The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 5: The Emergency Message

Link exited the forest where his horse stood patiently for his return as she scrapped her hooves on the ground making a small ditch. Link got ready to get on his horse but he heard a voice from the sky again. He looked up and it was a Rito that was flying towards him but this one looked to be a female Rito this time. She looked like she was in a hurry to get to him as she flapped her wings exhaustingly breathing hard trying to get to Link quickly. She lowered herself to the ground but fell flat from her exhausting journey to Link. "Link, Gigorax is in trouble!" She said breathing hard and in a worried tone of voice as Link's head snapped up at the news. He asked where he is and the Rito answered exhaustedly, "He is at the Glacier Valleys. He was there visiting a friend, but he was captured by the Yetis!" Link nodded his head quickly and climbed on Epona as the Rito stopped him for a second. "Look for an Anouki named, SnowBeard. He is the Leader of the tribe and should know where they might have taken Gigorax," She said letting go of Link as he nodded and promising we will free him. Link looked at his map and saw that that the Glacier Valleys was in the Far East. He kicked the sides of Epona and rode off into the horizon to go rescue Gigorax.

Link rode his horse across the wide open fields of Hyrule until he came to an awkward landscape. The landscape was complete frozen and looked to have been frozen for years. The icicles were so thick and tall that it made the spiky outer shell of the area. Link felt a cool breeze making him and Epona shiver from the lack of warmer clothing. He climbed off Epona and walked into the winter environment. He ventured deep inside the valleys as he felt his nose freezing from the inside and out, and felt his skin harden and shiver from the extremely cold environment. Covering his face from the sheer cold snow that was falling fast and hard upon his body, and after a while of walking in the snow he collapsed feeling his body get colder and colder by the second. He was certain that he was going to die right there, but a shadow appeared above him as it swooped down and carried him off into the distance.

Link awoke lying beside a warm fireplace that had a nice orange glow, but then realized with his blurry site a Rito sitting in front of him with a bowl of warm soup as the Rito said to him, "Are you alright, Link?" Link recognized the voice and looked up as his vision was slowly coming into focus, and it was Lolasia. Link got up and sat on his bottom as he took the soup from her gently. After they sat there quietly as Link eat and drank his soup he then asked her about what happened in the Glacier Valleys, and she responded looking at the fireplace, "I saw you on the snow unconscious so I came and scooped you up and brought you to my father's hut on Dragon Roost." Link looked at the floor with an upset look on his face as he punched the ground. Link told Lolasia about Gigorax being in the Glacier Valleys being held prisoner, and she nodded her head upset about the news. "I know. The whole mountain knows about his capture." Her head suddenly snapped up as she ran to her father's wardrobe and got out a red tunic that looked a lot like Link, and ran back to him setting it on his lap. "Here Link, this is my father's tunic for when he goes there for mailing purposes. He calls it his Heat Tunic, a magical tunic that blocks out any extreme cold environment. This should be able to help you get to Gigorax," Lolasia said to him as Link picked it up and thanked her. They walked outside as Link saw the Gorons and Rito working and living together in harmony. "We all believe in you Link. You saved our two tribes from going into a war. Promise me that you won't stop being the hero you were meant to be," Lolasia said to him as Link nodded his head. He walked down the mountain path and scaled down the mountain. He played Epona's favorite song again on his violin as she galloped to him. Link looked into the direction of the Glacier Valley as the sun sank in that direction. He climbed onto Epona, gave a slight kick to her sides, and rode off into the sunset with a new found confidence.

Link arrived at the Glacier Valleys once again and looked into the snowing path before him as he took out the Heat Tunic from his pouch. He looked at it and then to the path before him, putting on the tunic he felt warm already just from wearing it. He climbed off Epona and ran off into the snowing valleys as he noticed the snow melting before it even can touch him. He smiled and continued through the blinding blizzard. He pushed through the blizzard for what it felt like hours but finally as the blizzard died down he saw a small village full of igloos and short life forms with a thick coat on, white faces, and antlers upon their heads. Link walked through the village as the small antlered creatures gazed and gasped at the site of a human in their valley. A small group of them walked to Link and carried him to a huge igloo where another one of them stood but this one had a long white beard and a long wooden staff. "Who are you?" He asked Link in an old scratchy voice, and Link introduced himself as he laughed holding his belly. He walked to him, grabbed his hand and guided him into his igloo.

