Battle of Sokovia

Chapter 20


I sat there for the rest of the day watching doctors come in and out of the ward. Mostly they were checking on her machines, heart rate and vitals. Nothing seemed to change though. I didn't let go of her hand the entire time. I wanted her to know I was there, even if she couldn't hear me. The time seemed to snail by, it was infuriating to sit and do nothing but I couldn't bring myself to leave her. Wanda came down the ward as the doctors were leaving for the night.

"You've been here all day." she said squeezing my shoulder "Go and get some rest. I'll stay with her." I felt like saying I wouldn't leave, that I would stay here until she woke up..if she woke up. But I was ready to drop, I'd be no use if I couldn't even stand.

"Alright, but before I go, can you try something?" I asked. She looked at me confused "Get in her head, just to see. Please."

"Pietro I don't know what use it would be, she's still unconscious." she said looking down at me. I met her gaze with a defiant look.

"Just try." she walked round to the other side of the bed and placed her hand on the side of Blake's temple. I watched her eyes glow for a moment while she concentrated, but after nothing happened she gave me a sad look.

"I can't read her."

"What do you mean?" I asked panicked, she could always read people, whether they liked it or not.

"Its fuzzy, I can't break through. Pietro-"

"Don't." I said holding up my hand "You tried."

"It's probably the morphine." she said in a last attempt to make me feel better. I knew it wasn't. She couldn't break through because Blake just wasn't there right now. A doctor sidled into the room holding a clipboard and began turning off the lights around the unoccupied beds.

Wanda moved back to my side and pulled me from my seat. My muscles ached from sitting so long and after the run back to the base. The doctor came to stand at the end of the bed and pulled out Blake's notes. A puzzled look came over her face and she looked at me.

"How much blood did they say she lost?" she asked me. I tried to remember but Wanda answered before I could.

"Over two pints. There was a lot at the scene."

"This doesn't add up." said the doctor in a quiet voice "She lost over two pints and yet her injuries should only account for two." she finished in a confused tone. After a moment she shook her head. "I'm probably wrong but we'll check it out in the morning. It's going to be a long night."

"I'll stay with her." said Wanda again to the doctor. She nodded and made to leave but turned round again.

"Oh Miss Maximoff, if anything changes you hit that buzzer there immediately. We need to monitor everything because if she doesn't wake up soon" she paused and looked down at her board "Well the odds aren't looking good. I'm so sorry." she walked out of the room letting the door swing shut.

"She shouldn't have had to go through that." I said holding the side of Blake's bed barely aware of what I was saying.

"Through what?" Wanda asked me looking worried

"What we had to." I said glancing over at her, she understood. That haunted look came into her eyes and I knew she was remembering the day our house was blown apart. For two days we were trapped, not knowing if anyone was even trying to get us out, slowly suffocating under layers of rubble.

Wanda got up and hugged me tightly. I looked over her head at Blake laying motionless on the bed and noticed the way her long hair was spread across the pillow, cascading down onto her shoulders. That was one of the striking things I'd noticed about her when we first met, the way it moved as she whipped round to face another opponent. Her deep brown hair and brilliant green eyes made her stand out in any crowd, I wished she would open them now, even move a finger, just something to show she was still in there.

Wanda released me and looked down at my hands which were still covered in Blake's blood. "You should get cleaned up." she said pointing to my hair as well, I knew I'd ran my fingers through it so it likely had red stains among the white. I nodded and let her hands go.

"Let me know if anything happens" I said before dashing out of the room.

It was so late that I didn't see anyone in the halls. I went straight to our room slamming the door behind me and grabbed a bottle from under the bed. I took a few deep gulps and cringed. It tasted like crap, but I drank more anyway. In the mirror across the room I caught sight of my reflection, I did have dried blood in my hair, on my hands, face, and my sleeves were cakes in it too. I grabbed my jacket and yanked it off throwing it aside like it was diseased.

