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The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness


Join Link as he embarks on a grand journey to save Hyrule once again, but this time with the help from familiar characters from the past incarnations, new faces, and even the goddesses themselves!

Adventure / Fantasy
Austin Hughes
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Episode 1: A Hero's Journey Begins

In the peaceful land of Hyrule, the morning sun was coming up to wake all living things that lived there. As the sunlight reaches a small ranch called Greenwood Ranch, it shined on a young man's closed eyes, he began to wake up to the morning light. As he rose and got out of his bed, but he heard a lovely melody outside. He then walks to his window and figures out the melody is coming from the horse barn. He walked downstairs and out the door to follow the lovely melody coming from the barn. He entered the barn and looked to his right and saw his friend, Millia, singing to one of the horses, Epona, a very loyal and young horse that seemed to like Link ever since she was born. Millia looked over in shock and blushed as she said shyly, "Link! I-I didn't see you there…Did I wake you up with my singing? I am so sorry." Link just smiled and shook his head as Millia sighed in relief. "Good, the last thing I want to do is wake you up early on your birthday. Oh that reminds me here take this," Millia said and gave Link a violin made from a maple trees and from the finest violin maker in all of Hyrule. Link looked at it astonished as Millia said blushing, "I-I thought I should give you something good for all the work you have been doing lately. I hope you like it." Link smiled and nodded in, but then they heard shouting and yelling outside that sounded like Deobia was in trouble.
They both rush outside and saw a bull chasing him around the ranch as he yelled, "Help! Help please! This bull is out of its god forsaken mind!" Link sprung into action as he ran at the rampaging bull chasing Deobia as Millia yelled in fright, "Link wait!" Link timed it just right for as he jumped he landed on the bull's back and as soon as he was on the bull it started to buck and kick trying to get him off. Link held on tight and grabbed the bull by the nose ring and started to pull. The bull started to stop and it collapsed on the ground tiredly. Link got off as Deobia applauded because of Link's brave deed. Millia power walked to both of them and yelled in anger, "Why are you applauding father! Link could have gotten hurt or worse killed! And you Link! Why on earth would you do that! Do you know how dangerous that was?!" Link hung his head in shame but Deobia stepped forward and said to Millia," What Link did was brave. If he hadn't done it then I would have been flattened." "Yes but there could have been a better solution than just throwing himself in front of that bull!" Deobia wanted to continue but he spotted Link giving him the motion to stop, he wasn't going to win this one. Deobia chuckled and said to Millia, "Okay, fine. You win."

Later that day, Deobia was getting ready to head out to Hyrule Market to pick up some supplies for the ranch. "Now Millia and Link, the horses need to be feed before evening and-"Deobia was saying before Millia interrupted him by saying, "We know. We know. Just go and get the supplies father. We will take good care of the ranch while you are gone. You can trust us." Deobia smiled and hugged them both and said with a chuckle, "I'm glad I have you children to help out. I'm getting too old for this." He let go of them and set out to Hyrule Market as Millia and Link waved goodbye.

"Link, I need you to check on Epona and see if she is eating her food. She keeps denying the food today and I can't get her to eat it. She seems to like you more than me anyway." Link nodded as Millia walked in the house to prepare dinner. Link entered the horse barn and saw Epona still denying to eating her food, so Link sat beside her, patted her muzzle, held some of her food to her mouth, and she started eating it. Link smiled as she nuzzled him but something caught his eye. He saw a blue ball of energy at the end of the room that later went into the floor. He walked over to where it was and heard a hollow thump underneath his feet, but he then fell through the floor boards into a deep hole.

He later woke up in a cavern with Millia by his side, with a lantern. "Oh thank the goddesses! You're alright," Millia said sighing in relief. Link asked what happened and she answered, "Well I called you in for dinner, but you never answered to I went to go check on you and I saw a hole in the ground. So I grabbed a lantern and climbed down a vine that was near the entrance way. And that's how I got here." Link stood up again onto his feet as he helped Millia up, and they wondered deep into the cavern. They eventually discovered a ruin with a giant angelic statue rested in the middle. They both walked through the ruins in fascination, and as they walked towards the statue they saw ancient writing on the bottom of the monument. They rushed to the monument and started to examine the writing.

