Battle of Sokovia

Chapter 10

What felt like hours later I lay in bed watching the weak sun creep into the room. I praised my decision to get this double bed now more than ever as Pietro lay stretched out next to me his head propped up on my pillows. So that had actually happened, something close to euphoria filled my chest as he kissed the top of my head and tightened his arms around me. My legs were hooked around his under the sheets so I could still feel the heat of his skin against mine. If I'd known what the combination of mine and his abilities would do I might have suggested this much sooner. Nervously I took my head off his chest and looked up at him but his eyes were already on my face.

"Hey" I said reaching up and moving the hair from his eyes. They caught the light making them look more green than blue and I noticed where the silver of his hair faded into brown. I followed the line with my finger letting it fall down the back of his neck.

"If you keep that up I can't promise I won't grab you again." he chuckled taking my hand from his neck and kissing it "How are you feeling?"

"Ok I guess." I said gazing up at the ceiling feigning indifference

"You guess?" he asked amused

"Now whose the idiot." I said looking back at him smiling "Course I'm alright, that was way overdue."

"I agree. So now we just make up for lost time yes?" he said with a grin "Unless you're too tired."

"Hey you might be able to run circles around me out there but in here-" I was cut off when his lips found mine again.

I looked over his shoulder to the clock and saw that it was 6.30am.

"Damn" I mumbled


"We have to be up for training in half an hour." I said with a slight moan. Today was actually one of the few days we trained together with the others so we really couldn't be late.

"Maybe they won't notice if we don't show up." he said moving his fingers up and down my spine making my back arch inwards. I had to shake my head to clear it.

"They will, especially if we both don't turn up. I don't want Romanoff breaking the door in."

"Yes you're right" he said taking his arms from around me and pushing himself up. I looked at him quizzically "What?" he asked passing me his t-shirt from the floor "I do listen to you...sometimes."

I rolled over detangling myself from the sheets and laughed as I saw the mess on the floor "Good luck finding your stuff." I said shrugging on his top and heading to the bath room to shower before training. I felt a cold breeze pass my arm and heard the shower turn on and the door click open then close again. There was a blur of blue in the air and he came to a halt in front of me, fully dressed. "How in the hell" I said shaking my head and smiling. "I'll never get used to that."

"I'll wait here" he said falling into the armchair a book in his hands. The pages flipped by so fast I wondered if he was actually reading it or not. "Unless you want company in there?" I bent down and threw a loose trainer at him

"No smart ass." He caught it before it hit him and had it on in a flash.

"Thought I'd offer." he said as I got into the shower.

I stepped out ten minutes later and pulled the towel around me. As I opened the door steam gushed out into my room. Through the haze I could see Pietro standing at the open window, his head and shoulders out in the sun which was bleaching his hair even brighter.

I moved as quietly as possible to my closet to grab my uniform. The black tank top and pants were made of a soft breathable material to suit our intense training. I grabbed my jacket off the door and slipped into it, the S.H.E.I.L.D patch on my arm was instantly noticeable. I looked in the mirror to pull my hair into a ponytail so just my fringe hung down framing my face. Pietro turned as I clicked the closet door closed.

He darted over fitting his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my head. I looked back at the mirror again and smiled at him. It was funny to me how small I seemed next to him and how my hair contrasted so drastically with his own, like snowfall on dark earth.

"Where do I get a uniform like that?" he asked nodding at my reflection

"You've got earn it, and if you don't turn up for training-" I said turning round "But I'm complaining. I think this looks better one you." I said running my fingers along the lightning like designs on his t-shirt. They ran down each side of this rib cage and stood out white against the dark blues of the shirt.

He plucked my key card from my dresser next to us "Need this?" he asked. I went to take it but he held it back "Cute picture." he said and I rolled my eyes.

"We gotta go." I said putting it into my pocket and grabbing my phone. I opened the door slightly and looked back at my room with a sigh, I hoped no one came in while I was away, I'd have a hard time explaining all the mess.

"After you." he said squeezing past me so his body was right up against mine. I nearly pulled him back into the room and locked the door but I knew we couldn't miss training.

