The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 11: Behind the Mist of Mystery

Underneath the thick earth, Link and Sheik were staring down the mighty General of Paradorax's Army, Hexox. Link held the Master Sword in hand with his shield in front of him, and Hexox held his sword and shield just looking at them and grinning. After a long while of the just staring at each other Hexox dashed at them attempting to attack them but they jumped out of the way, but this time Hexox threw his sword behind him. As they were landing the sword's handle slammed Sheik in the gut and making him fly backwards hitting against a wall knocking him out. Hexox chuckle with his back to Link and said with a grin, "Looks like you're on your own this time." Hexox held out his hand as a dark purple aura enveloped his hand, pulling his sword back to him. Link dashed at him and swung his blade, but Hexox used his sword to block the attack. With the mighty collision a wave of force bursted outward, blowing dust into the air and blinding Link. Hexox's eyes turned a purple color allowing him to see through the dust cloud, and used this advantage to attack him while he was blinded. He slammed Link with his shield knocking him back, but Link regained his footing. Link searched for Hexox, but when he looked in the direction of where he was he got a powerful upper punch to chin. Link flew up to the ceiling and hit it quite hard. Link fell down face first into the ground,but when he got back up Hexox grabbed Link by the back of the head and force it against a wall. He let go allowing Link to fall to the ground, blood running down his face and his clothing ripped slightly from the rocks. Link got back up and grabbed his sword from the ground, but Hexox kept kicking him back to the ground every time he tried to get back up. "Is this all the chosen hero has? This is pathetic!" He picked Link up by the neck and started to choke him as he showed Link his sharp teethed grin. "I want to see you die a slow and painful death," Hexox said as Link's eyes slowly closed from the lack of air, but Sheik woke up and saw this. "LINK, NO!" Sheik yelled in a more feminine tone of voice as he ran at Hexox and jumped on him. He jammed his kunai into his eye, making him let go of Link and release a huge roar of agonizing pain. Link coughed and breathed deeply finally able to breath, but Hexox grabbed Sheik by his suit and held him by the waist with his powerful hand. "Now, lets see who is behind the mask," Hexox said as he ripped the mask off of Sheik's face. Link looked up and saw the long blonde hair flow out of the mask revealing that Sheik was Zelda. Zelda struggled to escape the grasp of Hexox as he grinned and laughed manically, "There you are! I was wondering where you strayed off to!" Link got up, put of his Sun Gauntlets, and wielded his sword. The blade of the sword released a warm aura and then suddenly the blade turned into a cone of fire. Link dashed at him and hit slashed the hand with Zelda in it. Hexox yelled in pain as blood flowed out of his arm and his upper arm hitting the floor of the room. "You little brat! I will kill you!" Hexox yelled and dashed at Link as he did the same. Their blades clinged and clanged from the intense impact of the to forces wielding them. They continued to swing their swords matching each others attack perfectly as Zelda watched them from the side. "Come on Link, you can do it..." She said to herself with Link and Hexox blocking and attacking in perfect sync. Eventually, Hexox found an opening and hit Link with the hilt of the blade, forcing Link backwards. He then swung his sword as Link quickly responded to the attack and Zelda covered her eyes at the attack. Zelda slowly removed her hand away from her eyes and revealed a terrible sight. Hexox's sword was found with blood on the side with him standing tall with his wounded arm and eye. Link was on his knees holding his side and the Master Sword on the ground with a blank look in his eyes as he stared at the rocky ground. "This is where your journey end," Hexox said to him with a grin as he raised his sword, getting ready to slay the hero. Zelda tried to get up but she was too weak to go and save him. She looked to Link with tears starting to develop in her eyes and shouts as Hexox's blade slams down, "LINK!" It felt as if this was Link's fate, to die at the hands of Paradorax's general, but fate had other plans for him and Zelda. A giant current of air suddenly wraps around Link that was powerful enough to stop Hexox's attack and send him flying into a wall. Another one forms around Zelda and teleports them away from danger.

A small tornado came down from the sky and softly landed on the grounds of the Glacier Valley. The tornado sets Zelda and Link softly on the snow and disappears into the sky again. An Anouki tribe member from a nearby village saw them in the snow and rushed to their side. It recognized Link from when he came to save Gigorax from the Yeti King. He ran back and told Snowbeard of Link's return as well as both of their injuries. After a few moments of them laying in the snow. Link's and Zelda's blood staining the snow, a rescue team arrived, put them on their sleds, and carried them back to the village for immediate care.

