Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 43

As I headed down the hallway, the PA system crackled to life once again, but this time: Kyle sounded…nervous? "Seriously, Saphira, you're breaking my balls here. This is your last chance to walk away from this: he's nothing without you." he said as I laughed for a few minutes before clearing my throat and watched as Eric took the lead and walked ahead of us toward Mr. Garrison's classroom: getting more aggravated with every step he took. 'Kid's a loose cannon: I'd hate to think of how he would react to meeting a Blackwatch soldier.' I mused morbidly at the thought of any of my friends meeting those power-hungry douchebags.

Coming to a stop outside the fourth grade classroom, Eric suddenly stepped aside and tilted his hat to me. "This is it, you have the honor of leading the final assault Commander." he said, making me swell up with pride before narrowing my eyes at the door as I gripped the knob and gave it a twist. As I opened the door and stepped inside, I came face-to-face with not only Kyle, but with his surviving elves as well. "Back away from the desk Jew-King!" Eric yelled as he stormed into the room as Kyle stood next to Mr. Garrison's overturned desk. "The Stick doesn't belong with a fat, RACIST, LIAR!" Kyle snapped as the rest of his elves bashed their shields and weapons in agreement.

"Alright Kyle: you fuckin' asked for it! Go ahead and kick his ass MacManus!" Eric said, pointing at Kyle with his staff as I stood between the two leaders: realizing that I was about to have a decision to make. "Saphira, Cartman is USING YOU for his benefit, can't you see that? He's a manipulator!" Kyle said as he pointed at the Grand Wizard across from him. "You're just jealous cuz the New Kids picked my side over yours Kahl!" Eric yelled, getting more pissed off the longer this argument progressed as I struggled to find a way to avoid picking a side.

"You've got one last chance Saphira: turn around and fight Cartman instead. Do the right thing!" Kyle said as the two leaders glared daggers at each other as each of the respective armies looked at each other nervously. "Don't let him Jew Wash your brain MacManus!" Eric warned as he glared at me: daring me to betray him for the likes of Kyle. "Attack him! NOW! It isn't me you should be fighting: it's HIM! So pick a side." Kyle egged, urging me to pick a side to choose as I glanced between each of the two boys and their armies. "Kick his ass MacManus: don't be shy!" Eric said as I glanced at him, finally believing I had made the right choice: until I caught sight of something I NEVER wanted to see: especially on one of my friends.

With a horrified expression on my face, I stared frozen at the small bright-red spot hovering on the side of Eric's head: the spot nobody else seemed to see. With a terrified gasp, I slammed myself full-force into Eric: sending both of us to the floor as he angrily kicked me off of him. "Oh you MOTHER FUCKER! I KNEW you were a fucking bitch!" he snarled as he prepared to attack me, only to have me knock him to the floor again. "That isn't how you fight Saphira." Stan said from behind Kyle as I continued to pin the Grand Wizard to the floor: aware of how awkward it was but I didn't give a shit.

"Is that how you thank someone who just saved your fucking life?!" I shouted in his face, silencing the room as Eric quit struggling to stare at my dead-serious expression. "The fuck are you smoking?!" he spat as he tried to get me off of him, when I grabbed hold of his head and forced him to look at the perfectly-round, golf ball-sized hole in the wall that wasn't there before. "You see that? THAT was going to be your head, asshole! Now you can either STOP being such a prick and listen to me, OR you can stand up and get sniped through the brain: your choice." I growled as the other kids began to panic at the idea of a real sniper picking them off.

With a gulp, Eric nodded as I got off of him and crouched down: keeping below the windows as the other kids quickly followed my lead without question. 'I had hoped they wouldn't show up so soon.' I thought as I strained my ears to listen for footsteps: only to hear them far away from us. "Okay listen up: the guys that are coming up here are NOT our friends. They can and WILL kill you for fun so here's what you guys are going to do: you are going to gather your friends and HIDE. Hide in the lockers, janitor closets: whatever. As long as it has a lock, use it to hide! And none of you come out until I say so." I said as Alex started crying and whimpering, because he knew exactly WHO I was talking about.

"B-But w-what about you?" Butters asked fearfully as everybody looked at me with wide, terrified eyes as the sounds of banging doors and running footsteps became louder by the minute. "I'M the one they want: just keep yourselves hidden, leave them to me." I said seriously as Alex suddenly tackled me in a bear-hug and wouldn't let go. "No Saphira, PLEASE! Not again! Don't go again!" he yelled in hysterics, making me pull him off and hand his wriggling form to Kyle: who held my brother back in his own trembling grip.

