The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 3: Within the Belly of the Beast

Link looked at Lolasia nodding as he handed her the letter that was resting in his pouch, and in return she gave him some food for him to eat. Lolasia looked at Link and smiled with joy and said excitedly but quietly, "You are the one. You are the one that will unite us!" Lolasia hugged Link tight as he smiled at her. She let go stepping back and said, "Sorry about that, it's just been so long of the Rito and Gorons fighting. Anyway it's good that you're here because Gigorax and I think that this plan of ours will work, but we needed someone brave enough to do it." Link looked at Lolasia and smiled at her as she buried her face in his chest. Link pushed her away slightly and nodded his head agreeing to accept the task given to him by Gigorax. Lolasia smiled in joy and crawled back through the hole in the wall. Link heard a clicking and clanking sound coming from the door, so he decided to look over to the door. He saw Lolasia trying to unlock the door so he could get out. When she finally got it open Link ran out of the jail cell and grabbed his sword and shield without hesitation.
They ran through the sleeping village and saw the exit of the village, but it was guarded by two Rito guards. "How are we supposed to get out of here now? If they spot us then they will get me grounded and throw you back in the jail cell," Lolasia asked herself crossing her arms thinking. Link examined the area around him and saw a small pile of rocks piled on top of each other. He then looked down and saw a decent sized rock that looked like it could make the pile collapse. He picked up the rock and aimed at the pile of rocks hoping to hit the right one that will cause it to collapse. He threw it silently and hit the pile and because it hit the right area it caused the pile to collapse causing a sound that sounded like someone stumbled and kicked some rocks. The guards looked in the direction the sound came from and walked towards it readying their spears. Link and Lolasia ran out of the village and when they knew they were out of sight they stopped. Lolasia handed Link a folded piece of paper and said to him, "You must go find the Goron Potion Maker known as Tikova. He is a good friend of mine and Gigorax. Give him this note and with his knowledge he may be able to help." Link nodded agreeing to his task and waved back to his new friend, Lolasia.

Link ventured through the mountain area as the morning sun rose up behind him. He eventually came across a small village that had very little huts. They looked to be made of stone that had the look of long age, the stone looked like it had seen better days as it split and cracked completely around the building. As Link entered the village he saw a Goron guard that was dressed in the same armor as Gigorax and was carrying a big battle axe that looked like it was heavy and very hard to control of swung by a normal human. As Link walked up to the guard he asked Link raising his axe, "What is your business here Hylian?" Link told the guard that he was looking for a Goron that goes by the name of Tikova. Afterwards, the Goron guard lowered his axe and said in a deep and gentle voice, "Oh, I see. Sorry about that. Ever since this Rito and Goron feud started I have been keeping my guard up for any Rito spies. I know you aren't a Rito because only one Goron has that shield and that's my good friend Gigorax." The Goron guard pointed to the back of the village and said to Link, "He is in the last hut near the back of the village if you want to speak to him. But I will warn you that he is a bit crazy." Link nodded thanking the guard for the information as he walked towards the back of the village.

Link arrived at the hut, which to have looked like it belonged to a witch doctor instead of a potion maker. It had skulls built as a wind chime and had more cracks and rubble than the rest of the huts. It also looked like it has been repaired a few times and very recently too. Link entered the hut and saw bottles with a variety of colored potions resting on all the shelves left and right. He looked behind the counter and saw that it was a mess with spilt potions and empty bottles on the floor. He then saw a Goron with a huge lab coat on that had white hair that was combed back. Link attempted to ask the Goron his name but the Goron said quickly, "Hush! I am trying to work." He took a vial of a green potion and a bottle of a pink potion and laid them both on the table in front of him. He grabbed the safety glasses that were resting on his head and slap them on his face. He then carefully took the green potion and swirled it around to mix it a bit as he took the pink potion in his hand. He carefully leaned the vial over the bottle and a small drop of the green potion dripped into the pink potion. The potion then exploded as the green liquid entered the bottle causing the roof to launch off. "It works! I have done it!" a shout was heard from the thick smoke as Link coughed hard from the smoke. When the smoke cleared the Goron turned around showing that he was covered in black dust and his hair standing up pointing in different directions. He took off the glasses and revealed that only the areas around his eyes weren't covered in black dust.

