Warriors: the last code


My clan gave up....all of them did......and they all died......but I won't...... neither will the believers.......we will rise together....until we die

Adventure / Thriller
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Warriors : the lost code chapter 1

Bone ash opened her eyes, it was a bright sunny morning in crystal clan, the leader, pine star, awoke fron his nap, his ear flicked as he padded up to bone ash "bone ash, lead the morning patrol, will you" he said, in a deep voice. "Yes, pine star" bone ash meowed as she dipped her head in respect to the leader. She got up and looked around for who to pick, "cottonflower, kestrelflight, evergreendusk, and goldentip" she said, walking up to the warriors. "Bone ash, pinestar said your leading patrol this morning, am I going?" Cottonflower asked, "yes, Cottonflower, and can you fetch, kestrel flight, evergreendusk, and goldentip for me?" Bone ash asked. "Yes" cottonflower replied as she dashed off. She came back with the warriors "can we bring, burnt paw?" Kestrelflight asked, his tail lashing to the left, then the right. "Yes" bone ash said "now hurry up, if there were intruders they'd be stuffing themselves by now!" Bone ash growled. Kestrelflight dashed off, and came back with his apprentice. "Now lets get a Move on" bone ash said, as she started Her way to the camp entrance. As they padded through the forest, they came across fogclan territory, a patrol ran up to them I'm anger and fear. "What are you doing here? Evacuate the forest, NOW!" One said, furiously lashing there tail like a dog and a chew toy. "What? Why? What's going on?" Bone ash said, her whisker twitched as "starclan gave up on us! Our medicine cat told us so!, and great danger will come if we stay!" They said as the rest of fogclan ran through the forest and the fogclan patrol ran with them. "Odd, mousebrains" bone ash said "let's continue" she said. But no response came "guys, come on" she grunted "what if......what if their right?" Burnt paw asked "what if starclan really is giving up on us?"

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