"Well?! Are you waiting for a FORMAL invitation?! GET GOING!" I yelled as I roughly shoved them out the door as they began running and frantically searching for places to hide, some of them glancing back at me every now and then. "Alright you fuckers, come and get me." I said as I stood up and flexed my spine: calling forth my body suit as my costume melted away, just as the door to the stairwell slammed against the wall. 'I won't let them near my friends! I refuse!' I thought as I heard the squad of Blackwatch soldiers stalk down the hallway: searching classrooms, bathrooms and lockers alike as they searched for their target.

"Ghost three-nine this is Pit Viper: we've got bio-organic readings within fifty yards, moving to engage. Over." a low and menacing voice sounded from down the hall as static from a radio sounded: but I couldn't hear the reply. 'This it too close of a space for me to fight these bastards in, I need to get into the hallway.' I thought as I transformed into the mouse I had consumed so long ago and used it to run around the doorframe, between the squad's legs and several yards behind them. As I transformed back, I saw that this squad had four soldiers as they quietly crept along the destroyed hallway: the flashlights on the ends of their rifles illuminating the dark spaces as the radio attached to the Commander's vest buzzed to life again.

"Ghost three-nine to ground, do you have Target in sight? Over." the voice demanded as the Commander tilted the radio in order to reply. "That's negative, continuing current course. Over." he answered as each of them began searching Mr. Garrison's classroom. "Rodger that Pit Viper, McMullen wants it ALIVE. Subdue the Target and prepare it for transport." the voice on the radio ordered, making me want to vomit at the sound of the head scientist's name. "Copy." the Commander said before the radio went dead, giving me the perfect moment to show myself, but decided to wait until they were a little bit further away. "We're clear. Continue with operations and move up: you two! With me." the Commander ordered as two of his lackeys moved ahead in order to check the nearby lockers as I calmly walked up behind them: stopping a few yards away.

'Enough of this Cat and Mouse bullshit!' I snarled to myself as I slammed a nearby door shut: catching their attention instantly. "Hiya fellas! Remember me?!" I said in a mock-pleasant voice as four assault rifles were suddenly aimed at me as the Blackwatch soldiers turned around. "THAT'S HER!" the Commander yelled as biomass cloaked my arms before my curved blades for claws showed themselves with a menacing 'shink': causing two of the youngest soldiers to look at each other through their gasmasks.

"Commander?" the one next to the squad leader questioned, demanding orders as I glared viciously at them from down the hallway. "OPEN FIRE! OPEN FIRE!" the Commander yelled as I charged forward and shoved my foot-long bladed claws through his torso and out his back, only to pick him up and rip him in two by pulling apart his severed spine: painting not only myself, but the floor in his warm blood and organs as well. Brushing off the bullets as they rapidly nipped at my skin and body suit, I backhanded the soldier closest to me: sending him flying into the air. Jumping up after him, I changed my right arm into the blade before cleaving him in half, right down the middle: sending his blood and parts to decorate the hallway.

As gunfire and bullet casings continued to make their noise, I whirled around and grabbed hold of a soldier's head in my claws as he ran up behind me. "Stupid fool." I snarled, tightening my grip as the serrated blades that served as claws broke through his armored gasmask and dug into his skull. At the satisfying 'crack' and cry of pain, I effortlessly threw him down the hallway as his screams were cut short by his head and shoulders penetrating the plaster wall. Watching blood drain down the green and white wall and onto the floor, the twitching limbs would soon serve as a new coatrack as I turned my attention to the last soldier.

Watching as he continued to shoot me, I stared at the rapidly-closing wounds with a bored expression: only to send a wicked, toothy grin at the solder as he ran out of bullets. Dashing forward in a black-cherry and red blur, I snatched the soldier by his vest and held him up off the ground: which probably looked hilarious considering I was only four feet tall, while he was around 6'8. "So, I hear you know where McMullen is." I said sweetly as he struggled to escape, only to have me flex my claws through his bullet-proof vest and into his skin: making him scream as I gave him a solid shake.

"I'm not telling you shit you fucking demon! Go fuck yourself!" he screamed as he tried to kick me to get me to let go, only to have no effect. "That's okay! You don't have to." I suddenly snarled as several tendrils appeared and wound their way around his body like rapidly-growing vines. "NO! Wait PLEASE I'll talk! I'll tell you anything you want! Get away from me! OH JESUS GET AWAY FROM ME!" he screamed as I shoved my claws through his chest: letting the biomass swarm over his thrashing body and mold his DNA with my own: consuming him like a carnivorous plant. Shuddering as the biomass retreated back into my suit, I carefully examined the soldier's memories and found that the cause of my existence was on his way to collect me: giving me the perfect opportunity to end this…once and for all.

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