The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 14: Farore's Wind

Within the Dark Realm, Paradorax stood in his throne room looking into the purplish black horizon. He heard the clanking of armor behind him and without turning his head he said with a chuckle, "Ah, Hexox, you've returned." Hexox knelt before him and bowed as he said to Paradorax, "I'm sorry, Sire. I failed to stop them from obtaining the Master Sword." Paradorax turned to Hexox, walked to him as he knelt, and only placed one of his claw bearing hands on his shoulder. "Failed? You did the exact opposite," Paradorax mentioned, leaving Hexox confused as he replied, "But, you told to-" "Stop them from obtaining the Master Sword? I did, I told you that so you would give it your all. I knew they were going to be rescued," Paradorax interrupted. Hexox stood again as Paradorax walked to where he was standing before and asked, "But why, Sir? You knew they were going to be saved, so have me try and kill them?" Paradorax turned again and started walking to his throne as he answered, "Have you ever heard of the phrase, 'Know your enemy, know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster'. I was testing him, and now, I have all the information I need for when the time comes." Hexox grinned and laughed as he said, "Thats brilliant! He will never know what hit him!" Paradorax sat down on his throne and looked at Hexox taking notice of his missing arm and wounded eye. "I see you have taken some heavy casualties, let me fix that," Paradorax said as he stretched his hand and grabbed Hexox's face. Hexox struggling and yelling as he fell to the ground, Paradorax smiling maniacally watching his most powerful soldier fall and yell in agonizing pain. "Oh stop your squirming, I am only patching up some... loose ends," Paradorax said with a grin crawling across his face as Hexox continued to scream, his voice became deeper and sounded more beastly and before. The shadow on the wall showing Hexox turning into a beast.
Link and Zelda walked into the Korok Village, but only came to find ashes falling from the sky and covering the once flourished village. Link knelt down and picked up some of the ashes from the ground. He looks up again and sees the Deku Tree in the center of this field of ashes, missing most of his leaves and looking weakened. They ran to him as Link asked him what happened. The Deku Tree opened his eyes and coughed as he answered weakly, "Link... It was horrible... There was a mob of moblins that entered into our village... They burned down every hut, even the Korok themselves..." Zelda put a hand over her mouth and said, "S-so they're..." The Deku Tree nodded and added, "Except one..." From the top of the tree, Jaka jumped and softly floated down with one of The Deku Tree's leaves. He then waddled to Link and hugged his leg, crying. Link looked down to him as Zelda picked him up and cradling him like a young infant. Link looked to Jaka then to The Deku Tree and asked where the moblins were now, but The Deku Tree looked to the ash and answered, "They jumped into a portal after they burned everything..." Link got angered by this news and looked to the ground as Zelda looked to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. Link bumped her hand off and walked to the far end of the village and sat there upset.

Zelda walked to where Link was but stood a distance from him, Link feeling useless. Zelda felt Jaka struggling inside her arms, so she set him down and the small Korok waddled to Link's side. They started to talk for awhile as Zelda looked at them, and at the end of the conversation, Link punched the ground and sobbed. Jaka waddled back, looked up to Zelda, and said, "I think you need to talk to him..." "What did he say to you?" Zelda asked and Jaka looked back to Link and then to Zelda. Jaka the answered in the words of Link, "Why me? Why was I chosen to be this 'hero' if I can't save a tribe. Ever since that day, many lives were lost because of me. Deobia died, many innocent Hylians and Korok have died, and Gigorax is stuck in the Dark Realm, all because of me... I think destiny has made a mistake..." Zelda looked to Link and stomped over in front of him as he looked up at her. She gave him a hard slap on the face and just stood there, tears forming in her eyes. Link held his hand on his cheek as he looks back up to her, Zelda said with tears running down her face, "You're only one person, Link... You can't keep blaming yourself for what has happened... You can't save everyone, but you can save those you can... Deobia died protecting you and those he cared about, and you are just going to give up?! Paradorax killed my father too, and I get upset each day I think of it. But I keep going strong, why? Because that is what he would have wanted me to do! You can continue to sit here and quit, but just know that your father died protecting you because he saw greatness in you!" Link kept looking at her, listening to everything she said to him, and he realized what he was doing was quitting and being selfish. He dried his tears and stood again, looking to Zelda and thanking her. Zelda smiled and dried her tears as well, apologizing for slapping him. Zelda picked up Jaka and they all walked back to where The Deku Tree was still standing.