Zelda awakens and rubs her head noticing the bandages on her arm and head, as Snowbeard walks to her side and smiles to her. "Oh thank the goddesses, you're awake. I was starting to get worried for a moment," Snowbeard says to her, but Zelda remembers the fight in the Master Sword Chamber as she quickly sits up worriedly. "Where is Link?" she quickly asks him, and responding to her question he points to a curtain on the other side of the room. She gets up, hobbling on the cold ground, and pulled away the curtain revealing Link. His shirt was replaced by bandages, but also had them on his legs, arms, and forehead. All of them were blood stained and bruises were even spotted all over his body. "He will be fine, he is just unconscious. We stopped the bleeding and patched him up. He will make a full recovery." Zelda sighed in relief happy to hear the news and looked to Snowbeard. "How long do you think he will be unconscious?" she asked looking to Link again feeling as if this was her fault. Snowbeard thought for a minute, stroking his beard, and then finally replying, "Maybe a few days. He had some serious wounds." Zelda nodded and thanked him as he helped her back to her bed. "You need to rest as well. The wounds will not heal if you don't," He told her as she nodded and closed her eyes trying to fall asleep, so he left her and Link alone for them to rest.

Days have passed ever since they arrived at the valley and Zelda was healed enough to walk around the village, so Snowbeard gave her a coat to wear. While she waited for Link to recover she would help the members with everyday chorus and would play with the younger members of the village. After each day ended she would return to the igloo and check on Link to make sure he was doing alright. After a day of helping the tribe and playing with the kids, she returned to the igloo and sat by Link. She just looked at him and as she looked at him she felt guilt about what happened to him at the Chamber. She closed her eyes as a tear fell down her face but a hand was placed on her cheek and wiped the tear away with the thumb. She opened them feeling the gentle touch of the hand and she saw that he was finally awake. Link smiled up at her as she hugged him with joy and said happily, "Oh thank the goddesses, you're okay!" Link smiled and grunted at the sudden pain, so she quickly stopped and apologized. That night, Link was telling her his story of what happened on his journey so far, but after awhile Link finally asked Zelda how she became Sheik and why she never told him about it. Zelda sat back on the chair and looked to the floor as she explained the story of when she was in Paradorax's castle.

"After Paradorax captured me and took me to the Dark Realm, he had his knights take me to my cold, small, and unnerving cell. I felt alone and depressed from just sitting in that empty cell, as if the darkness around me was holding me close to its bosom. Days have went by since he imprisoned me and each day that passed, I felt as if I was progressively getting swallowed by the darkness, but from the shadows stood a white haired woman. She offered to help me up from the ground and as she assisted me, it felt as if the darkness was releasing me from my bonds. She looked at me for awhile and then said to me, 'Hello my child, I am Impa. I see that fate has brought you here for a reason.' I couldn't help but just stand there and take in everything she was saying to me. I don't know how, but Impa got the cell door open and we both escaped. She led me to her hidden safe house and that is where we began my training to be a Sheikah. At this point I started to wear a more flexible suit. Finally, after a week of being in the Dark Realm, I see you and that Goron fellow. When I saw you two getting attacked, I wanted to help, but Impa pulled me aside. She gave me the mask I wear today and told me, 'Zelda, I want you to put this on and keep it on until fate decides to reveal who you are.' "

Zelda looks to Link again with her mask in her hands as she sat next to Link's bed. "And thats how I came to be Sheik. To tell you the truth, I sometimes forgot who I was. I never wanted to take this mask off because I wasn't the defenseless princess anymore. I was now a warrior able to fight by your side, instead of watching in the sidelines," Zelda explained with tears flowing down and dripping onto her mask, but Link slowly put a hand on her's and smiled. Zelda blushed at the gentle touch of Link's hand and smiled along with him. Snowbeard walked in on this rather nice moment but he cleared his throat getting their attention as he added, "Am I interrupting something?" Link blushed as Zelda pulled her hand away embarrassed and blushed a deeper shade of red. Snowbeard snickered, looked to Link and Zelda, and said to them, "It looks like you are just about healed completely, Link." Link looked to his bandages and nodded to him as Snowbeard continued, "Its been quite an adventure for you so far. Collecting the ancient pearls, obtaining the Master Sword, and almost dying at the hands of Paradorax's best knight." Link looked to the ground, slowly getting up and sitting upright on the side of the bed. "I have a question for you now. Do you want to continue?" Snowbeard asked him as Link looked to him and thought for a moment, remembering the near death experience he had with Hexox. Link then stood up, grabbed his gear, and nodded to Snowbeard showing him the courageous flame in his eyes. Snowbeard stood there and nodded to Link, commending his bravery, and turned his back to them. "Follow me then, Link and Zelda," he said walking out the door as the two of them followed him to his igloo.

