The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 15: :The Beginning of the End

The sunsets in front of Link and Zelda, riding towards to now visible Relic Ruins, as they look back on their adventure. The smiles they shared, the people and creatures they met, their grand adventure almost coming to an end.

Link and Zelda rode through the ruin gates as they looked to the Central Tower with determination. They climbed off their steeds and walked towards the tower, Link looking to the now opening door on the Central Tower. They walked into the entrance way and looked around for a staircase, but there was no such thing there. Instead the floor started to rise, taking them up to the highest point of the tower. Finally, after a few moments waiting to get to the top, they arrive, finding themselves high above the clouds. The Solar and Lunar Temples looking like small dots from where they were standing. In the center of the tower's roof, there stood a huge contraption. It had two small, angled mirrors that were aiming at the two temples below the center there sat a huge, angled mirror, aiming at the entrance way to the Ruins. Zelda continued to stare at this machinery, astonished by such advanced machinery for an ancient civilization. Link got out his violin and stood before the mighty contraption, starting to play the three songs sung by the he started playing Nayru's song, a blue beam of light shot down from the heavens, striking down on the angled mirror pointed towards the Lunar Temple. He then started playing Din's song as a red beam came down and struck the other angled mirror aimed at the Solar Temple. Finally, after he played Farore's song, a green beam of light shot down from the sky and struck the huge, angled, mirror in the center, reflecting it towards the entrance way. Zelda looked to the Lunar Temple and saw a blue beam shoot out of it, heading towards the same direction as the green light. Link looked to the Solar Temple as it too did the same as the Lunar Temple. When all three beams of light collided, the entrance way was now covered by a towering, purplish-black, portal. They made their way down and ran towards it, stopping when they got to the foot of the mighty portal that stood before them.

They stayed silent for a moment, staring at the portal with determined expressions, until finally Link started his way forward, but Zelda grabbed his hand and continued to stand where she was. Link looked back to Zelda, her hand tightening on his, as she stared at the ground and said a bit fearful, "Link... just in case we fail, I want to know... At the party, when we first met... Why me? Why out of all the women at the party, you chose to speak to me. Why?" Link turned to her, staring at her flowing, gold hair droop down over her face. Link walked closer, still holding onto her hand, lifted her chin and just started to stare into her innocent, blue eyes. Zelda stood there looking at Link as he slowly moved his face towards her's, their eyes closing slowly. Link softly laying a soft, delicate kiss to Zelda's, their hearts racing as the the world around them disappeared. As Link pulled away slowly from Zelda's soft lips, the world around the slowly returned. Zelda and Link opening their eyes again as he left the kiss, leaving Zelda blushing a deep shade of red as well as Link. He gave her a soft smile, Zelda continuing to just stare at him, blushing. "L-Link... Y-you just..." she stuttered but before she could continue, she noticed the portal shrinking. "Link, the portal is closing! We have to get through before it closes!" she shouted as Link turned and nodded, still holding onto her hand. He pulled Zelda by the hand and dashed into the portal, Zelda tumbling close behind him.

