Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 58

Knowing what I had to do, I shook off my fear and turned to Kyle with a request in mind. "Kyle, I need to borrow your war-horn." I said as he looked at me like I was nuts, and quite frankly, I thought I was too. As he handed over the horn, I settled my stone-cold gaze on each of my friends in turn before settling my stare on Eric, who wrung his gloved hands around his hat nervously. "Keep the game going." was all I said before I nodded once as I pulled my hood up until nothing but my mouth could be seen before I turned around and jumped out the window: ignoring the multiple people calling my name as I free-fell the four stories to the ground.

Landing in the snow with a solid 'thud' I barely registered everyone else around me as I took off in a sprint over Clyde's fence and in the direction of the Blackwatch army. When I was out of range of any innocent people, I tensed my legs and jumped clear over several overturned cars and onto the roof of Tom's Rhinoplasty. Baring my teeth, I gripped the war-horn before I sent the biomass to quickly swarm over it: shifting and changing it into a larger, metal version of its original form. Using my Whipfist, I constructed a barricade out of all the cars I could reach and lined them up across the street: blocking Blackwatch's path from moving any closer to my friends.

'Alright you fuckers, come and get some.' I thought with malice as the convoy slowed to an eventual stop as they couldn't pass my barricade: much to the annoyance of the foot-soldiers. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" one of the Commanders growled as they soon discovered that their only option would be to turn back. Deciding to have some fun, I took a deep breath before releasing an unearthly howl that sounded exactly like a Hollow from Bleach: relishing as every single one of those soldiers jumped before raising their weapons and searching in every direction at once for the source of the noise. "What the hell WAS that Sergeant?!" one of the minors exclaimed, and much to my delight: several dozen of them apparently shit themselves.

'Oh yeah, I'm DEFFINATELY using that on Halloween.' I smirked as I quietly crept along the roof and silently leapt to another building. "How the fuck should I know?! It was probably ZEUS fucking with us!" the Sergeant snapped, unknowingly hitting the nail right on the head as I glanced over the side of my perch like a predator. Letting loose a loud laugh, I caught their attention again as the tanks swiveled their turrets as they searched for me. Before they could shine a light on me, I jumped again and out of sight of my new playthings, while sending little 'packages' for my new friends as I did so.

"Not fun being hunted, is it?" I called as well over four dozen weapons flew to the source of my voice. "Quit fucking with us and show yourself, monster!" one of the Commanders ordered to the place I had just been, only to hear me laugh somewhere behind him. "Fucking with you? Is THAT what you think I'm doing?" I questioned as I let them see me for a split moment: having to perform several dodge-rolls in order to avoid the hurricane of bullets and tank shells that crashed into the building I was standing on. "Remember, McMullen wants it ALIVE!" someone shouted over the bullet-storm, making me happy that this group was stupid and were wasting their ammo like I'd hoped.

Making sure my mental command over the virus still stood strong, I couldn't hold back the gleeful laugh as I leapt from the branches of a nearby tree and flipped onto the top of a shot-out streetlight. "THERE IT IS!" a Commander shouted, immediately drawing every single pair of glowing gold and cobalt lenses to me as I lounged on the top of the streetlight without a care in the world. "Hiya, Blackwatch! Nice evening don't you think?" I greeted as my glowing body suit shone like a dying beacon in the pitch darkness of the night. "What are you fuckers being paid for?! SHOOT IT!" the same Commander yelled as every single soldier raised his weapons and pulled the trigger: only to be met with a very loud chorus of 'clicking' as they soon discovered what my original plan had been.

"Uh-oh! Looks like you boys have no more bullets, what a shame: I was enjoying playing with you. Here's the thing: you lot are trespassing on MY turf! You come here threatening my family, my friends, and everyone else who has no part in any of this: and I'm NOT happy about it." I snarled as I raised my hand and snapped my gloved fingers: causing an immediate reaction that very soon had Blackwatch panicking. You see: with every jump, and every lunge, I had been leaving traces of the virus like mines all around the soldiers. Once I snapped my fingers, the virus became a living net: snaring and constricting their legs and ensuring no possible way of escape, and they all knew it.

Ignoring their frightened pleas, I set my orange gaze to the reason why so much death and destruction has occurred throughout the years and I was determined to put a permanent end to it all as I jumped on top of one of the tanks without an ounce of fear for the source of all my previous nightmares. "Now, before we wrap up this 'lovely' meeting, I have only ONE thing to say to you assholes: Erin Go Brag. Which, my dear Blackwatch Scum, is Irish for 'You're Fucked.' I find it…VERY appropriate, don't you? No? Well, let's see if THIS will change your minds." I said in sadistic glee as I raised the new-and-improved war-horn and blew into it: making it sound as if a Tuba were hooked up to an amplifier, making several soldiers cover their ears through their gasmasks.

Once the echoes subsided, there was a deathly silence that was unnerving…for them. Once my sensitive ears picked up the signal, I split my face into a shit-eating grin before I turned around and jumped back up on top of Tom's Rhinoplasty. "Sadly, its time I head back, but OH, PLEASE don't be sad you fucking baby-killers, I'm sure my 'friends' would be more-than-happy to entertain you!" I cheered as I spread my arms out: revealing not only the Hunter pack, but half the town's worth of Nazi zombies too. Crossing my arms tightly over my chest, I gave a bloodthirsty smile as their dying shrieks and cries of pure fear and agony made my body suit tremble in anticipation.

