Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 41

Dashing forward in a surprising burst of speed, the zombie kid gnashed its teeth dangerously-close to my throat, trying to tear it open before I placed my right foot on its chest and kicked it away: sending it flying against the wall. Shaking its head with a gurgle, it stood back up and pulled out a blood-covered radio.

"Schnell!" it screeched as it pointed at us, causing two more zombie kids to stumble out from under the stairs in a very 'Resident Evil' type fashion. Unlike before, these zombies carried the weapons of hallway monitors: making them even more of a pain in the ass than they were before. "Watch it Butters!" I warned as the lead zombie charged him with its flagpole: only to have Butters block against it with his hammer. "That was close!" he said as it backed off: giving one of the others a chance to attack: only to be blocked and slashed in the face by my sword.

Having enough of this, I put on a stray football helmet before running up to the lead zombie. Kicking the ground like a bull, I rammed my covered head into the zombie's stomach, making a disgusting hole appear in the decaying flesh and clothing: giving us a 'nice' view of its insides. As movement next to me caught my eye, I thought Butters was going to do what Eric did and run off, instead he returned with a sinister sneer on his face: making it clear that Chaos had decided to come into play. "Let's see how you like dealing with me!" he yelled with a psychotic laugh, making me for the first time use my imagination…and see how Professor Chaos TRULY was.

'Holy shit!' I thought as I took in my temporary 'ally' with my mind's eye: he was gigantic! Taller than my dad and built like a tank with arms as big around as a tree trunk. Around his bare feet were white bandages and his hands were covered by thick metal gauntlets that reminded me of my Hammerfist. He had no pupils in his blank, white eyes that sat behind his metal helmet: adding to the intimidation factor as he glared at the zombies at his feet. His Greek-styled costume stuck to his body like glue to paper: showing off not only his intimidating size, but the sculpted muscled underneath: making me realize that the snowman I had built of him wasn't far off from how he really saw himself.

With a smirk, he stomped a few steps forward: making the ground shake under every step before he 'defied' gravity and levitated like Superman with his arms crossed over his massive chest with his forest-green cape billowing behind him in imaginary wind. Suddenly dropping to the floor, Chaos raised his left arm, summoning a spiked hammer bigger than even him! The hammer looked like it could've been from the Middle Ages, only it was covered in yellow lightning that quickly engulfed the zombies as he smashed it down on the floor. "Humph! Maggot fodder." he grunted in disappointment as the lightning ripped the zombies apart: leaving them looking nothing more than insects after an encounter with a bug-zapper.

Seeing as they didn't get back up, I glanced up at the Lord of Chaos as he sneered at me: daring me to say something as he stared at me with ivory-white eyes. "If you think I'm afraid of you, you are sadly mistaken Chaos: and you BEST remember that the next time you threaten me!" I growled, making him laugh like the evil mastermind he was before he placed one of his huge hands on top of my head: telling me he could squish my skull with no effort at this point before letting go. As I glared at him, he wrapped his cloak around himself before I snapped out of it: changing the vision of his massive, intimidating form into the Paladin, Butters again as he did a small victory dance.

"C'mon Butters, the others need help." I said as we both entered through the door the zombie kids were guarding: only to come across a 'lava pit' of green goop: the same stuff the hall monitor coughed up before he turned into a Nazi Zombie. Nudging Butters, we climbed up a ladder that led to an upper platform that crossed over the dangerous liquid. "Eerrgghh! Schnell!" a voice snarled, making me groan at the fact that there were MORE of those zombie bastards. "I-It's probably just a lost German exchange student." Butters said, making a small grin appear on my face at his wishful thinking. Glancing over the edge of the platform, I spotted two zombie kids wandering next to a generator.

"I don't have TIME for you!" I said to them in exasperation as I looked for a way to get around them: only to snap my fingers as I spotted a vent right next to us. Pulling open the cover, I led Butters down the short tunnel before kicking another slat off the vent: sending it crashing on top of a zombie's head: taking it out as its friends looked up. Making my eyes turn orange, the other zombies quickly got the message and backed off: leaving me to jump down from the platform and catch Butters as he did the same.

"Wow-wee, look at all this green goo, what the hell is this stuff?" he asked as he reached to stick his hand in it, only to have me snatch his wrist before he could. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." I said, glancing at the goo as it melted away the metal floor it was sitting on. "Jesus Christ! Thanks Saphira!" he gulped before we walked further down the hallway and entered the room up the nearby stairs that led to the gym. From the other side of a large barricade, I spotted Stan as he glared hatefully at me before raising his sword. "We're breached! Battle stations!" he yelled, drawing the attention of a group of four elves as they grabbed their weapons and prepared to fight.

Turning around, Stan took off toward a pair of catapults made from rubber bands and buckets before loading one up full of…shit. "Hey MacManus! Let's see how you like flaming dog shit!" he called, making me flinch at how he called me by my last name before he began setting the shit on fire and let the bucket go: sending the projectiles flying in our direction. "God damnit Stan! Knock it off!" I yelled as I dodged the first three shots before I had an idea. "Butters, antagonize him." I whispered to my teammate, only to sigh at his confused look.

"W-What's that mean?" he asked as we dodged another round of flaming shit. "Make him mad." I said as Butters caught on to my idea and started taunting and making faces at him: making him growl and fire faster in my direction…that just so happened to be next to the barricade. "Suck it, Stan!" Butters yelled as the elves grew horrified as the flaming shit set their barricade on fire: clearing an easy path for us to pass through. "Death to the Savior!" an elf in red armor yelled as the whole band of them charged us at the same time.

Blocking one of the elves' swords, I ran forward and brought down my broadsword, breaking the elf's helmet and knocking him down. Glaring at the one in front of him, Butters ran up to him with his hammer drawn. "By the Hammer of Butters!" he cried as he spun around with his eyes closed before letting his hammer go: hitting the elf right in the face. "Oh, I'm sorry." he apologized as the elf that had been wearing armor charged me again, only to have me pick my foot up and stomp down: sending a shockwave through the floor and taking out not only him, but the two in the back as well.

"H-Hey! You can't do that! That's cheating!" the remaining elf yelped as Butters ran at him and finished him off with a single hit that normally wouldn't do much damage. "We usually win." Butters said with a victory dance as I turned to look at Stan: whose face had turned red in anger before he pointed the end of his sword at me. "This isn't over! You hear me Saphira?! This war is NOT over!" he yelled before retreating through the double doors behind him. Turning back to Butters, I saw him open another pair of doors, letting Eric inside the gym and take in the carnage that had just taken place.

"Good job, MacManus. Man the catapult and let our men in through the front doors. Everyone fall in!" he yelled, drawing in the rest of the Kupa Keep Kids as I held my breath, lit the shit on fire, and let go of the bucket: watching the flaming shit fly through the air and burn the barricade down. "That's it! Hurry Feldspar: open the door before they know what's happened!" Eric ordered as the gym became full of our guys, leaving me to stand aside next to an elven flag and watch Craig open the doors Stan had fled into. Even though we were winning this war, I could help but wonder: if we were winning for the good of the humans…why did I feel so guilty?

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