He then walked to the front counter and said to Link, "Sorry about that old chum. I was working on the compound to make an explosive which I will call the Big Obvious Massive Boom or B.O.M.B for short. I am Tikova, the potion expert of the Gorons. What can I help you with?" Link took out the letter that Lolasia gave him and handed to Tikova. He read the letter and grinned and laughed as he said, "Ah you are a friend of Lolasia and Gigorax. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Link. So you are this brave hero that was sent from Gigorax? Well then I got done with my potion just in time for your arrival Mr. Link." Tikova walked to a pile of small, round, blue balls that had an open end on them as he poured the explosive liquid into them. He put them in a small sack and walked back to Link. "Here take these. They will be helpful with your travel up the mountain. He handed Link the sack of bombs and a bottle of a purple potion. "Now this potion is what I call the Health Enhancement Accelerating Liquid or H.E.A.L for short. It can completely heal a life form from any sickness for each bottle. The materials are hard to find but it's worth it in the end. Don't lose it or Valoo will never get better, and if he isn't better it will cause more chaos for the two tribes then," Tikova said making sure Link understood that this is a very important item. Link nodded and ran out the door, but Tikova yelled to him, "Wait! You must know how to use the B.O.M.B. You need to ignite the fuse that leads to the explosive compound. Make sure that you don't hold it too long or it will do what you just saw but instead will hurt you." Link nodded and went outside of the shop.

Link walked outside and heard a loud and painful roar from the mountain top. Link knew who made the sound and hurried to find a way up the mountain. He saw a mountain path that lead to a cave up ahead. He knew it would be challenging but he ran up the path and entered the cave without hesitation.

As he entered the cavern he heard a shriek from deep in the cavern. He ran further in looking for the owner of the shriek and when he was in the same room as the shriek he looked up and saw it was Lolasia. Tied up with a rope hanging a few feet from the ground with her eyes closed, but then she opened her eyes and saw Link. "Link, get out of here! It's a trap!" She shouted but Link was already surrounded by moblins, blue and green pig-like goblin creatures that were carrying swords and torches. Link drew his sword and shield and got ready to fight the horde of moblins that surrounded him from all sides. The moblins rushed in to attack Link all out but Link rolled out of the way and they all ran into each other. They got back up and rushed at him, but Link slashed at them this time killing most of them already. Only about five of them were left but they still attacked him. Link raised his shield and blocked their attacks until he could find an opening in their attacks. When there was he knocked them back with his shield and ran at them. In a swift horizontal slash he killed three of them. In fright the remaining two ran off dropping their weapons. Link walked to the rope that was tied down to a boulder and cut it with one slash. When she was free she used her wings to gently land on the ground safely, and when she landed Link ran to her and asked her why she was in the cavern. "I came here to help you with Valoo. I know this cavern very well and you are going to need a Rito's help."

Link thought about it and thought it would be best if she lead the way. After all, she did know the cavern better than he did, so he let her join him in the journey through the cavern. As they adventured through the dark and cold cavern they kept hearing Valoo's roars of pain from the top of the mountain. "Poor Valoo, how could a kind gentle hearted dragon catch such a horrible sickness? He sounds like he is in great pain," Lolasia said in concern looking down to her feet and holding her chest. Link shrugged responding to her question as they reach the mountain top base. "We are close, come on!" Lolasia said running up the stairs as well as Link. They found themselves up above the lava pool in which Valoo rests. The earth underneath them shook as a giant red dragon with a white long beard rose from the lava pool. The dragon was holding his throat coughing and roaring in pain, and as Link saw this dragon in pain he walked to the edge of the platform over him. When Valoo opened his mouth again to roar Link poured the potion into his mouth making Valoo gurgle instead of roar. Confused the dragon swallowed the potion and made a face expression that said that it didn't taste good. With a rumble of the earth Link lost his balance and fell, but before Link fell into the fiery lava pool Valoo opened his mouth and caught him with his mouth. Lolasia yelled in fright, "Link!" Link slid down his tongue and went down his throat but he landed on a giant black platform but it wasn't a platform. It rumbled and a worm-like head rose and turned to him. It roared showing its thousands of teeth around and deep in its mouth. Link drew his sword and shield and got in a battle stance preparing for combat.

