Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 44

Changing my arms back to normal, I shook the blood from me like a dog getting rid of water before I looked at the carnage around me with a sigh. 'Well THAT could've gone a lot worse. Where's a bucket and a mop when you need them?' I wondered as I used my tendrils to pick up and absorb the pieces of my fallen enemy: leaving nothing but their blood behind.

After I had cleaned up the mess as best as I could, I headed back inside Mr. Garrison's classroom: to find that the soldiers basically flipped the room upside-down. Papers were thrown everywhere, the students' desks were flipped and tossed, and filing cabinets were on their sides, leaving the room looking worse than even the damage done by the elves.

Navigating the mess, I reached Mr. Garrison's desk and picked up the mic for the PA system, taking a few minutes to listen and make sure that was the only squad in the school before pushing the button. "The bad guys are all gone: you guys can come out now." I said as my voice echoed throughout the hallways before the sounds of kids coming out of their hiding places took its place. I didn't have to wait long before running footsteps reached my ears, making me quickly use the biomass to change my body suit back into my costume just as Kyle, Eric, and Stan barged into the room with their respective factions.

As if the concerned looks on their faces wasn't embarrassing enough, Alex almost knocked me to the floor as his sobbing and terrified form jumped on me. "Dude! Dude we heard gunshots! What the fuck happened?!" Stan shouted as they all stared at me as I sat my brother down on one of the desks. "Just what I said what was going to happen: I took CARE of it." I said as Alex buried his face in my back as his sniffles became louder.

"T-Those guys…they were Blackwatch, weren't they?" Kyle asked as I nodded, ignoring the looks of confusion everyone else but Kyle, Stan and Alex sent my way. "I hoped they wouldn't be here when they were: but being who they are…it honestly doesn't surprise me. And now we're going to have to make new rules for this game: first, nobody goes anywhere by themselves: I don't need to tell Stan and Kyle why. Second, no more of this 'defending Zaron at night' shit: you DON'T want to get confused with something else by these guys, trust me. Third, don't attract attention to yourself: they tend to make things easier for you if you stay out of their way. And finally, if you think they're after you for any reason: you guys come to me and I'll handle it." I explained as they looked at each other with a mixture of fear, confusion and weariness.

"Who the hell is Blackwatch?!" Token questioned as Tweek curled himself into a ball in the corner. "To put them simply: they are a branch of the military that doesn't give a shit about rules or each other. If it came down to it, they would kill each other without a second thought: as well as anyone else for fun. They HAVE no rules to follow and have been hunting me for a long time, too bad I 'break their balls' every time they come over to say 'hello'. If you happen to see any of them, stay out of their sight and they'll hopefully leave you alone because they are the literal definition of douchebags: trust me, you'll know them when you see them." I explained as they nervously looked at each other and gulped.

"Wh-What did ya d-do to the ones t-that were h-here?" Butters stuttered fearfully as Alex gripped me tighter because he knew how I 'handled' them. "Don't worry about it." I said shortly, leaving no room for further conversation on the subject as Stan and Kyle both gave me a horrified look: they knew. After several minutes of sitting in silence, the shock of what happened started to wear off as Eric nervously got back into his character: cueing the rest of the kids to try to do the same.

"That was a lot of gunfire Saphira, and I very highly doubt they missed that much. Are you okay? You didn't get shot did you?!" Kyle whispered to me, keeping his voice low to avoid attracting attention as I glanced at Alex before looking at him. "Trust me Kyle, there's nothing more they can do to hurt me." I said as I moved away from Alex and over to one of the windows: carefully keeping watch for any more unwanted 'surprises' as Eric and Kyle started fighting each other: with the loud sounds of both a fart and a leaf-blower sounding after a while.

After about five minutes of the two leaders fighting each other, I glanced behind me to find Kyle on the floor looking no worse for wear while Eric stood above him doing a victory dance. "The evil Jew-Elf has been defeated! Goth Kids: take The Stick from inside his desk! Victory is ours!" Eric cheered as the Goth kids approached Kyle's still-standing desk, only to stare back at Eric like he was stupid. "Wait a minute, our desks don't HAVE insides." the Goth kid with red and black hair said, making Eric stop celebrating and stare at them dumbfounded.

