The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 6: The Moon's Lullaby

With the morning sun rising behind them, Link rides in on Epona with Gigorax by his side. A mountain range could be seen in the distance as they drew nearer to the northwest. They soon arrive at the mountain range and the first thing Link noticed is that there was a village ruins within the rocky walls. "Here we are, the Relic Ruins," Gigorax said to Link as he unrolled himself and started to walk into the ruins. Link followed him in and saw three towers in the center of the village. One was beyond even the clouds and looked to have been around for hundreds of years. The other two that were on the left and right sides of the central tower looked to be about half the size, but they both had an insignia over they're doorways. The one on the left of the central tower had a crescent moon insignia and the one of the right had a sun with radiation rays coming off of it insignia. Link looked to Gigorax as he was walking towards the tower on the left, so Link rushed over to Gigorax's side.

They enter into the tower, and they saw a alter sitting in front of a stained glass with an image of a young lady holding the moon in front of her chest. As Gigorax and Link walk closer to the alter they notice a light blue ray of light glowing above the alter. Eventually, when they were only a few feet away from it the light revealed a young lady that looked like the one from the stained glass, but more in a ghostly form. "Greetings, I am Lunisa, Spirit of the Moon," the young ghostly lady said to Link and Gigorax. "Hello Lunisa, I am Gigorax, a Goron Knight and this is Link, the young hero of Hyrule. We seek your help," Gigorax said to Lunisa. "I am aware. You and Link seek me and my sister to charge the three pearls of the goddess to open the way to the Master Sword," Lunisa said to them. "How did you know that?" Gigorax asked and Lunisa answered, "I am one of the two all-seeing spirits of this world. I am the guardian of this world's night. I know all pasts, presents and dreams of all living things." As Gigorax was going to ask for her help with it she quickly said to them, "No I cannot help you with that for you see I need a physical body in order to help you, but not just any physical body, it must be a body with a soul of silver to truly awaken my powers." Link asked how to find a being with a silver soul and Lunisa looked to him pulling out a silver flute.

"Get out your violin and I will teach you a song that will help you," She said to him as he listened to her. She laid her lips gently on the flute and played a very lovely melody that made Link feel as if his soul has fallen asleep. Link then repeated what she played and after about the fifth time playing his violin he learned out to play it. "That song is called The Moon's Lullaby. This song has the power to change day to night and will allow the player to see the silver trail that guides them to the silver soul. But be warned once you play that song it will stay night until the song of the sun is played," Lunisa said to Link and Gigorax. Link nodded as he put away his violin and thanked her. They started at the doorway and when they were out of sight she disappeared smiling and waving to them.

When they exited the tower Gigorax turned to Link and said to him, "That's quite a song, being able to change the day to night. Now play that song so we can find the silver soul." Link nodded pulling out his violin again and played the gentle lullaby and as soon he was done a bubble formed around them as time fast forward to night. The bubble disappeared as Link and Gigorax looked into the sky with the Moon shining its light onto the ground. A trail of silver dust started to form from the ground as it looked to be running eastward. "There is our path… Now let us find the silver soul," Gigorax said as he looked to Link and nodded. Link nodded back as he settled onto Epona and Gigorax rolling up into a ball again and with a kick to her sides Epona ran along the dust trail with Gigorax traveling by Link's side into the dark horizon.

Link and Gigorax arrive from the darkness of the night following the silver dust trail which eventually led them to Dragon Roost. Stay stopped at the foot of the mountain as they looked up the mountain. "Whoever the one who has the silver soul must be a Goron or a Rito… I just wonder who," Gigorax said to Link unrolling himself from his ball form. Link got off Epona and started up the mountain continuing to follow the silver dust with Gigorax close behind him. Eventually the trail led them to the Rito village, but they also noticed the trail of silver dust has vanished. "Hmm, it seems we have to find a Rito with a silver soul," Gigorax rubbing his chin thinking of who it could be. Link suggested they split up to cover more ground and Gigorax nodded as he walked away from Link. Link walked around the village with the full moon shining bright in the sky and stars covering the dark night. On the village border, sitting on the ledge of the mountain there sat Lolasia as she looked in the sky sings a familiar melody to the night. She then heard a stumble of dirt and rock and turned to see Link as he gave him a big smile. She got up and ran to him giving him a hug as she said to him looking up at him, "Link! You're okay! Did you save Gigorax?" Link nodded as he smiled to her asking her where she heard that melody. "Oh…it was a lullaby my mother used to sing to me when I was young. I miss her," Lolasia answered letting go of Link and looking to the ground. Link looked to her with a concerned stare as he asked her about her mother. She looked to him with tears in her eyes now and then looked to the ground again as she told Link the story about her mother.

