The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 10: The Sword's of Evil's Bane

From the Southwestern horizon with the sun sinking into the land, Link and Sheik were riding across the great plains of the Hyrule Fields. From the opposite horizon they saw the rainbow leading them to Hyrule itself. They finally arrived at the giant gate before them and dismount their horses. As they stood in front of it Link's memories flood back of that fateful night when Deobia was killed. Sheik looked over seeing the saddening facial expression on his face, but he said to Link boldly, "Link, whatever bad memory you had here can wait until later. We don't have much time before Paradorax finds out where we are." Link shook his head and looked to him knowing he was right. Paradorax was stalled but not for long he thought to himself as he turned to Sheik and nodded. They both ran beyond the gate but on the other side of the gate was a site of ruin.

Link and Sheik walked through the wreckage upon seeing slaughtered men, women, and children in the streets. The once beautiful building of markets and restaurants were now rubble and destroyed. Upon this sight Sheik looked in horror of the destruction that has scarred this once joyous and beautiful city. Link knelt down beside a child's corpse with tears forming in his eyes as Sheik stood beside him. Sheik examined the corpse closer and saw the child wasn't killed that long ago. A matter of fact it looked that the child was killed moments before their arrival. He then looked around the wreckage and saw a shadowy figure hiding behind the ruins. "Whoever killed this child... Is still here..." Sheik announced glaring into the shadows. Link got up again, looked to Sheik, and nodded as him and Sheik run quickly towards Hyrule Castle where the rainbow shined upon the tallest Spire.

As Link and Sheik approach the castle, Link spotted a dark purple portal that appear in front of the main doorway with moblins jumping out along with the knights they saw in the Dark Realm. The Knights attempted to break down the door but a force electrocuted them to the point of them turning to ashes. Link looked to Sheik as he analyzed the doorway, but finally turned to Link and whispered to him, "That looks to be a magical force field that is projected from inside the castle. " Link thought for a moment but as he was thinking. a knight walked up behind them and grabbed them by the back of their necks. The knight tightened his grip on them but Link grabbed his Grappling Hook and wrapped it around the knight's legs with a single throw. He tugged hard which made it slip and fall on his back, weakening his grip on the two. They run away from it then turn around seeing it get back up. It pulled out its giant blade and shield revealing it was a different one from the rest of the knights they've encountered. Not only was it twice the size, but on the shield it had a huge black sun with rays coming off of it, while its sword had a bigger handle and blade with a horned handle top. The behemoth ran at them with its sword high and its shield in front of it, but Link and Sheik jumped out of the way making it ram into the force field around the castle, shocking it with great power. it knocked the knight back, but it quickly got back up and prepared to fight them. It ran at them again as well as swinging it's mighty sword, but Link jumped in front of Sheik and raised his shield taking the full impact of the hit. The force made him launch into Sheik and fly a few feet away from the knight. He swung his sword again downward, but Sheik returned the favor by grabbing Link and rolling out of the way. They both got back up and huffed from the last impact as Sheik said to Link, "If we are to defeat him we have to work together." Link nodded as the monstrous knight ran at them swinging his sword again, but this time Sheik jumped onto the blade as Link rolled out of the way. Sheik took out his kunai and rode the sword as it made it's cycle around the knight. Sheik jumped onto it's back and jammed it's eyes with the kunai, making the knight roar in agonizing pain and throwing Sheik off. He landed on his feet as Link slipped on his Moon Gauntlets and loaded his bow and arrow. The Arrow head started to let off a ice cold aura around it as the tip froze over. He fired the arrow as the knight attempted to jump out of the way but it hit him on his right leg. Link then ran at the knight, jumped in the air with his sword pointed downward towards it's helmet, but it held up its blade readying itself. Sheik noticed the blade as he jumped up and tackled Link out of the air, saving his life. They both landed on the ground hard, with Link on the bottom, but he noticed Sheik was a lot lighter than a full grown man. Sheik got off of him letting him get up off the ground as he apologized to Link. Link smiled accepting the apology as Sheik helped him up. The knight at this point has gotten back up and charged at them. It tackles them with its broad shoulder knocking them into the shield. Before the impact Link grabbed Sheik's head and placed it in his chest to shield him from the impact. Link closed his eyes as he braced for impact, but they flew through the force field and the front entrance.

