The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 16: A Might Beyond Gods

As Link, Zelda, Gigorax, and Impa arrived at the foot of the mighty castle, Impa stopped and looked around, seeing no form of life anywhere. She then ran up next to Gigorax and said, “There is something very wrong here.” Gigorax looked over to her and asked, “What do you mean?” Link and Zelda looking over to her as she answered, “There are no Moblins here. A matter of fact, it seems too easy.” Gigorax looked around and realized the lack of defenses as well. “You bring up a good point, we better stay on our toes,” Gigorax said, Link and Zelda nodding, now keeping a weary eye for anything suspicious, entering into Paradorax’s Castle.As they entered, they came across a giant entrance hall, one very similar to the Hyrule Castle’s entrance hall, but was in ruins. Link continued on, leading the group up the stairway, finding some very disturbing paintings. There were paintings of a group of people forming circles and had people burning on a wooden beam, in front of what looked to be the Central Tower in the Relic Ruins. Further up the corridor was a painting of people died, snuggled inside a small sleeping bag of some sort. Through their exploration of this castle, they continued to see more pictures of people being executed, dying from illness, or being burned alive. “W-what are these?” Zelda asked a bit fearful of the sites she was looking at. “I don’t know, but they seem to have all taken place at the Relic Ruins,” Gigorax answered, observing the portraits to try and understand them more. As they to the top of the stairway, they came across one with a creepy looking heart with two huge eyes but no mouth. It had two giant horns on each hump of the heart with spikes going around its sides, and underneath it was a small feminine figure, weeping under a willow tree. “Majora’s Mask...” Link heard from behind him as he turned and saw it was Gigorax. He just stared at the portrait and continued, “It was a mask used for dark rituals. That would explain the painting we were seeing... It seems there is more to this realm and the Relic Ruins than we thought.” The ground underneath them shook, snapping them out of their deep thoughts, as Impa looked towards the ceiling and uttered, “We have to hurry, who knows what he is doing.” The rest of them nodded and rushing towards Paradorax’s throne room.They come to the door leading into the Throne Room, and quietly opened it up, the door making a loud creaking sound. They poke their heads into the room and saw no one was in inside, but in the center of the room, there was a beam of shadows shooting up through the ceiling. “That wasn’t their before when Link and I stormed in here the first time,” Gigorax stated as Impa examined it closer. “This must be some kind of teleportation waythat will lead to where ever Paradorax is,” She said, looking to Link, Zelda, and Gigorax as she continues, “You three go on ahead, I will be with you guys shortly.” “Why aren’t you coming with us?” Zelda asked and Impad answered, “Because this may be a trap. I will stay behind and come in shortly, just in case I need to get you three out.” Gigorax nodded, agreeing with her plan and added, “Sounds like a plan. Come on Link and Zelda, we have work to do.” They nodded and followed him into the beam of shadows.On the rooftop of the huge castle, where Paradorax was standing, they teleported several feet behind him. Paradorax having his arms tucked behind his back, looking away from them, and onto his falling kingdom. “My kingdom... something I have spent building over the last thousands of years... destroyed by a couple of children, a cowardly ninja, and an oversized rock... You have unsealed the Goddesses from my curse... prevented me from returning into the Other Realm... I only have one thing to to say to destructive forces such as you three...” Paradorax listed, turning around with his arms still tucked away behind him, his eyes closed with a frown on his face. His frown slowly grew into a smirk and started to clap his hands, as he laughed, “Bravo... Bravo! You three proven to be more than I expected.” Link, Zelda, and Gigorax stared at him with a surprised expression on all their faces, Gigorax shouted in disbelief, “W-What?! B-But wasn’t your plan to seal the Goddesses and then over run Hyrule with your army?!” Paradorax laughed again but louder, tucking his arms behind his back again as he walked towards them. “You thought that, THAT was my plan? No, a matter of fact, my true plan involved you three,” Paradorax said as Zelda responded frightened by this new knowledge, “U-Us?” “Its too long of a story, how about you three have... a seat,” he offered holding his hand out and clenching it, summoning three chairs from the floor and making them sit on them with a magical force. He then binds them to the chairs and started to levitate them around him as he explain, “You see, all three of you have done exactly what I predicted, event after event. It starts when I took Zelda from the castle and killed that man. What was his name? Ah yes, Deobia! I did those things to motivate this young gentleman to start his adventure.” Paradorax pinching Link’s cheek and moving it around before letting go again and continuing, “I took Millia to lure tweddle de and tweedle dom here into the Dark Realm. I needed to make a trade