"She was a kind and sweet lady that loved to help any tribe, including the Gorons. There was no other Rito that was as nice and caring as her, but then she became very ill to the point where she couldn't even sing that lovely lullaby to me. Eventually she died on my birthday, and I was there just watching her die in front of my eyes."

Link looked to her and frowned looking at the ground, but took out his violin and started to play "Moon's Lullaby." Lolasia closed her eyes as he played it and her eyes snapped open recognizing the song and asked to him excited, "Y-you know the lullaby my mom used to sing to me? W-would you mind playing it while I sing it?" Link nodded accepting the idea getting his violin ready. Lolasia began with her heavenly voice as Link followed her playing this lovely melody with her voice and his violin in complete sync. At the end of the song Lolasia's eyes became blank as her mind entered into a deep stage of thought, looking to Link. She walked to him and looked deep into his eyes as she raised her hand to his face.

Link joined her into her deep thought as he was flying in a dark void with the moonlight shining down upon Lolasia. She sang the lullaby to the moon with all sounds erased from existence with only an echo, and when she finished the lovely melody the moon slowly descended as it shrunk in size until it could be held in her hands. She took the moon in hand as she chanted a magical spell, forming the moon into a tiara with the crescent moon insignia in the tallest point. A flash of light suddenly covered the dark void revealing Link and Lolasia lying on the ground unconscious.

Link woke up and looked over to her seeing the tiara on her head a bit surprised as she woke up from her deep thought. Looking to Link she got up rubbing her head and shaking it. "Ugh, w-what happened? W-wait… Link…" She stood as Link stood kneeling on his knees and continued, "Take me to the Lunar Temple… My destiny awaits for me there." Link stood with her and nodded taking her hand and running towards the village to meet up with Gigorax.

Gigorax was speaking with the village leader, Igoris as Link and Lolasia ran into the village. "Link, it has been too long!" Igoris yelled to Link chuckling a little as he continued, "Gigorax was just telling me about your adventure." Igoris then looked to Lolasia asking her in a stuttered voice, "W-where did you find that tiara?" Lolasia explains to him about the vision she had but Igoris just stood there dropping to his knees and stared at the ground. "Igoris… I know how hard this is for you to do but this is her fate…" Gigorax said gently placing a hand on his shoulder. "I understand that but…" He looked up to her and placed a hand on her cheek as her eyes began to form tears. "She is all I have left… I don't to let my little girl go…" Igoris continued returning his stare to the cold dirty ground, but Lolasia kneeled in front of him and lifted his head from his chin revealing her smile with tears streaming down her face. "Father… I might not be here physically but I will always be in the night sky watching over you…" Lolasia said with Igoris tearing up as well. He smiled and stood up again picking her up and hugging her tight kissing her cheek. He set her down wiping away his tears as he said to her, "Your mother would be so proud of you. You have grown so much over the years. Very well, it's your life and you may choose how you live it." Lolasia smiled still having tears in her eyes as she hugged him again saying to him as she cried into his robe, "I love you dad." Igoris chuckled holding his daughter as he looked to Link and said gently, "Link, please protect my daughter well." Lolasia backed away smiling as Link held her with his one arm and walked her down the mountain. Gigorax followed them but Igoris grabbed his shoulder tight and Gigorax looked back to him. "Can I trust him to protect her?" He asked and Gigorax chuckled and nodded as he continued on following them.

Link helped Lolasia onto Epona with Gigorax just then rolling down the mountain. Link climbed up onto his horse and with a slight kick to the side and a crack from bridle Epona took off with Gigorax rolling beside them.

