The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 12: Nayru's Love

High above the frozen ground underneath the mighty mountains, Link and Zelda were climbing up its icy and snow covered exterior. The snow and wind bashed against their faces and clothing as a storm was brewing the higher they went. Link was using his Grappling Hook as the princess was using a pair of kunai to scale the mountain range, in search for the entrance way to Nayru's Shrine. Through the thick snow storm, they found a ledge that looked to be able to support both of their weight. Link climbed onto the ledge and went to help Zelda get onto the ledge. They both sat down on the cold ledge, but Link noticed Zelda was shivering and huddled up into a ball to keep warm. Link scooted next to her, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her close to his warm, soft tunic. He then put on his Sun Gauntlets and told her to put her hands over them. Zelda nodded, smiling, and held her hands over Link's as she felt her body warm up quickly. "Thank you..." she said quietly, wrapping her arms around his waist and snuggling into his chest as like he was her giant teddy bear. Link blushed slightly and smiled, snuggling into her soft blonde hair. Link quickly remembered that he still bad s few bottles of soup left in his bag, so he reached into his bag, took out a couple of bottles of soup, and gave one to Zelda. She opened it and felt the hot steam travel out of the bottle and stroke her face. "This smells good, who made it?" she asked as she started to drink some of it, and Link handed her the note. "Millia? She sure makes sure you are taken care of, doesn't she?" she asked as Link nodded with a smile, but looked to the snow. Zelda looked to him and apologized to him for bringing her up, but Link shook his head and chuckled. "Hey Link, what are you going to do when this journey is over?" she asked, but Link only shrugged and asked her the same question. "I don't know either... I will have to rule the kingdom I guess... But I'm not sure if I'm ready to take on such a responsibility..." Zelda answered, hanging her head, but Link looked to her and smiled telling her that he thought she was. She blushed and giggled at his polite compliment as she thanked and Zelda looked to the distance as they both drink their warm soup. After they were done with their soup, they continued to climb up the mountain with high hopes of finding the entranceway.
Link and Zelda finally climbed to the top of the mountain range as saw it was just one flat surface, so they wondered around searching for any clues. As Link walked across the surface, he heard a ripple sound coming from his boots, so he stepped back a little bit and swept away some of the snow. I was revealed to be the same symbol that was on the blue pearl he got from Snowbeard. He calls Zelda over and has her examine it, and she said, "This is the symbol of Nayru... Here help me sweep more of the snow." Link nodded as they both sweep more of the snow away revealing a giant floor door underneath the symbol. They walked onto the door and examined it, but the symbol behind them glowed a blue color and the door opened under them. Link and Zelda fell but not too far, as Link landed face first into the platform and Zelda falling on top of him butt first on his back. Link grunted in pain as she noticed him under her. She quickly got off of him and helped him up apologizing to him, but Link forgave her. They look ahead through the darkness of the cavern and saw a lit room in the distance. They walked through the dark corridor, with Link using his Sun Gauntlets and shield as a lantern. As they entered the room they noticed it was lit with blue fire and in front of them was a pool of water. They looked ahead and saw a chest behind the pool, so Link walked to it and saw a blue tunic inside. He picked it up and examined it closer, but Zelda then called, "Link! Come here and listen to this." Link rushed to her side as she read the text on a nearby wall, "If you wish to knock on Nayru's door, you must use the gift of the Zoras to navigate the underwater realm and prove yourself." Link looked over to the pool in the middle of the room and walked to it, realizing that the tunic was the "Zora's gift". He jumped in the water with Zelda running to the pool and asking, "Wait! What am I to do?" Link told her to stay and be on the look out just in case of trouble. She nodded and give him a hug before he left as she added, "Be careful down there..." He nodded and dived into the pool, swimming deeper into the dungeon until he found an exit out of the long well-like pool.