Half a bottle later I slumped onto the bed and looked round the room. How ironic it was that just this morning everything had been fine, just like every other day. Now the woman I loved was in supposed coma and no one would tell me if she was ever going to wake up again!

I threw the bottle across the room as hard as I could and it shattered against the wall next to the dresser. Something wobbled off the top of it and feel onto the floor. I put my head in my hands and felt my fists shake with anger. I remembered the hydra agents we took from the base, they were just floors below my feet. I jumped up feeling like my whole body was vibrating with fury. Right about now I should be feeling her hands on my face, trying to calm me down. But no such help came. Walking towards the door again I felt something connect with my foot and looked down.

It was the photo I'd knocked off the dresser. It was surrounded by broken shards of bottle and amber liquid. I picked it up and brushed off the glass. The photo was of me, Wanda, Barton and Blake. She had her arms around Wanda and Clint and was laughing at something he'd said. I stood next to them grinning down at my sister. It should have made me happy to see us like that but it only made me madder.

My hand shook and I placed it down on the dresser again so I didn't break it. I wrenched open the door and ran for the elevator. I didn't even make it there before I ran smack into a wall and stumbled over, I caught myself on a rail and held myself up. What was happening? I tried again and fell over. I managed to push myself up and connected my fists with the closest wall. It didn't hurt as much as I'd thought. Then how could it, right now the only thing that could cause me pain was laying in a hospital bed.

I made it down to the lower levels by sheer force and sped around until Natasha came into view.

"Pietro. What's are you doing down here? Wait, is she OK?" she said stepping up to me and taking in my dissevered appearance.

"Did you get them to talk?" I asked ignoring the question

"Not yet, they're tough basterds this time. But I'll get through." she said giving me a calculating stare "What's wrong with you?"

"Where are they?" I said pushing past her and looking down the hall

"Oh my god Maximoff are you drunk?" she caught up to me and grabbed my arm spinning me round.

"I don't know." I said trying to focus "Let me in to see those agents." I tried to move forward but she put her hand on my chest and looked up at me.

"Hey I get that this is a tough time, we're all feeling it but this is not the way to deal." I gritted my teeth and looked down at her

"Romanoff, this is all I can do right now. Let me pass."

"You're a better man than this." she said gesturing at me "Why would you do this?"

"I just want my girlfriend back." I yelled at her. A door opened halfway down the hall and Steve stepped out.

"What's going on?" he asked walking towards us

"None of your concern Rogers."

"Big shot here is hammered." said Natasha stepping back. Steve gave me a grim look.

"She right?"

"No, I just can't see straight."

"You're not kidding. You think about her once in this?" said Natasha looking pissed.

"Romanoff you wanna go check on the prisoners." said Steve pointedly as I stepped forward clenching my fists. She glared at me and walked away.

I turned round and shoved my hands in my pockets and leaned against the wall. My head was aching but it wasn't just from the alcohol or running into things.

"Are you going to yell at me too? Heads up Rogers, I'm not in the mood." I said looking over at Steve. He stood opposite me and crossed his arms.

"No. I just wanted to say I understand what you're going through." I glared up at him but saw sadness in his eyes. I felt bad and relaxed my gaze. He sighed and spoke again "Her name was Peggy. We were in the army together back in the day."

"What happened?" I asked. He chuckled half heartedly.

"Long story. Let's just say I should have spent time with her when I had it." I kept quiet. He looked like he was somewhere else completely. Then he looked up at me "You two, you had time, you lived and fought side by side. That's more than some get. Whatever happens you can get through this. You're not alone you know, you have us. But listen, if she wakes up, don't waste a second." he said clapping me on the back and looking me over "Might wanna get some air kid, walk it off." He started to leave.

"Hey Rogers" I shouted back to him "I'm sorry." he nodded and disappeared into a side room.