They ran into the Dark Realm with the portal closing behind them. They looked back as it closed then to the tower in the distance, it towering over the corpse scented land. They started their journey across the valley, not seeing as much guards as the last time they were here. As they were walking, a draconic-like shadow appeared below them, so they looked up and saw a dark figure swooping down at them with incredible speed. Link and Zelda leaped out of the way as the figure ran into the ground hard, creating a dust cloud to cover itself up. As they picked themselves off the ground, the dust cleared, revealing and pitch black fleshed creature. It had a very muscular figure with four arms with what it looked to be swords. It had a face more like a demonic canine as well as blood red eyes with no pupils. It had a tail with a spiked mace head on the end and feet each having two sharp toes. On the figure's forehead, there laid a red spot like the other three enemies they fought in the Goddess Shrines. The figure chuckled revealing it's sharp teeth as it said, "Ah, Link and Zelda. It's been awhile." They looked to him puzzled as Zelda shouted, "How do you know us?" It only chuckled again and then answered, "Oh thats right, I have a new look. Its your friend from the Master Sword Shrine, Hexox." Zelda looked at him in disbelief as Link clenched his teeth and gave him an angered look, stepping forward with his clenched fist rising towards his face. Hexox looked towards Link and grinned, revealing those viscous teeth again and said, "Its good to see you two again, I was beginning to miss my punching bags." Link clenched his fist and teeth harder as Hexox taunted them, drawing his sword getting ready to fight with him again. Zelda two drew her sword as he looked to both of them and said still grinning, "Oh my, so anxious to die, aren't we?" Hexox crouched a little and dashed at them, leaving the ditch and the land's surface spiking up, and tackled Link with his head and slammed the side of his tail into Zelda's gut, sending them both flying far. They land and slid across the ground, Hexox flying up and fired fireballs from his mouth down at them, but Zelda swiftly casted her Nayru's Love spell, shielding them from the attack. Zelda then launched her own fireballs at him, but Hexox flew to the sides dodging them and added, "Well then, it seems the princess had a couple of new tricks up her sleeve." Hexox flew downward as Zelda fired Din's Fire at him but kept missing. As he was about to run into her, Link quickly dashed to her with his Pegasus Boots and slammed his Megaton Hammer against his body, making him flew away from her. Hexox grunted as he got back up from the powerful hit from the hammer, rubbing his head and looking to them. "It seems they both have gotten stronger since our last encounter. I am going to have to stop playing around if I wish to defeat them now," Hexox thought to himself and dashed at them. While he was dashing at them, he created clones of himself as they all spread around them. They all started to fire dark energy at them, Zelda using Farore's Wind to teleport out of the way, while Link was using his Mirror Shield and hammer to block and hit the blasts back at the clones. From the ground, Hexox summoned a fire storm under Link, catching him inside the storm. Hexox landed in front of the spinning fire vortex and from the fire, the Hook Shot head shot out and latched onto him. Link came flying out with his Goron Tunic on and slashing at his spot, but Hexox used his wings as cover and grabbed Link by the neck. "Try all the tricks you want, I will counter them," Hexox said to Link, but Zelda came from behind and dropped kicked his head, making him release Link. Hexox, now angered, turned around and started to slash at her with his sword arms. Link got up and dashed at him with his boots, and got his hammer ready, but Hexox rose a sword arm to block his hammer and added, "Not this time!" He then spun and hit them with his mace tail, Link holding up his shield and Zelda using her shielding spell. They were launched away from him but didn't get too injured from the mace part of his tail. Hexox flew up high and started slashing at the sky, red slash marks appearing in the sky. He then pointed one of his sword arms down towards them, releasing a Hell Storm from above. Zelda tried using Nayru's Love again, but she was too exhausted from the fight, Link noticing this as he got up. His eyes went wide and dashed as fast as he could with the boots, diving over her and shielding her with his body, his shield on his back and his sword in hand. The endless fireball barrage came raining down on them, the dust from the ground started to cover them. After awhile of bombarding them with his attack, he stopped and watched the cloud of dust to see if he got them. As the dust cleared, it revealed that they were missing. Hexox looked around in anger and a hint of fear, and then Zelda used the last of her energy to teleport behind Hexox and slam her foot against his head, launching him towards the ground. Link was ready with his hammer and when Hexox was falling in front of him, he slammed his hammer against his back, adding to the already intense impact with the ground. Zelda landed next to Link as they stood by the crater, exhausted from the tiring battle, but it wasn't finished yet. Hexox jumped out of the crater and revealed his torn up wings. He looked to them and grinned, taking hold of them, and pulling on the spines of the wings until he ripped them off his back, adding a loud scream of pain. He started to chuckle that later elevated into a laughter of insanity, his back growing new wings, but these didn't look to be able to fly. He made the wings rotated to the front of his body and his wings fired two huge beams of purple dark energy at them. They leaped out of the way of his attack, but Hexox pursued them with the beams, continuing to laugh psychotically. "I won't lose to mere mortals, especially children!" he yelled, Link and Zelda running from his attack. Hexox then stopped and dashed at Link, slashing at him with his four sword arms, Link noticing that Hexox now had no control of his mind. Zelda came running at Hexox, but his wings started to fire purple spheres at her, making it impossible to help Link.

