Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 63

"Gift. Gift? Is that what you think I have?" I asked quietly, keeping my head lowered so the boys couldn't see what was happening underneath the beak of my hood, or any of the D-Bags for that matter. "We have very different perspectives on 'gifts' you and I, I see a gift as something that is shared between friends or family: you, however: see a 'gift' is forcing a power upon someone that never wanted it in the first place." though the tone of my voice was level and calm, the truth hidden underneath was the purist of rage.

"Don't be so ungrateful, ZEUS: you should be thanking us for granting you such a privilege, we made you BETTER." the Head Agent replied, not noticing how the boys took a few small steps away from me. "Better? You think you made me BETTER?! You fucking CURSED ME! I NEVER wanted this, I don't want to be a KILLER! Your so-called 'GIFT' makes me a MONSTER, I don't WANT to change my form, I don't want ANY of this! Did you know that every time I consume someone, that I hear their voices cursing and threatening me without end: or their terrified and dying screams in my ears every second of every day?!" I raged as biomass openly crawled over my body suit and down my limbs at regular intervals now, only to come to rest down my legs and over my boots.

"A minor set-back that can easily be fixed, you really shouldn't take your gift for granted: it could've been easily given to another." the threat crystal-clear as everything around me seemed to fade until it was only me, the D-Bags and him as the room seemed to suffocate itself in the dead-silence like a blanket.

"Fix me? FIX ME?! Just who the FUCK do you think you are?! You honestly think I'm going to let you 'FIX' me when we BOTH know what you REALLY mean by that, you serpent!? And while we're on this 'fixing' topic: why don't you find a way to fix your brain, 'cause instead of you having a 'few' screws loose: you lost the whole fucking tool box." I spat, ignoring Eric's snickers in the background as the Head Agent slapped The Stick in his hands: as if he were preparing to hit me with it.

"Enough of this foolishness! It appears we will have to fix your tone as well, now stop these childish games: you are much too fascinating for us to let you just roam free, you know this to be true. And yet all you and Experiment 1850 seem to care about…is this." he said as he held up The Stick for emphasis, making me growl in embarrassment as the D-Bags started laughing at us, and I was tilting dangerously-close to doing what I was made to as it was: I didn't need the boys to be put in danger over a smart-ass remark, so I kept my mouth shut.

"There are MUCH more important objects in the world that either of you can EASILY obtain if you come with us, why a tree branch that's worth nothing?" he inquired in a mocking tone, as if he couldn't believe that we would choose something so trivial over anything else we could possibly want. "The Stick of Truth is a Holy Relic! Whoever controls The Stick controls the universe, dumbass." Eric snapped with a roll of his eyes, making me wonder if he actually HAD a death wish, or if he really didn't give two shits about the multiple trigger-happy D-Bags aiming their rifles at him. "Yeah, stupid." Stan said, making me gulp nervously as the Head Agent's eye twitched before he grunted in disapproval: as if he didn't want to hear the answer after all.

"You have been ordered to stay professional at all times, ZEUS. Enough of this idle chatter, It's time to come home where you belong." he said, not leaving room for discussion as he pulled two pairs of Titanium handcuffs from the pocket of his jacket, causing Alex to whimper and bury his face in my back. When I didn't move to go to him, the D-Bags clicked their weapons and made to try to force me to go, only to pause as Stan stepped to my right side with a victorious smirk on his face as he griped my shoulder in his left hand. "You underestimated the character of the Fighters of Zaron! What binds us is MORE than that Relic." he said as Kyle and Eric copied the same smirk as his, only Eric's had more arrogance in it than victory.

"And you failed to recognize the character of our alliance, Saphira and Alex would NEVER choose you over us." Kyle said as he too stepped up until he was standing slightly in front of Stan, making the D-Bags snicker with contained joy: as if they thought they would get to practice their aiming skills on us soon. "Yes. And that friendship is more important to any of us…even The Stick of Truth." Eric said, shocking me as he also stepped up, making a slight growl escape the Head Agent before he stormed over to the D-Bag closest to him and harshly yanked his radio from his shoulder before narrowing his eyes in a hateful glare that PROMISED punishment.

"You drive a hard bargain, ZEUS: let's see if you can resist MY offer. We're ready." he stated into the radio before the sounds of a second Blackwatch chopper droned before said chopper hovered just outside the treehouse as the door slid open.

However, once it did, I had lost all sense of humanity: leaning out of the chopper, stood McMullen in the same, perfectly-pressed business suit he had been wearing when I had first met him. It was then several things happened at once: the wind from the chopper's blades blew my hood back, exposing the feral snarl and bared teeth on my face as the world around me darkened from a fiery-orange to a blood-red. Those present saw this change, causing the boys to quickly jump back at the sight of my fire-engine-red eyes as the D-Bags took defensive stances and all aimed at me.

The Head Agent started to sweat as he gulped nervously as he tried to discretely make a break for his own chopper: only to decide against it as he saw the Hunters crawling along the hole in the wall. McMullen however, had a pleased look on his face: as if he were witnessing his child accomplish something great from the safety of the chopper. With a guttural hiss, I felt the biomass around my legs tense and ready itself as I glanced at the boys before giving the slightest of nods as I focused my vicious stare on the Head Agent again.

"I accept your offer, only not in the way you thought you would. DROP!" I commanded, causing the boys to drop like rocks to the floor: just as I lifted my right foot and stomped down with all my might in a focused, favored attack of mine I liked to call GroundSpike. The name wasn't very original, but it described what it did perfectly well as massive spikes of hardened biomass suddenly shot up from the floor in a protective circle around me and the boys. I make the spikes much smaller than they normally would be, as to avoid the treehouse coming down with the mini-earthquake as they served their purpose with vigor, judging from the choking gasps and dying gurgles of the D-Bags that had the misfortune of standing too close.

Once the spikes retreated, I transformed my right arm into the Whipfist and grabbed the Head Agent's chopper by the tail and gave it a harsh yank: sending the transport vehicle spinning out of control and crashing to the ground in an explosion of screaming metal and blue and orange flames. Raising my head, I snarled at the Head Agent as he found himself trapped between me and the Alpha Hunter as it leapt onto the platform between him and McMullen's chopper. Focusing my vengeful stare on McMullen, I heard the boys stagger to their feet on shaky legs as they observed the carnage they had just barely-managed to avoid.

"You guys finish this and get The Stick, this fucker's MINE." I snarled in unrestrained fury as the chopper began to pull away under McMullen's order, though they won't get very far. "But what about-" Kenny started, only to quiet down as I tightened my grip on my hood as I started focusing on the form I wanted. "Don't worry Kenny, he's not going anywhere." I stated in a growl as the Alpha prowled and stalked along the edge of the fortress, licking its chops and snarling as it eyed the agent hungrily with its single eye: and I was internally glad they were focusing on IT instead of the D-Bags, who looked like human-versions of Swiss cheese.

"We've got it covered here." Kyle said as I nodded before walking close to the Alpha before letting the biomass consume me: hoping that I was able to take this form as I had no idea what the virus was going to do at this point, seeing as how I had limited control of myself as it was. And I hoped my lack of control would not only FINALLY end this, but gain me the freedom I had been wishing for ever since I had been taken to my own personal hell.

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