Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 60

Stomping forward, I was shocked to find Alex walking next to me: making me realize he wanted to fight with me. Smirking at him, I stepped to the side in the Leopard stance as Alex yanked his jagged blade from his belt and took a stance of his own. "Are you ready for this, my dear brother?" I asked mischievously as his eyes crinkled up in a hidden smile before glancing at the boys: who all looked on with eager anticipation.

"Let's all make sweet lo-RAAAAAAWWWWRRRRR!" the zombie snarled as he gnashed his teeth at us, only to glance briefly at Clyde as he gave a 'kill' order as he sat upon his throne. Trying not to gag, I watched as the zombie reached into his pants and ripped out his balls before throwing them at us. 'Seriously?! What the fuck is WRONG with this thing?' I wondered as Alex blocked the offending objects before I dashed forward and dropped to the floor in a slide. Hooking my legs around his own, I twisted my body in such a way that the zombie was forced to the floor.

Rolling myself backwards and onto my feet, I back-flipped in a handspring back to my spot and send a grin in the awestruck boys' direction as the zombie stood back up with a growl. Taking his turn, I watched as Alex leapt into the air with a pair of Kunai in his hands. Throwing them at the zombie, I discovered he had several more hidden under his cloak that all found new homes in the zombie's decaying flesh with impressive accuracy before Alex came back down to the floor: whacking the zombie on the top of his head with a spiked mace as he did.

"Damn, where did you learn that one?" I asked as he came back to his spot, only to receive a shrug in reply as I turned my gaze back to the zombified adult as he took his turn. Taking out a large spatula from his back pocket, the zombie staggered forward and tried to swat Alex with it, only to be blocked by the Thief's dagger. While he was distracted, I backed up out of the ring until I was up against the wall before narrowing my gaze on the large-bellied zombie. Kicking off the wall with a sudden burst of strength, I sprinted for the zombie with my head lowered, making me appear as a black and glowing-red falcon: until I slammed my shoulder into the zombie's chest with the force of a speeding truck: sending the dead man flying backwards and smashing into the opposite wall.

"Holy shit! What the fuck was that?!" I heard Kyle exclaim from my right, making me glance at them out of the corner of my eye and send them a smirk as they cheered us on. Hearing a gargle, I looked in the direction of the zombie and found him to be working his way out of the crater in the wall and snarl viciously at me with a broken jaw and bloodied teeth. Reaching into his pants again, the zombie tried to throw his balls at me: only to have me smack them away with the flat side of my sword. Taking his turn again, Alex threw a smoke bomb on the floor before running around the side of the room and jump out behind the zombie, stabbing him hard in the back with his serrated, metal blade.

"No, no." the zombie garbled in a distorted voice, making me tilt my head at the almost-human Nazi zombie before glaring at him again. It was then that the zombie leaned forward with his mouth opened wide, exposing the rancid flesh and squirming maggots as he clawed at the air in front of him, making me realize he was going to hit us with something stronger if I didn't interfere and stop him soon. That being said, I jumped up into the air and stomped down on the floor: sending a shockwave through the floorboards and barreling into the zombie, sending him flat on his back. "Damnit, I brought you back to life, KILL these assholes!" Clyde ordered from his throne, making me glare fiercely at him from under my hood, smirking to myself as the boy flinched and stopped talking as my attention was drawn to the zombie again, just as I heard Stan speak up and call to the zombie.

"We're gonna get you out of this, Chef. Just hold on until we kill Clyde." he said, confirming my suspicions that my friends knew this man when he was still alive, poor guy. Suddenly rushing forward, the zombie picked Alex up in his large hands and savagely sank his teeth into his shoulder, regardless of how much he fought back. Once the shock wore off, I was seeing a blend of orange, red, blue and green and before I even registered my actions, I landed a vicious uppercut to the zombie's chin, making him spiral into the air as I ran at a wooden beam before rebounding off it and smashed my foot into the zombie's nose in a brutal roundhouse kick: sending him crashing to the floor.

"Nobody hurts MY family, you fucking piece of shit that will NEVER get laid! Were you born on the highway? 'Cause that's where most accidents happen!" I spat as I stood in front of my kneeling brother as the zombie shook his head and blinked hard: as if he were coming out of a daze. "What the-Children! I'm back!" the Nazi zombie, now known as 'Chef' exclaimed happily with a big grin on his face that was unfortunately short-lived as Clyde yelled in anger before he leapt down from his throne. "Must I do EVERYTHING myself!? I raised you from the dead! You have to obey! Maybe THIS will get you to listen!" Clyde yelled as he pulled something VERY familiar out of his pocket and time itself seemed to stop for me.

