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Miko Academy

Day One at Miko Academy Part One

As soon as the old bat showed her to her room, she slammed the door in her face and backed away. She heard the woman chuckle before a piece of paper was thrust under the door. She waited until she heard footsteps fading away then grabbed the paper only to see that it was a map of the school. She threw it on one of the two desks in the room before collapsing on the bed farthest from the door.

Sara knew that she was utterly screwed. She was stuck in a weird place that she could be killed in without a second thought, her uncle didn't know that the academy was dangerous, and her aunt probably knew that this place was dangerous and wanted her dead. She sighed. Kami must hate her for what she did in her past life or something.

Curling up in a ball, Sara watched the door until her eyelids drooped and her breathing evened. But not even an hour later, a horrific night mare of a battlefield strewn with blood, body parts, and corpses of the dead had awake for the rest of the night.

The Headmistress made her way toward the new student with a remarkable power, the most powerful in the school yet! Kioshi Sara was going to be a wonderful priestess once the school was through with her. The problem was making her power known and not just sensed by the others. Only Kami knew what would be the trigger.

She stood outside of her dorm room doors and waited until she knew that Sara was awake and ready for school, for the most part.

"It is time for you to go to your classes, Kioshi Sara-chan. Please put on the school uniform that is hanging in the closet," the Headmistress called out, and she heard the young female groan. A satisfying smile came over her old face as the teen miko opened the door wearing a sailor uniform with the logo (A curvy golden S with whit wings and two white dots with M. A. in the pink trim) on the sleeves and the skirt being a light pink to represent the miko power color. Her dark brown hair was pushed back by a light pink head-band and her brown and gold speckled eyes were clouded with sleeplessness. She had the light pink tie on right, which wasn't easy to put on.

"This way," she said after a quick check to make sure that the uniform's light pink collar was pulled down correctly, which it was.

Sara sighed in defeat and followed after the old woman. She noticed a picture hanging on the wall and stopped to stare at it. It was her ancestor, Higurashi Kagome, a hanyou on her arm and three people behind her. One was a monk, the other a demon slayer that had a three-tailed neko youkai on her shoulder, and a kitsune child. She couldn't believe it. Her ancestor was famous for killing the infamous hanyou, Naraku, and collecting the shards of the Sacred Jewel, which she broke herself. The Shikon no Tama then disappeared after the battle, never to be seen again. Why was her picture hanging up in the school and why was there an eerie feeling coming from all over the school? She didn't get it.

Well, it didn't matter anyway. All she had to focus on was getting the fuck out of this school. How she was to do that was a different story but she would wait and figure out a good plan. Until then...stay low and keep out of trouble, which was hard to do for her. After all, trouble seemed to find her everywhere.

"Excuse me," the Headmistress said with a warm smile as she opened the door to a classroom.

"Why Headmistress Kinomoto! What brings you to our class at this hour?" the sensei asked, closing a book in her hands and taking off her golden-rimmed glasses.

"You have a new student by the name of Kioshi Sara-chan. Treat her well considering she doesn't know how things work at our school," she said with a wink as she shoved Sara through the door.

She stumbled and turned to give the old bat a warning glare as her powers flared with annoyance and irritation.

The Headmistress froze with shock as she sensed the power of a miko and a youkai mixed. Not just any youkai but an inu at that.

"Don't worry," one of the students said with a warm smile. "We shall take good care of Kioshi-san."

"Yes! Don't worry at all," another piped out and the others nodded in agreement. Sara grimaced as she's told to sit in front of the sensei, and she opened her book back up and continued to read from it.

"I shall continue where I left off. Kioshi-chan, since you don't know what this school really is for, I will let you off for the next week until you get the hang of it," she said, and Sara nodded and sighed in relief. Good. She didn't have to worry about school work or homework.

"'Sesshomaru-sama was the Taiyoukai Lord of the West, actually we live where he would be ruling today. Anyway, he mated a human woman by the name of Rin that was his human ward when she was a child. He had three 'pup' with her; two of them were boys and one a girl. The eldest was his girl who was put last in line to rule over the Western Lands. His second eldest was put as heir but he never got a chance to rule when the entire family was murdered. The only ones to escape was Rin-sama and her daughter, Shiori-sama'," the sensei read, and Sara raised an eyebrow at that. She was pretty sure that the whole family was still alive but if the sensei said that they weren't than she must have been wrong.

"Excuse me but I hear that Sesshomaru-sama and his whole family did indeed survive but had to give up ruling do to the fact that ningens became ignorant to the existence of youkai or, as the Americans know it, demons," a girl next to her said as she raised her hand.

"Well, that is one part of the theory. No one really knows what happened to the royal inu-youkai family. Some think that they all died, some think that only two escaped alive, and others think that they all survived and went into hiding. It's a mystery," the sensei replied to the girl's statement, and the girl nodded in understanding.

A bell rang soon after, and she dismissed the class with a wave of her hand.

"I have your schedule here, Kioshi-chan," the sensei called out before Sara could walk out. She sighed with irritation and went back to the sensei (whose name she still didn't learn yet). She handed it off, and Sara looked at it.

First hour was Youkai History, second was Violin, third was Archery, fourth was Swordsmanship, fifth was Miko History, sixth was English, then came Lunch, seventh was Math, eighth was Science, ninth was Normal History, tenth was Chorus, eleventh was Miko Training, and lastly was twelfth which was Herbs.

Sara groaned as she looked at all the classes she must attend to for the rest of the school year. Twelve classes! They must be trying to kill her.

She ran off and went to her second hour. She had to have a passing student show her the way to Violin but she didn't care.She walked in and the male sensei told a girl to hand her a violin so she could play today.

I'm gonna die by the time the school day ends, Sara thought sourly as she was given a violin and told to play the first part to it. She did as she was told and took a deep breath before playing.

The classroom was strangely silent as she played the violin. She played the violin up until three years ago after she found out her parents died in a car accident. She hadn't played until today. She didn't have any worries about messing up on playing. She knew how to play the song by heart because it was a lullaby her mother sang to her so she could rest peacefully at night. When she finished, the whole class stared at her in awe.

"That was amazing!" the girl next to her cried out with tears in her eyes, and the sensei nodded in agreement.

"Where did you learn to play like that?" the sensei asked dabbing at his eyes with a handkerchief.

"I learned by my mother. I've been playing since I could walk. This is second nature to me," Sara replied with a shrug and set the violin down in its case.

"You can have the violin. It was mine when I was a little girl and never had the heart to give it away until now," the girl that told her that her playing was amazing said with a smile, and Sara beamed. A rare feat for the fifteen year old who hadn't smiled, it seemed, in three years.

"I'm Kaede. Kureno Kaede," she said and held out her hand.

Sara took it and said with a smile. "I'm Kioshi Sara. Please to meet you, Kureno-chan." Kaede smiled and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too. Let's be friends, Kioshi-san," Kaede said and Sara smiled and nodded.

I made one friend. This might not be so bad after all, Sara thought as Kaede lead her off to her next class.

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