They returned to the Relic Ruins with Lolasia admiring the ruins. As Link pulled on the bridle Epona stopped next to the tower with the crescent moon insignia above its doorway. Link got off Epona helping Lolasia off the horse as Gigorax started ahead entering into the tower. Link and Lolasia started after him following him into the ancient chapel.

As they entered into the chapel they noticed the stained glass was shattered and the entire tower was ruined. "W-what happened here?" Gigorax asked astonished as Link heard thumps and pounds from the shadows. Link drew his sword and shield as Gigorax drew his giant buster blade preparing to fight. "Lolasia find somewhere to hide quickly!" Gigorax yelled to her as he nodded and ran off to hid. From the shadows a giant creature crept from the shadows revealing it fat gut with multiple folds, frog-like hind legs, and tentacles replacing its head. It bent a little so that they could see it's thousands of teeth in the center of its tentacle head. Gigorax ran first at it as it grabbed him with its tentacles and threw him against a wall. Link looked back worried about Gigorax, but soon was captured by the beast dropping his blade as the creature slowly lowered him into its mouth. Link thought this might be the end but Gigorax's buster blade was soaring through the air cutting the tentacles of the beast dropping Link on the ground as it released a terrible screech of pain. Gigorax helped Link up as he looked to the beast while it was regenerating its lost tentacles. They both stared at it astonished as Gigorax clenched his fist and growled asking himself if irritation, "How do we stop it?" His eyes then got wide and then turned towards Link and said with a grin, "I have an idea just follow my lead." Link nodded and took off running as Gigorax picked up his blade and taunted the creature. The beast squealed falling for the taunt and rushed at him while Link looked to the beast thinking it was time for him to strike. He rushed behind it as it was distracted, took his grappling hook, and wrapped its tentacles together. Then he threw the rope to Gigorax and he pulled as hard as he could on the rope making the great beast fall on its back. Link then took the hook off and threw a bomb into its mouth while Gigorax held back the tentacles back with all his strength. He then let go letting the beast get up and run ram-pit running into walls before it exploded.

Link and Gigorax walked to the area the beast was where they saw a blue orb of light floating there and in a single moment it flew to the center of the ruined chapel. Lolasia walked out of her hiding spot walking cautiously to the light. When she got close enough to the ball of light she reached for it as if it was calling to her, and when she did a light dome enveloped the tower as Link and Gigorax covered their eyes. Link moved his arm away and saw the tower was more then repaired but renewed as well. He tapped Gigorax's shoulder as he removed his arm away as well awed by the scenery, but descending from the air was Lolasia but she looked older and was dressed differently. She still had her tiara but she was wearing a light blue dress, blue eye liner, her hair was put up into a ponytail, and she had a black outlining of two crescent moons back to back on her face. Link looked to her awed at her new appearance as well as Gigorax while they walk up to her bowing, but she shook her head smiling and said in a gentle and majestic voice, "Link step forth." Link stood and walked forward as Gigorax stood again looking to Lolasia. "Please accompany me as I sing the Moon's Lullaby," she asked politely as Link nodded and took out his violin. As he played the violin and she sang the floor lite up in a golden light that lite up the room revealing the crystal on the ceiling. A beam of light shot up from the floor and hit the crystal lighting the room in a blue light. As Lolasia and Link finished she slowly descended and walked to Gigorax with Link looking to them. "Gigorax... Could you promise me something?" She asked him with a tear in her eye but he wiped it away smiling holding onto her hands gently. "Of course, what is it?" he responded and Lolasia laid a soft kiss on his cheek and blushed a little smiling. "Please don't forget me... Okay?" He only stood there blushing a little as well smiling as he nods. She slowly faded away into the divine world as she cried with a smile as she back away. "Goodbye Link... Goodbye Gigorax..." she said waving to both of them before she completely faded away. Gigorax just stood there with a single tear going down his face as he said in a depressed and quiet voice, "Goodbye..." He turned to the doorway and walked off hanging his head a little as Link chased after him out of the tower.

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