Link looked up and asked the mighty tree if he knew the location of Farore's Shrine. The Deku Tree nodded and said, "I do, Link... I stand where the entrance to her shrine, and in order to get there... You must destroy me..." Zelda's eyes went wide and yelled to him, "Wait what?! But you're the Guardian of the Earth!" The Deku Tree nodded and added, "Yes, A Guardian that is dying... Destiny has brought you two here to destroy me and have Jaka become the new guardian..." Jaka just stared at the tree and had an upset expression, but he then said in a saddened voice, "Do it... It has to be done..." Link and Zelda looked to Jaka and then to each other, nodding hesitantly. Zelda set Jaka down as they both backed away from Zelda, holding her hands close to each other, charging Din's Fire. "Here, Link... Take one of my leaves as a token of my thanks... It will give you the ability to glide over gaps and summon a great gale to blow away your enemies..." The Tree said, shaking his branches until a single leaf fell off, into Link's hands. Before Zelda fired her spell, the Tree added, "Make sure to take Jaka down with you... The ashes of the fallen, shall give birth to new life..." The Deku Tree said before closing his slowly eyes excepting his fate. Zelda nodded and fired the spell at him, causing him to burn down into a pile of ashes in a matter of moments as Jaka sobbed for The Deku Tree's death. From the ashes, a giant gale blew the ash upward, making it scatter away from the entrance way. On the bottom of the large pit where The Deku Tree was once standing, there was a symbol that was the same as the one on the pearl given to him by The Tree. He walked towards the ditch and slid down it as Zelda picked up Jaka and followed close behind him. The door opened revealing a spiral staircase leading down deep into the Earth. They started they're way down the staircase to find the last Goddess.

Link lead the way down into the dark shrine, with Zelda close behind carrying Jaka in her arms. They only had one light source and it was from the entrance way. As they climbed down Zelda was thinking to herself until Jaka looked up at her and asked, "What's on your mind?" Zelda snapped out of her thinking and looked down to the small Korok as she answered, "Its about the attack... Isn't it weird that Paradorax sent the moblins to attack the huts and Korok, but not The Deku Tree?" Link turned his head a little and nodded as Jaka added, "You have a point. He could have easily killed The Deku Tree and guarded the entrance way. I wonder why he didn't do it..." Zelda looked at Jaka and continued, "He must be planning something. We have to stay on our toes, who knows what tricks he may pull."

As Link, Zelda, and Jaka finally arrived at the bottom of the staircase, the room lit up with what it looked to be fungus along the walls and floor. There in front of them was the door with Farore's symbol on it, so Link went to walk towards it. Zelda held one of her arms out to stop him from going and said suspiciously, "Wait, they is too easy..." From behind them, there was a hissing sound, along with a chilling rattle. They turned drawing their swords and getting ready for battle, and from the darkness, a giant rattle snake crawled along the floor, rattling its intimidating tail. The snake rose its long body, opening its mouth to reveal its long, venom leaking, fangs. The snake then, with a moving like lightning, attempted to bite them, but Link grabbed his Deku Leaf and fanned it strong enough to make the snake fly into a wall. The snake quickly got back up and swiftly crawled at them again, but as it was about to bite them, the snake's head spontaneously feel off it's body. Link and Zelda looked at it very confused and examined the head. "Wait a minute, isn't it at this point the creature transforms into a shadow monster?" Zelda pointed out as the snake's body was growing a feminine torso and arms. They turned around in time to see the head grow, the head growing to have thousands of snakes on the it and reptilian eyes opened, finishing it's growth. The head of the snake levitated and flew to the creature and slipped onto it's arm. "Look down! That is a Gorgon, very dangerous creatures. If you make eye contact with them you will be turned to stone," Zelda said as they quickly put their heads down or move their gazes away from the Gorgon's eyes. It started it's attack with its tail, poison darts that were being fired from the snake head on its arm, and even trying to sneak attack them from the shadows. Link was thinking of how to defeat an enemy without site as they were backing up from the Gorgon. He then looked to his Mirror Shield and held it up as the Gorgon went to attack. The Gorgon looked into the mirror and instantly turned to stone, Zelda looking at the statue and then to Link and yelled, "Link, you genius! Now we have to find its weak point." They started there search and saw now spot like the Ifirit they fought in Din's Shrine. The stone began to crack, startling them, Jaka suggesting, "What about its eyes? Its the source of its power, why not try it?" Zelda and Link nodded and looked down again as the Gorgon broke out of its stone prison. Zelda and Link split up, getting on both sides of it, then Zelda threw a chained kunai to Link as she shouted, "Here, catch!" Link caught the kunai, slammed it in the ground, and hammers it in with his Megaton Hammer. They repeated this process, the Gorgon attacking them with all it had, until the it fell trapped under the chains. Link climbed on top of the Gorgon and started to stab at one of it's eyes. Eventually, he was able to destroy one eye, making the Gorgon struggle and scream, breaking out of the chains. It slapped them away from it and fired at them with it's poison darts, but Zelda casted Nayru's Love and protected them. The Gorgon continued on keeping them at a distance, preventing them from chaining it up again. Link tried to think of an idea and came up with something as he pulled out his hookshot and fired it at the Gorgon's chest. He went soaring through the air, his sword and hand and hoping for the best as he lands in front of the Gorgon. It aimed its dart firing arm at him, but before it could fire, Zelda launched Din's Fire at it, knocking it onto its back. Link looked back as Zelda gave him a thumbs up and yells, "Hurry and take out it's other eye before it gets back up!" Link nodded and jumped onto the Gorgon, ran to its eye and started stabbing at it. After the final stab, the battle was over, the Gorgon dissipating into shadows and flying out of the shrine.