He swam into a giant room with a huge central piller, that looked to be about the size of four castle lounges stacked into a single room. He swapped into his Iron Boots and started to walk along the floor of the huge, water filled room, until the ground started to shake violently. Link stumbled trying to keep his footing, and after awhile of vigorous shaking, a giant squid drilled itself out of the ground. It's head top looked a lot like a drill, with what is looked to be electricity pulsing through each tentacle it had. It looked to Link and let out a loud screech, its tentacles rising showing off its electrical waves on them. It slammed its tentacles down on top of Link, but he rolled out of the way as it hit the sandy ground. Link looked back at it and saw it released a electrical wave where it hit. The squid continued to try and hit Link with it's tentacles, but Link continuously dodged each of the attempted hits. The slamming and rumbling of the ground stopped, so Link looked back and saw it's tentacle was stuck. He took this opportunity to run back, climbed on, and ran up the tentacle as the squid shot ink balls at him. He finally reached the top of it and started to slash at the tentacle until it was cut off, causing it to screech in pain. He softly fell to the ground as the squid began it's assault again. He repeated this pattern three more times, with his attacks getting faster each time he cut another tentacle off. The squid rotated until the drill part of it's body was aimed at Link, and spun slowly at first. It began to gain speed and until it had enough speed, it started swimming swiftly at Link, but he rolled and swam out of the way. Eventually, it got stuck in a wall giving Link the chance to slash at its tentacles again. After he cut one off the squid was able to get free from the constant struggling of pain. He repeated this pattern of dodging and slashing until the last one was cut off. After it was out of tentacles for him to cut off, it started to swim crazily, running into the walls and ground before finally hitting the central pillar and collapsing on the sandy ground. Link put his sword and shield away, and turned his back to the fallen monster. He started on his way back to the entrance, but behind him pitch black, muscular arms sprouted out of the squid's body. From there a upper body was forming from the cap of the squid until a human-like upper body was formed. It grabbed the central pillar and pulled it out, revealing it to be a giant stone trident. The rumbling and rustling sounds of the trident getting pulled out made Link suspicious, so he turned around and saw the squid cap now the bottom part of the humanoid figure. As he saw this the shadow humanoid hit him with the end of the trident, making him crash into a wall. Link fell softly to the ground as the being slammed his trident down to impale Link, but he quickly rolled away. It pulled it out of the ground and shot a blast of lightning from his other hand, but Link held his shield in front of him to block the attack. Link examined it closely looking for a way to defeat it as he blocked and dodged it's attacks. He finally noticed a glowing red spot on its back and he quickly figured out a plan to get there. After the shadow humanoid slammed his trident down again, Link dodged it, slipped on his Moon Gauntlets, and fired an Ice Arrow at it, freezing the trident in place. Link then climbed up the trident then up its arm, but the humanoid didn't make the trip for him easy as he tried to swat him like a insect. He finally arrived at the spot and started to whale on it with his sword, the humanoid yelling in pain as it tried to grab him off its back. It eventually got him in its huge hand and started to squeeze him with it, but Link slipped his hands out and stabbed it with his sword. It let go and grabbed it's trident, continuing it's assault but this time it would blast lightning through the ground and cause it to come through the ground where Link stepped. Link repeated what he did last time again, finally slaying the mighty beast. Link jumps off and sheaths his blade as the colossus drops it's trident and falls gently to the ground and explodes into a electrical, black explosion. As the smoke clears, he sees a blue key where the creature exploded, so he walks to it and picks it up. He notices that it had Nayru's symbol on it with the word encrusted in the side, "Wisdom". Link put it in his pouch and swam back up the long underwater passage. He emerged from the watery depths as Zelda looked to the pool and smiled relieved. He climbed out of the pool and walked to the door with the key in hand as Zelda followed him. He put the key in the keyhole and unlocked the door, the door slowly opening, revealing a spring with the blue ball of light he saw at the barn in the middle.

They walked into the chamber and stood on a tile with Nayru's symbol on it. The ball of light floated up and exploded in a bright blue light, revealing a huge woman with blue hair and a long, blue flowing dress. She opened her eyes revealing her deep blue eyes and looked to the two young children smiling. "Ah, Link... Zelda... I have been expecting you. I am Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom. I thank you for destroying the curse Paradorax set on me," the woman said in her gentle and kind voice. Link nodded as Nayru continued, "Zelda, my child, come forth." Zelda looked to her and walked forward slowly. Nayru put her hands together and started to sing a gentle and sweet sounding song. Zelda closed her eyes listening to the song, a big triangle with three golden triangles appearing in the spring underneath them. The symbol lit up the chamber with a golden light, while the water from the spring coils around Nayru and Zelda. After the song was over, the water dissipated and the golden glow, along with the symbol in the spring, disappeared. Zelda opened her eyes again and felt a sudden surge of power from her hand, so she looked to the back of it and saw the same symbol on her hand but with the left triangle lit up. "T-this is..." Zelda stuttered in disbelief as Nayru continue her sentence, "The Triforce of Wisdom. A power passed down from your ancestors. With this you know have the abilities to cast powerful magic. For now, you can only cast 'Nayru's Love'. A protection spell that shield you and those you care about from harsh damage." Zelda looked to her again and nodded thanking her as Nayru looked to Link. "Link, I thank you for breaking my curse, but I am not the only one. Din and Farore, both have the same curse on them. You must free them of their curses in order for us to help you in your battle with Paradorax. Here, take this. Its the least I can do for my savior," Nayru said summoning a chest in front of her. Link walked to it and opened it, revealing a blue gun-like object with a hook on the end. He picked it up as Nayru explained, "This is called the Hook Shot, a tool used by the past incarnations of the hero. I hope this will aid you in your quest." Link looked up to her and nodded as Nayru continued, "To find Din and Farore's shrines, you must speak to the Deku Tree and Goknua, the Goron Leader. They should know where the shrine entrances are located. You must hurry, young hero, the time of darkness is almost upon us. Good luck." Link nodded as Nayru held out her arms and chanted a spell, teleporting Link and Zelda to the bottom of Dragon's Roost.

Link and Zelda looked around a bit startled, but they then noticed where they were. "Dragon's Roost... Lets go Link, we have to hurry and find Din," Zelda said as Link nodded agreeing to the idea and started up the mountain pass, on their way to see Goknua.

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