off with Zelda and Gigorax, due to Gigorax having his Triforce and Zelda not having hers.” Gigorax’s eyes shot wide open and said, “I think I know his plan...” Paradorax looked to him and grinned as he asked, “Then please, share with them what it is.” Gigorax stared blankly at the ground and then started to explain, “Legend has it that... if the bearers of the three Triforce pieces is together, then the Triforce can be summoned with a magical chant... And whoever touches it first... may have one wish granted...” Link and Zelda’s eyes shot open at this news, Paradorax chuckling and says, “Congratulations on solving the puzzle, Sherlock Homes, you have figured out my plan. Unfortunately, a bit too late.” He began to chant magical words, winds stirring violently around the top of the castle, the back of their hands releasing a golden light into the dark sky. When all three of the golden beams of light collided into each other, it created a huge, golden, figure with three triangles formed into a pyramid, but with an empty center in the shape of an upside down triangle. It softly hovered down, in front of Paradorax as he stared at it in awe. “Finally, after all these years, I have the ability to wish for what ever I want,” Paradorax said to himself, still having Link, Zelda, and Gigorax binded to their chairs. He goes to touch it, but from the other end, Impa is diving to touch the Triforce first. Paradorax held a hand at her and froze her in place, her finger being centimeters away from touching it. “I don’t think so!” he shouted, slamming her into the ground with a powerful force. “Impa!” Zelda shouted with worry as Paradorax touches the Triforce and looks to Impa, struggling to get up as he says, “I have to admit, that was a sneaky plan you had there. But it’s time to admit it, I have won.” He looks to the Triforce and wishes, “I wish, to have power even greater than even the great Hylia herself!” The Triforce glowed a bright, golden light and quickly fired up into the sky and after a few moments of waiting, a giant beam of light shot down from the black sky and struck Paradorax directly, destroying the castle top. Link, Zelda, and Gigorax were no longer binded to the chairs, but now they were falling towards the hard ground. Gigorax formed into a ball as the other two braced for impact with the ground. From the far parts of the Dark Realm, a orange light and a blue light were flying towards them with incredible speed, catching Zelda and Link. As the spheres of light set them down, it was revealed that their saviors were Millia and Lolasia, dressed like they were when they left to go to the Divine Realm. Gigorax crashed into the ground, unharmed, and unrolled himself in time to see Paradorax start his transformation. From the rubble of the castle roof, a tower of blackness shot out of the ground, forming into a body. The belly of it was very thin that connected a huge, boney chest and a wide boney hip together. From the hip grew massive, muscular legs with a dinosaur-like feet. From the chest, two hulking arms grew out of it with four fingered hands at the ends, each finger having a sharp, black claw. On the back, wings made out of bones fired out, with dark energy forming between each bone, as a red orb grows on the back of the mighty beast as well. Bones started to shoot out of the chest creating a rib cage over a huge ditch, with a big, glowing, red orb inside. The spine shot out as well and was long enough to become the tail as well, another glowing ball of red inside a circle made of bones. On the arms, sharp bones shot out from the sides and bonded with the skin, creating bone blades on them. Finally, the head was starting to form, a dragon skull with darkness filling it’s empty spaces. At the eye holes of the skull, fiery reptilian eyes formed with one more glowing, red orb forming on it’s forehead. The beast towered over everything being about the height of four hundred feet tall. They all looked over this monstrosity and just stared with astonishment, Gigorax said with his mouth wide open, “By the Goddesses...” Link turned to the two guardians and asked how they got into the Dark Realm and they answered, “Because The Rift between realms is ripping! The Goddesses are trying to keep The Rift closed but we don’t know how much longer they have until they can’t hold it anymore. We have to stop Paradorax before The Rift dividing the Realms is destroyed!” Zelda observed Paradorax, spotting the huge red orb in his chest, but also noticing red veins connecting the chest orb with the orbs on his tail, back, and forehead. “Link, I think I know how to defeat him! We need to destroy the orbs on his head, tail, back, and chest!” Zelda yelled but Millia yelled in response, “I am sensing a very powerful magical field around his chest, but I can sense the power is coming from his back, tail, and forehead. You will have to destroy the orbs on his tail, back, and head first before you can go after the one in his chest!” They nodded as Lolasia began, “We will draw his fire and protect you three as much as we can. Link, you and your friends must hurry, or your realm and the Divine Realm with be shrouded in darkness, killing all life on both. Good Luck.” They then dashed off in rays of orange and blue light to go and draw Paradorax’s attention. Link pulled his violin out and played Epona’s song, calling his