After a long while of them being unconscious, Link woke up to notice they were inside the castle. He looked to Sheik who was still unconscious on the ground. He got up onto his feet, still a bit weakened from the fight, and turned to the entrance they crashed through. He saw the knight swinging its sword at the shield, but it looked like they were safe from it for now. He turned around and walked around the room, with memories flooding back to him of the first day he met Paradorax. He looked to the bloodstained flooring where Deobia died, but he was no longer there. He looked to the ground under him as he frowned, morning over the horrible memory. He continued to walk around the castle lounge looking to the dead corpses of the royal guards all over the floor. Sheik finally regained consciousness, slowly stood to his feet weakened as well, and wondered around the ruins. He the turns to Link, where he walked towards the balcony. He followed him up to the balcony as saw him lean on the railing lost in his memories of that fateful night. "You miss her don't you?" Sheik asked him as he walked beside him. Link turned to look to him as he continued, "Zelda... You miss her don't you?" Link blushes slightly and looks away not answering his question, but Sheik only looked at him. Link looked to him again and nodded and told him about his feeling about her. Sheik giggles a bit girlishly, but notices it quickly and changes it to a strong chuckle. Link noticed it as well but Sheik changed the subject quickly and turns away from the city ruins of the once mighty kingdom of Hyrule. "Um... We should continue our search for the sword," He said walking away leaving Link in wonder and confusion, but he shook his head forgetting about it and followed him. Link and Sheik walked around the castle searching for some message as to where the sword would be hidden, but from Link's peripheral vision, a green ball of light appeared. He looked to it recognizing it from Forest Haven, the one that guided him through his depression. The ball slowly moved away from him, but Link followed it having the feeling that it was leading him somewhere. Sheik noticed Link walking away from him as he called out following him, "Link, where are you going!" They followed the ball of light as it leaded them to a wall with writing that was revealed by the light from the ball behind the King's throne. Link read, "As the darkness of the past crosses over the land, the light of the future shall reveal the blade to fend off the darkness." After finishing the puzzling phrase a secret passage opened revealing a spiral staircase leading deep into the ground. Link looked at it for awhile and started walking down with no hesitations, but Sheik grabbed his shoulder and kept him from continuing. "Hold on, we are not sure what is down there. What if it's a trap?" Link looked to him and softly moved his hand off of him nodding to him. Sheik thought for a minute and sighed as he said, "Maybe you're right, we never know unless we look..." Link and Sheik walked down the long staircase, the air getting colder and colder as they continued. Eventually, the reached a fairly huge room with a statue in the middle with what it looked to be a long sword stuck in the head. Link moved closer to the sword as Sheik stood back, staring at it in awe. Link walked cautiously towards the blade, and when he finally reached the statue, he climbed up on it. He grabbed onto the hilt of the sword and as soon he was ready to pull it out Sheik ran up to the statue and yelled up to him, "Link wait! If you pull that out the seal on Ganondorf will be gone. Are you sure you want to pull that out?" Link nodded to him and pulled on the hilt with all his might and each tug he did the sword slowly slid out of the statue. Finally, Link pulled out the blade and as he held it in his hands, he felt the ancient powers of the sword course though his veins. As he stood there with the sword in hand the statue crumbled underneath him making him fall from a not too high of a fall, but still hurts him when he hits the ground. Sheik ran to his side and helped him up, but he was confused as he asked, "Wait a minute, Ganondorf was supposed to be released but instead-" "He crumbled into small pieces of rubble?" a voice interrupted him from behind. They both turned and saw the knight from outside, but it didn't have it's helmet revealing it was a male. A middle aged man with black hair, and red colored eyes around his pupil. "Thank you for pulling that thing out by the way, I was tired of my troops killing themselves on that force field," the male chuckling and grinning. "Who are you?" Sheik asked clenching his fist, and the male just laughed with his bulky armor clanking as he answered, "Oh excuse me, where are my manners. I am Hexox, the commanding general of Lord Paradorax's Army."

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