"Stop that" I said pushing him in front of me. He grinned back at me as I shut the door behind us.

"We're going to be late" he said looking at my phone

"No way I am not doing that again" I said setting off at a jog

"Blake come on, it will only take a second, literally." He offered striding along next to me. I stopped and crossed my arms.

"Fine but only this once. If I get to practice and wanna throw up I'm blaming it all on you." he chuckled and lifted me up

"One" he said "Two" I braced myself and cringed but he didn't wait until three. He took off like a bullet. I felt like I left my stomach and brain behind as he flew through the building making it down three corridors and two flights of stairs. He might have given a man a heart attack as we ran past his desk scattering papers everywhere. Finally he came to a stop with a jolt and set me down. I immediately grabbed the wall for support.

"Never. Again" I said holding my head. I couldn't tell whether he wanted to laugh or apologise so I just straighten up and stepped through the double doors to the training bay. Nat and Steve were already there briefing two recruits wearing the same uniform as me. Steve was gesturing at a white board filled with complex designs and arrows but turned as we entered.

"Maximoff, nice of you to join us." said Steve in a mildly annoyed tone

"You're welcome" said Pietro and I elbowed him in the side.

"Captain Rogers" I said coming to a stop in front of the group

"Morning" he said nodding to me and Pietro "And Steve is fine." he finished addressing us all

"So I can't call you Cap anymore?" asked Nat with a grin

"Don't confuse the kids Romanoff" replied Steve with a smile "Ok. First hour is power training then we move onto agility and endurance. Maximoff you'll be with me and Evans. And Deveraux" he said nodding at me "You'll be with Romanoff and Doran."

"Yes sir." We said breaking apart. Pietro started after me as I moved with Nat and Emily to the other side of the room. I'd once been jealous of Emily since she'd stolen his attention a few weeks ago but now it was as if she wasn't even there. Nat didn't miss a thing though.

"Oh my god." she almost yelled and I grabbed her arm


"Did you two?" she asked grinning mischievously gesturing from me to Pietro. After an excruciating second of deliberation I nodded and she laughed out loud "I knew it! What did I tell you kiddo." she said pinching me cheek

"C'mon Nat, Roger's will hear you." I said looking back over the room to the guys. Pietro was gazing back at us amused so he'd clearly heard.

"You got it. But he better watch it, you're still my little recruit." she said bumping my arm with her shoulder "You'll have to tell me all the juicy details later."

"Ah no Nat." I said cringing. She shrugged her shoulders and led me over to the practice range.

"Right girls. I've set a few targets up for you. If you hit it first try I'll move it further back, see how far your range goes before you power down. You wanna go first Blake?"

"Fine" I said stepping forward trying to ignore her smug expression. The target was hanging two metres off the ground a good few strides away from where we were standing. I shrugged off my jacket and stretched my arms out before me hearing my joints crack. I thought about how Nat had told me to stand last time and changed my stance. She registered my change and knew I done the right thing. I slowed my breathing lifting my hands as if ready for a fight and punched out as hard as I could. The projection of my movements sent the target flying backwards as if it had been hit by an invisible truck. It shattered into splinters against the far wall making Steve and the other two boys turn around.

"Sorry" I said

"No that was good. I think we need a new target though." she said calling one from an attendant who stood at the edge of the room taking notes "Next time though keep your punches closer to your body like this" she said showing me "It makes more of an impact."

"More of an impact?" said Emily looking impressed "Nice one B" she said clapping me on the back.

"Again" said Nat

An hour later we changed groups and I was paired up with Steve and Pietro, I had a suspicious feeling a certain red head had something to do with it.

"Ok you two. I set up this course to see how you move throughout the field under pressure. You have 5 minutes to complete the lap and take down all obstacles. I'll start the clock in a second." said Steve as we lined up

I glanced at Pietro, I could tell he was itching to get started, he bounced on the balls of his feet waiting for Steve to hit the timer. This was going to be hard enough without worrying if I could beat him or not, and the competitive streak in me raised its ugly head. We moved up to the start line and took our positions.

"I'll go easy on you" he said looking over at me as Steve got ready to push the timer. I heard the buzzer sound.