"Long ago, in a land with no name there was a fierce war against the demons and the mortal. This war lasted for years until a great and powerful Goddess descended from the heavens and sealed away the great evil, Demise. Many years later he was released from his prison by his loyal servant, but a hero raised his sword against this great evil and defeated him. For many years heroes have been chosen to defend against the descendents of Demise, and all of succeeded in their task. They were heroes but not even heroes are protected by the hand of time. Those who wear the clothes that rest upon this alter, shall take the responsibility as did the other heroes. He must continue the endless battle to prevent the darkness from destroying everything."

Link stared at the writing oddly as he looked down to see the clothes mentioned in the writing. He saw a green tunic resting upon chainmail. There was also a strange looking pointed hat that was folded and on the tunic. He examined the clothing closer and saw white pants under the tunic and leather boots in front of the Alter. Millia looked at Link as he looked at these clothes from the writing. Plus, she was amazed of how Link knew what the writing said and was puzzled of how he knew it. As Link reached for the clothing, Millia looked to him and suggested, "Link we should return to the surface. Father will be home any minute." Link nodded agreeing to Millia's idea as they headed out of the cavern.

They returned to the surface where they saw Deobia standing there with his arms crossed as he asked upset, "What were you two doing down there and why is my floor broken?" Deobia sat down on a nearby bucket as they told him their story of the ruins, but Deobia got up off the bucket and stroked his chin. "Listen, I don't want you too down there ever again, understand? I want this floor repair tomorrow morning," Deobia demanded with a serious facial expression with a hint of fear, so Link and Millia sighed and nodded. "Anyway I got this while I was in town," Deobia said taking out an enclosed envelop from his pocket. Millia took it, pulled out a letter and read as Link tried to read it over her shoulder. Millia examined the letter and said with excitement," It is an invitation! It states here that we are all invited to a party in Hyrule to celebrate the King's birthday, and the party is tonight! Oh boy we have to get ready!" Millia rushed into the house to find something good to wear, but as Link tried to follow her in Deobia held his arm in front of him and reached into his bag. "Link…I have something for you," Deobia said as he took out a steel sword in a sheath as Link looked at it in excitement as Deobia added; "Ever since you got here I notice you loved to swordplay so I have been saving up the money to buy you a sword for when you were older." Link took it slowly and hugged Deobia tight thanking him. Millia yelled from the carriage, "Come on you two or we are going to be late!" Link and Deobia rushed outside and got into the carriage, but Link noticed Millia had a brown robe on. They rode off as they headed to the Castle to attend the King's birthday party.

They arrived at the castle and saw all the beautiful flowers surrounding the castle. Millia took off her robe and Link saw her wearing a white dress with her hair up. Deobia looked at her and smiled with a tear in his eye as he said, "You look so much like your mother." Millia smiled and blushed a bit as Link and Deobia were complimenting her beauty. As soon as they were done admiring Millia they walked up the stairs beginning to hear the lovely violin music from inside, and when they entered it was a sight to behold. There were flowers hanging from the pillars and beautiful candle lit lanterns hanging from the ceiling. As Link admired the decorations he looked to the center of the main hall with a stair case with a red carpet on it, he saw a beautiful young lady that had long flowing blonde hair with lovely blue eyes. She wore a pink and light pink dress, and she was standing by a fellow with a white, long goatee that was wearing a red robe with white fluff on the sleeve edges. Millia saw Link admiring this lady as she began to giggle, walked over to Link and whispered in his ear, "That is Princess Zelda and the fellow standing beside her is her father, King Hyrule. Why don't you talk to her?" Link nodded at Millia and started to walk towards Zelda, but the guards stopped him from going any further. "Halt; by order of the King we are not allowed to let you any closer to The King or his daughter. Zelda looked at the young gentlemen wearing the rugged farm clothes that the guards were talking to and started to feel her heart melt as just the mere sight of this boy.

