Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 62

As Clyde backed himself unknowingly into a corner, I couldn't help but share the victorious grin with the other boys: all of us knowing what was coming, and all-too-eager to witness it as Eric stomped right in Clyde's face with a murderous look on his face. "Your eons of torment are at an end, Ruler of Darkness!" Eric declared, slamming his stick on the floor as Clyde rapidly searched for a way to escape, only to find none as he spotted us standing at the exit: blocking his escape.

"Um…okay, um, you know what, I'm not playing anymore." Clyde said as he continued backing up until he was dangerously-close to the edge, making me take a step forward, only to freeze as Kenny grabbed my wrist and shook his head at me. Biting my lip, I decided to trust Kenny and the boys with the idea that they had it under control and there was no need to intervene. "You have broken the Rules of The Stick and therefore I banish thee. I banish thee…from SPACE AND TIME!" Eric screamed as he suddenly leaned back, and fucking SPARTAN-kicked poor Clyde hard enough to make him fly backwards and topple over the edge of his fortress.

Rushing to see where he ended up, I saw he was dangling by one hand on the railing on the floor below, and lost his grip before I could do anything to help: only to discover there was no need as he landed on an air mattress and stood up seemingly dazed, but unharmed. Turning back to the boys, I couldn't help but join them in their infectious happy smiles as I walked over and stood by Stan. "We did it, dude!" he cheered as Eric straightened himself before approaching me with a pleased look on his face.

"That was AWESOME! You did it! Your noble quest is at an end, and for all your heroic deeds and all your time put into this-I hereby promote you…to QUEEN MacManus! Congratulations! And to you, Douchebag: for all your valiant efforts to resist the call of Darkness, and proven loyalty: I hereby name you…Head Enforcer to the Queen and General of the Royal Army, Congratulations!" Eric said as he removed a cardboard crown with paper points and a purple band from under his cape and placed it on Alex's head before he gestured to Kyle, who nodded with a big grin on his face.

Turning to me, Kyle pulled out a small wooden box and removed the item inside: and I couldn't help but smile at the cheesiness of it all, but wasn't going to complain about it in the least. In his hand was a silver-painted Tiara in the shape of a dragon with big blue plastic sapphires set across the band and couldn't help but feel special and actually appreciated as he slipped it on my head. And that smile was shared with my brother as everyone present erupted into applause: promising celebration for at least a week. After exchanging high-fives and a hug with Kenny and Butters, I tilted my head in the direction of Kyle as he started talking again in an excited voice that caught everyone's attention.

"Quickly, let's get The Stick back before anyone can-" Kyle started, only to be interrupted by the loud repetitive sound of a helicopter's blades. Looking up, I was momentarily blinded by the searchlight of one of the only remaining Blackwatch choppers, making Alex hide behind me as my body suit tensed with anticipation as six ropes dropped from the hellish machine. In truth, I had been expecting petty soldiers that were eager to die, NOT the five heavily-armed D-Bags that had showed up instead in their tank-like glory. "MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! GO! GO! GO!" they all shouted at once, making a threatening growl escape my throat as they surrounded us and aimed their heavy artillery at us without mercy.

'Wait a sec, if they're aiming at all of us…that means they don't know which one is me.' I realized as the tension rose so thickly you could cut it with a knife, or a chainsaw in this case. "We've got it, we've got the PROTOTYPE." one of the smaller D-Bags stated into his radio, making the anticipation in me grow: as these douchebags would only take orders from TWO people that I know of, which makes this situation all-the-more bittersweet. "Th-PROTOTYPE? What the- who? What?" Eric stuttered, only to quickly shut up as the D-Bag closest to him jammed the end of his rifle into the side of his head with an aggressive grunt.

"So, it really IS you…" I heard an all-too-familiar voice state, stealing my attention from the assholes that DARED threaten my friends. Narrowing my eyes in a hateful glare, I yanked my hood up over my face and bared my teeth at the Government agent that had been a moderate part of the experiments performed on me and my baby brother. "You just can't stop being a thorn in Gentek's side can you?" he said in a smooth voice only the best of liars and con-artists can use as he knelt down and picked up The Stick before narrowing his single eye at me: he knew it was me.

"He has The Stick of Truth!" Eric gasped as the boys exchanged worried looks as the agent that had a personal vendetta against my brother and I came to a stop mere feet away from us. "How does this guy know you, Queen MacManus?" Kyle asked, causing sick laughter to float around the group of D-Bags as the Head Agent made an amused sound of his own. "Queen MacManus? You still go by that name when you know THAT name died with you four years ago! Why don't you tell them your REAL name…ZEUS!" he demanded, making me instantly see bright-orange at the codename that represented my time as not only a prisoner…but a possession.

"I don't answer to THAT name, Gentek scum: and I SUGGEST you keep it that way before I grind you into paste!" I spat through gritted teeth as I restrained my anger and extreme loathing for these men. "Look around ZEUS, YOU don't get to make demands here: Dr. McMullen has offered a reward most generous for you and Experiment 1850's capture." he said, making Alex flinch and grip the back of my jacket tighter, making several vines of biomass ripple through my body suit in response to my rage and desire to tear him apart in every possible way I could come up with.

