He got hurt because of me: I'm repaying his sacrifice for trying to save me! That's it: nothing more, nothing less. Now let this subject go: or did you forget how your life is in my hands, Chaos? I can just as easily save your life as I can take it. Make your choice before I personally make it for you!" I snarled at his horror-stricken face before I turned away from him and headed into the next room, sneaking past another group of elves without catching their eye.

Creeping through the double doors, I watched as the rest of the boys took down every elf that stood in our way: making me feel bad because the elves trusted me, but also made me glad that the Kupa Keep Kids weren't fighting ME instead. As Chaos and I made our way past the broken barricades, the PA system crackled to life again: only this time, Kyle wasn't as forgiving as he had been before. "These are the terms of your surrender: one, you become the elves' personal slave for…" he paused as the sound of somebody moving the mic made me glace up at the speaker on the wall.

"A month." the voice of Stan said, making a huge wave of guilt crash into me before Kyle's voice returned. "One month, two: you agree that the elves become the Masters of The Stick of Truth for all of time! Three: you-" he said, only to interrupted by Stan again as he asked for the mic. "Three: your so-called 'Grand Wizard' has to jump up and down for three straight days! If he stops, he has to start over!" he said as Chaos became Butters again as we entered the basement of the school.

Reaching the bottom of the steps, I discovered that Eric was waiting there with a hallway monitor laying on the floor writhing in pain with the groans to match. "Stay back you guys! Something is seriously wrong with the hallway monitors!" Eric said with a worried look on his face as I looked behind him and took in the kid on the floor. He appeared sick as he groaned and looked like he was going to throw up, and I would have believed it: if I didn't spot the oozing bite wound on his arm.

"Shit, this isn't fucking good." I said as I cautiously approached the wounded kid as he begged for help. "What happened here?" I asked as I crouched next to him: careful to keep out of his reach in case he tried to take a bite out of me. "Don't touch him: he's Ginger!" Eric warned as the kid coughed up green fluid mixed with his blood. "We came to the school the morning after the earthquake to report for duty: we didn't know the school had been closed. We heard a noise coming from down here, this crazy guy attacked us: his bite…changed the other hallway monitors." he rasped as he gripped his torn up arm while coughing again.

"Serves you right for being a pansy-ass hallway monitor in the first place." Eric said, only to shut up once he saw the glare I threw at him before looking back at the monitor as he suddenly stood up and spazzed in a similar way Tweek does. 'This…isn't good.' I thought as I slowly stood up and got my broadsword ready, not taking my eyes off the gurgling and choking kid as he turned his back to us. By the time the kid turned back around, he had become a Nazi Zombie as he raised his right arm and repeated the same phrase as the last one I fought.

"Aghhggh! Whoever was down here made those Ginger hallway monitors even lamer!" Eric said as Butters gulped next to me before pulling his hammer from his belt. "U-Um S-Saphira…you speak G-German. W-What did he say?" he asked nervously as the zombie kid staggered towards us with bloodied teeth bared. "Do you want the PG version? Because it basically said it was going to crack open our skulls and eat our brains like Ramen." I said as I narrowed my eyes at the zombie before it let out a challenging groan.

"Oh Jesus Christ!" Butters yelped as Eric raised his stick in defense as the zombie got ready to lunge at us, only to have me smack it in the jaw with my sword, knocking it back with a squeal. Seeing his chance, Eric backed up and dashed up the stairs and out the door: abandoning us to the likes of the undead as it got back to its feet. As it raised its decaying face up, it reattached its dislocated jaw: glaring at me with a crazed look in its hollow eyes: making me wish for the hundredth time that day that I had just stayed home.

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