The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 13: Din's Fire

Along the mighty volcanic mountain pass, Link and Zelda were walking along it on their way to see the Goron tribe leader, Goknua. As they continued their journey, they began to sweat and pant from the exhausting heat of the sun beating down on them. Finally, the arrived in the Rito village as they saw Rito and Goron children playing with each other. From the west part of the village, Igoris, was walking through the village with a slightly bigger Goron with scares on his face and a head part that created a long hair look. Igoris looked over to Link and greeted, "Ah Link, its good to see you again!" They walked over to Link and Zelda as Igoris shook Link's hand and asked him with a bit of worry in his voice, "Did my daughter get to the temple safely?" Link nodded as Igoris sighed in relief, but then turned to the Goron beside him. "Goknua, this is the young hero that helped resolve the feud I was telling you about," Igoris introduced as Goknua reached out and hugged Link, crushing him a little. He then sets him down after bear hugging him, but Link fell on his bum with Zelda giggling. "Its an honor to finally meet you Brother Link. I am Goknua, leader of the Goron tribe. I have heard many stories about you," Goknua said as Igoris interrupted, "Let us continue this conversation at my hut, you two must be famished." Zelda answered, helping Link up, "That would be nice, thank you." Igoris smiled and led the them with Goknua by his side to his hut on the far western part of the village.
At the hut Zelda, Link, Igoris, and Goknua were all sitting down at a long table, with Igoris and Goknua sitting on the opposite sides of the table as well as Zelda and Link. In front of them was a wide spread of food and beverages, Link and Zelda drooling slightly at the delicious spread. "Go on children, eat your fill," Igoris offered as they dug right into the meal, eating and drinking like starving pigs. Goknua just sat there with his mug of mud and rock taking sips at a time as he chuckled at them. "Such appetites for young children. You two must have been through a lot in the past few days," Goknua remarked with a chuckle. After their meal was finished they felt so stuffed with food that they leaned back on the chairs and placed their hands on their now full stomachs. Igoris folds his hands, looks to Link, and asks, "So what brings you to Dragon's Roost on such short notice?" Goknua leaned inward folding his hands as well as Link explained to them their encounter with Nayru and what she sent them there to do. Igoris fell backwards, caught off guard by them meeting one of the goddesses, but Goknua just sat there with his hands still folded and looked to them. "Just like prophecy has foretold..." Goknua sighed and continued, "You must be looking for a way to enter into the Dark Realm, am I right?" "Yes sir, we are wanting to return to rescue a friend and defeat Paradorax," Zelda answered.

"Who is this friend?"



"Yes sir, while we were in the Dark Realm, he let us go through the portal back to this Realm while he stayed behind to hold off Paradorax..."

Goknua slammed his fist against the table and kept silent for a moment before continuing, "I know where Din is located." Link and Zelda smiled, happy to hear the news, but Goknua looked to them and stood with his fists clenched. "But promise me you return with Gigorax as well as Paradorax's death," he demanded as the two nodded. He settled down and sat back down on his chair as Zelda asked him "It seems Gigorax has touched upon many people's lives, hasn't he?" He nodded and responded with a smile, "He has indeed. He was once one of my guards during the tribal feud. Him and Lolasia seemed to have discovered that Valoo wasn't poisoned, but sick and in pain from something else. Him and her tried to convince us, but we only turned our heads away from them. After that, he resigned his post and left Dragon's Roost. And that is when he found Link." After Goknua's tale Link and Zelda got their things and followed Goknua and Igoris out of the hut.

Goknua turned towards the mountain, pointed where Valoo sat, and said, "Din's Shrine is within the volcano, but you will have to ask Valoo how to enter." Link and Zelda nodded and started on their way, but Goknua grabbed Link's shoulder and turns him around so he was facing him. "If what you said about Nayru's Shrine is true, then you might need this," he said to him as he hands Link a giant warhammer with the Goron symbol on it. "This is known as the Megaton Hammer, a weapon used by the Hero of Time centuries ago to defeat an evil dragon. It's yours now, take good care of it, and it will take good care of you." Link nodded and put the hammer into his pack as he turned and said goodbye to the two leaders, running to catch up with Zelda that has already gotten a head start.

As Link and Zelda arrive at Valoo's Roost after a couple hour hike up the mountain pass, Valoo noticed them and greeted, "Link, welcome back to my roost. I see you brought a friend with you this time." Link nodded and introduced Zelda as she waved to the dragon. "Its a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, you Highness," Valoo greets and continues, "What brings you two to my roost?" Zelda walked forward and answered, "We were told that you know the location of the entrance to Din's shrine." Valoo folded his arms and closed his eyes as he said, "Hmm, let me try to remember." He thought for a few moments and then opened his eyes and shouted, "Ah yes! I remember now!" He stood up from his roost and flapped his wings, rising out of the lava pool. "Link, raise thy sword to reveal the entrance underneath the magma sea," Valoo stated as Link walked forward, over the lava and raised the Master Sword into the air. The sword glowed, a symbol that looked a lot like the one on Din's pearl appearing in the lava. The pool of lava started to drain down into the mountain until a small hole was the only thing left inside the mountain top. Link sheathed his sword as Valoo said, "The pathway to Din's shrine is opened, but be weary, young ones. I sense a powerful evil presence within the mountain, good luck." Link and Zelda nodded as they slid down the slopes of the bowl-like ditch and into the hole to find Din.