"Look, that Stick belongs with the Fighters of Zaron, give it back!" Stan said as he held out his hand, as if the Head Agent would simply hand over anything to a child instead of following his desire and try to capture us again. "Fighters of Zaron? Boys, what's going on here is MUCH more complex than that. Don't you even know what your friend here is? Why she can do the things she does?" he suddenly questioned as I tightened my fists to the point where they openly-bled through my gloves but I didn't care in the least. "You see, our organization: Gentek, has been making vaccines for many different kinds of illnesses and weaponized viruses for decades." he started, only to be quite-rudely interrupted by Eric, and I think we were ALL grateful for that.

"Oh god…" he groaned, cueing Stan to join in: even though he knew what the Head Agent was going to say, I was grateful for his attempt to change the conversation for our sake. "Oh brother, spare us!" Stan said, making the two D-Bags behind him tighten their grip on their rifles: only to freeze as the Head Agent halted them with a wave of his hand. "Silence! We have been creating bio-organic weapons for the military to use to gain a massive advantage over any war. It was then the Director of our department: Dr. McMullen gave us plans to create a new, more lethal strain called Project Blacklight." the agent continued, only to be interrupted by Eric's overly-dramatic groan of boredom again.

"Can we skip this? Like, hit the Skip button or something?" he questioned, only to be roughly hit in the back with one of the D-Bags' rifles: sending the Grand Wizard forward and on his knees as he tenderly rubbed the rapidly-forming bruise on the back of his neck. "I got a bullet with your name on it, kid. Keep running your mouth and you won't like me very much." one of the bigger, buffer D-Bags threatened: making me bear my teeth in a vicious snarl and fought hard against my instincts until my friends were safely out of the way.

"It was flawless and utterly unpredictable! Project Blacklight was a complete success: it was volatile, it made the perfect soldiers, and there was no cure once organic material had been infected! However, this secret weapon had ONE flaw: whatever it touched couldn't be controlled, no matter what we did. We soon took to injecting it into test subjects in hopes of discovering a way to control it in this way. Unfortunately, each and every subject we had injected had fallen prey to the virus: until a child was brought to us four years ago." he explained, wanting to explain everything to us before his pet D-Bags opened fire on us, most likely.

"Yawn, yawn, yawn." Eric once AGAIN interrupted, only to jump out of his skin as a sudden 'bang' sounded and a large, smoking hole appeared right next to his foot: signally the D-Bags' withering patience. "When I give the signal, drop to the floor and do NOT stand up." I mumbled just loud enough for the boys to glance at me out of the corner of their eyes: signaling that they heard me. "This child was quite ordinary in appearance, with the exception of her curious hair color, however…once we started testing, we discovered something extraordinary. The virus bonded to her instead of killing her or changing her into one of the other bio-organic forms we keep for observation and testing. As you can see for yourselves, she still keeps her sanity and logical mindset as well as her human form, though she if FAR from human. Which is why we came up with the codename, ZEUS: to mark her as Gentek's first successful Blacklight host. But before we could train her to obey our commands, she and Experiment 1850: also known as Alexander MacManus, slipped through our hands. I had orders from Dr. McMullen and Captain Cross to secure BOTH experiments, but have failed multiple times. They feared that if the Experiments remained free for too long, they would end up in our enemy's hands or worse: develop minds of their own, which the latter has regrettably been proven true." he paused as he narrowed his gaze at me in disgust, which I returned tenfold as the boys looked to each other in confusion.

"We already know about Saphira's shapeshifting powers, but why would the Government want her brother for his farts?" Kyle questioned, making me raise an eyebrow from under my hood at the sound of such a weird question: though I couldn't blame him for not knowing about Alex's power. "That's dumb." Stan agreed, making me sigh before raising my guard: just in case the D-Bags decided to pull a sneak attack, and I wouldn't put it past them for doing so.

"His farts? No. His amazing ability to copy anyone's fighting style and knowledge of weapons far beyond even our most highly-trained officers' comprehension. Such skills have granted him vast access to any and all weapon plans: how they work, what they do, and how to build them and he can create the same weapons from just seeing the blueprints ONCE. His brilliant memory has earned him many allies in every social network: before he was five years old, he had 3.2 billion friends on Facebook alone." the Head Agent explained, causing Alex to audibly-gulp as the boys drifted their concerned and impressed gazes to him as he cowered behind my back: fraying my tolerance for this pitiful-excuse for a man even more than it already was.

"Do any of you have ANY idea the kind of power either of those gifts hold over today's world?! It's time to come with us, ZEUS: time to stop resisting your purpose and use your gift for your superiors!" he ordered, making the final bit of restraint snap: and I knew everyone in this room could sense it, though the outcome for either side will be VERY different…as they were about to find out.

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