The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 4: The Hunt for Knowledge

Gigorax took out of his pouch sitting next to the table Link and him were sitting at a scroll that was old looking and torn. He unrolled the scroll to reveal a legend that looked to be worn down and was written in an old language that Link recognized. Gigorax, with his advanced knowledge in old languages started to read the scroll that told of the Dark Realm
"Long ago there was a great war in Hyrule. Demons fighting the Hylians and was a very bloody battle indeed. This army was lead by a demon named Demise, and he was a very powerful demon king. He was powerful enough that even the goddess Hylia was scared of him. She feared him so much that she sealed him away on a sacred ground and afterward the demon army fled into their home realm, The Dark Realm. This realm is home to all demons and all creatures of the darkness. Even the bravest of warriors feared this dark place."

Gigorax closed the scroll and leaned in close to Link to whisper to him as he whispered, "It is said that the only way to enter the Dark Realm is to used a sword named the Master Sword, otherwise, known as the sword of evil's bane. But no one seems to know where the last hero left it." Link asked if he knew where the sword was but Gigorax shook his head. "No I don't. Sorry, but I might know someone that does know the location. He has been around ever since the time of the hero. He goes by The Deku Tree. He lives in Forest Haven, which are owned by the Korok tribe. A sapling tribe that is said to be the decedents of the Kikori tribe a tribe that never grew up into adults." Link nodded and started at the door but Gigorax quickly grabbed his arm.

"I would be careful out there. Something strange has been going on at the forest lately. The Korok haven't left that forest for days now and I find it kind of odd that they haven't left yet." Gigorax told Link gripping his arm securely. Link nodded as Gigorax let go of his arm, and Link walked out the door of the small inn. As Link left the inn he heard a voice from up above him and it was male Rito carrying a small shoulder bag. The Rito landed and took out a piece of paper that looked to be very old and worn as he said, "Lolasia wanted me to give you this. She said this should help you on your journey." He handed Link the old paper and Link opened it to reveal it was a map of the Hyrule Field and its surrounding villages and valleys. Link thanked the Rito and he nodded as he flew off back up the mountain. Link looked at the map and saw that the forest was on the opposite side of the field on the far southwest side. Link sighed and looked at the ground with a sad look on his face, wishing that Epona was still around to give him a ride there. He then had a flashback of when he was young and first met Epona.

Link was out on the ranch taking care of the animals that lived there. Link always took care of one animal in specific, which was Epona. He would always sit by that horse and hummed to her to sleep with a lullaby he wrote in his spare time. In time he would just play the song out somewhere else and Epona would always come to his aid or made noise until Link arrived at her side.

Link shook his head and had an idea, as he took out his violin. Playing the lullaby as loud as he can he started to hear galloping sounds from the distance as well as a loud horse cry. Epona ran to Link's side and licked his face happily as Link petted her hugging her. He settled up and gave a slight kick to her sides as he rode off towards the west.

After about a couple of days of traveling he finally made it to Forest Haven, home of the mighty and knowledgeable Deku Tree. As he stopped at the entrance of the forest and getting off Epona, a small wooden-like life form with a leaf on its face that came up to his hips was running out of the entrance screaming, "Help! I am being chased but a scary moblin!" It jumped in a bush as a green goblin creature with a pig snout ran out with a wooden shield and a moderately sized blade. It saw Link and ran at him with its sword in the air ready to attack but Link lunged at it and stabbed it in the gut, making it blow up in purple smoke. The wooden life form poked its head out and looked to Link as he asked stuttering, "I-is it gone?" Link looked to it and nodded, and the wooden creature jumped out of the bush and said to him, "Oh thank you! I am Jaka, member of the Korok tribe. May I ask your name?" Link nodded and introduced himself to Jaka and Jaka was astonished as he jumped back from what to look like excitement. "Link!? As in the Link that helped the Rito and the Gorons with their feud!? It is an honor to finally meet you! I have heard so much about you from the Rito postmen. Please follow me," Jaka said excitedly, grabbed Links finger and pulled him by his index finger.

Jaka pulled Link deep into the forest and eventually they came to a small area that was crowded with Korok as they surround a hole in the ground that looked like there used to be a very big tree in that area. "Attention my fellow Koroks! I have found someone to help us in our time of need," Jaka yelled as he pulled Link through the crowd. The Koroks staring at them with faces of uncertainty as they make their way to the edge of the hole. "This is Link, the hero that helped the Gorons and Rito!" Jaka yelled letting go of Link's finger and pointing his hands at him. The Koroks gasped in astonishment and bowed to him, and Link just chuckled rubbing the back of his head. Link then turned to Jaka and asked him what the hole was from, and Jaka just stared at the ground as was getting ready to explain. "That is the area where the Deku Tree used to be. For centuries we have served him by planting his deku seeds all over Hyrule, but the day before our ceremony he was gone. We can't start the ceremony without him, nor can we continue our tradition. We were hoping to find someone like you to help us find him, so will you?" Link looked to Jaka with a sympathetic face then to the other Koroks, but after a while of thinking he nodded agreeing to help them. The Koroks cheered in delight as they carried him, but Link noticed huge foot prints leading deeper into the woods. The Koroks set him down to the edge of the village and Jaka stepped forward and looked to Link. "Good Luck to you, Hero," He said as Link smiled and walked into the forest.