King Hyrule noticed the look in Zelda's eyes and smiled as he yelled to his guards, "Guards, let this gentleman through." The guards looked at the King and stepped aside letting Link continue. As Link and Zelda walked to each other slowly not loosing eye contact, and finally they reach each other and just stare at each other. Zelda finally said in a gentle and kind voice, "Hello. May I ask your name?" As Link introduced himself a mysterious hooded figure walked through the door. Link and Zelda were smiling and laughing as they shared stories, and jokes as they walk outside on the balcony. As the night was coming to an end Deobia noticed Link's absence and asked Millia, "Where is Link?" Millia pointed at the balcony where Link and Zelda were talking and having a great time. Zelda looked at the door below and saw everyone leaving and said upset, "Oh it seems our time together is up." Link smiled and lifted Zelda's chin and smiled but screaming from inside caused alarm as they both rush inside.

As they re-enter, they saw a dark figure with a red flowing cape standing over the lifeless body of King Hyrule and several guards. Zelda stared onto her father's dead corps and yelled with tears in her eyes, "Father! No!" The figure looked up at Zelda and extended his arm to grab her, but as Link went to slash at the hand to protect Zelda, he noticed his sword just went through it. The hand grabbed Zelda, but Deobia drew his sword and attempted to wound the hand and this time it worked. The figure yelled in pain and looked to him, but when he saw him, he just gave him a evil grin and said to him, "Finally, a worthy opponent to test my power on." Zelda was on the ground rubbing her head as Link ran to her. "Link! Make sure everyone gets out of here! I will hold him off!" Link got up, nodded hesitantly, and helps Zelda up as they run to the door making sure everyone evacuated. As the last of the guests exited the castle, Deobia came flying out of the stained glass in the front of the castle with the figure close behind him. Link, Millia, and Zelda exit the castle and rushed towards Deobia wanting to help, but it was too late. As Deobia was on the ground weakened from the fight, the figure stands over him and points at his chest with his sword. He stabs his chest with a chuckle, but it didn't stop there as he turned and jammed the blade deeper into his chest. Link and the others stopped and saw the awful sight of Deobia, the man who cared for him for so long and the one he could call "Father", killed in front of his very eyes. The figure pulled out his sword and said to them but not turning, "Well that battle was underwhelming." He mocked as he picked up Deobia's sword from his hands and crushes the blade with his foot. Link ran at him with his sword in blinding rage, but he grabs his head and squeezes it hard. "Aw hoe cute, a child pretending to be a hero," the figure continues to mock as he throws him to the side as Zelda rushes to Link's side "Link!" she yelled as the as the figure grabs her with his extendable arm and opens a portal. He looks back to Link and grins as he yells taunting him more, "Remember this day, when Hyrule fell to Paradorax!" He stepped through the portal as Link tried to follow him wanting to rescue Zelda, but Link was too late as the portal closed. Link stood there and collapsed on the ground punching it, but Link heard Deobia call him over to him. Link got up and walked to his dying father figure. As Link held Deobia's weak hand he told Link in a weakened voice, "Link…You must go after him… You must stop him before this world is plunged into everlasting darkness and chaos... Save the princess... Save Hyrule... I believe in you... my son..." Deobia's hand went limp, his skin got pale, and Link couldn't feel a pulse anymore. Link and Millia bowed their heads with tears filling up their eyes, as Link closed Deobia's eyes shut gently as he sets him down.

As it started to rain and Link hung his head in shame, Millia stood behind Link and asked him, "What do we do now?" Link slowly lifted his head and ran towards the carriage as Millia ran after him. When they got back to the ranch, Link ran into the horse barn, climbed down the vine, ran to where the clothes were, and started to change into them. It seemed to fit him well and was very comfortable, so he returned to the surface, put on a robe to cover his head from the rain, let out Epona and guided her outside to the ranch exit. "You're leaving aren't you?" Link heard from behind him, so he turned around and saw Millia in the rain with a robe on. Link didn't answer her, and Millia said to Link, "If you're going then let me come too." Link shook his head and told Millia to stay at the ranch. Millia being the stubborn girl she was argued with Link about coming with him. After several minute of arguing, Millia finally let Link go alone, but she gave Link a few things for his long journey ahead of him. Link grabbed Epona's harness and walked away, but Millia stopped him in time and said with rain coming off her face mixed his her tears, "Good luck, Link…" Link nodded and gave her a quick hug good bye as he rode off into the night rainy horizon to start his long and exciting adventure.

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