horse into the Dark Realm to help, along with Zelda whistling for her horse as well. They climbed onto their horses with Gigorax walking to their side and looks to them. “Alright, are we ready to go? It looks like the tail will have to be the starting point for our scale. Its time to finish this!” Gigorax said, rolling into a ball and rolling off, Zelda and Link riding their horse after him.Link, Zelda, and Gigorax were chasing after the tail and when Zelda and Gigorax were close enough, she grabbed Gigorax’s hand, jumped and teleported both of them to the tail. Link took out his Grappling Hook and started to whirl it, tossing it when he got near enough and swang off Epona, onto Paradorax’s tail. After he was on it, a swarm of Ghouls were summoned from his body and started attacking them. Zelda and Gigorax drew their swords, fending them off as Link ran towards the orb. Ghouls spawned in front of Link and attacked him, Link easily taking them out and continuing. He made it to the first one and started to hack and slash at it until it broke, the mighty beast roaring in pain from the blow. He started to thrash about aggressively, but they held on tight, fending off the Ghouls that attacked them. They ran towards his back and looked up at the long climb ahead. They looked behind them and saw an army of Ghouls appeared again, Gigorax preparing to fight as he commanded, “Link, Zelda, I will hold them off! Your two go on ahead!” Link and Zelda nodded and started their climb, Gigorax fighting off the army of Ghouls that kept spawning. As they climbed up his back, Drakes began to spawn out of his body now, adding more difficulty. Zelda jumps off the back and lands on a Drake, using her ninja training and spells to give Link cover as he scaled up towards the orb. He finally arrived at the next orb and started to stab it into Paradorax’s back. With each hit, Link was losing his grip from Paradorax’s constant thrashing. After awhile of stabbing at it, he destroys the second red orb, but Paradorax started whipping his back around like a wild bull, making Link lose his grip and falling off. Link used his Hook Shot again and this time lashed onto the back horn of Paradorax’s skull head, launching him up to the head. He looks behind him, Zelda continuing to attack the Drakes. She looks to him and yells to him, still slaughtering any Drake that she sees, “Go Link! I will hold them off for as long as I can!” Link hesitated for a moment but nodded, continuing on without her. With the final orb in site, he dashes towards it, but he finds his way blocked by an army of Knights similar to the Knights that Paradorax had. Link pulls out his Megaton Hammer and starts to bat away any Knight that got in his way, but Paradorax felt him on his head. He then flung Link into the air and lifted his head to have him drop into his mouth, but Link took out his Deku Leaf and glided away from his maw. Link sees the orb below him, so he puts the leaf away and slams down on it with his swords, breaking it instantly. Paradorax let out a horrible, loud screech as he flung all three of them off his body and slapped Millia and Lolasia downward, making them hit the ground hard. Paradorax opened his rip cage and charged a powerful blast, launching it at all five of them. Zelda quickly casted her Nayru’s Love spell and shielded them from the attack, but still was able to break through it and cause massive injuries to them. They were all knocked back, leaving them immobile from them being too weak. “W-We can’t take another attack like that, even with my shield spell,” Zelda said weakly getting up as well as the rest. Paradorax readied another attack about to fire at them for a fatal blow, but Link quickly got an idea. He pulled out his Guantlet of Light, Bow and Arrows, puts the guantlet on, pulls the arrow back, and fires a powerful Light Arrow at his chest. Paradorax launches his attack, but with luck on their side, the Light Arrow pierce through the dark blast, launching right into the orb. Paradorax roared in agony and fell to his knees. They all weakly walked up to the goliath, but he just smirked and said, “If I can’t beat you with this body, then lets fight in my true form.” They looked at him puzzled as his rib cage opened again and sucked Gigorax, Zelda, and Link inside. Millia and Lolasia tried to go in after them but they only bounced off of a forcefield. They got up and looked to the now unconscious beast, Millia saying, “Looks like their on their own... Come on Lolasia, we need to get the horses out of here and help close off The Rift.” Lolasia nodded as Millia left, turning her head to the beast and saying before she left, “Please be safe...”Link slowly wakes up, finding themselves, literally, in a pitch black area with faint purple and red waves pulsing from the center. He looks behind him and see Gigorax and Zelda still unconscious, so he goes over to them and and shakes their bodies, trying to wake them up. They both wake up and shake their heads, looking around the dark area, which seemed to go on forever. Link helped them up onto their feet as they started their way through this dark abyss. “What is this place?” Zelda asked, Gigorax looking about and answering, “I’m not too sure. I remember us being sucked into Paradorax’s chest. Is that where we are?” “Why yes you are,” an echoing voice said from all sides of them that