Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 53

It took every ounce of willpower I had to keep moving in the direction of Clyde's house, despite wanting nothing more than to head back to Walgreens. With tears in my eyes, I used my Whipfist to grab hold of a streetlight and used it to swing myself into several flips through the air before landing in a crouch on the roof of Eric's house.

'I can't believe I just left him like that, but its better this way. Even though what he said was true, I don't think I could live with myself if any of my friends got killed while being involved in my mess.' I thought as I watched my vision change to the red and orange hues as I stared at my pathetic excuse for a father being swatted around by the Hunter like a cat with a toy as its giant claws tore through the biomass, making the man drop face-first into the snow.

'As much as he deserves to die, I'm not willing to break my family apart more than it already is.' I thought as I snapped my fingers, causing the Hunter to bellow loudly in my dad's face before turning around and bounding to me as I leapt from the slate roof and into the snow. "Well done, maybe now he will learn some respect." I said to it as I mounted its back and took hold of the heavy reigns in its mouth. Steering it in the direction of my destination, I nudged it into a trot as we made our way over to Clyde's house, where I could already see an army of about fifty kids dressed in various sets of armor of both the human and elf races.

Before I moved to join them, I decided this was a good time as any to check my phone. As I booted up Facebook, I saw that Kyle had posted several things: one of which was a personal message to me saying how sorry he was that this happened to me, and that he couldn't believe how cruelly the soldiers beat me before they took me away. He also said that he and the rest of the boys, (even Eric) chased after the cargo truck until they couldn't run anymore. Touched by this, I continued reading and found a slightly-unexpected group of sentences: in this part of the message, he asked me if I would consider switching over to the elves' side for the remainder of the game, and if I would also consider being his Super-Best-Friend alongside Stan once this whole thing was over.

'Huh, I didn't even know Kyle saw me as that kind of friend, I don't even know how to respond to this.' I thought confused as I stared at the glowing words on the small screen. Me being trapped in a cage for four years of my life, didn't know the first thing about being in a friendly relationship of any kind considering nobody was kind to me: let alone taught me anything besides the meaning of pain and suffering. Deciding to ask him about this whole thing later, I checked the other notifications and found a post that Kyle had created not long ago. It was an invitation to a fight between Stan and Token, to which Token replied that he couldn't make it because he had a Dentist appointment. Scrolling further down, I saw that Stan had just replied to the post, saying how Token's 'Dentist appointment' couldn't save him forever.

Laughing slightly at this, I put my phone away before nudging my Hunter into a walk as it lumbered closer to the combined army. Glancing over the new and old faces, I saw Eric and Kyle still sitting atop their Hunters: who didn't seem to like each other, just like the boys riding them. Frowning slightly, I looked around for Kenny and his Hunter before spotting the two of them riding up the opposite side of the street and came to a stop off to the side of the group. 'Wonder where he took off to.' I thought as I watched him hesitantly take one of his hands off the reigns and pat the monstrous beast on its head. Taking my gaze from him, I spotted Alex standing in the front of the army dressed in a dark-purple and black cloak with black spikes jutting out from a band on his head.

This new costume also had bird skulls on it as well as gold trimming: all-in-all he looked pretty badass and I was proud of him that he was making friends and coming out of his shell after so many years of silence. When he moved his arm, my eyes widened at the sight of the weapon at his side: it was a metal dagger that curved dangerously and had a serrated edge along the top of it. 'I would think that thing would seriously hurt somebody if he stabbed someone with that.' I thought as the Hunter snorted and shook its head, clearly not appreciating the cold weather.

Hearing a sudden shriek to my left, I whirled around just in time to see the decaying, maggot-infested face of a Nazi Zombie as it lunged for my throat. "Bitch, please." I said as I leaned back on the Hunter and grabbed hold of the zombie's throat in my left hand. Standing up on the Alpha's back, I lifted the struggling, gurgling zombie off the ground and threw it away from me: smirking as it spun through the air and obliterated into a nasty stain on the side of somebody's house as its flailing body came to a sudden stop. As multiple pairs of eyes turned to me as they heard the disgusting 'squelching' sound, I couldn't help but feel pleased at the gasps and scared faces as I glanced at a nearby window and spotted my reflection. What I saw was a black and glowing red figure with fiery-orange eyes sitting on top a battle-worn Hunter as shadows covered the figure's face, only illuminated by the glow of their eyes.

The Alpha Hunter though, stamped its feet and growled like a veteran warhorse as it waited impatiently for me to give it a command. Looking back at the boys, I nudged the creature forward without a word: frowning to myself as kids left and right scrambled away from me and gave me the entire street. Once the way was cleared, I smiled as Alex's face was filled with shock and surprise before he sprinted over to the massive Hunter and silently-demanded that I pick him up. Scoffing good-naturedly at his antics, I reached down and lifted him up onto the Hunter's back as easily as picking up a pencil.

As soon as he was on, he lived up to his 'Tick' nickname as he wrapped his arms around my stomach and buried his ice-cold face in the open flaps of my jacket. "I missed you too, Little Bit." I whispered to him as I felt cold tears seep through the fabric of my undershirt. Apparently, this display of affection was enough to reassure the rest of the kids that I wasn't a threat to them as I hugged my trembling brother close as I used my free hand to steer the Hunter over to the rest of the boys. Coming to a stop next to Kyle, I sent him a knowing glance as he adjusted his crown of twigs with a small blush on his face.