"C-Clyde…wh-where did you get that?" I questioned in a whisper as I took in the sight of the small glass vial in his purple gloves, drawing the attention of everyone in the room: including Chef. "Oh, this? I got it from the animatronic that got broken outside the Taco Bell before they could throw it away." he replied, making my eyes widen in utter panic at the sight of the black-cherry substance writhing around the small space. "Holy shit! Saphira…is that-" Kyle breathed fearfully as both Alex and I backed away from Clyde on shaking legs, giving the boys all the proof they needed. "C-Clyde, give that to me…that ISN'T what you think it is!" I pleaded in a squeaky voice, making the boys glance at each other with worried expressions: as they very well should.

"No way in hell, New Kid: this oil will help me win this war and destroy you all! And I'm NOT LETTING YOU TAKE THAT FROM ME!" Clyde suddenly screamed as he gripped the fragile vial tightly before throwing it: causing the thin glass to break on the side of Chef's head…and allowing the 'oil' to leak and seep into the zombie's skin. "NO!" I screeched, gripping my hood tightly and exposed the horrified look on my face as Alex screamed in terror and struggled to pull Kyle and Eric out of the room by their arms. "Clyde, you…YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" I yelled as the boy in question started laughing evilly again, only to stop suddenly as I ran across the room and snatched him by the collar of his costume.

"YOU COMPLETE UTTER MORON! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" I screamed in his face as he tried to escape my hold on him, only to have no effect on my strong grip. "MacManus, calm the fuck down, it's only oil…what could that shit POSSIBLY do?" Eric questioned as he ignored my brother's attempts to pull him to safety, Kyle and Stan looked like they wanted to grab the others and follow Alex's lead however. Before I could tear into Clyde for his ignorance, the temperature seemed to drop a good fifty degrees as I heard a bone-chilling growl behind me. Glancing over my shoulder, I gulped as Chef's dark-green flesh turned a blueish-gray as he held his head in pain as another growl escaped his gritted teeth.

What appeared to be tremors in his flesh, soon turned into large, angry tendrils of black-cherry biomass as Chef's body quickly became cloaked in it: his once-friendly voice morphing and changing into something bordering demonic as he became consumed by the Blacklight virus. 'Run!' my instincts screamed as I tightened my grip on Clyde's costume and bolted for the other boys: who were cemented to the floor in terror as I threw Clyde into them and shoved them through the door.

"You guys STAY here, whatever he is turning into probably won't be able to fit through the door, stay out of his sight and DON'T follow me." I ordered, only to knock the wind out of Kenny as I punched him in the gut: making me feel horrible but I couldn't focus on that right now. "I fucking mean it! STAY put!" I snarled as the boys whimpered and trembled in a huddle as I gave them my back and stormed back into the room: just as the monster Chef had become leapt out of the writhing biomass, and even I couldn't hold back my primal fear.

He was gigantic: easily standing as tall as my house on his powerful hind legs, while the smaller of his two pairs of front legs looked as if they could be used as hands for they were raised above the ground like the arms of a velociraptor. His rotting appearance still remained, only it didn't look like he would decay any more than he already was. His remaining clothes were in shreds and hung limply around his long, thick neck and back legs as his whip-like tail slowly dragged across the floor: the bone-like spikes jutting from the rotten flesh like the spires of the treehouse. He had his back to me, allowing me to see the large, shredded wings that blindly tried to grab onto the wooden beams and branches with the hooked claws on the bat-like appendages.

As he let out a guttural hiss, I mentally cursed myself as I realized he caught my scent: making him raise his right wing as he gradually managed to turn to face me in the tight space and I couldn't help the fearful scream that was joined by those of my friends as they peeked through the doorway. His face was buff, with four piercing silver pupil-less eyes that were set in odd places: two on the side of his head where they would normally be, while the other two sat on each of his cheeks.

As his large nostrils flared, I soon found out why this was: instead of opening his jaws like an alligator, his mouth split like an opening flower: with several rows of huge teeth per side while his thick, forked tongue thrashed about in the center of the hundred or so teeth as he let out a mighty bellow that instantly covered the floor and walls of the throne room in buckets of slimy drool as I covered my ears and knelt on the floor to try to protect myself against the noise. 'Well, fuck me sideways.' I thought as a cold sweat broke out on the back of my neck as I mentally and physically prepared myself to fight the monster of a dragon that just took this game to a whole new level.

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