Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 65

Even though what I had just done was severely frowned-upon, I knew it was what I had to do: if I did, Alex and I would be free, if I didn't: who knows what Gentek and Blackwatch would be doing. With that in mind, I slowed down my flight and took in the sight South Park had become and it looked like a warzone: buildings were on fire, cars and trucks were flipped over, parts of the UFO still burned and military vehicles sat abandoned throughout various places.

The small groups of Blackwatch soldiers that still remained were quickly being overrun by the Nazi zombies that seemed to have taken over the entire town: making me sad when I spotted people I recognized shuffling along with the rest of the many rotting corpses. Taking my gaze from them, I leveled my wings out in a smooth glide as I circled around Clyde's fortress and spotted Alex and Stan fighting Kenny! Though he didn't look like he did when I had left, making me realize with a heavy heart that Kenny had become a Nazi zombie too.

Deciding not to intervene, I continued to circle around the massive treehouse and saw that the Head Agent was on Kenny's side of the ring and was giving him orders, making my red eyes burn like hot coals in anger. Before I could swoop down and snatch the manipulative snake, I caught sight of the Hunter pack lurking like vultures circling a carcass: waiting patiently to make their move when they were least expected. As I made my fourth pass around the battle, I gave a short roar to my friends below: making the Head Agent growl in anger as everyone (including Nazi zombie Princess Kenny) looked up and caught sight of my massive form.

And apparently, my greeting was just the distraction the boys needed as Eric snuck up on Kenny from behind and grabbed hold of him, holding him still and keeping his attention as Alex's face suddenly became scrunched-up before he bent over and actually FARTED on poor Kenny. It was a good thing that I was shocked enough to hover in mid-flight, because as soon as Alex did that, a bright-white light flashed from the source of the battle and seemed to cover the entire town in its too-bright presence. Once the green and blue spots in front of my vision went away, I looked around from my position to find that every single Nazi zombie had been returned to normal: how that happened, I had no clue.

As I stretched out my legs and lowered myself to the platform, I watched as Kyle walked over to Kenny and helped him to his feet: steadying him when he almost toppled over in his dazed state. 'I wonder how Kenny became a zombie, there weren't any other zombies up here when I left, and he's too smart to actually touch the green goo Clyde had gotten hold of.' I thought in confusion as I folded my wings back and let the virus transform me back to my original form. Once I did, I was greeted with both wary looks and smiles as Stan and Butters ran up to me.

"Saphira, dude! You're back, what about that man you were chasing?" Stan asked as the rest of the boys celebrated the return of The Stick while I gave him a pointed look. "Let's not mention that." I said, feeling bad as he turned green in the face, but nodded eagerly in agreement as the rest of the boys eventually took notice of me and rushed over to find out what happened. "Saphy?" Alex questioned in a tiny voice as I lowered my hood and grinned happily at him. "We don't need to worry about going anywhere, Little Bit." I said, making his eyes tear up as he practically jumped on me and knocked me to the floor with an 'oof' as the wind got knocked out of me.

"Good to have you back, Queen MacManus: we wouldn't have an awesome celebration without you." Eric said as he picked up The Stick of Truth from the floor and held it tightly to his chest: as if to protect it from any FURTHER incidences. "Glad I could make it, bastard had me hauling ass all the way across town." I said in distain as I let out a yawn, making Eric smack me on the top of my head with his stick for causing a nearly-continuous chain-reaction of yawns throughout the group.

"Sorry!" I yelped with a laugh as I was suddenly assaulted with playful punches and noogies that made my hair a poofy nightmare that would be a bitch to brush out later. "H-Hey, big g-government meanie! Where are ya going?" Butters called, drawing everyone's attention to the Head Agent as he tried to make a break for the exit when we weren't paying attention. Smirking deviously at my friends, I tensed my legs and sprinted for him, jumping between him and the exit: blocking his almost-escape. "Going somewhere?" I questioned with a cocky smirk as the rest of the boys approached with evil smirks and grins of their own.

"Red Crown WILL hear of this, ZEUS! Mark my words, you and Experiment 1850 will be rotting in a cell very soon!" he threatened as I scowled at his words like bad vegetables for dinner, throwing him off as the mention of the Blackwatch Command Unit would normally have me cowering in a corner, now it had no effect on me.

"Fine by me, more asses to kick: YOU however, we're not done with you." I said as the boys started cracking their knuckles with angry glares on their faces: particularly Kyle and Kenny, though I wasn't sure why. "You know a bunch of kids wouldn't be able to do anything of the sort, or has your mind disappeared along with your sanity, Creature?!" he spat, making my smirk widen into a sinister smile, making the Head Agent's cocky attitude disappear into one of concern.

"Who said anything about kids?" I questioned as I purposely glanced upwards, cueing the one-eyed man to follow my gaze nervously, only to cry-out in fear as he pissed himself at the sight he was met with. With hungry growls and snorts, the five Hunters that had been an invaluable assist to me and my friends crawled down the walls like scuttling cockroaches, snapping their jaws and licking their teeth with drool-soaked tongues.

As the adult in front of me panicked, I smiled as the Alpha lowered its head in a submissive greeting before bellowing at the Head Agent, making us laugh as his entire front side became covered in pale, sticky drool that didn't appear to be coming off any time soon.

