Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 46

Despite desperately wanting to sleep, it proved impossible as my parents decided to 'test out the sheets' all night long. This fact not only probably scarred Alex for life, but also caused me to sleep almost into the afternoon as the sounds of the boys talking and yelling outside woke me up. Getting out of bed, I rubbed my eyes and changed out of my PJs and back into my Commander's costume before heading downstairs. As I headed into the kitchen to grab myself some breakfast, I saw Alex sitting at the table with an ashen look on his face as he kept staring at my parents in the living room.

'Something tells me he walked in when he wasn't supposed to: Alex, I am so sorry.' I thought as I tried not to laugh as I downed a glass of orange juice before putting my bowl in the sink and walking over to the living room. Not sparing either of my parents a glance, I put my boots on and headed outside: only to literally run into Stan as he lifted his fist to knock on the door. "Holy shit, sorry Stan." I said as we got over our surprise and walked further into the front yard as Alex followed after us (after I angrily flipped my dad off as he tried to threaten me into getting back inside).

"It's alright, hey: there's an emergency meeting at the Elven Forest." he said as Alex tied his boot before the three of us crossed the quiet street and over to Kyle's house. As we crossed the street, I saw large pieces of both the UFO and the Blackwatch chopper jammed into the ground, some of them were still smoking even after three days of sitting in the cold air. As Stan headed inside the backyard, Alex gave me a nervous nod before following after him: where a meeting of both the human and the elf armies were assembled.

Before I could enter the backyard, I saw Kyle's dad shoveling snow from the driveway: only to spot me and welcome me and my brother to the neighborhood. Thanking him with a smile, I turned around and headed inside Kyle's backyard: just as he noticed me and made everyone else aware of me as well. Taking in the members, my face split into a grin as I spotted Kenny sitting in the front row next to Butters: though he didn't look like he usually did, probably because he was tired from his trip or something.

Sending him a wave, I saw Kyle standing where his throne should've been, only now there was a projector and a screen in its place. "Ah, Commander MacManus has decided to grace us with her presence…let's get started." Kyle said as I took the empty seat between Eric and Alex, while Stan and the rest of the elves sat further on my right.

"Humans and elves of Zaron: a great evil has descended upon us, just as the prophecy foretold. After researching last night, I believe we are facing a threat to our entire world." he said as he walked over to the projector and turned it on. 'I tried to warn you, at least you know what will most-probably happen now that Blackwatch is here.' I thought as Kyle continued, which made me nervous because most of these kids had no idea what was really going on.

"Clyde's Fortress of Darkness is over four stories tall, so far he's recruited at least fifty warriors for his team. If he-" he continued as Eric rudely interrupted him with his snickering. "He-He leave it to Kyle." Eric snickered to Butters as the elf king glared harshly at him. "You've got something to say wizard?" Kyle snapped, catching Eric's attention for a second as he decided to speak up. "Oh nothing, just find it kinda funny how Drow Elves in the Middle Ages can use PowerPoint." he said as I scoffed before sending Kyle an apologetic look as he seethed where he stood.

"You guys, this is SERIOUS! Clyde is attempting to raise an Army of Darkness: he is playing with something he cannot control. He has already recruited many of our friends and so…I believe our only hope, is to join forces." Kyle insisted, drawing a negative reaction out of Eric and the rest of the humans immediately. "Fuck. That. We do not team up with fucking ELVES." Eric said as Stan stood up for his friend and decided it was his turn to speak up. "You got a better idea, Wizard Fatass?!" he snapped, making Eric's face turn red in anger and made to argue when Butters took his turn to speak.

"After what you elves did to us at The Battle of Wormsly Woods, you think we'll ever trust you?!" Butters snapped, making me realize Chaos had taken over to put in his two cents. "Yeah! You-You tell 'em Butters-" Eric started, only to have Stan interrupt, making my head hurt as I struggled to pay attention to everyone's point of view on the subject at the same time. "That-That was Jimmy's fault and he apologized." he said, causing Eric to scoff and glare past me and over at Stan. "Oh-Oh we're apologizing now?! How about we apologize for breaking the rules about using arcane fire magic?!" he said sarcastically as Token shouted his agreement from next to Kenny.

