Battle of Sokovia

Chapter 31

Just to be sure Nat escorted us and Wanda to medical to have her checked over. She didn't tell them what had happened, only that Wanda had woken up. After an hour of intense examination the doctors cleared her saying that she was in perfect health. She was now sat across from me and Nat playing with Anya who was perched on Pietro's knee.

"Blake?" said Nat nudging my arm "You look like you've seen a ghost, you ok?"

I shook my head and lowered my voice "Nat you can't tell me you're ok with this? What Anya did, its unprecedented."

"Well sure but it worked kid, Wanda's alive that's all that matters."

I looked over at my daughter, she was giggling and swaying madly on Pietro's knee as Wanda floated objects in front of her for her to catch. Pietro caught my eye and raised his eyebrows. I jerked my head at the door and he nodded passing Anya to Wanda and giving her a one armed hug. I didn't want to take him away from her so soon after he'd got her back but I needed to talk to him.

"Everything alright?" he asked as he held the door open for me

"We have to run." I said turning to him

"What? You're joking right?"

"No. We need to take Anya and go. Pietro as soon as word spreads people are going to come for her."

"You don't know that, this is Shield they'll keep it quiet."

"What like you guys did? Like Strucker did? They'll find out, put her on the index, I already heard Tony talking to Fury about it, pretty soon it's going to be mandatory. I won't let her grow up like that."

"Shh-" he said taking me in his arms "It's going to be ok."

"No it won't! I'm taking her right now-" I said breaking free and moving towards the doors

"Hey!" he said grabbing my arm and spinning me round to face him "She is my daughter too, you can't do that. Blake, her family is here we can't just up and leave them without any warning."

"Pietro...I've got a bad feeling about this." I said in hushed tones as a group of agents filled past us "Our daughter..I don't know what she is."

Pietro's face grew hard as he looked down at me "She's just a little girl, why are you making this bigger than it is? She brought Wanda back, that's all I care about."

"Bigger than it is? What happens when people find out huh? They'll take her away from us, train her, maybe even weaponize her powers I've seen it before. I've nearly been it before so have you and your sister."

"That's different, we're not Hydra, she's safe here."

"Safe! Looks at what just happened. We may not be like Hydra but there are people out there who want the same things, they want immortality, they want to be indestructible. She can give them that."

Pietro sighed and kissed my forehead. "There's just one simple solution, we don't tell anyone about her powers."

"You think that will work?"

"Maybe, it's worth a shot right?"

"Honey how are we gonna explain Wanda? She's alive now, people saw her body-"

"We'll just say she did it, people know she's powerful."

"You think she'll go along with that? And Nat?"

"It's for her family, of course she will. But I'll leave Romanoff to you. Now come here." he held out his arms again and this time I willingly accepted.

"Pietro how is she even doing it, resurrection?"

"Blake you know science isn't my thing." he chuckled and I felt his chest rumble under my cheek

"Yeah but her eyes were like Wanda's powers, and she already has yours and mine. I mean I know I'm a natural born enhanced but your two's powers came from the mind stone, do you think she just got all of it?"

"That would be my best guess."

"What if she gets stronger?" I asked and felt his arms tighten around me

"Then I promise, we will leave. If that's what it takes to be with you then I'm in, I told you that years ago."

"You know what?" I said lifting my head from his chest to look at him


"I love y-" I didn't even get the words out before he pressed his lips against mine. I grabbed hold of the back of his jacket and pulled him down to my level as he wrapped his arms round my waist.

There came a pointed cough from behind us and Pietro looked up and rolled his eyes.


"Am I interrupting something?" asked Tony with a grin "Only I thought you'd be in worse mood considerin-"

Wanda stepped out of the bay doors and Tony stopped talking for a moment.

"Riiight." he said finally breaking the silence "No offense little witch but you're supposed to be six feet under right about now."

"I-" began Wanda but Pietro cut in

"She...brought herself back." he said lamely throwing a meaningful glance at his sister. Wanda looked slightly confused but didn't say anything, as usual Tony didn't notice the exchange and smiled slightly.

"So I'm guessing since you're all back from the beyond you won't be wanting revenge?"

"Why?" I asked turning slightly in Pietro's arms

"We found the woman who took Anya." he said turning to me "I'm sorry Blake..."

"What do you mean?"

"It was Emily."

"WHAT! Are you fucking kidding me!" I yelled breaking free of Pietro's embrace.

Tony shook his head and pointed out the window. A few agents were dragging a tall woman inside the building, a woman with long blond hair.

"I'll be right back." I growled

"Damn it Stark, you know what she's like-" started Pietro as I made off down the hall

"Blake wait" shouted Wanda but I was already gone.

Emily. How could she? We'd been best friends up until I joined the Avengers. How could she do this to me and my family?

I broke into the entrance hall just as they threw her on the floor. She looked round in alarm like a cornered animal. Maybe she'd thought she wouldn't get caught.

"Please I was put up to it, I didn't mean to." she whimpered on the floor. Steve stood over her looking perhaps the most disappointed I had ever seen him.