"Glad you guys could join the party." I greeted as they regarded me with head-bumps before they circled around and formed a ring around us. "If you're going to kill me, do it! I'm not afraid of you, ZEUS and I don't plan on starting now!" he snarled as I snickered at his poor attempt to act tough. "My loyal friends, will one of you please PLEASE get this asshole out of here?" I asked sweetly as all five Hunters pounced the poor guy: snarling and snapping at him as they dragged him off by his legs off the edge of the platform and off into the darkness that was quickly becoming early-morning.

"You think those things will kill him?" Kyle asked, a little unnerved by my nonchalant shrug: in all honesty, I didn't know WHAT they were gonna do, but I wouldn't complain if there was suddenly one less asshole in the world. "Who knows, I guess he better hope he doesn't piss them off: Hunters have a worse temper than I do." I replied as we all made our way out of Clyde's treehouse and back onto solid-ground: where many kids of both armies lay defeated in the snow.

"Now that we have The Stick of Truth, what are we gonna do with it?" Kenny asked as we all looked to Eric as he stared at the Holy Relic with a contemplative look on his face. "There's only ONE thing we can do with it." he said as he walked to the front of the group and started leading us through the destroyed town and in the direction of the school.

As we passed multiple heavy machinery and workers rapidly working their magic to rebuild what was lost, I found myself walking between Kyle and Kenny: the latter of the two was a bit too close, but I was too tired to really care as his arm kept brushing mine on occasion.

Squinting my eyes against the rising sun, it wasn't long before we reached the destination Eric had chosen, and I gulped nervously as I found myself standing at the edge of Stark's Pond. Taking my fear of water into account, Kyle and Kenny were nice enough to stand by me as I stood a few feet further away from Eric and Stan and the innocent pond. "You guys SURE about this?" Kyle asked as he eyed The Stick that all of us had basically fought tooth-and-nail over since a few weeks before my family even MOVED to South Park.

"There's no other way." Eric said as he stared almost-longingly at the Holy Relic in his hand as he heaved a defeated sigh. "It drove our friend to madness and nearly killed us all." Stan said as we all stared at the branch that had caused us both excitement and grief in Eric's grip. "There was also the whole 'military' visit that had a lot to do with that." I reminded Stan as he glanced sheepishly at me, as if he had actually FORGOTTEN that part.

"Well…there was always THAT." he said, making a small laugh escape me before we continued to stare at The Stick as Eric sighed again before stretching his left hand outwards and pulled his right arm back: taking aim before he chucked The Stick as far as he could into the pond. As it hit the water with a soft 'splash', we watched as it floated on the surface for a few seconds before it vanished from sight as it sank to the bottom of its watery grave.

Once it was gone, none of us really knew what to do now that the very object this hellish game surrounded was gone, until the boys' faces broke out into excited grins as they high-fived each other: making me wonder how the HELL any of them were this hyper after pulling an exhausting all-nighter. "So what do you guys wanna play now?!" Eric asked as Stan and Kyle grew excited as they thought of new ideas for our new adventure.

"How about Dinosaur Hunters?!" Stan suggested, glancing at me with a mischievous smirk as he did, causing a good-natured scowl to appear on my face at his absurd idea: not that it was a BAD idea, I just highly-doubted my friends' parents would appreciate their kids playing with a shapeshifter that could turn into things that could easily eat them.

"Or Pharaohs and Mummies!" Kyle added in a voice that was just as excited as Stan's, only to wait patiently as Eric held his hand up to stop their excited chatter. "Let's ask MacManus! Do you have any ideas?" he asked as I raised my hand to my face to stifle yet another yawn before answering.

"Oh, I have plenty of ideas: I'd just rather go to bed and sleep off this horrendous headache I've got from listening to the pointless bullshit of adults who have an ego bigger than their brains. Besides: I was already 'Savior' once, let somebody else have a turn now." I said as I straightened my spine and commanded the virus to change my body suit back to my trademark dark-red hoodie, orange pants, black gloves and burnt-orange beanie that I felt as if it had been YEARS since I had last worn them: it was a good feeling to have them back.

"Then let's ask Douchebag then, what do you wanna play next, dude?" Eric asked as all four boys grinned at him as they awaited his answer as he glanced at me before turning his attention back to the formerly-known Grand Wizard. "Screw you guys. I'm going home." he said, shocking me that he had actually spoken to them, and in such a rude manner: and I wasn't the only shocked one, judging by the slack-jawed expressions on the boys' faces.

As Alex passed me and walked in the direction of home, I pulled my hand back and roughly smacked him upside his head: making him turn around and glare at me as he rubbed the back of his head, only to shrink back as I gave him a disapproving glare of my own before letting him continue on his way.

"Wow. What a dick." Eric said as Stan and Kenny nodded in agreement while Kyle looked at me in concern as I adjusted my beanie over my long, burgundy locks.

"Don't worry about him too much, you guys. He's only like that because he hasn't had any food and you kept calling him 'Douchebag' the entire game. He may be acting like an asshole, but trust me when I say: he likes you guys. Just try calling him by his name next time, won't you?" I asked with a tired smile, which they returned as I gave them a friendly wave before turning my back to them and followed my brother's footsteps in the direction of the place we could hopefully call home for a long time from now.

Kicking a pebble down the sidewalk, I couldn't help the shit-eating grin that spread across my face as I thought about all the wonderful friends I've made, and I knew deep inside that no matter what happened: those friends would always be there when I needed them, just as I would be there for them: come hell or high-water…any threats to South Park, beware…beware The Monster in the Mirror.

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