Link and Hexox were now locked in combat, Link being the the defensive, but Hexox used his foot to kick him back with such force. Link slid across the ground, weakly getting up from the attack. Hexox dashed towards him and kicked him with his powerful, Link's gauntlets falling to the ground.

Zelda ran to the gauntlets and picked them up, and started dodging the spheres again. "I want to help Link, but I can't get in close enough to help!" Zelda thought to herself as she looked at the gauntlets in her arms. She then gets hit with one of the spheres and gets knocked back into a small hill. She fell out of the newly created hole, weakened as well, but withe the gauntlets still in her arms. She woke up and looked to the site of Link helplessly getting knocked down each time he tried to get back up. Zelda just watched helplessly as she started to think, "I have to help him, or he is going to die, but what can I do? If I try to get in close then he will just fire at me with those spheres again, and I have no energy to use any of my magic..." She then shouted, slamming the ground with her fist clenched, tears starting to fall from her eyes, "I'm completely useless!" Her tears fell on the gauntlets, a bright yellowish glow being released from them. Zelda looked down at them as the two pairs started to fuse together into one pair. After the transformation, the single pair had a sun insignia with a moon insignia inside it. Zelda took one of them and placed it on her hand, taking her sword out with that hand, and saw the blade of it was a beam of light now. She thought for a moment and got an idea, dashing at Hexox again, hitting away the spheres that were being fired at her. She then finally got to Hexox before he could deliver the final blow to Link, and sliced his newly created wings off. Hexox yelled in pain and slashed back at Zelda, but she jumped over him and threw the other gauntlet to Link as he shouted, "Put this on! It could be our only chance against him!" Link nodded weakly and slipped it on the hand he had his sword in, his blade turning into a beam of light as well. As Hexox turned to Link again, Link thrusted his sword into Hexox's chest, making him pause over Link. Hexox then started to walk backwards with The Master Sword still in his chest, and after a few seconds of him standing there, he fell on the ground. From his chest, a purple beam of light shot into the air, his body turning back to his humanized self.

Zelda helped Link up and walked him over to where Hexox was dying, Hexox looking up at them from where he lies and speaks his final words to them. "You two honestly think... That you can defeat Lord Paradorax? You will never defeat him... His plan is so magnificent... that know matter what you do... he will always win... You two have... already... lost..." Hexox finished, his head drops to the ground with his body rapidly decomposing into a lifeless skeleton. Zelda picked up Link's sword and sheathed it for him, Link thanking her before they both fell to their knees, weakened from the fight, and went unconscious.

Link began to open his eyes, his vision at first blurry, but as his vision cleared up, he noticed that he was in come kind of cavern. He got up slowly but he felt no pain while he got up, so he examined his body and found no wounds on him. Link stood and looked over to Zelda, her eyes still closed but she was breathing softly. He then walks over to her and kneels beside her, giving her a soft smile and softly grabs her hand with his. He lifted it up to chest level and just continued to smile at her with a caring stare. He heard thumps coming from inside the cave, sounding like it was getting closer to them, so Link grabbed his sword and shield and prepared for combat. As the source of the thumping entered the room, Link just stared at it, dropping his arms to the side. "Link, its been a long time. Hasn't it?" the figure said in a familiar voice, a voice that he hasn't heard ever since they left the Dark Realm. There, at the doorway of the room, stood Gigorax, but it looked like his armor was missing a few parts. Link dropped his sword and shield and ran over to him, hugging him tight. Gigorax looked down surprised and smiled, returning the hug as he added, "I've missed you too, my friend." Link lets go and backs away slowly as Gigorax looked to Zelda and says, "I see you have figured out who Sheik was all along." Link looks to her and nodded not returning his gaze to Gigorax, as he looked back to Link and said, "Come, we must catch up. Don't worry about her, she will be fine, I promise." Link looked back to Gigorax and nodded as he puts one of his arms around Link and walks him towards the camp within the cavern.

