Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 51

As I stared intently at them, I eventually had enough of the dark mood so I did the only thing I could think of: I broke a stick. The result was immediate: as soon as the stick snapped, all four of the boys about jumped out of their skin as they frantically looked for the source of the sound. "What the hell was that?" Stan asked nervously as they slowly stood up from their sitting positions and glanced around the area. "How the hell should I know? I can't see shit." Eric snapped as Kyle smacked him upside his head with a glare. "Well maybe if you took that hat off, maybe your fatass could actually see!" he growled at the Grand Wizard before warily looking around.

"EY! Don't call me fat you fucking Jew!" Eric yelled as he stomped over to Kyle, only to freeze on the spot as his eyes glanced up in my direction. "What's gotten into you?" Kenny asked as Eric started slowly backing away on shaking legs as he stared at me in pure fear. Sending him a sinister smirk, I held back a laugh as his eyes widened before he discovered he couldn't back away anymore as his back bumped into another tree.

Curious as to what had him so freaked out, Stan turned around to see what Eric was looking at: only to pale as blank as the snow as he too backed away in fear. "K-Kyle…w-what is black, red, has glowing orange eyes and is in the t-tree?" Stan stuttered as he walked backwards and joined Eric as they ducked behind the tree. "Your sister?" Kenny guessed with a girly snicker as Kyle looked at both of the cowering boys in confusion. "God damnit Kyle! Do I have to fucking spell it out for you?! The fucking Assassin is in the fucking tree!" Eric screeched as both Kyle and Kenny whirled around and looked up at me, only to shrink to the icy ground in fear.

As I watched the boys, I fought to keep a straight face as they stared at my fearsome, glowing form. Shifting my weight, I blinked as Kyle regained control of himself long enough to stagger back and dash behind the same tree as Stan and Eric until only Kenny remained in his frozen state. "S-Sorry about n-not believing you C-Cartman." Kyle stuttered as he pulled the flaps of his hat down over his eyes as I stared Kenny directly in the eye before silently creeping out of the tree and landed in the snow.

"Kenny! Run!" Stan shouted, drawing the attention of the rest of the small group of kids from across the field. Stan's warning fell on deaf ears as Kenny and I stayed where we were as we had our own staring contest. 'C'mon Kenny, figure it out already.' I thought impatiently as the wind played harmlessly with the fabric wings and tails of my body suit: bringing me back to the first time I had ever met Mysterion. "Wh-Who are you?!" Kenny asked nervously as I stayed silent, only to send him a smirk as I let a particularly strong breeze move the beak of my hood slightly out of my face.

Apparently, that was all my orange-clad friend needed as his eyes widened as large as they could they go before he took a shaky step forward. "What the fuck are you doing you crazy bastard?!" Eric yelled as Stan and Kyle hid their faces behind the tree to avoid seeing what would happen next. "Is it really you?" Kenny mumbled in a watery voice so only I could hear him as he came to a stop directly in front of me. "Guilty as charged." I whispered back as my smirk grew until it was a toothy grin.

As my words sunk in, I almost had the wind knocked out of me as Kenny barreled into me and engulfed me in a bear-hug so tight I couldn't breathe. "Kenny what the fuck?!" Stan yelled as the feminine-dressed boy and I rolled backwards in a ball of orange and black before coming to a stop in a snowbank deep enough to bury us completely in the powdery substance. Ignoring them, Kenny buried his head in my shoulder and let out silent sobs as icy tears stained my exposed skin.

"I thought they killed you." he sniffed as he tightened his grip and refused to let me go. Hugging his trembling shoulders, I moved his wig out of his face so I could see him clearly before his tear-stained blue eyes made contact with my orange ones. "They can try all they want, nothing has worked so far. Besides, I couldn't leave you guys hanging, now could I?" I said as I tried to lighten the mood as he sniffed again and put his head back where it was as the voices of the others sounded from outside the miniature igloo we found ourselves in.