"Don't you dare" I said and took off.

The first obstacle I came across was a high beam blocking my path. I pushed my legs harder and jumped grabbing onto the top of the beam. I saw Pietro next to me sprint right over it and land on the other side. I hauled myself up and jumped down landing hard on my feet. The moment my feet hit the floor it began to move and I almost lost my footing. I ran towards the next part keeping light on my feet and making sure my body was fluid so that the ground could not tip me over. I hit the wall opposite and began to climb as I heard a grunt behind me, Pietro had slammed into the wall. I smirked to myself and sidled along the wall. As I jumped down Pietro landed next to me.

"Pie of cake" he said squeezing my hand before sprinting off again. I cursed and pushed onwards. We emerged into a clearing in the gym and agents filed out of a door to our left. They ran towards us guns out. I immediately kicked out my leg and sent three people flying. They hit the foam covered floor and stayed down. Pietro dashed round the room unarming the remaining five agents and threw a gun to me. He kept one for himself and came to stand at my back. I aimed at the closet person and shot a blank at their armour. I knew it hit because the lights on their armband shut down and they retreated back to the door. Pietro took care of the rest and we moved onto the final stage.

It was eerily quiet. The room was covered in large crates and foam mats. At the far end I could see a glass door. Steve was standing on the other side keeping an eye on the timer.

"Get to that door" I said to Pietro and stepped forward. Suddenly something small slammed into my arm and I dropped to the ground. I trained my gun on the place I thought the shot had come from and spotted a hole in the wall. An automatic was sticking out of it pointing right at us. Numerous ones scattered around the room. "Get down." I shouted rolling behind a crate.

He dived down next to me before the gun could go off again. "Are you hurt?" he asked concerned examining my arm.

"Fine" I said moving "They're just blanks, stings like a bitch though."

"Two minutes guys." We heard Steve shout over the hidden speakers.

"We have to get to that door."

"I'll draw its fire, shoot at the guns." said Pietro and I nodded. A blur of movement later and every gun in the room started going off. I shot the barrels and took down five out of the six guns.

"Come on!" Pietro called to me from across the room "I've got you covered." I took off and heard the gun pop again. I got to the other side of the room by darting behind crates and skidded to a stop next to him. There was a space of about five metres between us and the door now. I couldn't see the gun from our position but had nothing to throw to draw its fire. I raised my gun above the crate and felt it get shot out of my hand.

"Crap" I said snapping my hand down again "It's over there I think" I pointed to the corner of the room. Pietro stood up and sat back down so fast the gun didn't even see him.

"I see it. Here" he said handing me the gun "You are a better shot than me. When I say, start shooting, then run." I looked into his eyes and nodded

"Go" he yelled and sprinted to the door. The gun went off and I emptied my round into the hole. It stopped and I heard a groan of pain. I span round to see Pietro gripping his leg with his right hand and holding the door open for me with his left.

He'd gotten hit because I didn't shoot fast enough. I flashed back to my first mission in Sokovia, I'd been standing on the evac boat when Steve placed Pietro's broken form on the ground. Blood stained the floor as it left his body. And the look on his face would haunt me till the day I died, slightly shocked eyes staring straight ahead. I remember thinking how handsome and innocent he looked even in death, but the smile, the life, that wasn't there anymore.

"Blake?" he yelled and I re-focused on the room "Let's go!"

Staring down at my hands I threw the gun away disgusted by the look of it. I ran through the door and the buzzer went off again. I'd just made it when I fell to my knees and began to shake uncontrollably.

"That's a record" I heard Steve say happily from very far away "Three minutes and twenty eight seconds. You two make a good team. Deveraux?" I felt his hand on my shoulder "You alright?" I jerked away and stood up.

"Sorry Sir, I...don't feel too good." I said trying to keep my voice steady

"Oh. right. Report back when you do? We need go over your scores and re-evaluate-" I barely heard the end of his words as I walked away. The training room doors opened before I could reach them and hit the walls with a loud bang. I didn't mean to but when I got upset or angry my abilities went haywire. Pietro called my name behind me as I ran out of the room.

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