The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 17: A New Day Without Fear

Two years later, after the defeat of Paradorax, Link stands in the middle of the ranch, a tombstone in front of him that read, “Deobia Polatie”. Link wasn’t wearing his green tunic, but instead wearing a black, hooded robe. Link now has grown a small patch of hair under his lip and has gotten taller. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers in one hand and pieces of Deobia’s sword from when he fought Paradorax. He sets them down on the ground in front of the gravestone gently and stands again, continuing to stare at it with a blank stare. From behind, he heard a familiar voice say, “You really miss him don’t you?” Link turned around slightly and saw it was Gigorax, but wearing a custom made tuxedo. He nodded as Gigorax walked up to the gravestone and stayed silent standing next to Link. After a long silent moment he said, still looking at the stone, “I do too... I do too...” He then turned to Link and put a hand on his shoulder as he added, “We need to get going... Or you’re going to miss your own wedding.” Link looked up to Gigorax, smiled gently, and nodded. They both walked out of the ranch with Gigorax said to Link before rolling into a ball and rolling to Hyrule Castle, “I will meet you there.” Link nodded as he climbed up on Epona and started his way to Hyrule Castle as well. Link stood there at the end of the aisle, wearing a princely outfit with Gigorax standing by his side. Everyone in the Hyrule Kingdom filled every seat in the wedding hall, all awaiting the brides arrival. There, in a pure white wedding gown, was her highness, Princess Zelda. She started her way down the aisle, looking to all the citizens that came to her wedding on this beautiful day. As Zelda finally reach the end of the aisle, Link took her by the hand and looked to the priest, his heart pounding as well as Zelda’s. The priest read the manuscripts from his book and after awhile of them making pledges to one another, the priest asked Gigorax, “Does the best man have the rings?” He nodded and opened a small case, where the two rings rested inside. After exchanging vows, the priest closed the book, stepped down from the pedestal, and walked in front of the newly wedded couple. “Kingdom of Hyrule and the Goddesses of the Triforce, I pronounce to you all the new King and Queen of Hyrule!” the priest yelled to the hall and turned to the couple. “The groom may now kiss the bride,” The priest finished, Link taking Zelda in his arms and placing a soft kiss upon her lips, the new couple ready to rule the kingdom together.Back in the Dark Realm, underneath the rubble and thick earth of the once powerful kingdom of Paradorax, a chamber rested, containing a lifeless mask, sitting on a pedestal. It was a heart shaped mask with huge eyes but no mouth. It had two big spikes on the humps of the heart with spikes sticking out of the sides of it. The mask’s eyes glowed a bright yellow and let out a creepy laughter that sound like those of a little girl.

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