Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 64

Keeping my focus, I was unaware that I had my eyes closed until the biomass retreated, and the terrified gasps and yells started. Opening my eyes, I was both shocked and grateful that the form I wished to take had been achieved without a hitch. Instead of any other form I could've chosen: the virus gifted me with the embodiment of all the rage I was currently feeling and I loved it. I was big, easily the size of a private plane with armored scales with the design of the Daedric shield in Skyrim that each doubled the protection of both my Shield and Armor abilities.

My body had elongated and became reptilian with a sort of feline grace, I was standing on four tree-trunk legs with four massive talons attached to each foot. Attached to the bottom of my hips was a long tail with a Xenomorph blade on the tip that swished idly across the floor as I stretched my gigantic wings out to the sides: exposing a second, smaller pair of wings underneath. My neck had become serpentine with the thickness of a gas-station pipe while my head became broad and triangular. My snout had become similar to the beak of a bird of prey: though it was filled to the brim with solid-black teeth as I flicked my forked tongue to lick my nose as my nostrils flared.

Looking into the downed chopper's blades, I was able to properly see my reflection through the light of the flames: and even I was a bit intimidated by it. I was black-cherry in color with glowing-red detailing: making me look like a living creature made from cooling lava. I had two pairs of glowing, fire-engine-red pupil-less eyes set right behind each other that appeared to flash 'on and off' like a flashlight each time I blinked. From the top of my beak to the tip of my tail were rows of spikes that looked to be multiple versions of my Blade.

On my cheeks and lower jaw were giant, narrow broadaxes that extended and retracted like a switchblade each time I opened my mouth, which glowed the same bright-orange as the mouths of Hunters. Taking a closer look at my wings, I saw that the 'leather' part was serrated like the blades of a saw on the ends and were glowing the same dim red as the rest of the details of my new form: making me realize that this particular form used hardened biomass instead of the 'skin' of any other form I had at my disposal.

With a growl, I spread my wings, reared on my hind legs and let out a roar that sounded like a demonic-version of Godzilla before I turned my massive head to look at my friends: who all expressed their fear and shock in their own ways, only to have me reassure them that I was in control with a bob of my head as I nodded at them. As my gaze moved to the Head Agent however, my docile state vanished as I bared my four-foot long teeth and gnashed aggressively at him: snapping my jaws mere INCHES from him, reveling in his terror before turning to focus on my target. Tilting my head up, I inhaled the frigid air deeply, catching McMullen's scent on the wind, making my large chest rumble with a snarl before I raised both pairs of wings and took off like an eagle before banking right in a hard starboard turn as I honed in on my prey's location.

With every single beat of the larger wings located just behind my shoulders, the smaller pair on the middle of my back took two: making me able to fly much faster than a petty helicopter that could no more hurt me now than a fly could hurt a rhino. Through my bright-red gaze, I was able to easily find my target: and I made DAMN sure they knew it as I released another roar of rage that knocked the snow off the roofs and trees on the ground some sixty-feet below.

Tucking my wings close, I shot forward like a falcon and was gliding next to McMullen's chopper in less than thirty seconds: the cold wind not bothering me in the least as we flew side-by-side. Spreading my wings out again, I took a peek inside the window and saw McMullen lounging in his seat with a bourbon while the pilots tried their hardest to out-fly me: which wasn't going to happen. 'Why, hello there.' I thought as I opened my jaws in a sardonic grin before I gave the chopper a light nudge with my head, making alarms of all kinds go off in the cockpit: making McMullen jump to his feet to see what was going on.

"What in God's name are you two imbeciles doing?!" he snapped, only to freeze as he saw me hovering in their path with a savage snarl on my face as I took a deep breath and spat white-hot flames at the tin-can that they DARED call protection: blinding the pilots and making the chopper stagger mid-flight.

Diving forward, I suddenly reared backwards and latched my talons onto the side of the vehicle before grabbing hold of the rotor on the top and tore it off like the top of a soda-can. With a pleased growl, I flapped my wings and let go: licking my jaws as the chopper dropped like a rock to the ground in the middle of the park, where it proceeded to set itself ablaze from its damaged gas-tank.

Touching down softly on the basketball court, I folded my wings to my sides and waited patiently for the smoke to drive my prey from his hole. 'It's just you and me now McMullen, let's see how you fare in the face of Death.' I thought as hot, glowing-orange drool seeped through my teeth: making it appear as if I had chewed up a neon-orange glowstick.

I didn't have to wait very long as the door suddenly slid open: revealing thick, black smoke and the glow of the flames from within as McMullen: battered and bruised, staggered out of the downed chopper, coughing and hacking through the light snow that had begun to fall. The sight he had become in less than a minute was quite beautiful to me: his glasses were broken and askew on his stern, but wrinkled face. His once neatly-combed hair was windswept and tangled, and his suit was rumpled, wrinkled and covered in soot: making the once-terrifying man look much like the lamb he was.

