Monster in the Mirror

Chapter 9

As soon as the bell rang, I quickly grabbed my things and followed Clyde out the door to where his locker was, where my own would be. Punching in the code, I was happy to find my friends' lockers were in the same general area: allowing me to see and talk to them between classes. As I dug around in my backpack for my math book, I heard somebody call my name from a few feet down the hallway.

Glancing up, I grinned at the sight of the boys as they stopped in front of me and gave me their own greetings. "Hey Saphira, we're all heading to lunch, you want to meet us there?" Stan asked as Kyle gave me a smile and a nod. "Sure, I don't know that many people anyway, so I think hanging out with you guys would be great." I said as Eric rolled his eyes, only to have Kyle shove him before he could say anything.

"Sweet, see you at lunch." Stan replied, engaging me in a completely random handshake that we were both improvising on, before he and the rest of the boys disappeared down and through a large set of double doors at the end of the hallway. Once they were gone, I placed my book in my locker: only to have someone forcefully slam the metal door shut, right on my fingers. Letting out a loud yelp of pain, I glared at an ink haired girl in a purple jacket with a bunch of other prissy girls standing behind her.

Sucking on the blood that was dripping between my fingers away, I shouldered my bag and stood tall: refusing to be intimidated by the likes of this girl. "Hey, Saphira right?" the dark haired girl sneered, causing the rest of the girls to giggle and whisper amongst themselves obnoxiously. "Depends on who's asking." I said, narrowing my eyes as she smiled sweetly at me, a smile laced with poison. "I had been hoping we could chat for a second, about Stan." she said as the rest of her posse surrounded me, not that I was afraid of them in the least.

"I don't know what sort of conversation we could possibly have about him, or the rest of my friends for that matter." I replied, smirking as her face contorted in rage before she punched the locker right next to my head. "Listen here bitch! Just because you're the New Kid, doesn't give you the right to move in on MY man! Now I'm only going to say this once: stay away from Stan Marsh, and I won't have to post photos of your ugly, slutty self all over the internet. Got it whore?" she demanded, causing my blood to burn in anger as I glared harshly and stood toe to toe with her.

"No I don't 'got it whore' because I can be friends with whoever I want, and it's not up to some prissy, spoiled bitch like you to decide who those people are. And quite frankly, I can see why Stan broke up with you: he's far too sweet to be held down by a controlling deadweight like you and here is YOUR only warning Wendy: fuck with me or any of my friends, and I will personally make your life a living hell, this I can assure you." I growled before turning on my heel and walked to the cafeteria, ignoring the screeching of the pack of bitches behind me.

As soon as I got inside the cafeteria, I pulled a seat up between Kyle and Kenny and took my lunchbox out of my bag. Unfortunately in doing so, I accidentally showed off my torn-up hand, gaining the attention of all the boys at the table. "Holy shit dude, what happened to you?" Kyle asked with a concerned look on his face, much to the amusement of Eric. "Ha-ha, Kahl's got a girlfriend!" he mocked as Kyle's face turned a bright-cherry red as he glared at the fat boy.

"Shut up fatass! She's not my girlfriend!" he snapped at Eric's smug expression. "That's not what your face says Jew-boy." he snickered as he took a large bite of his sandwich. "What happened Saphira?" Kenny asked, ignoring the banter between the two boys. "Wendy and her pack of bitches happened Kenny." I said as Stan gave a low whistle, silencing the two bickering boys. "Shit, I'm sorry Saphira. I didn't know she would attack you like that, do you need one of us to take you to the nurse?" Stan asked, looking bewildered as I shook my head.

"I'm fine, it doesn't even hurt anymore. Thanks for the concern though, I appreciate that." I said with a grin, lying through my teeth about my hand: the skin of my fingers had been ripped off, leaving my left hand a raw, bloody pulp that I had wrapped in paper towels. Regardless of this fact, it still hurt like a bitch on steroids, but I've had to deal with much worse than this. That grin quickly vanished at the sight of Kenny's sad excuse for a lunch, the lunch that only consisted of a slice of bread.

'I guess they weren't kidding when they said Kenny was poor. Well, let's brighten his day shall we?' I thought as I took a little more than half of the contents of my lunchbox: apple, banana, chips, and half my ham and cheese sandwich and gave it to him. "Here Kenny, you need this more than me." I said with a smile as his face split into a look of mixed shock and confusion. "But…aren't you hungry? This is an awful lot of food Saphira." he said as he tried to refuse, only to have me nudge the tray back over to him with a shake of my head.

"My mom always packs me more than I can eat, I guess it was a good thing she did the same thing today." I lied as Stan started a small food-fight with Kyle, laughing as Eric tried to snatch and eat what he could out of the air. Because they were distracted, they didn't see Kenny's eyes well up with tears, nor did they see the grateful squeeze he gave my hand under the table.

After I finished my half of my lunch, I checked to make sure I still had Alex's class schedule in my bag as Kenny ate every last bite of food I had given him. "Hey Saphira." Kyle said, catching my attention from my paper-hunt. "You never answered my question from yesterday. Would you consider joining the elves' side?" he asked, causing Eric to glare sharply at him. "No way Kahl! She was in Kupa Keep first: she doesn't want to be part of your gay Drow Elves." Eric snapped while turning to me with that same glare. "Do you?!" he questioned as everyone at the table went quiet, waiting for my answer.

Before I could answer, the doors to the cafeteria slammed open, revealing panicked and out-of-breath Butters. Spotting us, he sprinted over and started waving his arms like a madman: catching everyone's attention. "Saphira! Saphira come quick! It's Alex! Somebody's beating him up!" he babbled, turning my concerned face into a vicious glare in an instant as I stormed after Butters down the hallways. I didn't care if any of the guys were following me or not, all I cared about was wringing the neck of the son of a bitch that DARED lay a hand on my baby brother.

Storming out onto the playground, I instantly saw a large group of kids standing in a circle as a heavily muscled kid in a black hoodie pinned Alex to the ground and started punching and wailing away on him. Grinding and baring my teeth in rage, it took Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters and Clyde to hold me back as I fought to escape their grip and protect my brother. I didn't know and I didn't care WHO this kid thought he was, but he was about to learn: you don't fuck with a MacManus.

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