Snowbeard waddled to his bed, reached underneath it, and pulled out a sword case. Inside was a sword that looked a lot like the Master Sword, but instead of a blue hilt and a yellow gem in the middle, it had a white hilt, a thinner blade, and had a blue gem in the middle "This sword used to belong to one of the members of the Hyrulian Crusaders, a team of skilled swordsmen organized by the original hero long ago," Snowbeard said to them as he stared that the sword. Zelda and Link looked at the blade as Zelda asked, "The Hyrulian Crusaders? Who were they?" Snowbeard picked up the case and set it on his bed as he turned to them and told them the tale of the Hyrulian Crusaders.

"Long ago, in the time of the first hero, the hero organized a group of four skilled swordsmen from across the lands, each perfecting in an ancient skill of swordsmanship. They had four swords crafted to match each of their different and diverse fighting styles. The first was named, Archard, the strongest and mightiest of the four warriors. His sword had a thick blade, crafted for powerful single attacks. The second was named, Gudrid, as she was the wisest and knowledgeable member of the group. Her sword is the thin bladed one in this case, for quick swift attacks. The third was named, Dainan, the reasonable and fairest of the group. His sword was normal sized and with a green gem in the middle, crafted for a balanced way of fighting. Finally the last was named, Muni, the stealthiest of them. His blade was a small dagger with a purple gem in the middle, for a more stealthy and silent fighting style. The organization was created to protect the lands of Hyrule from demons and evil embodiments, and it was peaceful in the land of Hyrule, but sadly, the hero passed away with his knights standing next to his death bed. After his death, a warrior named, Paradorax threatened the land of Hyrule with his demonic magic, so the four warriors banded together to fight him. Paradorax proved to be a formidable opponent, but after killing Muni in the battle, the remaining three swordsmen combined their swords' might and sealed him within the Dark Realm."

Snowbeard looked to the swords again and continued, "After the battle, they would pass their swords through generations of swordsmen, but Paradorax killed the descendent of Dainan. His was Deobia." Link paused for a minute in shock as Deobia's name was mentioned as Zelda looked to Snowbeard and asked, "How do you know all of this?" Snow beard walked to his nightstand and handed Link and Zelda a photo of Gigorax, a young man, and him standing next to each other looking to be as happy as they can be. Link asked who the young man was and Snowbeard answered, "That young man is Deobia, twenty years ago." Link looked at the picture not believing that it was Deobia. "We used to be traveliers, and the best of friends. We would search for ruins and relics and have fun doing it. On one of our journeys, Deobia met this young inn keeper and eventually, he got married to her. Him and her started up a farm and had a lovely daughter named Millia. After that, we lost contact with him," Snowbeard explained as a saddened look appeared on his face and continued, "Its quite sad to have heard he died, he was... a good man." He reaches into the case and gives the thin bladed sword to Zelda. "Here take this, we foud this on one of our adventures. Use the wisdom and knowledge passed down from Gudrid in your battle against Paradorax's army," he turns to Link and continues, "Gigorax has the other sword with him, by the way where is he? I thought he was traveling with you." Link looked to the ground as well as Zelda and she answered, "He is trapped in the Dark Realm. He stayed behind to hold off Paradorax while we escaped." Snowbeard's face went from delightful smile to an angered frown. "What! He killed Deobia and now he is going to kill him too? You two have to get back to the Dark Realm! He may have killed Deobia, but he's not going to kill Gigorax!" he yelled frustrated as he calmed down and continued, "I have a way back into the Realm, but first you need to visit the three goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore. You have to get their blessings to use the tower at the Relic Ruins. It is said that the tower has the power to create a portal to the Dark Realm." Link nodded determined and dashed out the door, but Zelda grabbed his collar and pulled him slightly to where she was. "Hold on we don't even know where to find them," Zelda said to Link, but Snowbeard answered, "Ah but I do. From my days as a adventurer I have learned the locations of the three goddesses. Nayru rests below the ice of this valley, Din rests underneath the thick rock of Dragon's Roost, and Farore rests underneath the forest of Forest Haven. Now the knowledge of the entrances to Din's and Farore's shrines are with the other tribal leaders maybe. As for Nayru, the entrance to her shrine is within the snow covered mountains North of here." He said pointing to the mountain range from his window. Zelda put on the coat she was given earlier and Link changed into his red tunic that he got from Lolasia. She then walked outside and waiting for Link, but as he went to walk outside with her his gets hit in the head with Snowbeard's cane again. "You're still very rude! Here take these. These should allow you to walk through powerful gale," Snowbeard said giving him a pair of boots with iron crafted onto them. Link took them and thanked him as he ran out the door, waving to him as they embark on their scale up the mountains.

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