And I wasn't the only one to see the look on the elf king's face either: Kenny was glaring poisoned daggers at him and I couldn't understand why. 'Why would he glare at Kyle like that? I thought they were all the best of friends?' I thought in confusion as Kenny tore his gaze away and made his Hunter approach mine until he was stationed on my other side and looked down at Alex with a happy look on the visible part of his face, and I knew he was happy to see the MacManus siblings together again.

With a sudden clear of his throat, Kyle raised his arms up and turned his Hunter in the direction of the front of the army: making every single pair of eyes glue themselves to him. Stopping the car-sized beast with a tug of the reigns, Kyle looked over the combined army with pride before he glanced at me with a soft grin on his face. Looking back at the other kids, Kyle's face hardened into a determined glare as he made his Hunter pace along the front lines. "Today, we are not the humans and the elves…today: we fight as one!" he shouted as he lifted both fists into the air as Eric joined his side on his own Hunter after he finished his own lap along the front of the decent-sized army.

"What we do here now…will be written and sung about on Youtube for days to come!" Eric yelled, causing all the kids to either raise a weapon or fist into the air and let out a loud battle-cry as the Grand Wizard's Hunter stood up on its hind legs and gave a short roar. "Let us besiege the Army of Darkness, with the courage of dragons! Let us delve their dungeons with swords and sorcery!" he continued loudly, and I will admit: I actually felt motivated by his speech…or I would have, until a kid dressed like Spock from Startrek standing next to Jimmy decided to speak up. "Let us charge our shields and use our Photon Torpedos to vaporize the Klingons!" he said, making me raise an eyebrow and hold my hand over my face in a rather painful face-palm as I tried with all my might not to laugh at the look on Eric's face.

In all of two seconds, the Grand Wizard's determined face melted away into one of pure annoyance as his eye twitched before harshly pinching the bridge of his nose with a sigh. "Kevin…GOD DAMNIT. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME, Kevin. GOD FUCKING DAMNIT, SERIOUSLY." he seethed as he removed his yellow glove from his face and glared at the kid known as 'Kevin' who looked at his shoes in embarrassed shame as his shoulders slumped. 'Even though I don't know him, that was pretty embarrassing. Poor kid was a little bit TOO deep in the moment.' I thought as I took in his kicked-puppy look.

"I'm sorry." Kevin replied in a sickly, nasally voice as Eric rolled his eyes before kicking his Hunter in the ribs: only to find that the beast refused to move as I gave it an order to wait with a single look. Putting Alex down on the ground, I climbed off the Alpha's back and walked up to the front of the group. "If you boys don't mind, you might want to get off the Hunters now." I said as Eric stopped his speech and leered at me. "And why the hell would we want to do that? These things are awesome." he said as a smirk appeared on my face before becoming serious again.

"You guys want revenge on Clyde for stealing The Stick, don't you?" I said as he scoffed while Kenny and Kyle continued to glare viciously at each other from behind my back as Stan looked like he was trapped in the middle of it. "Obviously MacManus, why did you think we have gathered here in the first place? Did those guys scramble your brains or something?!" he snapped, making me narrow my eyes at his little jab before sending him a mischievous look and snapped my fingers. This time, I couldn't hold back my laughter as the Hunter Eric was sitting on suddenly shook itself like a dog: freaking him out as he was thrown from the creature's back and onto the ground, luckily he landed on his butt. "EY! What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" he screamed in rage as I rolled my orange eyes at him.

"You want revenge, well guess what: so do I, and I'm gonna need these guys in order to accomplish that." I said as he looked me over before accepting my reasoning as the other boys slid down their beasts' sides and landed safely on their feet. Calling the Alpha, I noticed how the other kids stepped back and out of its way as it stalked towards me like a prowling panther before coming to a stop at my side. As it lowered its giant head, I could see my reflection in the beast's remaining glowing eye as buckets of thick drool leaked from between its jaws and splashed on the icy asphalt.

"Take the pack: KILL every Blackwatch soldier and scientist you can find: but McMullen is MINE." I growled to it as its eye narrowed into a threatening slit before stamping its feet and rearing up with a mighty bellow that made everyone drop to their knees and cover their ears. Ducking down, I was able to barely avoid the lethal claws of the monsters as they jumped forward and stormed off and climbed up trees and houses alike with enraged snarls and hungry grunts as they searched for their promised feast.

"Remind me to never get on your bad side, we should totally plot vengeance together sometime after this." Eric said as the Hunters wreaked havoc as they flipped cars and stormed through houses as they searched for their meals. Sending him a smirk, I winced as he slapped me a couple times on the back before catching the attention of the army again. Looking at them, I saw that the boys that barely knew me were staring at me with horrified expressions. However, I noticed that Kyle was staring at me with a disappointed look as Kenny crossed his arms and slowly shook his head at me.

"Well get over it, how else am I supposed to fix this? YOU should know by now the kind of shit these bastards can do, Kyle: or do you want to be next on their hit-list?" I questioned angrily as Kyle and Stan shared a look before glancing at their feet, as they understood why I had unleashed the Hunters on the town.

Kenny though, looked at me like I had just committed a crime: which I kinda did, but he would understand it was for the best eventually. Looking at Eric, I noticed he was continuing his speech with a renewed vigor. "Armies of Justice! Prepare! Ready?! And…Let's beat up Clyde!" he yelled, pointing his staff at the chocolate-colored house as he led the charge that would decide the fate of not just the game, but quite possibly: the fate of the Universe itself.

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