sounded like Paradorax.They all stopped and looked around, trying to find him, the echoing voice continuing, “You are all in a world I created inside the monstrous body that now lays immobile. A world that shall be the home of my new kingdom.” They drew their swords and kept looking, Gigorax shouting, “Enough hiding, coward! Show yourself!” The voice laughed and replied, “Hiding? You think I am hiding? I AM this world. I am everywhere, but nowhere. Everything, but nothing.” Zelda asked the omnipresent voice, “Then why did you bring us here?” “To separate you three from the outside world, where no one can help you now,” the voice explained, Paradorax mysteriously appearing in front of them in his original form. They got into a battle stance as Paradorax only smirked and looked to Link. “But you see, there is only one person out of you three I wish to fight. One on one,” he stated, pushing back Zelda and Gigorax away from Link with a powerful force, summoned a fleet of Moblins, Drakes, Knights, and Ghouls and summoned a huge force field around Link and him. the massive horde of monsters started their attack on Zelda and Gigorax, while Paradorax continued to speak with Link. “Out of all three of you, you have fascinated me the most. You’ve destroyed everything I threw at you, even taking away things that are precious to you. And yet, here you stand, about to fight a being beyond gods. If that is not courage, then I don’t know what is. Admirable, but sadly this is where your journey and your world end.” Paradorax grew a sword from his arm and got ready for combat. Link put on his Pegasus Boots and dashed at him, but Paradorax grabbed his face and threw him away from him. He then began to lift the Earth underneath Link with his magical powers, Link driving his sword into it to keep from sliding. Link then got his hammer and started slamming it against the lifting ground, making Paradorax lose concentration and dropping it. He moved swiftly at Link and delivered a powerful punch to his gut, adding his force powers to intensify the hit, launching Link against the forcefield. As Link fell towards the ground, Paradorax teleported above him and fire a dark energy ball at him, adding force to his fall. Paradorax teleported again and held his fist in the air, delivering a powerful impact to Link’s back, making him yell in massive amounts of pain. He grabbed Link by the neck and started to slam him into the ground repeatedly, but Link gathered himself and slashed at Paradorax’s hand with The Master Sword. Paradorax threw him in the air, holding his wrist and yelling in pain. He jumped up and prepared to attack, but Link spun and slammed Paradorax to the side with his Megaton Hammer. As he flew backwards, Link used his Hook Shot to grapple to him and launched over to him. Paradorax quickly noticed this and grabbed the chain, pulled on it to add velocity to Link, and slashed the end with the hook off, making Link fly straight into the forcefield again. He landed and stomped the ground, releasing a huge ground wave at Link, but Link turned and held his shield in front of himself, decreasing the impact but still got hurt badly from it. He quickly got back up and dashed at Paradorax, running passed him, but secretly sneaking bombs under him. They went off and made him fly in the air, but he quickly recovered and fired rapid shots of dark energy as Link continued to run away from reach blast. “Hold still you pestering bug!” Paradorax yelled as Link got his Guantlets of Light on. As Paradorax launched another energy sphere, Link slashed at it, launching it back as a light energy sphere. They continued to hit it back and forth until Paradorax got hit with it. He fell to the ground paralyzed, giving Link a chance to go in with his attacks. He quickly dashed towards him and started to slash at Paradorax, each blow doing great amounts of damage. After he recovered from his paralyzes, Paradorax released a might force, pushing Link back away from him. Paradorax and Link panted hard from the exhausting battle, Paradorax shouting, “Now this is a battle, unlike that one with that pathetic man you call, Deobia!” Link got angered and dashed at him again, Paradorax doing the same, both readying their swords. They collided with great force, blocking and attacking each other, none of them taking damage from the other. This continued for several moments until Paradorax put his hand under Link’s gut and fired a dark energy sphere, making Link fly high in the air. He waited for he to return to the ground, but Link counter attacked by slipping his Iron Boots on and taking out his Megaton Hammer, hitting Paradorax with massive force, but Paradorax raised his sword and blocked it with no problem. He tried to grab Link again, but he flipped over his head, turning around quickly and seeing Paradorax charge straight for him with a big grin on his face. Link lifted his shield in front of him as he hit the shield with enough force to make Link fly back. Paradorax jumped backwards to the other end of the battle field, Link getting up weakly and looked at him. He puts his Pegasus Boots on and holds his sword and shield as if he was going to joust, Paradorax summoning a shield as well and copies Links battle stance, both getting ready for the decisive jousting. After a few moments of waiting, they both dashed at each other at superhuman