They were inside the igloo and it looked to have nothing but ice carved furniture and decorations as the small bearded creature turned and said to Link, "Sorry about my rough tone earlier. I've heard a lot about you but I was told a man in green. I am Snowbeard, Chief of the Anouki, and a good friend of Gigorax. I assume you are here to rescue him from the Yetis?" Link nodded his head and Snowbeard continued, "Very good, very good, you will most likely find him in the Yeti's Cavern. It's on the other side of the valley, but be warned. That side of the valley is full of those Yetis and they can get very dangerous." Link nodded and turned to walk away but he was hit in the head hard with Snowbeard's wooden staff as he grabbed his head it pain. "Don't turn your back on me when I am still talking!" He yelled as Link turned back around. "You are going to need this to get up the mountain," Snowbeard said to Link as he pulled out a line of rope with a claw on the end of it. "This is a Grappling Hook, a tool us Anouki use to scale these mountains. You may barrow it but I want it back after you're done rescuing Gigorax." Link nodded, thanked him, and walked out.

Link stepped outside of the igloo as he turned to the mountains of snow and ice behind him. He took the Grappling Hook out of his pack and looked at it. He then put it away looking back at the mountain once again as he started towards them.

Link scaled the mighty mountains hooking onto the many stones that were covered in snow and ice with Snowbeard's trusty Grappling Hook. He climbed onto a nearby ledge to sit and rest as he looked down a bit nervous. Thinking about how high he was now, but he remembered his objective: To save Gigorax. He dug in his pack and pulled out a bottle of warm soup that warmed his vary hands from just holding it. He opened it and drank it little by little trying to make it last but a note dropped onto snow. He looked to it and picked it up wiping away the cold snow with his warmed hand as he opened it to read it.

Here is some warm soup for you. You know the soup that my father used to prepare for you for your birthday? I hope this and the other bottles I packed for you will help you on your quest to avenge my father.

Your friend,


Link smiled at the notes as he finished his third bottle of the soup. He looked into his bag and saw that he still had about two bottles left inside. He zipped up his bag and lifted it up onto his waist as he stood up again to continue his climb up the mountain.

He finally arrived at the peak of the highest mountain where he saw an ape-like creature with white thick fur standing in front of a cave entrance. Link climbed back down a little to sneak to the side of the creature but it heard him when he slipped on the mountainside. It walked over and saw the hook of the Grappling Hook so he grabbed it and pulled upward hard. It looked to Link holding onto the rope end and said to him in a furious tone of voice, "Human no allowed on Yeti Mountain!" He threw Link off the mountain but Link let go of the rope before he went with the Grappling Hook, now holding onto the mountain edge. The Yeti walked over to him and let his foot on his hand holding the ledge, but Link thought fast as he drew his sword and stabbed it in the leg. The Yeti roared in pain as he backed away from Link giving him the room to climb up onto the peak. Link took out his bow and arrows and fired at the Yeti, but it swung its mighty arm and knocked away the arrows. The Yeti tugged on the sword, pulled it out and threw it to the side. It walked towards him but Link looked to his sword and ran at it quickly. The Yeti attempted to grab Link but he rolled out of the way as he grabbed his sword. As the Yeti launched a punch at Link he blocked its blow with his shield, but it made Link slid backwards. Link looked up to the mighty, tall creature as it ran at him, so he dashed out of the way as the mighty beast tried to stop but the snow made his slide off the mountain edge. Link looked off the edge and saw the lifeless corpse lying on the white snow staining it red with its blood. Link stood again and looked towards the cave entrance and walked towards it putting his bow away but keeping his sword ready for battle.

Link entered into the cave hearing laughter and talking from behind a wall, so he went to investigate as he looked over the walls edge. He saw about five yetis standing in front of a cage, and inside the cage was Gigorax. Link was about to go in to save him but a yeti about twice the size from the one he met outside, had a thick coat of purple fur, and red around his pupil. Link went back behind the wall and peeked his head out to see the purple behemoth. The beast stepped onto a huge rock and stood high showing his dominance to the rest of the yetis as he took a deep breath and yelled to them in a huge powerful voice, "QUIET!" The yetis became silent and looked to their leader. "Today my brothers we shall sacrifice this Goron to our god, Paradorax!" the purple yeti yelled as the crowd cheered in reaction to their leaders announcement. Link had enough and charged into the room and stood there ready for combat. "Link?! What are you doing here?" Gigorax asked him and the purple yeti looked to Gigorax and then to Link and said grinning, "So you are the one our God was referring to? Our god was right, you are a fool. Only a mere fool would just run into the cave of the Yeti King." The king pointed his finger to Link and motioned them to attack.

