Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 5

As we stormed out of the tent, I was shocked to find several kids dressed as elves fighting the inhabitants of the kingdom already. Taking our places next to Eric, Alex and I drew our weapons and prepared to defend the fortress as Clyde left his post and stood by us. "Man the gate! Don't let them through!" Eric ordered as Alex ran forward and moved to close the gate, only to be stopped by a pair of elves with swords.

"Give us The Stick humans!" a blonde elf shouted as a dozen or so of his followers stood behind him, ready to fight. "Fuck you Drow Elf! Come and get it!" Eric taunted, causing the lead elf to growl in anger before he and the rest of the elves rushed the backyard. "Clyde! Guard The Stick of Truth while we defend the fortress! MacManus! Back him up!" he shouted as Clyde and I ran inside the tent and prepared to defend The Stick as the sounds of battle increased as more elves invaded the kingdom.

"However satisfying it would be, I'm not willing to get grounded because Alex got his ass kicked." I said to Clyde as we drew our weapons and waited to see if any elves were coming. However, the both of us failed to realize this was a double-doored tent, until we became surrounded by the elves that snuck in behind us. As they stared us down, an elf wearing brown robes and a headdress made of twigs suddenly started harshly tugging on the lead elf's sleeve and pointing at me, not giving me a good feeling at all.

"That's her! That's her! The one foretold in prophecy!" he shouted as all the elves stared at me before one of them came up behind me and gagged me with a bandanna. Despite his best efforts, Clyde couldn't do anything to help on account of him being surrounded, giving the elves free reign to take The Stick, blindfold me, and slip out the backyard without being noticed by anyone else: how they managed that, I have no idea. While I fought to escape, I had to continuously remind myself that this was just a game, and that they would let me go eventually.

"Drow Elves fall back! Retreat I say!" the lead elf shouted as they dragged me to where I believed to be across the street and a couple houses down, before they guided me into a new backyard. Once the gate was shut, the blindfold was removed, allowing me to take in the similar but new surroundings. This backyard was set up in a similar way that Eric's had been, however this one had more natural plant life and a treehouse acted as the castle. As I took in the surroundings, I couldn't help but feel nervous because the number of elves in this kingdom greatly outmatched the residents of Eric's kingdom.

As my captors moved me along, the curious elves emitted noises of shock before actually KNEALING as we passed by. 'Okay, why do I get the feeling this is going to end badly?' I wondered as I tried to get the bandanna out of my mouth, only to stop trying as my captors halted me before a wooden platform, where a throne made from sharpened sticks, branches and a lawn chair sat. As I took in the one sitting in the throne, I couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised: unlike Eric, this boy was dressed in red and gold with green gloves and a green Ushanka.

Resting on top of his head was a crown made from sticks, standing to his left was the lead elf that had led the attack on Kupa Keep, and to his right was a human dressed in a similar fashion as Clyde had been. As the elf king took in my appearance, I glared harshly at him, daring him to attack before his gaze turned to my captors. "So it's true then, our Savior has come at last. Release her, so that she may be able to speak." he said as his elves untied my bandanna and wrists, allowing me to actually move on my own.

"Welcome to my kingdom Savior, I hope my elves have treated you well." he said as he smiled at me, making me like him better than Eric already. "Thanks, but I have no idea what you mean by 'Savior', my brother and I were sort of dragged into this game of yours." I said, causing him as well as the two boys next to him to gasp in surprise instead of laugh like I had expected. Glancing at his friends for a second, the elf king suddenly jumped down from his throne and approached me.

"Walk with me New Kid, we have much to discuss." he said as he started walking in the direction of the large tree towards the back of the yard. Realizing I didn't have much choice in the matter, I adjusted my beanie and followed him over to the tree and up the ladder of the large treehouse. Once I got to the top, I stared in awe at the fact that I could see all of South Park from up here: damn this kid had it nice. Spotting the Elf King overlooking the town, I walked over and stood by him like he asked.

"I assume that Wizard Fatass has told you about the war we are in?" he asked, not breaking his gaze from the snow-covered town. "Wizard Fatass? Oh! You mean Eric, yes. He told me how you are fighting over The Stick, he didn't say anything about a Savior though." I replied, sending him a confused look as he scoffed in annoyance.

"Typical of that douchebag to leave out the important parts. This war has been going on for nearly three weeks, and since then neither of us have won or lost. It was then my most trusted enforcer Stan, came to me with a prophecy: When the snow sparkles white and the innocent are in turmoil, a Savior shall rise from the lands beyond. This Savior shall bring peace between both races, and save the realms from an army of darkness spawned from the deepest depths of insanity." he explained, making a lump form in my throat and rocks to settle in my gut: not because of what he said, but of how close that last part resembled the ones responsible for my family's move to South Park.

Brushing the feeling off as best I could, I looked over at him as he watched for my reaction. "And you say this 'Savior' is me?" I asked as he turned to face me before looking down at his feet awkwardly. "W-Well the prophecy said nothing about the Savior being as…pretty as you, but who else could it be besides your brother who, according to my elves: doesn't talk much and is younger than you are?" he said, looking away with a splotch of red on his face. 'Don't get choked up! Don't do it!' I scolded myself as I cleared my throat, drawing his attention back to me.

"I'm sorry: it's just that…I'm hardly given compliments. People usually see me as a freak of nature because of my hair and worse, this is a kinda new experience for me. Having friends that can actually see me, and not judge me for how I am, I'm so used to being abused and bullied that it's come to the point where I don't care anymore. So this whole 'being accepted by others' thing has me confused, sorry if I sound like such a sap." I said, turning away so he couldn't see the tears that threated to escape as I quickly wiped them away.

What happened next came as such a shock to me, that I had almost lost control of myself: he reached over while my back was turned and hugged me. It was so unexpected and sudden, that my fight-or-flight instinct kicked in just enough for the body suit under my hoodie to shimmer and twitch before settling for a slight vibrating. "Are you alright New Kid? You're trembling." he said as he hugged me tighter, clearly getting the wrong message, not that I could blame him for it. 'I wish it was me trembling, instead of trying to decide whether or not to rip you apart.' I thought sadly as I nodded, effectively causing him to let go of me.

"I'm fine, just a bit chilly is all: the temperatures in Miami were never this extreme." I lied, silently sighing in relief as he bought it before smiling at me again. "Must be quite a change for you and your family, I'm Kyle Broflovski: fourth grader, gamer, King of the Elves and the only Jew in South Park." he introduced as he stuck his hand out with a grin on his face. "Saphira MacManus: fourth grader, gamer, daredevil, hot-blooded Floridian and professional fighter." I replied, taking his hand in a firm shake with a smile of my own, causing the splotch of red to return to his face.

'He's actually cute when he isn't playing the King Elf card.' I thought with a mischievous smirk, causing Kyle to become a bit nervous. "Well then Kyle Broflovski, I think we should prove to your friends that nothing is going on up here, we have been up here a good ten minutes after all." I snickered, which turned into a full-blown laugh as his face became completely covered in a dark-red blush. Coughing loudly, he started climbing down the ladder and back towards his followers, as I decided a bit of showing off was in order: now that Alex wasn't here to stop me.

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