The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 2: The Tribal Feud

The sun was setting in the mountains of Hyrule Fields as Link rides in on Epona, trying to find some answers to the question of "How to get to the Dark Realm to save Zelda?" As the sun dove behind the mountains making it evening, Link found a small Inn near the mountains, so he rode to it in hopes of getting his answer.
When he arrived he climbed off his horse and entered the Inn, and he saw a small bar area with several Hylians and a Goron sitting quietly at their tables. Link took a seat at the main bar looking at all the citizens in the bar as the Bartender looked over his shoulder and said greeting him, "Well hello sir. I am Zoria, The owner of this Inn. I haven't seen you here before. What is your name?" Link introduced himself to Zoria and asked him kindly for a drink of milk. Zoria chuckled and said happily while fixing Link's drink. After a few moments Zoria gave Link his milk and he took a drink of it. Link set a few Rupees down on the table to pay the nice man for the milk.

Link asked Zoria if he could ask him a question and Zoria responded, "Sure my boy. Fire away!" Link told him the recent event that happened at the Castle, but Zoria interrupted, "Yes, I heard. Quite a tragic, but the weirdest thing is that the Princess vanished instantly." Link was puzzled of how he knew that happened, so Zoria explained, "It was all over in the news. The Ritos told me about the event do to the fact one was at the party. It was a press Rito and it seems he was there at the right time too." Link quickly returned to the question he was going to ask him earlier, but sadly Zoria shook his head and continued, "I don't know such thing of a 'Dark Realm' nor of a demon king named Paradorax, sorry my friend." From behind the armored Goron said in a deep strong voice, "I can help you out. I know how to get to the Dark Realm." Link quickly turned around and looked at the Goron surprised. The Goron was wearing black armor covering everywhere but his head and back. Link walked to him and asking him while stuttering how he knew and how to get in the Dark Realm.

The Goron said chuckling, "you honestly think I am going to tell you, a complete stranger? You must be out of your mind, Kid." Link growled at the Goron but responded, "But there is away to prove yourself to me." Link perked up in and sat in front of the Goron as he pointed to a nearby window overlooking a volcano and said to him, "I want you to help resolve the tribal feud between the two tribes that rest upon that volcano." Link asked the Goron why they were in conflict and the Goron starts to explains to him the events that took place.

"Long ago, there was a great flood that flooded all of Hyrule that destroyed mighty cities and forests. This flood killed off the Zoras and the Kikori, but it is said that a handful of each survived and the goddesses made these two tribes evolve into the now known Ritos and Koroks. The Gorons on the other hand are built without lungs or gills so our tribe survived. Unfortunately, many Hyrulians died from the flood, but quickly repopulated. One day, a young hero stood up and defeated the demon lord that caused the flood and saved us all. Afterward the hero passed away, so did the waters of the flood. Eventually, the access water solidified over the old Hyrule and the Gorons and Ritos were forced to live together in the same area." Link looked at the Goron silent at the story that he just told with a sympathetic look on his face.

The Armored Goron continued his tale, "Lately the great sky guardian, Valoo has fallen ill and the Ritos and Gorons are arguing about whose fault it is. The Ritos are saying the Gorons poisoned him, but the Gorons are saying they didn't." Link felt bad for the Gorons, so he accepted the Goron's task as he said, "Alright it's a deal. If you get the two tribes to stop fighting, I will tell you how to enter the Dark Realm." Link nodded agreeing to this deal and shook the Goron's hand. Zoria over heard their deal and called Link, and then Zoria whispered, "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with The Armored Goron. If I may be of assistance I can rent you a room for a discount. As a matter of fact I'll let you have a free bottle of milk to take with you on your journey, but the next time you come back and want more you have to pay for it." Link nodded happily excepting Zoria's offer and took the free bottle of milk. He put it in his pouch and Zoria gave him a room key so he could sleep at the Inn for the night. Link walked upstairs to his room, rather small, but was able to deal with it. He heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs and saw it was the Goron again. He stopped by Link and said to him, "The name is Gigorax, and what is your?" Link introduced himself as the Goron smiled, reached into his bag and handed Link a blue background color shield with the Hyrule symbol on it. Link looked up at Gigorax as he said, "This is the Hylian Shield, a shield that was said to have assisted the heroes in their adventures. I am having a feeling you will need it tomorrow." Link took the shield and thanked him as they said their farewells and went to bed.

Link woke up the next morning, got his gear and went downstairs to pay Zoria for his room as well as giving him the keys again. Gigorax was at the same table from yesterday and called Link over with a envelope. "Make sure this message gets to a Rito named Lolasia; she will help you from there. Good Luck, Link" He walked out the door and looked to the mountains determined as put the letter in his pouch, got on Epona, and rode off to the mountains.

Link and Epona arrived at the foot of the volcanic mountain as Link climbed off Epona. He looked up at the mountain and then tied Epona to a nearby rock. The ground shook violently making Epona startled as she unties herself from the rock. As Epona ran off Link was trying to catch her but she was too fast. Link sighed that the fact that his horse ran off and there could be a possibility he would see her again. He looked to the mountain and saw a pathway leading further up the mountain, so he started on his way up the mountain walking up the mountain for awhile he got out his bottle he got yesterday and started to drink in on his way up. He finally made it to the village that rested near the top of the mountain, but he was later hit in the head with a large stick that knocked him out.

After several hours of being asleep, Link finally opened his eyes. At first it was all blurry but then his sight started to focus on the people in front of him. "He's starting to wake up, Chief," an unfamiliar voice said and another voice responded in a deep Indian like voice, "Good, bring him here." Link saw two bird men in armor carrying him by his arms, and then he saw another bird man with a feather crown resting upon his head. The crowned bird man stood up and walked to Link as the two others set him down kneeling on the floor. Link looked up at the crowned bird man and the bird man said, "Greetings, I am Igoris, the Chief of the Rito Tribe. Speak your name and purpose of entering Rito Village." Link told Igoris his name, and his mission involving Valoo. Igoris slammed down his staff he was holding and pointed at Link with it as he yelled, "So this mission was given to you by a Goron? Then you must be here to finish the job for them!" The guards raise their weapons to his neck as the Igoris continued, "Seize him! Get him out of my sight!" Link tried to convince Igoris that the Goron's didn't poison him but was ill while he was being carried away, but the Chief ignored him and said with a sharp tone, "I know those Gorons poisoned our leader and until I have proof that they didn't do it nothing is changing my mind!" Link looked at the floor as the Chief yelled at him, but something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He looked at a nearby statue and saw something so he returned his gaze to the floor. Behind the statue was a young Rito girl that was spying on them. The Chief order the guards to take Link to the dungeon for doubting him, so the young Rito girl followed the guards undetected.

Link sat there in the dark corner of the cold cell that only had a table and a chair in it. He saw the guard asleep at a table outside of the cell and saw his sword and shield resting on the wall opposite of Link. Link hung his head not sure if he would ever get out, but then he heard grunting sounds coming from the cell wall on his right side. A few minutes later he saw a young Rito girl crawl out of a small hole in the wall, and Link stood up quick not sure what to do. He then saw that the girl had a key ring with the jail key on it, as Link asked for her name. The young girl Rito looked to him and answered, "I am Lolasia, Daughter of the Chief. From what I understand you were sent here by Gigorax, correct?"

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