Link walked through the forest where it looked to have been destroyed by a very large creature. Trees fallen over and looked to have been torn from their roots, and as Link wondered deeper into the forest it started to get darker. Eventually, Link spotted a orange glow from the dark forest, and as Link drew closer to the glow it started to look a bit familiar. He approached the glow and saw that it was a glowing ball like the one he saw at the horse farm but this one was orange instead of blue. He stared at it for a few minutes, but then the ball moved away from him. Link pursued the orange ball and followed it until he found himself in a clearing of the forest, and the orange ball was nowhere to be found. An arrow flew by his face cutting his cheek, and link looked up and saw it was a female archer that was standing on one of the trees. She had red hair and looked to be a bit tan with a cloth over her mouth. She held a bow that looked to be made from oak and had gems engraved around the handle of the bow. She reloaded the bow and fired again but Link dodged out of the way as he picked up a rock. He threw the rock at her and it hit her in the head as she fell to the ground. Link drew his blade, ran at her, jumped up, and stabbed at the ground, but she rolled out of the way. She drew her dagger and ran at Link as they fight blade to blade, but Link knocks the blade away from her and puts his sword to her neck. The woman chuckled and looked to him saying to him, "Well done. You are the hero that is chosen." Link looked at her puzzled as she vanished but left her bow and arrows behind.

Link looked at the bow and arrows as he heard noises coming from in front of him. He looked and noticed that some roots were moving for him to pass through as if this was a test for him. He looks at the bow and arrows again and thinks to himself that he might need this, so he bent down and picked them up. He walked onward deeper into the forest, but this time he started to hear rustling and the breaking of trees. Link moved closer to the sound and as he walked closer to the sound it got louder, but he still continued on.

Eventually, Link came across a giant treefolk that was three times taller than a regular sized tree. Link looked at it in astonishment as the giant looked down at him and let out a roar. It lifted its foot and tried to stomp on him but Link rolled out of the way. Link remembered about the bow and arrow he found in the forest, and thought about what if it couldn't see. He pulled out the bow, loaded it, aimed at the behemoth's eye and shot at it. It hit it's eye and the treefolk lost control as it ran into trees and eventually fell on its belly revealing a giant purple gem on top of its head. Link slashed at it which seemed to damage it because after a series of hits the giant got up and started to attack at Link but more violently. He did the same trick again and it worked but it only kneeled so Link had to scale up its body to get to its head gem. Eventually the giant got up again and noticed Link was on his body so it tried to squish his like a bug, but Link dodged all of its attacks and got to the gem on his head and attacked it. The giant went rampant as Link did another series of attacks on its head gem as it ran through the forest and into the village.

The Koroks ran from the treefolk giant as it grabbed Link from the top of its head. Link thought it was the end of him, but a Rito flew in and threw a lantern on its hand with Link in it catching it on fire. Link fell and more Rito flew down and caught him and sat him down gently as Gorons rolled in and hit the giant down to the ground. Link noticed that the gem looked loose so he told the Gorons to pull that gem out of its head. They followed his orders and pulled out the gem from its head, and the treefolk's roots went into the hole where the Deku Tree used to be. The Gorons and Rito left as one of them said to Link, "That is for helping us at Dragon Roost. We will forever be in your debt." Eventually the whole body went underground leaving only the head above the ground revealing the tree folk was the Deku Tree.

The Deku Tree opened his eyes and looked around not sure what just happened as he asked in confusion, "W-What happened? I remember preparing for the ceremony and next thing I know it I have a terrible headache." The Koroks all gathered around The Deku Tree and hugged him tight and flew up to his branches with their deku copters. Jaka and Link explained to him what happened and the Deku Tree smiled at Link and cheered in joy for Link helping him with the gem in his head. "Thank you young hero, what is your name?" The Deku Tree asked and Jaka responded, "This is Link, the person that saved you, the Rito and Goron Tribes." "Well thank you Link. There is something about that name that rings a bell, but I can't remember." He thought for a minute and finally said, "Ah yes! You have the same name of that young fellow that helped one of my children long ago." Link stepped forward and asked him about the Master Sword. "The Master Sword, I haven't heard that name in a long time, but I do know about it. That young lad from long ago was wielding that blade." Link looked at the Deku Tree and asked him about the tale of the Master Sword.

The Deku Tree began, "Centuries ago a mighty kingdom named Hyrule, but not like the Hyrule that you see today. This kingdom was destined though for destruction by the hands of a powerful sorcerer from the Gerudo tribe named Ganondorf. This terrible fate would have happened but a brave hero rose up against him and sealed him away. This seal didn't last forever unfortunately. He broke free and flooded that kingdom making it an endless ocean as far as the eye could see. Ganondorf ruled this ocean with an iron fist for several years but the goddesses chose a new hero that went by the same name as you. He sailed the wide ocean and helped all tribes in need and even ventured under the sea to find the Master Sword in the underwater kingdom of Hyrule. With that very blade he sank it into Ganondorf's head turning him to stone as he drowned with the rest of the old Hyrule."

Link asked him if he knew where old Hyrule was now, but the Deku Tree shook his head as he added, "No I do not. I wish I did but I do not." Link hung his head and thanked the tree for what he told him as he walked towards the forest exit. "Wait!" The Deku Tree yelled to him and continued, "I will not let your good deed go without payment." He wiggled his branches until a small green pearl fell from it and onto the ground. Jaka walked over to it, picking it up and handing it to Link. Link examined it but this one had two "C" like patterns, one inside another and a circle inside the smaller "C". "I hope this helps you on your journey young hero, and good luck." Link took the pearl then to the Deku Tree nodding. Putting it in his traveling pouch he walked out of the forest.

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