speed, their swords pointed at the other, Link closing his eyes, praying to the Goddesses for this plan to work. They soon swiftly passed each other, backs to each other. They continued to stand there until Link fell face down, Paradorax grinning at his victory. After he turned to Link and was ready to speak again, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, so he looked down and saw the Master Sword was stuck in his chest. He kneeled down, feeling his life beginning to slip away, Link slowly and weakly getting back up. Link looked back at Paradorax as he slowly began to to dissipate like the other enemies before him, Paradorax starting to speak in a weakened and scratchy voice, “But how? How did... a mere mortal defeat... a God... I-Its impossible! I had... powers beyond... even those of Hylia! How was... I defeated... by a simple... CHILD!” He fell to his hands and knees now, continuing his final words, “You may have... Defeated me... but you and... your pathetic friends... will never... get out... alive!” He laughed as he dissipated into nothingness, the world around them falling apart. As Zelda and Gigorax were fighting the endless army of monsters, they spontaneously exploded in black puffs of smoke. They ran over to Link as he fell back to the ground, too weak to even walk now. Gigorax picked Link up over his head and yelled to Zelda, “We need to find a way out of here, Paradorax’s body has become too unstable and will explode any minute!” She nodded and looked around, seeing an opening in the world that lead back to the Dark Realm. “There! Come one!” Zelda shouted, both of them running towards the exit out, Gigorax carrying Link while he was unconscious. As they jumped out of the giant, empty shell that was Paradorax’s body, they looked back. “This isn’t good, the body has become too unstable, that the explosion will destroy everything in the this Realm!” Gigorax yelled worriedly, Zelda looking towards Paradorax’s Throne and adding, “This Realm! We need to get out using that!” They ran towards the throne and pressed the button on the arm rest. The portal appeared but disappeared when they let go of the button. “Its damaged! How are we going to get through now!” Impa came up from behind and said, “I can help.” They turned around, showing Impa’s battle wounds, Gigorax asking, “How? The button won’t keep the portal open.” “It won’t... unless someone stays behind and holds the button... so everyone else can escape,” Impa said, Zelda shaking her head, tears forming in her eyes. “No... No! We are not leaving you behind! We wont!” Zelda responded, tears crawling down her face and holding Impa tightly. Impa gently pushed Zelda off her and smiled gently, as she added, “Zelda, you and Link have a life to live. I have lived a good long life, plus I cannot carry Link. I will only slow you down.” Zelda continued to shake her head and continued to latch onto Impa. She looked to Gigorax as he nodded, wrapping his arm around Zelda and throwing her over his shoulder. Zelda hitting and kicking as she yelled, “Let me go! I am not leaving her behind!” Gigorax looked to Impa again and smiled gently as he added, “I will make sure they get out safely...” Impa nodded and said, a single tear going down her face, “Thank you... Now go...” Impa pressed and held the button, opening the portal up for them to leave, Gigorax letting out a single tear as well, before he rolled into a ball and started his way rolling towards the portal leading them back to their realm. As they left the Dark Realm, Impa released the button, turned towards the hulking time bomb as it explodes, and closes her eyes, excepting her fate.Link opened his eyes and looked around the room, finding himself in what it looked to be a medical center. He looked to his side and saw Gigorax sitting next to his bed, but Zelda was no where to be seen. “Hey, you feeling alright?” Gigorax asked, a bit concerned as Link nodded and asked where Zelda was. Gigorax looked out the medical center window and pointed, Link sitting up enough to turn around and see Zelda, sitting at the edge of the Rito Village, overlooking the Hyrule Field as the sun sinking into it. Her head resting on her knees with her arms wrapped around her legs. “She hasn’t been the same since we left the Dark Realm...” Gigorax mentioned, Link asking him what happened. He explained to Link about Impa’s sacrifice to save their lives when escaping the Dark Realm, Link looking to the ground and then looking back to Zelda with a look of sympathy.The morning sun began to rise the next morning, waking Link up from his slumber, but he was still worried about Zelda. He turned to look out the window and saw Zelda in the same place she was the previous day, so Link asked one of the Rito nurses to get him a cane so he could walk around. The Rito happily obliged and went to get him a cane.Link walked out of the medical center and took a seat next to Zelda, overlooking the morning sun as it rose out of the massive field. Link placed a hand on her shoulder, Zelda snapping at his touch and looked at him. She quickly held onto him tightly and began to sniffle and cry on his shoulder. He patted her back and let her cry on him, Zelda repeating a few times, “I miss her so much... I miss her so very much...” Link kissed her head and continued to comfort her.

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