The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening Darkness

Episode 7: The Sun's Prelude

Gigorax walked quickly out of the Lunar Temple with Link following close behind him, but suddenly stopped. He was silent for a moment but finally asked with a soft but saddened voice, "Link, how did you feel when Paradorax took Zelda away?" Link blushed little bit and looked away but Gigorax chuckled and turned to him. "Now I know how you felt… Lolasia was more than a friend… She was someone I loved…" Gigorax mentioned returning to his saddened facial expression. Link looked up to him realizing what he said, and smiled. Gigorax turned away again as he said with tears flooding his eyes, "Enough talk… Let finish this so you can obtain the Master Sword." Link nodded following Gigorax with him leading the way to the tower on the right side of the central tower.

As they entered the tower they notice another stained glass with the same design but with a young woman holding the sun. "I'll wait for you outside… I am going to examine the ruins," Gigorax said to Link walking out through the doorway. Link looked to Gigorax as he walked out but then returned his gaze to the interior of the tower. He then looked to the alter that stood in front of the stained glass window and walked to it cautiously. When he was standing in front of the alter an orange ball appeared from the stained glass and exploded into flames and in reaction Link held his shield in front of him to protect himself. There stood a young ghostly lady that resembled the appearance of the one in the window, but unlike the gentle voiced Spirit of the Moon this one spoke in a strong voice, "Ah… the one who disrupted the balance of the Sun and Moon. You are not welcome here, be gone!" Link shook his head denying the order given to him by the spirit. "You dare defy the Spirit of the Sun, Sologist? One of the spirits of this land and has the ability to see the past, present, and the thoughts of all living things!" she yelled as she became fire and enveloped the area in fire, but Link stood high facing her with determined eyes. Seeing this determination and courage in his eyes she grinned and returned to her previous form saying to him chuckling, "Such determination and courage… Only the chosen hero of Farore possesses that." Link looked to her and smiled explaining to her about why he disrupted the balance, and Sologist crossed her arms nodding. She thought for a moment and then said to him pulling out a golden flute, "Very well then, I shall help you, but you must find the one with a golden heart. Now, pay close attention to this melody mortal." She played a very upbeat melody that made Link's heart pump faster as if given a burst of energy. Link then took out his violin and repeated her notes and after a few tries he learned the song, but thought to himself he heard that melody somewhere before. "Congratulations, you have learned the Sun Prelude. This song will turn night into day and now that you know both you can freely change the time of day. While the sun is present you will be guided to the golden of heart." Link nodded and turned away as Sologist closed her eyes crossing her arms and disappeared in a huge flame.

Link exited the tower where he found Gigorax staring at the Moon leaning against the rocks next to him as Epona ate the grass around her. Link walked up next to Gigorax and patted his shoulder trying to cheer him up. He looked over to Link and smiled closing his eyes asking him chuckling a little, "ready to go?" Link nodded getting out his violin and played the Sun Prelude, and then a ball of fire covered them as time sped up with the sun rising finally after the long night. The fire faded away revealing to Gigorax and Link that the sun was finally present in the sky and following its presents a golden sprite flew into Link's face with it flying off to the north. Link hurried to Epona and climbed on but saw Gigorax was ahead of him following the sprite. Link smiled and rode off trying to catch up to Gigorax, but as they continued the scenery started to look familiar.

As the sprite disappeared suddenly, Link and Gigorax stopped as Link was shocked where they ended up. He looked up and there the sign said, "Greenwood Ranch." "Link, are you alright?" Gigorax asked him shaking him a little, and Link shook his head and nodded to him as they entered into the ranch.

Upon entering a young lady walked by noticing them enter into the ranch, but then Link got a stare from her to as if has seen someone comeback from the dead. "L-Link… Is that you? It's me, Millia…" she asked walking slowly towards them, then ran to him hugging him tight yelling in excitement as she cried tears of joy, "LINK!" Link grunted at the sudden action and smiled hugging her tight as well as stroking her hair revealing his emotions to her and Gigorax. He has been gone so long that he almost didn't recognize Millia. Gigorax walked towards them and chuckled as he asked Link crossing his arms, "So are you going to introduce me to your little friend?" Link nodded and slightly pushed Millia away as he introduced Gigorax and Millia to each other. "So this is where you grew up Link? It's very peaceful here," Gigorax said to Link and Millia as they all three went inside of the small cabin.

Gigorax and Link sat down on a couple of chairs at a small but nice looking dining table with Millia walking into the kitchen and coming out a few moments with a bowl of soup for both of them. "Here y'all are, some nice warm Greenwood soup," she said as Link quickly grabbed the bowl and eat it down and seconds later he held his bowl out asking for more. Millia just laughed and walked into the kitchen grabbing the whole pot and setting it on the table. "Help yourselves to as much as you'd like," Millia said to them as Link filled his bowl again and ate it down, but each time he at another serving he ate slower. Gigorax laughed at Link and then looked to Millia asking her in a polite tone of voice, "How long have you know each other?"

"Ever since we were kids."

"That's quite a while. Was there a previous owner?"

"Yes… He was my father.

Link stopped eating after the mention on Deobia as they both stared the wall of a family portrait of Link, Millia, and Deobia. Gigorax looked over to the portrait and then looked to both of them reading their facial expressions easily. "Oh… sorry I asked," Gigorax apologized but Millia quickly turned her head and smiled responding, "No, no, no, it's alright… it's just… We miss him." Horses and cows started to cry outside all of a sudden making the two come to reality as all three rushed outside.

As they rushed outside they noticed the ranch animals were running around in fear, but in the distance there stood a hooded figure with a black hooded cape on. The figure turned around revealing its familiar face as Link and Millia gasped in both fear and shock. "P-Paradorax, t-that's the brute who killed father!" Millia yelled turning her fear into anger. "Ah if it isn't Link, I have been hoping to run into you again. Tell me did you enjoy the present I left you at the Lunar Temple?" Paradorax taunted laughing hysterically. Link just drew his blade and shield rushing at him with vengeance in his eyes. Paradorax just chuckled, released a dark pulse, making Link loss his balance, and dashed at him choking him and slamming him against a wall. "Link!" Gigorax yelled drawing his blade and rolled at Paradorax but he just held a hand in front of him stopping the Goron in his tracks. He unrolls himself and swings at him, but he catches the blade in his hand and threw it to the side throwing Link at Gigorax making both of them fly back. He then looked to Millia with a grin revealing his sharp teeth as he said to her in a deep and fear injecting voice, "Now, you're coming with me." Dashing towards her a quick as darkness he held his claws out grinning wider as he approached her, but in self-defense she picked up a square wooden plank and slammed it horizontally so it came into contact with his head. Paradorax just turned to her now angered and punched her in the gut that knocked her out. Link and Gigorax got up rubbing their heads but heard Paradorax yell as he laughed, "So much of being a hero!" They turn their site to him as he was walking through a portal to the Dark World. Link quickly got up and ran at the portal with Gigorax grabbing his buster blade and running close behind him with Paradorax waving disappearing into the portal, but Link and Gigorax dived into the portal before it shut behind them.

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