"HEY! That was the human's rule: NOT ours!" the blonde elf Commander said from next to Stan as Chaos once again caught everyone's attention. "Join forces, my paladin ass! Only good elf is a dead elf!" Chaos snapped angrily, causing the entire elf army to either glare at him or shout in outrage. "Why don't you s-s-suck my elven d-dick, Butters?" Jimmy questioned, making me finally have enough of all this arguing that was getting us absolutely nowhere. "Boys…boys." I tried, only to be ignored as the arguing escalated to getting in each other's faces: ready to tear each other apart. "HEY! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I yelled, silencing everyone as they stared at me in shock.

"Glad I have your attention! Jesus Christ you boys are acting like this is a big deal when in truth: this is the least of your problems. What Clyde is playing with is something that can't be controlled: it turns every living thing it touches into German Zombies that will stop at nothing until they've torn you to shreds. To make matters worse: we have an entire FACTION of the military on our doorstep that will have loads of fun using you for target practice. When are you all going to realize this isn't a GAME anymore?! You think 'oh this is fun! Let's see what happens when I play with toxic waste from space: nothing can POSSIBLY go wrong.' When the truth is: that stuff can create things not even your worst nightmares can imagine." I said as Kyle jumped down from his position and walked over to me: giving my shoulder a pat when he got close enough as I watched as everyone took in what I said and began looking at each other nervously.

"Commander MacManus has a point: whether we are human or elf isn't going to matter ONE BIT if Zaron is taken over by both German Zombies and rogue military! You all SAW what that green stuff does, which is why we MUST stop Clyde before there isn't a world left to fight IN." Kyle stated as Stan stood from his seat and raised his hand. "Even IF we joined forces, we don't have enough warriors." he said as Kyle nodded before glancing at me. "So we recruit more factions: the pirates, the federation and-the Girls." he said, making me gag at the thought of being in the same room as those two-faced bitches.

"Kyle the girls aren't going to want to fucking play with us." Eric said as I shrugged off Kyle's hand and walked a few steps away from him. "No offence, but I want absolutely NOTHING to do with a pack of deceiving bitches that tried to kill me: thank you very much." I said as he seemed to take my reasoning into account before Stan once again decided to speak. "Yeah dude, we can't convince girls to do this." he said, making Eric laugh his ass off as a vein in my forehead twitched in annoyance. 'Oh…hell no, he did NOT just forget I was here.' I thought as I calmly walked over to him and smacked him upside his head: knocking his helmet off his head as he fell on his face with a surprised yelp.

"Dude, what the hell?!" he snapped as I knelt down and glared at him. "If you can't convince 'girls' to play: then what the hell am I doing here?" I questioned, making him gulp with a nervous laugh. "Oh shit, my bad Saphira. I meant the other girls: not you, you're cool." he said as I nodded with a grin before I let him get up. "Damn right." I said as I crossed my arms over my chest and narrowed my eyes at Eric until he stopped laughing. "Taking this into consideration, we don't need the girls to make our combined army strong: Saphira has a power we've yet to understand. Her ability to fight and combined with what she revealed to Stan and I: I'm more than convinced she alone is more than enough to bring both Clyde's Army of Darkness and kingdom to their knees. The Prophecy has come true: the Savior has come at last, this war between our races will soon be over." Kyle said as everyone turned to look at me in a mixture of awe, fear, and jealousy.

Alex however, rapidly shook his head and glared viciously at me: warning me not to do anything that would make this situation worse. 'Well, guess what little brother: the worst has only just begun. If I don't do this now and get them used to it, it would cause pandemonium when I really need them to understand.' I thought as I nodded my confirmation to Kyle's claim. "It's true: I do. Even though I hate it with everything that I am: the reason why people hate me, why I can't swim, and why the military is here. With how things are right now: I have no choice but to show each and every one of you why people are after me. I ask that you don't panic because I won't hurt you, as well as hope that you'll continue to be my friends, despite what I am." I said as I turned around from Alex's scathing look and walked over to Kyle's 'stage' before turning around to look each of my friends in the eye in turn.

I never wanted to bring this up to anyone, but like my dad said: this was an emergency, and therefore, I was allowed to show my abilities…I just hoped to every entity out there that things wouldn't change between myself and my friends: even though I knew deep inside that that wish of mine was futile.

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