As Link and Zelda fell down the deep and dark hole, small pebbles were falling onto their heads along with violent shakes along the sides of the hole. They continued to fall, but finally exiting the hole and into a huge chamber with a faint red light coming from the bottom. As they continue to fall, the rumbling got more violent with bigger rock falling around them. From one of the thick, rocky walls, a serpent-like dragon bursts through. The dragon had what it looked to be a skull with curled horns covering it's face with a lava mane flowing out. The dragon flew at them with its mouth open, blasting fire at them, enveloping the both of them inside a hellish fireball. Link's hookshot then launches out of the fireball and latches onto one of the horns on the dragon. Link with Zelda in his arm, were pulled out of the fireball, revealing the diamond-like shields around them. They climb onto the beast as it rams into walls and whiplashes trying to fling them off. Link grabs his sword with one hand grabbing onto the dragon's mane, but as he went to attack at his eyes, a rock knocks the sword out of his hand. He reaches down to try and catch his sword but he misses and it falls to the red light at the bottom of the giant room. He then remebers about the hammer he got from Goknua and pulls that out. He raises it high and slams it down on the dragon's head, cracking the skull on it's head. It threw them off finally as it started to fly into walls from the great impact from the hammer, with Link and Zelda continuing their fall. The dragon shook its head, regaining its control, and blasted fireballs at them. Link held up his shield as Zelda looked at a wall and threw her kunai and chain to it, latching onto the rock. She started to swing on the wall and then unlashed herself, running across the wall, latching onto the walls and continuing to run along it. When she got to the dragon, she jumped onto it's back and stabbed it on the sides with her kunai. The dragon started to try and fling her off with all it's strength as Link latched onto a wall and waited for the dragon to fly to him. Zelda scaled up the dragon's body until shew got to the head, stabbing it on the side of it's head with her kunai knives, giving her partial control of the dragon. The dragon followed her control, but still ran into the walls trying to get her off. Finally, when the dragon was close enough, Link jumped onto it's head and climbed on as well. He pulled out his hammer again and slammed it on the dragon's head again, making the dragon lose control again and crash into walls. This time the dragon fell into the red hole at the bottom of the giant room, Link and Zelda riding it down.

As they fell through the hole, they saw that the dragon was falling straight into a sea of magma. They looked around for a piece of rock for them to land on, and luckily there was a huge area of rock, sitting on top of the magma not too far. They jumped off the falling beast and landed on the huge slab of rock, the drago behind them falling into the magma. Link lifted his head from the ground to see the Master Sword laying there in front of him, so he grabbed it put away his hammer. "Um, Link..." Zelda called on him as he turned around and saw the dragon rise out of it, roaring in pain and anger, but instead of attack, the dragon's cracked skull on it's head glowed a bright orange light followed by an explosion that only left the upper part of his body. From the lower half of the body that remained, two hulking arms along with a torso rose out it, the same color and appearance as the trident wielder at Nayru's Shrine. From the top of the torso, a head with demon horns formed, his large spikes growing from it's back. Zelda backed away slowly and stopped when she got to Link and said nerviously, "T-thats an Ifirit. this must be the evil Valoo was talking about." Link looked at the Ifirit and saw a spot on it's chest that looked similar to the being he fought back at Nayru's Shrine, so he pulled out his bow and arrow and fired an arrow at the spot. The arrow bounced off the spot on it's chest as the Ifirit laughed and smacked them way, almost sliding into the magma. The Ifirit lifted one of its hands up into the air, making the magma raise at his command and threw the magma at Zelda and Link, but Zelda casted Nayru's Love again to protect them from the attack. "Link, hurry up and think of something! I don't know how long I can hold off the Ifirit's attack!" Zelda yelled, looking to be having trouble holding up the shield spell. Link looked at the it again and remembered his battle with the giant squid and when it transformed. He drew his sword and told Zelda to distract him. Zelda nodded and used her mental strength to push the Ifirit's attack to the side so they could start Link's plan of attack. Zelda grabbed some shurikens and started throwing them at the Ifirit as she shouted, "Over here!" The Ifirit turned to look to her and grinned, slammed his hand down, but Zelda backflipped out of the way, drawing her sword as well. As their fight was going on, Link used his hookshot to hook a wall and climb up it, getting ready for his assault. The Ifirit then threw a punch at Zelda as she ran towards the fist and slashed at it, cutting off the fist. The Ifirit yelled in pain as it summoned hell hounds to attack her. As Zelda fought off the hell hounds the Ifirit turned to look for Link, but when he did, Link was in the air with his sword in front of him. He impaled it's weak spot, making the Ifirit screech with pain, grabbing Link, and throwing him back on the rock platform. The Ifirit went under the magma as more hell hounds appeared to attack Link and Zelda. They fought through the horde, hell hounds attacking them at all sides, trying to over run them with their mass amounts, but Zelda and Link held their ground and defeated them all. The Ifirit returns and is angered at the sight of his hell hounds being slain, unleashing its true fire potential on them. It summoned fire geysers, magma shots from it's hands, and even resulting to going into the magma and coming up from the geyser holes. Link then sheathed his sword, pulled out his hammer, and slammed it against the Ifirit's head as he was coming up from one of the holes, sending it flying into a wall near the rocky platform. They ran and jumped at the Ifirit, but it regained consciousness and charged a fire attack from its mouth at Link. Zelda jumped in front of him and took the hit for him. Link looked back at Zelda as she went crashing into the rock and collapsed trying to get back up. Link looked back at the Ifirit and slammed his sword into it's chest one last time, the Ifirit yelling and screeching as it exploded. Link was launched back, landing far from Zelda from the powerful blast.