Link held his shield high to protect himself from the yetis' wrath, but one came up from behind and held him hard against his body with Link's back against its chest. They all took turns beating him as he was held down as blood was beginning to be drawn from his face. Gigorax shook the cage but due to it being enchanted by Paradorax he couldn't break it. Link's body went limp as Gigorax looked to him in shock and yelled, "Link!" A triangle appeared on Gigorax's hand with the top part glowing as he pulled the bars open. He ran into the crowd and delivered a devastating blow to every member of the crowd. The king looked to him in astonishment but grinned as he said chuckling a little, "So you found a way to break our cage? With such strength as well, but are you powerful enough to take me on?" The King charged at Gigorax and swung a punch at him but he caught his punch and delivered his own in the face. He went flying through the air and crashed into the wall of the cave. He later got up and was now angry as he ran at him again. They began a fist fight as they were blocking hit after hit, and it seems that him and the yeti were equally matched. "You see you can't when because Paradorax enchanted me with the same magic but gave me more of it!" the yeti yelled to Gigorax as they locked fists into each others' hands. Link finally came too and looked to Gigorax and the king fighting. He slowly got up and limped behind the Yeti King without him noticing. He drew his blade and ran at him striking him in the back as the mighty king let out a great roar in pain. He finally collapsed onto the ground with his fur returning to normal color as he disintegrated as Paradorax appeared in front of them. "It's been awhile...thank you for killing this muscle head for me.

I was beginning to starve," he said elegantly to Link and Gigorax as he placed his hand on the body and absorbed it into himself. Link asked him in a demanding tone of where Zelda was and he just chuckled as he answered, "Your precious Zelda is in the Dark Realm locked up." Link rushed at him but he placed a shadow shield in front of him as it pushed him pack. "We can play later young 'hero', but for now I have some plans to make for my reign over this land," he said laughing evilly as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Link and Gigorax look to the puff of smoke as Link glared at it.

Link and Gigorax arrive back in the village with battle scars all over their bodies as the citizens rejoice in praise for their brave act. "Link, you have done it! You not only saved my dear friend Gigorax but you exterminated those yetis. I think your brave act should be rewarded," Snowbeard said to Link digging into his coat pulling out a blue pearl with three crescent moons back to back to back with a ball inside of them. "Nayru's Pearl? How did you get your hands on this?" Gigorax asked Snowbeard as he answered, "This pearl was bestowed by the goddess herself to guard until the hero from legend returned." Snowbeard looked to Link and said to him, "Oh yes I almost forgot. I want you to keep this." He took out the Grappling Hook from behind his back as Link looked at it surprised as Snowbeard continued, "I found it near the mountain while I was out searching for the sores of that roar." Link thanked him as he took out the other pearls he obtained during his adventure and asked him if he knew about them. Snowbeard nodded and said to him, "These pearls are used to open the door that leads to the Master Sword." Link was speechless at this news and asked him to tell more but Snowbeard shook his head and said to him, "I can't tell you anymore the only thing I know more about them is that they must be charged by the two sacred lights: The Sun and the Moon." Gigorax gave Snowbeard a look of astonishment and looked to Link, "There is one place that has such ways. It is called the Relic Ruins, a long forgotten village that once was home to a tribe named the Akora. They were worshippers of the sun and moon and made three temples in their honor: one for the sun, one for the moon, and one that was said to be the building where the two bless them with a once in a lifetime light show." "Then there is where you must go. That seems to be your only shot." Link nodded and walked towards the exit as Gigorax rolled to him as he said following him, "I'm coming with you. You're going to need someone that knows about ancient civilization. Plus I can help you in your journey." Link looked to him as and smiled as he settled onto his horse riding into the sunset with Gigorax rolling by his side.

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