Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 6

As soon as Kyle reached the bottom of the ladder, he as well as the rest of his followers looked around for me in confusion. Holding back a giggle, I watched them look for me from my perch on the railing of the treehouse. 'How the hell do they NOT see me up here?' I wondered as I put two fingers in my mouth and gave a shrill whistle, startling the kids as they all looked up and spotted me.

"What the hell are you doing up there?! Do you WANT to fall and break your neck?!" Kyle shouted up at me with a worried look on his face. "Yeah dude! Get down from there before you get us all in trouble!" the human called Stan yelled as I crouched down on the rail with a devilish grin on my face. To my amusement and the horror of the boys, I jumped from the two-story high treehouse and managed to complete three front-flips before landing on my feet directly in front of them.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" I teased as they all stared at me wide-eyed and open-mouthed. "Dude…that was…awesome!" Stan cheered, snapping everyone out of their stupor and erupted in applause. Laughing awkwardly, I scratched the back of my neck with a blush on my face. "Holy shit! You weren't kidding when you said you were a daredevil. Therefore, as King of the Elves: I hereby welcome you as a member of my kingdom, and hope you would consider hanging out with us at school." Kyle said as Stan rapidly nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah! That would be awesome to have you hang out with us: you would have to deal with Cartman's racism and Kenny's perverted nature though." Stan said, almost looking ashamed of the two in question. At the mention of Kenny, I involuntarily shuddered at the memory of how his glare made me feel as if I were on fire. "That's alright, Eric and I are on good terms so far, but Kenny doesn't seem to like me very much." I replied, shocking both boys as they looked at each other. "What's wrong?" I asked, confusion written all over my face as Stan shook his head before smiling at me.

"Cartman is never nice to anyone, we are only nice to him because he doesn't have a dad and his mom's a slut. So to hear you say he was nice to you is suspicious because he is infamous for really mean schemes that usually put people in the hospital. It's also shocking to hear that Kenny doesn't like you: he's usually all over pretty girls like you. Don't worry though: we'll talk to him for you." Stan said as he clapped me on the shoulder. "Don't let Wendy hear you say that dude, I don't want to have to go to Saphira's funeral after we just met her. And I'm not looking forward to seeing you heartbroken again." Kyle warned, causing Stan's face to pale almost as blank as the snow.

"Who's Wendy?" I asked as Stan fiddled with his helmet, running a hand through his ebony-black hair at the same time. "Wendy is Stan's on and off girlfriend. She is the most popular girl in school with her posse of girls, and she won't hesitate to let you have it if she feels like you are trying to steal him from her. Which unfortunately she will, considering you're hanging out with us from now on: so don't be surprised if she tries to attack you. She even kicked Cartman's ass once and trust us, when she's pissed: she is terrifying." Kyle explained as I covered up a snort by sniffling. 'So she's one of THOSE types is she? Well, she's got another thing coming if she thinks I'm going to back down like some mongrel dog.' I thought as I stared fearlessly at them.

"I think I can handle myself if that happens, and no offense Stan: but if she starts a fight, I will not be responsible for what happens. Because unlike her, I have lived in a very dangerous city my entire life: I have taken down soldiers five times my size, I think I can handle a group of fourth graders in a petty fight." I said, kicking myself in the ass for saying that. Just as Stan was about to reply, we were interrupted by a "SAPHIRA ALEXANDRIA MACMANUS! GET YOUR ASS HOME! NOW!" something I had been hoping to avoid ever since I arrived in South Park.

"Fuck!" I hissed as I rapidly scooped up my armor and sword and turned to the boys with a slightly panicked look on my face. "Holy shit, who the fuck was that?!" Kyle questioned as everyone in the backyard stopped what they were doing and looked over at us with wide fearful eyes. "Stan, Kyle: meet my dad." I said as I gave them a rushed wave goodbye before running and jumping the fence, landing in a snowdrift, sending the powdery substance everywhere.

Taking a quick glance for cars, I dashed across the street and up my driveway: where dad stood as red-faced as could be with his hands on his hips. While my mom looked out the front door, staring at me with a disappointed scowl etched across her face. 'Hasn't even been a day.' I sighed as I tromped into the house, preparing myself for the inevitable scream-fest that was about to begin, and judging by the looks on my parent's faces: this was going to be a particularly nasty one.

True to my suspicions, I didn't have to wait long before dad came storming into the house angrier than a wet hornet. Glancing at mom, I knew that I was on my own on this one, not like THAT was anything new. As he slammed the door hard enough to rattle the windows, I barely had time to blink before I took a fist to the jaw. "What the FUCK was that?!" he snarled as he pointed in the direction of Kyle's house. Rolling my jaw, I got up off the floor and glared at both my parents.

"You told me to make friends, that was what that was." I spat, causing his red face to turn purple in rage as he snatched me by the throat and slammed me into the wall. "Do you KNOW how hard it was for us to sneak you out?! Do you?! Of course not, you're too busy showing off for people who will lead them right to us!" he roared, causing spittle to land on my face. All his rage was starting to piss me off, and the fact that my mother stood by and allowed this to happen was only adding fuel to a very dangerous flame.

"It was just a jump, and as far as I'm concerned…you have no right to do this to me." I coughed as he tightened his grip, not allowing me to breathe as he put his face directly in mine. "I brought you into this world girl, and if it weren't for the fact that you are an asset: I would gladly take you out of it." he growled as he carried me by the back of my neck over to a closed door near the kitchen. Throwing open the door, he revealed the pitch darkness of the basement: a place I didn't particularly want to go. Holding me up by my hoodie, he couldn't feel my body suit crawling and wavering as it responded to my internal rage.

"Now grovel in the basement like the monster you always were! You think those kids care about you?! Wait until they find out what you really are, see how much they like you after that!" he snarled as he delivered a swift kick to my ass, forcing me to skip the stairs all together as I crashed into the concrete floor with a yelp before I glared savagely up at my father, who's expression melted from enraged to one of raw fear.

"You better watch how you treat me father, one day: you will catch me in a VERY bad mood." I said ominously as he slammed the door shut, leaving me in the cold and damp basement, lit only by the single window near the ceiling. Resting my back up against the wall, I rested my arms on my knees, put my head on top of them and cried. As I sat curled against the wall, I failed to notice the shadow on the floor, and the pair of eyes watching me from the dusty window.

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