Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 8

was jolted out of my semi-peaceful sleep by Alex shaking me, only to have my hoodie hit me in the face as soon as I sat up. "Alex? What the hell did you do that for?" I asked in a groggy voice as I looked at him, surprised to find him already dressed. "Mom said if I didn't get you up, we would both be late for school." he said through his scarf, making my eyes widen before I jumped out of bed and threw my hoodie and beanie on.

As I slipped my pants over the bottom half of my body suit, I saw Alex glaring at me out of the corner of my eye. "Before you even start assuming shit: no I didn't show anyone, but you know as well as I do that people WILL find out eventually. This isn't something that's easy to hide from people Alex, especially in such a small town." I said as I put on my boots and grabbed my backpack off the floor and slipped it on while walking downstairs, brushing my bedhead out until it was a shiny and straight waterfall as I did.

Grabbing some toast, I didn't look at either of my parents as Alex and I walked out the door and over to the bus stop. "They are going to get when they deserve Saphy." he said as he gave me a hug, letting go as we came to the bus stop: where Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny were already waiting. 'Good, at least we didn't miss the bus.' I thought in relief as I jogged over to my friends with a smile.

"Morning guys!" I greeted, making the boys stop their conversation and look over at us and greeted us in their own ways. Seeing as Alex was rolling his eyes at something Eric said, I decided to walk over and stand beside Kenny: who looked a bit lonely as nobody bothered to talk to him. "Sorry for being mean yesterday Saphira." Kenny said in a muffled voice as he turned to me, allowing me to see that all but his eyes, nose, and a few blonde hairs were covered by the hood of his tattered orange parka.

"That's alright Kenny, you didn't know me and it must've been weird to have a girl join in an all-boys game." I replied, sending a questioning look at the others as they stared at me in surprise. "What?" I asked as Stan snapped out of his stupor before replying. "Usually we have to translate for Kenny, yet you understood him perfectly." he said as Kyle nodded in agreement. "It's really not that hard to understand him, Alex talks that way all the time." I said as Eric suddenly started laughing, drawing our attention over to him.

"Kenny's family is so poor, that they had to put their cardboard box up for second mortgage." he said, causing Alex, Stan and Kyle to laugh while I frowned as Kenny clenched his fists and glared at the fat kid angrily. Before he could go punch Eric, I put my hand on his shoulder as I moved into the fat kid's view. "Lay off him Eric, that kind of teasing isn't cool." I said as all four boys stopped laughing while Eric glared at me. "Fuck off MacManus! You don't know a good joke from a bad one, and you WILL respect my authoritay!" he snapped, causing a glare of my own to appear on my face as we glared at each other.

"You don't have to stick up for me: he does this all the time." Kenny said as he tried to pull me back, while Stan and Kyle gulped nervously as they watched the tense scene unfold. "Lay off the poor jokes, or I'll have to put you in your place in German again." I said with a daring look on my face. "You don't have the balls." Eric smirked as he stomped over so that he was directly in front of me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alex face-palm as I grinned wickedly at Eric, unnerving him a bit.

"Ich kann keine Kugeln, aber zumindest ich nicht gehen lustig machen über meine Freunde, wenn Sie sich das Plakat-Kind für Beschimpfungen ... butter sind!" I said laughing, causing Alex to snicker too, leaving everyone but Eric beyond confused at what I had said. The funniest part about it was how red he turned as he tried to come up with a good comeback, only to stumble and catch on his words.

"S-Screw you, you fucking bitch!" he finally settled on as he pouted in his spot with his arms crossed over his chest and his lip pushed outwards, causing us to laugh tenfold. "What?! What did you say? C'mon if it has that kind of effect on Cartman, I want to know!" Kyle said excitedly as Eric glared at him. "She said 'I may not have balls, but at least I don't go making fun of my friends when you yourself are the poster-child for verbal abuse…butterball!" Alex translated quietly, making me jump in surprise as he actually spoke to them, and I wasn't the only shocked one, the rest of the boys were too.

Before anyone could reply, the bus showed up and delivered us to school, where I hoped for two things: to make friends, and for nobody to discover the secret I ever-so-desperately tried to hide. Once the bus let us off, I took in the bright-yellow and grey building and kids of many different age groups that waited outside and played in the snow. Seeing as how I couldn't find anyone I knew besides Clyde and Butters: who were overjoyed to see me for some reason, I chose to hang out with Kenny after I spotted him sitting on the icy steps all by himself.

Plopping down next to him, I shot him a grin at his surprised and confused look. "Hey Kenny." I greeted as his confusion changed into a smile, judging by the way his eyes crinkled up. "Oh, hey Saphira, what's up?" he asked as I shrugged my shoulders while watching Alex enter the school with a bunch of second graders. "Well the only thing I could see that's up is the grey sky and the flag." I teased, laughing as he gave me a shove, almost knocking me off the steps.

"Seriously though: I noticed you here by yourself and thought I'd sit here for a bit." I said, standing back up as the bell rang while looking down at my schedule. "Whose class do you have?" he asked as he walked with me down the locker-filled hallways of the school. "I have Mr. Garrison." I replied as his eyes lit up and I thought I saw Kyle do a small victory dance, but I couldn't be sure. "We have him too: I can show you where his classroom is, but first-" he said as he suddenly jumped on me and engulfed me in a bear hug, almost knocking us both to the floor in the process.

"Thank you for sticking up for me." he muttered so that only I could hear him. Just before he let go, he quickly groped my chest before literally SKIPPING down the hall. "God DAMN you Kenny!" I yelled red-faced as I sprinted down the hall after him, ignoring the rest of the kids' laughing as I focused on my orange-clad target. Turning around at the sound of his name, his eyes widened considerably at how close to him I was getting.

"Sh-Shit!" he yelped as he ran full-speed and into a classroom with the name 'Mr. Garrison' on the door. Stepping through the door, I walked up to the front of the class and introduced myself to everyone. "Very well Saphira, you can go ahead and take the empty seat next to Kenny." Mr. Garrison said as his creepy hand puppet pointed to a seat next to Kenny, showing me where to sit as I wove my way through the occupied desks, ignoring the wolf-whistles and jealous glares being sent my way.

As soon as I was settled, Mr. Garrison began teaching a lesson that had absolutely NO relation to the topic he was supposed to teach: which was math. As I dug through my backpack, I found Alex's class schedule: how it got there I didn't know, and I couldn't wait until recess so I could give it back to him. 'I wonder how the rest of this day will go, but knowing MY luck: either really good or really bad.' I thought as I tried not to fall asleep as Mr. Garrison continued to drone on about some actor in a show called TrueBlood: a show I could already tell that all of us were WAY too young to even consider watching while I waited for the bell to ring, granting us freedom of the hell better known as Mr. Garrison's class.

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