"Kenny? Are you okay?!" Kyle shouted, making the boy in question pull away from me and attempted to dry his eyes on his dress before popping his head out of the pile of snow. "Everything's under control!" he called back as Stan leaned around the base of the tree in order to see what was going on. "Dude what the hell? You can't just go attacking random people! You don't know if they are dangerous or not!" Stan scolded as he and Kyle cautiously walked from behind the tree as Kenny let out a laugh.

"You guys aren't going to believe this!" Kenny called as he climbed out of the pile of snow before turning around and helped me out and steadied me as I slipped on a piece of ice. "Isn't this just fucking great! Kenny's making friends with the Assassin who's probably going to murder us all in our sleep!" Eric said snidely as they all nervously took a few shaky steps closer as Kenny stood unharmed beside me. "You wouldn't say that once you guys see this." Kenny said as Stan shared a look with Kyle before the elf king took another couple of brave steps forward.

"Are you saying you know this person Kenny?" Kyle asked as Eric scoffed obnoxiously, causing Kyle to send a nasty glare his way. "What person has glowing eyes Kahl?! C'mon Jew-boy I know you're stupid, but I didn't think you were THAT stupid." Eric said as Kenny rolled his eyes before sending me a look as he silently asked for my permission as I gave him a slight nod. "This one."Kenny said simply before carefully pulling my hood down, exposing my identity to everyone around me.

"Holy….shit." Stan said as I sent a sheepish smile his way before I heard Eric growl in anger before he stomped over to me and got right in my face. "What the fuck is wrong with you, bitch?! How dare you come back here dressed like a fucking Assassin and scare the shit out of us?! As if we didn't freak out enough when those dick-wads did that shit to you, now you're gonna come back here looking like something out of a nightmare?! The fuck is wrong with you?!" he raged, and even though he pretended to be pissed, I still picked up the worried undertone his voice had.

However, I knew he would hate me forever if I brought attention to it, so I played along with his little game. "Sorry! It's not MY fault this is what I really look like! Blame my douchebag parents for letting those pricks do this shit to me in the first place. Would be nice to see you ACTUALLY care about others beside yourself every once in a while." I snapped back in false-anger as my eyes returned to their normal Sapphire-blue as I stormed past him and welcomed the friendly and relieved hugs from both Stan and Kyle. It was then that a bruised Butters happily skipped up to us leading a pig on a lead of rope.

"Hey there Saphira! Did ya have fun with your friends?" he asked as I inwardly cringed at the question, but answered him truthfully regardless. "If you could call it that." I said as he handed the rope to Eric with an ecstatic grin before running off to return to the other kids as they waited for us to join them. "Though it pisses me off that you aren't in your Commander's costume, I suppose this one will do: just don't turn all Goth on us and shit." Eric said as he mounted the pig and prepared to return to collect the combined armies.

"Hang on a minute you guys." I called, making all four of them halt and turn to me. "What is it NOW MacManus?! Can't you see you've interrupted the game long enough?!" Eric snapped as I sent him a mischievous smirk before glancing around and spotted what I was searching for. "Now Eric, as Grand Wizard: wouldn't you rather prove how much of a badass you are?" I asked, catching his interest immediately. "I don't think I like where this is going." I heard Kyle mutter to Stan as he nodded. "What do you have in mind?" Eric questioned as my face split into a Cheshire grin.

"How would you like to ride a REAL beast?" I asked as the Grand Wizard's eyes adopted an evil glint as the others looked at each other nervously. "I'd love to see this, go on then Commander: summon this beast of yours." he said as he returned into character after so long, which I glanced slyly at all four of them before nodding. With a smug look on my face, I lifted my right arm and snapped my fingers: calling forth the Alpha Hunter as it leapt from its hiding place like the monster it was.

Landing in a predatory crouch, the Hunter's massive feet easily cleared the area of snow as it snarled and growled: throwing buckets of drool through the air. Holding my hand out in a halting motion, the Hunter immediately stopped pacing and obediently came to a stop directly behind me. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" all the boys screamed at the same time as the Hunter reared up on its hind legs, pounded its horribly scarred chest with fisted front feet and opened its massive jaws in an ear-shattering roar that was powerful enough to knock the snow from the tree branches.