After Link was unconscious for awhile, he slowly woke up and looked around himself, wondering what happened. He then remembered the fight, quickly got up onto his foot and looked around for Zelda. He then saw Zelda still laying there on the rocky earth, so he rushed to her side and held her in his arms. "Do not worry, hero, she will be fine," an unfamiliar voice said to him from within the mountain. Link looked around to try and find the source of the voice

as a red ball of light floated in front of him. It was the red ball of light from when he was traveling to help the Deku Tree. The ball then exploded in a bright flash of light and after the light dimmed down, it revealed a huge woman with fire red hair, a magenta skin tight suit, and tan skin. She landed on her feet and looked to Link and Zelda as she says, "I do must say, I am very impressed with your performance. I am Din, Goddess of Power. I understand that my sister, Nayru, sent you here. Am I correct?" Link nodded as started to open her eyes as she asked, "W-what happened? Did we bet it?" Link smiled and hugged her as he nods. "I see Zelda is finally awake. Please step forward princess for I shall grant you a new spell." Zelda tried to get up on her own and when she fell, Link caught her with his shoulder helping her walk to Din. She got off Link's shoulder and stood in front of Din as Din started to sing a song. Zelda closed her eyes and held her hands folded in front of her chest. Her Triforce glowing on her hand as the sing progressed and after Din was finished singing, her Triforce disappeared. "There you are, I have given you Din's Fire, a powerful fire attack that launches fireballs at your foes. If you charge it and hit the ground, you will create a fire dome that with expand and kill enemies within thirty feet of you," Din explained as Zelda smiled and responded, "Thank you, I will make sure to put this into use." Din then looks over to Link and says, "Here, Link, here is a gift to show my appreciation." A chest appeared in front of Din as Link walked to it and opened it, revealing a shield with a red frame around a mirror with the same design as his shield. Instead the design wasn't colored, it looked to be chiseled into the mirror. "This is know at the Mirror Shield, a shield that can project any projectile back at the enemy. I do hope it will help you on your journey young hero," Din said as Link thanked her but he remembered when they were at

Nayru's Shrine it was revealed that Zelda was the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom. He asked Din about the Triforce of Power and she answered, "So you wish to know the bearer of the Triforce of Power? Very well, I shall tell you the tale."

"Long ago, when the King of Evil was defeated by the Hero of the Winds, I realized that who I chose to be the wielder of my Triforce was wrong. You see, a bearer of a Triforce cannot die by age, until the Triforce is taken away or the chosen wielder has completed their task. While Ganondorf was trapped inside his stone imprisonment, I took back my Triforce, leaving him to die a statue. After years of waiting, a young Goron entered into my Shrine, a very adventurous one at that. When he strayed into my Shrine, I knew right then, that he had great potential, so I revealed myself to him and tested him to see if he truly was worthy of carrying such power. He passed my test, so I blessed him with the Triforce of Power."

Din looked to Link and Zelda as Zelda asked, "Who was the young Goron?" Din smiled and answered, "The young Goron is the one you both call, 'friend'. He was the one who started Link on his journey. He is the one you both call, Gigorax." Link's eyes went wide and his heart sank at the mere mention of his name as Zelda too was astonished at her answer. "But he-" Zelda started but Din interrupted her and said, "Is in the Dark Realm, I know. I saw you two exit the realm without him." Link asked if she knew what has become of him and she only could shake her head as she added, "I may be a Goddess, but I cannot see inside the realm walls of the Dark Realm." Link hung his head as Din continued, "You two must stop Paradorax from doing whatever he has planned. I may not be able to see into the Dark Realm, but I know for sure that he is up to something diabolical. You must swiftly find Farore's Shrine, so you may enter into the Dark Realm again." Link looked back to Din and nodded along with Zelda. Din smiled, closed her eyes and said, "Good, now I shall teleport you to Forest Haven. Be swift my friends." Din held her hands in front of her and teleported Link and Zelda out of the mountain.

Link and Zelda arrive at the entrance way to Forest Haven. They looked to the forest as Zelda said still looking to the forest, "One more Goddess, then we will be able to enter the Dark Realm... Are you ready?" Link nodded as they walked in the forest together to search for Farore's Shrine Entrance.

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