"What?" Eric said as he furrowed his eyebrows: as if he didn't hear right. "Desks at this school just have tabletops." the tallest one said, making the color drain from the Grand Wizard's face as he stared at them in disbelief. 'I'm going to have to ask those guys for their names soon, considering we were never properly introduced.' I thought as I scanned through the darkness of outside with my sonar: searching for any approaching choppers, ground troops, or snipers on the rooftops of other buildings.

"B-But Twitter said that-" Eric started in a small voice as he tried to comprehend that he had walked into yet ANOTHER false-lead that was a complete waste of time. "Look over here, this desk has writing on it." the female Goth kid said, just as I had deemed the area safe and walked over to a knocked-over desk with the words 'Check My Locker' written on it in sloppily-scrawled pencil. "Check my locker." one of the Goth kids said as Eric became curious of the mysterious message. "Who's desk is that?" he asked from his spot next to the 'fallen' Elf King: who had come out of his defeat long enough to flip himself over.

"That's-That's CLYDE'S desk." Kyle said: as if he couldn't believe that a message like that would be written on Clyde's desk. Sharing a look with Eric, I walked over and helped Kyle to his feet before both the human and the elf armies headed down the (according to Butters) 'ketchup-painted' hallway and over to Clyde's locker that was placed right next to mine. Frowning as I saw his locker had no lock on it, I watched as Stan opened the small metal door and retrieved a laptop from the shelf. Gathering around, Eric, Kyle, Alex and I watched as Stan turned the laptop on: only to reveal Clyde dressed in red, black and purple armor with sticks poking out from under his metal shoulder plates.

As the video loaded, everyone watching stared in shock as Clyde held The Stick in his hand for us all to see. "Greetings humans and Drow Elves of Zaron." he said from the speakers, holding The Stick like a trophy. "Clyde?" Stan questioned as the boys' mouths dropped while Alex and I shared a glance. "HE took The Stick!" Eric said angrily as I fought to face-palm at the obvious. "While you all have been busy fighting amongst yourselves I have built a kingdom beyond your comprehension! I prayed for a way to defeat you all and the solution came crashing down from the…heavens." Clyde said as the camera followed him over to an orange bio-hazard barrel with a nozzle cut into it.

Next to the barrel was a dead cat that looked like it had been dug up from someone's flower garden. "Oh no! It's more of that green stuff!" Kyle gasped as Clyde turned the spigot on the nozzle and filled a ladle full of the toxic fluid. 'That stupid kid has no idea what he's playing with!' I thought as he poured the liquid onto the cat's body: which had turned a sickly-green as a red band with a small black Swastika formed itself on the cat's left front leg. "With what I have found, I shall raise an army of the dead!" Clyde said as the cat started 'meowing' until its calls changed into a German phrase that sounded like 'all hail The Keeper of The Stick' as it saluted Clyde before running off.

"I shall raise an Army of Darkness and KILL the Earth!" Clyde said with a maniacal cackle as he put on a purple crown with three gray spikes and a bird's skull on it. "Clyde…but why?" Stan asked as Eric looked over at him. "I banished him from Space and Time and now he's all pissed off." Eric said as I smacked him upside his head, making a smirk stretch across my face as he whined. "Yeah, he's pissed off at ME and blames ME for it you asshole." I growled at him as Clyde continued to laugh until he was interrupted by someone in the background.

"Clyde do you want a sandwich?" a man's voice asked, drawing away Clyde's attention. "Not right now dad, I'm making a Ruler of Darkness video." he said to the person off-camera before glaring back at us through the computer screen. "Whoever controls The Stick controls the Universe: and my first deed is that I hereby DENOUNCE both the human and the elf kingdoms. And strip BOTH kings of all their power!" he said with a loud evil laugh until the screen went black, shocking all the boys near me at the thought of such a thing happening to them.

"Mother fucker!" Eric snapped as he stormed out the school's nearest exit, followed by both the human and the elf armies, while I stayed in the back of the group in order to watch for an ambush of any kind. 'Well, looks like Kyle's prophecy about the Army of Darkness came true: now it's time to find out if the part of the Savior is as well.' I thought as I followed after the boys through the nearly pitch-black streets: scared to death that Blackwatch was here, but I'd be damned if they tried to use my friends against me.

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