His coughing was soon replaced by a strangled gasp as he caught sight of my nightmarish form as I prowled towards him like a stalking panther, spreading my jaws in a frightening grin as he staggered back away from me and flick his gaze from side-to-side in a useless attempt to escape. Commanding the virus, I became cloaked in biomass for a short time before continuing forward in my original form as McMullen came to a stop up against the chain-link fence that surrounded the park.

"Hi, Doc." I greeted in a false-pleasant voice as McMullen suddenly drew a gun from his jacket and aimed it directly at my head. "That is a foolish thing to do." I said as his gun started shaking in his sweaty grip as I came to a stop a few feet away from him. "You knew I never wanted this curse you gave me, you convinced my parents to give me to Gentek. Tell me, how much did you pay them? Knowing your profession, it must have been a lot: enough to not give a fuck that your 'scientific breakthrough' was a five-year-old." I snarled, showing off my pointed teeth even more as he cowered against the fence.

"Even for your age, you were always so intelligent: I simply gave you the means to fulfill your dreams, ZEUS." he said without a hint of remorse as I paced in front of him, keeping my bloody-red eyes locked with his own steel-gray ones. "My dreams? Since when were my 'dreams' jumping through hoops like some PET while I begged and pleaded you people to leave me the fuck alone?!" I barked, waiting for that ONE comment…the one that would seal his fate, but first: answers.

"ZEUS, please: a 'pet' is a strong word to describe yourself while you were in Gentek's care, don't you think? We simply prepared you for what was to come, was securing your future and safety so wrong to achieve?" he questioned, making me suddenly rush forward and punch a hole through the steel fence directly next to his head. "My NAME is Saphira MacManus! And the only future I saw while you kept me prisoner, was a life I wasn't interested in living: a life I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. Except, maybe you: but I have a MUCH more fitting plan in mind for a monster like you." I said in disgust as he suddenly laughed in my face, making me grit my teeth at the audacity of this pitiful-excuse for a man.

"You call me a monster, but what does that make you, I wonder? Because unlike you, ZEUS: I have never killed anyone in cold-blood." he taunted as I lunged, gripping his throat in the Claw that had taken the place of my right arm and harshly pinned him to the fence. "All because of YOU, motherfucker! YOU DID THIS TO ME!" I screamed with rage as four bladed tendrils shot out from my back and lashed around: the blades on the tips barely brushing McMullen's face, but slicing his skin and making him bleed all the same.

"You pack a venomous sting, ZEUS: but listen, there's nothing more you can do to hurt me." he said with a sarcastic laugh as he jammed the barrel of the gun under his chin and prepared to pull the trigger, only to miss the killing shot as I used one of my tendrils to snatch the gun from his grip and toss it into the skeleton of the flaming chopper. "I beg to differ, Doc, you seem to forget: I AM in charge here, there's no need for petty toys…I have a DIFFERENT game in mind, remember?" I said with a sadistic smile as he paled an unhealthy white as he realized his fail-safe plan was just shot-to-shit and he was ultimately at my mercy.

"But if you're THAT eager to die: who am I to deny you?" I asked as my tendrils shot forward like striking snakes and wrapped around each of his limbs and held him up off the ground in a rather crude display: not that it mattered to me. "ZEUS, please! Reconsider this: you can have anything you want, just say the word and it will be done! Just release me and you'll never see me EVER again!" he suddenly pleaded, making me pause in my plotting as I eyed him with an amused expression on my hooded face.

"Huh, never thought I'd hear you beg: though it DOES make me happy to hear it, it still won't save your worthless hide, old man." I growled, not giving him any more time to try to beg for his life as I suddenly leapt at him: burying my first two clawed fingers into his forehead: making him scream in agony before I cartwheeled over his shoulder. During this time I flexed my wrist and dug my claws deeper in his body as I used the friction to slow myself down as I slid down his back: his bloodcurdling cries coming to a standstill as my boots make contact with the snow behind him.

At first glance, it looked like nothing happened: until I flicked my tendrils in opposite directions: effectively pulling his body apart in two perfect vertical halves that were so perfect in fact: that each and every one of his organs stayed within their proper places and were split directly down the middle. With a look of pure satisfaction I carelessly tossed both of his halves away from me, watching them land across each other: the only movement coming from him was the blood leaking from his theoretic-black heart.

'I hope you suffer the same cruelty as you dealt unto me, you bastard.' I thought before I wiped McMullen's blood from my face before I turned away from the scene and let the biomass consume me as I walked away: taking the form of the Blacklight Dragon once more as I spread my wings and took to the air, rushing back to Clyde's house to find out what had become of my friends…and the Holy Relic that had control over the universe itself.

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