Link sheathed his blade as Zelda walked up next to him. They looked back and saw the door was gone, Zelda asking, "Wait, how are we going to get to Farore now?" "The Door was a decoy, it was a trick created by the Gorgon," a voice said as the green ball of light from the forest flew from the ground underneath. The ball slowly rose and exploded into a bright flash, revealing a huge woman with white skin, green hair, and a long, flowing green dress. The woman descended down and floated before them as she said in a soft, calming voice, "Greetings, Link and Zelda, I have waited many moons to finally meet you. I am The Goddess of Courage, Farore." Link and Zelda bowed to her as she continued, "Now, please step forward, young hero." Link looked to her and hesitantly walked towards her. Farore raised her arms, summoning a giant gale to engulf him in wind and leaves. The Triforce shined below him and after a few moments, the gale started to clear. Link looked to the back of his hand and saw the Triforce symbol on his hand but the right triangle shining. "Link, I grant you with the power of the Triforce of Courage, a blessing passed down by your ancestors from the birth of Hyrule," Farore said with Link looking to his hand in astonishment. Farore summoned a chest in front of her as she said, "I hope this will help you on your journey. Please take it as a sign of gratitude." Link walked up to the chest, opened it, and saw a pair of boots with wings on them. "These are known as the Pegasus Boots, these will allow you to not only increase your speed, but allow you to run on water and air for shorts amounts of time," Farore explained. Link picked them up and backed away as Zelda is called up next. Zelda sat Jaka on the ground and walked towards Farore. Farore started to sing a soft tune that was gentle to the ears, as Zelda closed her eyes and put her hands to her chest. After the song was done, Zelda opened here eyes again and looked up to Farore as she said, "You can now cast the last of the Goddess Spells, Farore's Wind. This spell will allow you to teleport yourself short distances." Zelda returned to Link's side as they thanked her for the new item and spell. Farore nodded and said, "It is finally time to reenter the Dark Realm. Link, the three songs that were song to teach Zelda her spells the the same one used to open the portal. You two must return to the Relic Ruins in order to open the portal." Link nodded as she continued, "Once you are in the Dark Realm, you two will be on your own. Us Goddesses cannot enter the realm. We can do our best out here in this realm, but we canot help you inside the Dark Realm." Link and Zelda nodded understanding what she was saying, but Zelda asked, "There is something I have to ask you. Were you the one who saved us from Hexox?" Farore nodded as Zelda and Link thanked her. Farore looks to Jaka and smiles, picking up the small Korok with one hand and says, "I shall teleport you two to the surface, and as for Jaka, he shall be the new start for new life in Forest Haven. Thank you both." They nodded as Farore rallied up a gale and teleported them out of the shrine.

After Zelda and Link were teleported back into the ash covered village, they looked behind them to where The Deku Tree stood and saw the ashes around them start to fly towards the ditch. From there, a mighty tree started to grow, the ashes slowly disappearing under the tree, making it grow higher and thicker with each passing moment. As flowers ready to bloom grow on the tree's branches, the tree started to grow eyes made of wood and a hole creating it's mouth. The flowers started to blossom, releasing spores that fell onto the ash free ground, little sproutlings sprouted from the ground. The tree opened its eyes and looked to Link and Zelda as it spoke in a deep and powerful voice, "Link... Zelda... Why is my voice so deep now? W-wait!" The new Guardian of the Earth, Jaka, looked around him and started to laugh excitedly and yelled, "W-wow, this is amazing! This feels amazing! I'm so huge and you guys are so small!" They smiled at Jaka while he was extremely excited to be the new Deku Tree. "I don't know how to thank you too enough. Not only have you two made me into the new Deku Tree, but you gave us hope for life to be reborn. All I can say is, the Korok are forever grateful." Link and Zelda blushed at the praise they were receiving, but Zelda said, "Thank you, Jaka, now its time for us to make our way to the Relic Ruins." Link nodded agreeing with her as they both wave goodbye to Jaka, walking towards the exit of the forest.

As they exited the Forest Haven, Link took out his violin and played Epona's song while Zelda gave a loud whistle. From the horizon in Hyrule Castle's Direction, Epona and Zelda's horse galloped to them. Link and Zelda started petting and hugging their horses after all this time of not seeing them and climbed on them getting ready for their final run across Hyrule Fields before entering the Dark Realm. Zelda rode up next to Link, smiled at him, and rode off towards the Relic Ruins horizon with Link and Epona galloping close behind.

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