The worm like parasite attempted to eat him but Link jumped out of the way causing it to bite itself as Link landed in the stomach hard but fell on a small piece of food it looked like. The parasite followed him down but only having its head hanging down so it didn't burn itself in the stomach acid. Link noticed this and smiled knowing what to do to defeat this monstrous beast. He waited for the beast to come at him with his thousands of teeth and threw a lit bomb into its mouth. The parasite released some of its grip but not enough to fall in, but it let out a horrible and painful screech hurting Link's ears. The acid rose as Valoo continued to be in pain from the parasite. Link did the same strategy as before and with that it caused the parasite to fall into the pool of stomach acid, melting it away. Link sheathed his sword in victory as he watched the parasite screech in pain as it was eaten away by the acid. When it was fully eaten away bubbles started to rise and with Link's knowledge he knew what he had to do. He jumped onto a bubble and rode it up the throat and out the mouth. Valoo releasing a huge burp Link flew out of the dragon's mouth and landed on the platform. Lolasia ran to him and hugged him and said, "Thank the Goddesses you're alright. I thought you were dead." Link smiled and hugged her back standing up again. Valoo let out a roar of relief and rose to look at Link with his huge eye.

Valoo said in a strong and loud voice, "Thank you young hero. I have been waiting for a long time for someone to help with that parasite. Wait a second I remember that set of clothing, that belonged to a young hero named Link. What is your name my boy?" Link introduced himself to him and Valoo gasped in astonished and said, "You have returned! How are you alive after all these years?" Link was a bit confused and explained to him that he isn't the Link Valoo knew back then. "Oh, terribly sorry, I mistaken you for the young fellow I met hundreds of years ago. You and him look so similar but you are older."Lolasia interrupted and said, "Valoo, I am sorry to interrupt you but the two tribes are in a feud and we need you to end it." "Ah yes, I am aware. I was going to do that but a few minutes later that parasite entered my body and I felt terrible. Climb on my back you two. We have a feud to break up," Valoo said grinning as the two climb on his back. Valoo stood up and flapped his small wings and when he was high enough he did a nose dive towards the two villages. Before he landed, the two tribes dropped their jaws as they saw Valoo coming down from the mountain after hundreds of years resting on the mountain top. Tikova walked out of his hut and grinned and said crossing his arms, "I knew he could do it. Well done Gigorax."

Valoo landed in the middle of the crowd of Rito and Goron surrounding him as they all bow down to him. "Raise my friends; I have something important to say." The two tribes listened to him as he took Link off his back and held him out to show everyone. "This young hero saved me from not a poison but a parasite. If he never came to save me from the parasite then the Rito would be one leader short. I want to thank the Gorons and this young Rito for saving my life, for if Link didn't give me the potion then I am not sure if he would be able to defeat it." The Rito chief, Igoris, looked at the Gorons and looked at the ground upset that he didn't believe Link. He walked over to the Gorons leader and bowed apologizing for his actions towards them, but the leader only gave him a hug and said in a cheery tone, "It's alright, we all forgive you. How about we help you with your mailing business to show our gratitude for believing us?" Igoris nodded and turned to Link as Valoo set him down on the ground. "We must thank you the most, young hero, for if not for you then we might have gone to war with the Gorons. Take this as a token of both of our tribes' gratitude," the chief said handing him an orange pearl with a symbol on it with two waves with circles on the end and one in the middle with no circles. "This is known as Din's Pearl. Take good care of it, young hero," Igoris said smiling and walked with the Goron leader to the Rito village. Lolasia slid down Valoo's back as he flew off back to the mountain top and walked to Link. "Great job Link! I'm glad Gigorax sent you. I guess this is goodbye for now. Make sure to tell Gigorax about what happened. Please visit anytime you'd like," Lolasia said hugging Link goodbye. Link returned the hug and walked off in to the horizon waving as he walked away.

When Link returned to the bar he saw Gigorax in the same seat as before and called out to him. He turned to Link and motioned Link to come over to him. "So were you successful?" He asked Link anxious to know. Link nodded and Gigorax got up and bear hugged him in joy. "I was beginning to doubt to for a moment! Very well done! Now I shall keep my side of the promise. I shall tell you how to get to the Dark Realm."

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