"Agent Doran you want to explain to me how this happened? You realise you murdered Wanda Maximoff and nearly killed three other people, including a two year old and your friends." he said in hard voice

"Captain please, I didn't have a choice, they said they'd kill me if I didn-"

"Emily!" I screamed and she whipped round

"No wait no no Blake you don't-" she tried to get out but I threw myself at her and pinned her to the floor with my hand to her throat

"You bitch! You almost killed Anya." I said aiming a punch at her head

"Blake I'm s.s..sorry." she cried

"Wanda is dead because of you, do you hear me?" she didn't know that she wasn't but it gave me a savage pleasure to see her break down under me

"I never wanted that, I was just trying to make things right."

"How does this make things right? In what sick twisted-"

"It's the Avengers, you all need to stop, you don't know what it's like out there in the real world. People are turning on us, they want us to stop messing in their lives. If you carry on we'll all pay the price. This was the only way I'm so sorry."

I shook my head and rolled off her "You're insane Em, you could have just told us!"

"You're life is so perfect B, you wouldn't have listened to me. I lost you the day you met Pietro!"

"Oh nice, pin it on me like this is my fault!"

"Agent Deveraux enough." said Steve offering me a hand. I took it and got to my feet looking down at Emily with disgust. She stared up at me through bloodshot eyes and I turned away.

Behind me Pietro and Wanda were stood framed in the doorway, both I saw had witnessed the entire thing. Emily caught sight of Wanda and her eyes went wide.

"Wanda?" said Steve in awe

I saw Pietro's jaw clench and he stepped in front of his sister as Emily tried to get to her feet. "You're alive." she breathed

"It would seem so." said Wanda resting her hand on Pietro's arm so he would move aside "Maximoff's aren't as easy to kill as you'd think." Something in her voice had changed, like all the warmth had been taken from it.

"Oh Wanda I didn't mean to, that wasn't even me on the monitor, I only set the explosives and got Anya out of the compound I-"

"Stop." said Wanda raising a hand "I'd let you go if it was only me you hurt, but you almost got my niece killed, and my brother."

"Wanda stand down." warned Steve as her eyes glowed red

"You know certain people are harder to read than others Emily, but I got you from the moment I met you. You know why I think you did all of this? You were jealous of Blake's life and you wanted to destroy that."


"I'm talking." said Wanda in such a dangerous voice Emily shut up at once. "I saw how you looked at Pietro when we arrived. I looked inside your head. This is you getting Blake back for what you couldn't get, you know why my brother choose her? She's a better woman than you."

"Please..stop it." sobbed Emily

Wanda raised her hands and stretched her fingers "But I can show you your fears, you don't need me to tell you."

"Wanda don't." I said. She looked at me with her bright red eyes and in that moment I saw an older, more out of control version of my daughter staring back at me, years in the future would this be Anya? Playing goddess to all the weak people who didn't understand what real power was like. "Please, don't."

She broke my gaze and lowered her hand, her eyes slowly returning to their normal soft green. I looked over my shoulder at Pietro but he was looking down at Emily, confusion etched all over his face. She'd been his friend too once, and I knew when we'd first met he'd found her attractive, so much so I'd been the jealous one. But not now. Had it been anyone else I was sure he would have been as close to killing them as Wanda had but this was someone we knew. He didn't have it in him, and I loved him for that.

"Cap, can you take care of...this." I said gesturing my hand at Emily "Find out who put her up to it."

"Blake please forgiv-"

"Shut up! You don't get to ask for forgiveness, you're not a parent so you couldn't possibly understand what you put us through!" I screamed and she dissolved into tears again

Wanda led the way out of the room and I followed her slipping my hand into Pietro's as I passed.

"You're shaking." said Pietro pulling me aside "I'll catch you up." he said to Wanda as she looked back at us. I held out my hand and saw that it was in fact trembling so clenched my fist and shoved my hand in my pocket.

"It's nothing."

"Nothing with you is always something. Talk to me."

I sighed and let him stroke his thumb across my cheek "Pietro remember when we used to say I won't leave if you don't?"

"Yeah, always."

"Well I am ready to leave. If this is going to be our life I don't want it. Betrayal and death, I've had it. It's not the right place for me anymore."

"What are you saying?" he said taking my face in his hands "You're leaving me?"

"No I'm asking come with me." I said looking down at my feet "I don't want to wait until something else happens, another disaster because we both know there will be one. I want to go now, and I want you with me."

He was quiet for a while so I looked up and found him smiling. "Thank god." he said with a smirk "I'm with you Blake."

I laughed and threw my arms around his neck "You sure?"

"What you want me to change my mind? You are such a confusing woman." he crushing his mouth against mine. "I'm sure."

"Wait" I said suddenly pulling away "This is what they wanted. They wanted the Avengers to end, if we leave..ah shit."

"Hey no it's not the same. We're leaving to live, we didn't die. They can carry on now, they always do. Plus I think it's time we start living for ourselves, not the team. We made that mistake two years ago, I'm not doing it again now."

"And Wanda?"

"She understands." she said and I turned to see her standing a few feet away with Anya next to her. "I think you've earned it."

"Where are we going Mommy?" Anya asked grinning at me in a very familiar way

"Anywhere you want." I said and she ran at me wrapping her arms around my legs. Well maybe not anywhere, never mind we'd figure that part out later. Pietro smiled down at us and ruffled Anya's hair. He looked over to his sister who nodded with a small smile.

"So whose gonna tell the team?" I asked

"Not me." said Anya and Pietro together making me and Wanda laugh

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