I let my head fall back against the wall and thought about what to do now. I couldn't go back to the ward, Wanda would kill me. I returned to our room and fell onto the bed fully clothed. I was asleep within minutes.

The shrill sound of a phone woke me hours later and I sat up quickly. I grabbed it from the side and saw the internal call sign.


"Pietro?" It was Wanda. I jumped to my feet and shoved on my trainers.

"Yeah I'm coming, what happened? Is she-"

"Get down here now." she said and hung up. I couldn't tell from her voice but I knew it had to be bad. Panic started to creep back into my chest as I pulled the door open and sprinted to the medical ward. I didn't hit a thing on the way so I thought the alcohol must have cleared my body. I burst through the doors and saw doctors clustered around her bed. I started forward and met Wanda's gaze. She was stood at the head of the bed and her eyes were bright and alert. I didn't understand, she didn't look upset or angry. Nothing was flying around the room and she seemed fairly calm, if not a bit shocked.

I pushed past the doctors as they moved away and came to a stop.

"Hey stranger." said Blake in a weak voice.

She was awake. I fell into the chair next to her and grabbed her hand, there was a definite pulse beating there. Her eyes were brighter than I remembered and her skin was still very pale but a faint rosy hue was returning to her cheeks as she grinned at me. "I miss anything fun?"

I heard Wanda laugh and let out a breath I didn't realise I'd been holding in. Her hand found my face.

"You look like crap." she said running her hand through my hair

"I know." I laughed and leant into her hand to fell the warmth of her skin against mine. "Please. Don't ever. Do that. Ever again." I said pressing my lips to her forehead lightly "You scared the life out of us." she smiled and rested her head back on her pillows.

"Are you alright?" asked Wanda taking her other hand

"Uh huh" she said nodding her head and wincing "Ow jeez why does my head hurt?" I looked at her in confusion.

"You hit it pretty bad. Don't you remember?"

"No. I don't wait-" she sat up so fast she ripped out the IV and the doctors came running again. Wanda waved them away "-Bennett, did you get her out? Is she ok?" she said trying to get up

"Wow Blake you need to lay back down, she's absolutely fine. She with your parents." I said pushing her shoulders back down so she lay on the pillows again. She relaxed and took my hand so tight it hurt.

"Thank you." I cupped her hand in both of mine and held it close to my face.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't get you out in time." She shook her head with bright eyes and winced again.

"Hey stop, you brought me back here. You saved Bennett, don't you dare beat yourself up because you did the right thing."

I smiled half-heartedly knowing that no matter what she said would make me feel better about what I'd done. One of the doctors pushed their way back to the bed and smiled at us. "How are we doing?"

"Pretty crappy but alive." she said and squeezed my hand. She looked confused then as the doctor picked up her file. "Something wrong?"

He looked uncomfortable "Maybe. There's no immediate trauma to the skull but your night doctor tells me we got the report back from the scene and your blood loss doesn't add up. It could be our mistake but it's around half a pint we can't account for."

"What does that mean?" asked Wanda

"Well it means you either bled out a lot faster than you should have or-"

"Someone stole my blood." she said like she'd already worked it out. The doctor looked like he was sure it was a mistake. I glanced back at Blake, there was a distant look on her face. "Chris." she said quietly so only me and Wanda could hear. I didn't know who that was.

"Can you remember what happened before you got here?" asked the doctor

"No not really but I...I can go back."

"Pardon?" asked the doctor looking seriously confused

"I can use my Recollection to go back. Find out what happened."

I shook my head "If you do that you risk making this worse." I said pointing to the bandage on her head "I won't lose you again." she smiled at me sadly

"If I don't, I could be leaving Hydra with vials of enhanced blood. You know what they'll do with it." I nodded grudgingly. I knew she was right but I hated that this was the only option.

She sat up slightly and directed her words at the doctor. "If I do this, these two are not leaving my side." The doctor wanted to argue but from the looks on all three of our faces he knew he'd never win.

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