They arrive at the camp site, taking notice that it was close to the entrance way to the cavern. He also noticed a slim, middle aged, female sitting next to the fire in the cave, her legs crossed and her eyes closed. Link asked Gigorax who it was and he answered, "This is Impa, the one that rescued me from Paradorax's Castle. And I am most certain that Zelda has told you about her." Link nodded and walked over to the meditating woman. Before Link could say a word to her, Impa started to speak, "You are Link, chosen hero of the Goddesses. I have heard much about you, and its a true honor to finally meet you." She stood and looked to Link, offering to shake his hand. He shakes it and proceeds to sit down at the fire, Gigorax sitting across from him. "So, Link, how were you two able to return to the Dark Realm?" Gigorax asked as Link told them of Zelda and his adventure to see the three goddesses themselves. After he was done, Gigorax chuckled and said, "The Goddesses, eh? Its a shame I wasn't there to see them myself." From the doorway leading into the room with the camp site, Zelda walks through and notices Impa almost instantly. Impa got up from the circle and walked over to her, holding out her arms and grabbed Zelda as she ran into her arms. "It seems you weren't the only one missing a dear friend," Gigorax mentioned looking at them hug each other. Soon Zelda and Impa joined the circle, the group finally back together. Link looked over to Gigorax and asked what him and Impa were doing in the Dark Realm while they were searching for a way back in. Impa looked to him and answered, "We were trying to find out Paradorax's plan." "Did you guys find anything?" Zelda asked, but Impa shook her head and continued, "No we have not, but we learned a lot about his servent, Hexox." Link and Zelda looked to them and listened as Gigorax started the story.

"It was a few thousands of years ago, when Hyrule was first established. The hero to be the incarnations of future heroes just finished forming his group of swordsmen, but you see, there were originally five swordsmen, not four. This fifth swordsmen was named, Hexox, probably the most skillful and power of all four of the swordsmen. He was treated as a king in all the towns they saved, even assisting in the sealing of Paradorax, but sadly the fame corrupted his mind. Each day, he would perform heroic acts in front of his peers, even causing the problem to do it. Eventually, the other four swordsmen found out his fame obsession and pursued to put a stop to his fame hungry ways. They finally found him and went to combat with him. They were barely a match for him, but even with his superior skills and strength, he fell at their feet. He was then taken to his prison cell, where he would remain for the rest of his days."

They end the story, but Gigorax continues, "We are not sure what happened after that, but we do know that Paradorax's Army are clones of Hexox. If the original dies, then the army with dissipate, along with Paradorax's means of defense." Zelda looked to Link and then back to them as she said, "We already have." Gigorax snapped his gaze back to them and asked in disbelief, "What? You two defeated him?" Link nodded as Gigorax continued, "Hm, that would explain why you two were unconscious, but that is remarkable. You two have defeated an enemy that it took four skilled swordsmen to defeat. You two have truly become stronger since we have last met. Even stronger than the four swordsmen." They both started to blush from they praise they were getting as Impa looked to Gigorax ad said, "Was there any doubt? These two are the bearers of the Triforce." Gigorax looked to their hands and saw them glow with the sacred symbol. He then looked to them and smiled as he said, "Well then, its time for us to be on the offensive now. Paradorax has no armor, therefore, no defenses." "But what about the Moblins he controls?" Zelda asked, but Gigorax looked to her and answered, "We have three Triforce bearers with two of the blessed swords and the Master Sword. Plus, we have a skilled fighter in ninjutsu, so I doubt we are going to have trouble with the Moblins." Link agreed as Impa continued talking for Gigorax, "Correct, but we must not underestimate him. A cornered fox is more dangerous, we must attack with caution." Gigorax nodded to her and then looked to Link and said, "Link, you shall lead us to battle, this is where Paradorax finally falls." Link nodded as Gigorax stood up and said, "Good, we must go now. We have no more time to waste." They all nodded as they all stood up, got ready to go on their journey, and walked out of the cave, all four of them walking towards Paradorax's Castle in the distance. Keeping their gaze on their next and final destination on their long journey.

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