Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 42

Walking up next to Craig as he unlocked the doors, he suddenly glanced at me after Alex had appeared on his other side. "Don't underestimate Kyle: he's killed me a bunch of times." he said as he got the doors open: letting the human army enter the once-restricted room. "Push forward, I must save my strength for the Final Battle." Eric said as he took out a bag of Cheesypoofs and started munching on them, making me narrow my eyes at him.

"You mean: 'You guys go ahead and do all the work while I just sit here and relax' that's the definition of a lazy-ass right there." I scoffed before following after the group of humans, ignoring the retorts and insults Eric sent my way. Stepping past my friends, I looked ahead of me to find Stan standing still with his back to us as a group of elves hauled ass up the stairs to his left. Turning around, Stan glared at me as if I was a pile of shit on the bottom of his shoe.

"This ends here New Kid!" he said as he brandished his two-handed sword in a flashy display before pointing it at me. "I don't want to fight you Stan, just give us The Stick and we'll leave." I said as we began circling each other, not breaking eye contact as I dropped my sword on the floor with a metallic 'clang' that only pissed Stan off even more. "I don't give a shit what you want to do! You BETRAYED us and for that you will face the consequences." he yelled as he charged my unarmed form, completely ignoring the cries of the rest of the humans as they called Foul Play. 'I'm sorry Stan.' I thought as I brought my arm up and blocked his sword before using his own momentum against him by twisting my body: sending him stumbling past me.

"Argh! Fight back damn you!" he yelled as he came at me again, only to have me stick my foot out and trip him: sending him flat on his face as the others laughed: pissing him off as he suddenly put two fingers in his mouth and let out a sharp whistle. "Let's see you handle the both of us." he growled as he was suddenly joined by a light and dark-brown dog with a pink ribbon around its neck. "Aw. He's cute." I said, making a grin appear on Stan's face before he became angry again. Charging forward, Stan and his dog attacked me: only to be stopped in their tracks as I snatched hold of the dog's mouth with one hand and Stan's sword arm with the other.

"I said I didn't want to fight you Stan, and NOT because I'm afraid to do so." I said as I yanked him toward me, causing him to stumble forward and come into contact with a head-butt. "I'm afraid to hurt a friend." I growled as I tossed the struggling and snarling dog backwards, knocking it into Stan as he staggered to his feet. Taking a defensive stance, I tried to tell him to back off: but his rage at me for betraying the elves had blinded him to that as he attacked me again. And that rage only increased tenfold once he saw that his dog had been defeated and was laying on the floor unmoving.

"Oh no. No! NO! NO!" he yelled as tears of anger rolled down his face before he charged with a roar of rage: causing me to block a very impressive combo of hits before he jumped and brought the sword down on my head. "Kya-Kya!" he yelled as his sword made contact with my skull, making me drop to the floor with a yelp. Kneeling on the floor, I blinked hard as I tried to shake off the dizziness and blurred vision when I noticed something: drops of blood were hitting the floor directly in my field of vision. Raising a hand up, I placed it right where Stan had hit me, only to stare in shock as my white and green glove came away dark-red.

"Shit! Oh Shit Saphira! I'm sorry!" Stan yelled, making my ears and head hurt as he dropped his sword on the floor and rushed over to me. As I stared at my bloodied hand, all sound around me became nothing more than background noise as the sight of my own blood brought back memories I did NOT want to have: and that was enough to make 'me' disappear. As soon as I felt hands on my shoulders, I thrust my open hand forward in a hard force-palm: sending whoever it was flying backwards on the floor several feet away. Looking upwards, I watched as my vision changed into a blend of green, blue, red and orange: making it look like I was looking through heat-vision goggles.

"OW! Saphira wha-" the one whose voice was familiar to me started, only to stop in his tracks as I glared at him with my now neon-green colored eyes. As I slowly stood up, my advanced senses picked up multiple scents of fear as I focused on the armored target in front of me that slowly backed away. "Saphira! Saphira STOP! It's me! It's Stan: you're friend!" my target screamed as I lunged forward in a pounce, only to come in contact with the floor as he rolled away from me.

Turning on a dime, I lunged again in a blur: this time pinning my target to the floor, loving how terrified he was as I contemplated on how he would taste as I consumed him. "Saphira, please: this isn't how you are! You want us to believe you're not a monster: then prove yourself and everyone else wrong and WAKE UP!" my target yelled before he rammed his head into my own, sending me flat on my back. As I waited for the stars to stop dancing in front of my head, my vision and state of mind came back: leaving me to wonder what exactly happened between when I saw my own blood and now.

Leaning up on my elbows, I took in Stan holding his sword out in front of him defensively while the rest of my friends huddled against the wall with wide eyes and pale faces. 'Why are they looking at me like that? Fuck! What did I do?!' I thought as I jumped to my feet, only to get hit with dizziness and nausea as I dropped back to the floor. It didn't take me long to figure out: I had attacked Stan! That much was clear as I took in the fear on everyone's faces: the faces I couldn't stand to see as I jammed my fists in my eyes to keep myself from crying.

'First Mysterion, now Stan! How many friends are going to get hurt because of me?!' I thought as I was fighting a losing battle as tears soaked into my gloves as the silence of the room was shattered by my sniffles. "Stan! Dude! What the fuck are you doing?!" Eric yelled, making me flinch as I heard somebody crouch in front of me. "It wasn't her fault! You guys didn't see what we saw in that Taco Bell, or heard the things those guys said: what they did to her. You ok?" he asked me as I glanced up at him through my swollen, tear-stained eyes: confused how he could be so forgiving when I was positive I tried to kill him.

"Why are you doing this? Being so kind to someone like me when I don't deserve it?" I questioned with a watery voice, making him frown before he helped me to my feet. "Because we're friends, and that's what friends do." he said as he handed me my sword back before stepping aside: leaving the stairway clear for us to pass. "But…what about-" I started, only to have him shake his head with a grin. "Just pretend you defeated me, which technically: you did. Good luck facing Kyle, Saphira: you'll need it." Stan said as I led the humans past him and up the stairs, letting out a sigh of relief as the guys seemed to follow Stan's lead and forgive what I had done.

"So much for the legendary Stan Marshwalker." Butters said from behind me as we came to a stop at the top of the stairs: where a group of three elves had Tweek surrounded. "Hang in there, Tweek!" I called as I dashed forward and tackled all three of them: knocking the elves back into the lockers and away from my friend. Figuring out that I had defeated Stan, the elves turned-tail and ran: not wanting to get into a fight with me. As Butters 'healed' Tweek, I glanced down the hallway towards the classroom where I knew one of two things could happen: we could either reclaim The Stick. Or, we could be forced into slavery by the very elves I had betrayed.

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