With a sort of sick satisfaction, I watched as the Hunters picked up the tanks and threw them at the choppers: bringing them down to the ground and to the hungry monsters below. Feeling nothing but satisfaction at the carnage happening mere yards away from me, I turned away from the trapped Blackwatch soldiers and their murderers and I casually ran back to Clyde's treehouse: vaulting over the barricade of cars and sprinted straight up the sides of multiple buildings before leaping and flipping from streetlight to streetlight like a gymnast before reaching the base of the tree in Clyde's backyard. Even from where I stood, I could still clearly hear the chaos happening just down the street: making me feel bad for any and all witnesses to the carnage but couldn't be bothered to care too much.

Hooking my fingers, I stealthily climbed up the tree and back up to the window I had jumped out of: listening intently to the boys as they freaked out inside. "Holy fuck! Holy shit, dude!" Stan yelped as I glanced over my shoulder, just in time to watch the Alpha Hunter jump into the air, rip one of the few remaining Blackwatch choppers in two, and throw the pieces into another pair of choppers: causing an explosion of metal and fire that easily lit up three blocks.

"Why?! Why would Saphira do this? Those people have families too!" Kyle said in utter confusion and outrage, making a stab of hurt rush through me for a second before it was gone as I heard Eric gulp loudly before speaking up. "It's 'cause she's a monster, Jew-King. Get it through your Ginger head: your girlfriend has those dudes after her for a reason and now that those douchebags are here: you REALLY think she's gonna let them leave?" he explained, making me roll my eyes angrily at the fact that he called me a monster again, but couldn't let it bother me because that's how he was, regardless of what I would say.

"God damnit Cartman, she's NOT my girlfriend!" Kyle snapped as the sound of a blunt object colliding with wood echoed dully over the sounds of battle: signally the fact that Kyle bashed his fist on the windowsill. "Ha-Ha! Then why's your face all red, Jew-boy?" Eric taunted from above me and I couldn't help but smirk, the look on poor Kyle's face must've been priceless, though I was happy that the boys were quick to focus on something else. "Speaking of Saphira, anybody see where she went? I mean, that costume of hers isn't THAT hard to see, but I don't see her anywhere." Stan said, making it apparent that I had hidden from the boys long enough: it was time to face the music and continue playing, or say goodbye if they never forgave me.

Shifting my weight, I leapt straight up and used the virus's biomass to 'hover' as I came face-to-face with the terrified kids: the wind billowing the loose fabric of my body suit around for a minute before I placed my left palm on the railing and griped it tight. Swinging my legs, I spun on my hand before landing on the railing in a balanced crouch: easily appearing far more sinister than Mysterion ever could, considering my appearance and lighting of the hallway.

Through the deep, dark shadows covering most of my face, I was able to see that my eyes were glowing a fiery-orange through a small mirror hanging on the wall across from me. "Somebody call me?" I asked as the boys took several steps back: proving the fact that they are all terrified of me. "Sa-Saphira! D-Dude, you scared the shit out of us." Stan stuttered as I hopped down from the railing and took in all of their expressions, being mindful of a hanging brazier burning right next to my head.

"Yeah, I have that effect on people as I have said before. I can also see that you are afraid of me, however: everything I do is for a reason as I have told you before, Kyle. These 'people' are the reason for all of this: why the town is the way it is right now, I told you they wouldn't stop looking for me. I'm sorry they found me, but like Eric said: they won't be leaving because if they do, they MIGHT just take a few of you with them. And trust me when I say, the things that they are capable of…you're gonna wish you were dead LONG before they will allow you to be." I said as Alex nervously trotted out from behind Randy and engulfed my waist in a tight bear-hug.

"You saw the tape, Kyle: am I the REAL monster here? I know you try to see the good in everyone: but these guys…the world will be much better off." I trailed off as he stared me in the eye before nodding solemnly, just as Eric walked up to me and pat me heavily on the back: almost knocking me to the floor with the force. "You are officially the most badass chick I have ever seen, I can see the hell we would be able to raise from the little show you put on. And the fact that you aren't Ginger, or a Jew just makes it that much better, so what say you, MacManus: want to quest for world domination?" Eric questioned, ignoring Kyle's angry retorts as he sent a wicked grin my way as he waited for my reply.

"You make a quality offer, but the only revenge quest I have is my own: once those responsible for this are dealt with, I only want to live my life in peace. You want to quest for world domination, be my guest: just leave me out of it." I said as he suddenly glared at me for a minute before storming back to the others with a huff. It was then that I had noticed something I didn't particularly want to: tied to a wooden beam, was a man in a long light-gray shirt with a black vest over it, no pants…or undergarments, while he wore a black policeman's hat and a pair of black cowboy boots on his feet.

All in all, this guy both disgusted me and creeped me out as Randy tore his gaze from the window I just entered before walking over to Alex and I, and I had a feeling that what he was about to say…would turn the tide in the war for The Stick: but in which direction remained to be seen.

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