Taking in their petrified faces with a laugh, I was suddenly aware of how Kenny's face turned a sickly shade of white as he stared helplessly into the Alpha Hunter's bloodthirsty eye. "Humans and elves: meet your new ride." I said as the Hunter crouched down and allowed me to jump onto its back once again. "What are you crazy?! I'm not getting on that thing, FUCK THAT!" Stan shouted as he looked like he'd pissed himself.

"Don't worry, they listen to me and won't hurt you. Besides, they're badass to ride." I said as they looked at each other with wide unblinking stares. "Th-They?" Kenny stuttered fearfully and I was afraid he was going to throw up in his apparent terror. "That's right! I have one for each of you." I said as the remaining Hunters stalked out of their hiding places and came to a stop a few feet behind each of the boys: who looked as if they were about to die of heart attacks as soon as they realized they were surrounded.

Thinking on their fear, I was glad I had already hooked each of the smaller Hunters with makeshift reigns of their own: otherwise the boys would definitely fall off and get trampled under the beats' powerful feet. 'If they don't hurry up and get on, the Hunters will get impatient and will probably try to 'play' with them.' I thought with an irritated sigh as I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Come on, don't you want to show me up? You don't want to be bested by a GIRL do you?" I taunted as Eric shook his head and quickly got over his fear and stormed over to the Hunter behind him and climbed on after much trial and error. Once he was seated, he started acting like it was no big deal: even going so far as to taunt the other boys as they didn't share his apparent enthusiasm.

"Holy shit this is epic! You guys should totally try this shit, I feel so awesome: oh wait! I am!" he boasted, making me snicker at his poor attempt to forget about the fact that he nearly shit himself a minute ago. "See? It's all good. These guys are called Hunters: be glad these ones listen to me, otherwise you'd be lunch right now." I said as Eric continued to make faces at Stan and Kyle before the Elf King had enough of the taunts as he nervously turned to the beast behind him and looked up at its gruesome face.

When it didn't do anything to him, Kyle walked over to its side on shaky legs before using the monster's front leg to climb onto its back. Once he got himself situated, he took hold of the makeshift reigns and glanced around from his new position. "Jesus Christ this IS awesome!" Kyle exclaimed as Stan glanced at his Hunter before getting on and eventually shared the other boys' enthusiasm. Once they were sitting properly, I looked over at Kenny who looked positively miserable.

'Hmm, I don't think this is going to work: he looks like he's going to be sick.' I thought as I jumped off the Alpha's back and walked over to Kenny. Steering him by the shoulder, I led him away from the waiting beasts and over to the benches nearby. Once I got him on the bench, he pulled the strings of his parka tightly, closing the opening as he hid his head in his arms. "It's okay Kenny, they're not going to do anything to you. And if you're really afraid of them, you could ride with me if you want to." I offered as he glanced out of the opening in his tattered orange parka before shaking his head.

"I don't want you to think I'm a pussy, and I don't want to be seen as a coward by everyone else either." he said as I frowned sympathetically at him before sitting on the bench beside him. "Why would I think that? Everybody's afraid of something, and you should know me enough by now that I don't do that kind of thing. Just think of them as horses, have you ridden a horse before?" I asked as he gave a short nod, confirming that he had. "Well then there you go: just think it's a horse and you'll be fine, okay?" I said as he heaved a heavy sigh before reluctantly nodding before standing up and walking with me back over to the others.

Glaring at Eric as he made those obnoxious gagging noises again, I helped Kenny climb onto the Hunter's back and made sure he was holding on tightly before returning to the Alpha. Jumping on its back, I looked over to find that the boys had mostly gotten over their fear and were excitedly waiting to get on with the game we had started what felt like years ago: I just hoped we could actually finish it before we were interrupted by any more unwanted surprises.

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